The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week

RepublicansThis is the seventh installment in our weekly fact-check series “The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week.” For last week’s article, see here. The other remaining articles are linked at the bottom of this page.

For those of you who are seeing this for the first time, the idea behind the countdown is to spotlight the dumbest, most absurd, or downright horrible conservative memes that are floating around on social media. We also discuss the Facebook page or other social media accounts associated with them, as many of these images are used to advertise a website, petition, or political cause.

Again, if you are new here, this is the brief synopsis: Have you ever received those email forwards that tell you how people are putting HIV-loaded syringes on gas pump handles or that if you forward within 10 minutes, you will meet the person of your dreams? Yeah, it is that kind of rubbish designed to prey on the gullible or pull on your heartstrings – and in this case, it’s in the form of conservative memes.

With all of that out of the way, let’s get to this week’s countdown.

5. Number 5 comes from a page called “The Patriot Post” which represents a conservative website with the same name. As always, you can click any of these to see the full size version.


First of all, I don’t know any liberals who think the way fundamentalist Islam treats women is in any way enlightened or progressive. Conservative Republicans and the right-wing are indeed waging a war on women’s rights here in the United States by restricting a woman’s access to reproductive healthcare, and continuing to oppose doing anything that would lessen poverty – both of which are huge contributing factors to the need for abortions in the first place.

As for the claim that Obama lies? It would be nice if they would actually cite examples, you know, so we can fact check those. Gated communities? Don’t know about those, I’ve never lived in one. Corporate welfare? I’m laughing at this one since Republicans can always find unfunded multi-billion-dollar handouts for businesses, but vote against bills to take care of our veterans because they think they’re too expensive. The Patriot Act is the only thing I think they got right in this whole meme, but I sure as hell didn’t hear any complaining from them about it under Bush. Funny how that works, huh?

4. For number four, we’re going back, back to Benghazi once again. You see, no matter how many Congressional hearings Issa and Gowdy hold, they can’t find a single person to say that President Obama or Hillary Clinton issued any kind of “stand down” order.

Due to the graphic nature of the image, I cannot post it here. However, if you don’t remember it from being posted all around the internet, then click here. It’s the one on the right where you can’t see the face of what is supposed to be Ambassador Stevens, and he is supposedly being hit with a cattle prod.

While I cannot pinpoint the source of this graphic image, every time I turn around, some idiot is posting this in the comments section on any article that mentions Hillary Clinton, or Benghazi. You know they’re going to have an aneurysm should she decide to run for president, which is what all of these hearings on Benghazi are about anyhow. Not only does the image make unfounded claims about what happened to Ambassador Stevens before he died, it doesn’t even spell Barack Obama’s name right. This one has so much fail in it, it makes Michele Bachmann’s 2012 presidential campaign look like a raging success.

3. Conservative Lady is back again this week in the number 3 spot, and I’m still waiting for her to write that article about me that she promised to write like a month ago, wasn’t it? Any day now, Amy. I’m waiting.

Artwork by Victor the SnakeMannn for the Conservative Lady and ©2014,

Artwork by Victor the SnakeMannn for the Conservative Lady and ©2014,

Yes, apparently President Obama and the Democratic Party are bringing Ebola to the United States, if you’re nutty enough to follow her page. Oh yeah, and they also mention the Book of Revelation, just to go for the icing on the top of this cake of batshit crazy. GOPtheDailyDose is a great name for a website, as it provides me a daily dose of laughter as I realize almost 400,000 people actually “like” that page. According to, their web traffic has been slowly declining, and their primary fan base seems to be people without a college degree. Color me totally not shocked, apparently the market for fear-mongering and conservative derp must be getting really crowded.

2. At number two is this editorial cartoon which was posted by a page called “Robertson Family Values,” and due to them not crediting the source, I’m having a hard time recognizing what paper it came from.


No matter how many times you explain to these jackwagons that sensible gun regulation does not mean confiscating guns, they’re about as dense as the liberals I tell to stop using sexist or transphobic slurs when describing Republican women. Undergoing a universal background check when buying a gun like I did this week is not the same as suddenly disarming 300+ million Americans, something these morons actually think the same government they like to claim is utterly incompetent could ever successfully pull off. The mental gymnastics they do would make my head hurt, imagine going through each and every day with that kind of constant cognitive dissonance?

1. Number one comes from a page called “QPolitical” which is yet another unscientific conservative polling/clickbait site. If Upworthy and Rush Limbaugh got together to make a website, this would probably be it. Every one of their images is some sort of statement like this, followed by a question meant to boost their page numbers via comment interactions.

Bush image via

Bush image via

Of all the Republicans they could have possibly picked for this image, they choose George W. Bush? Here’s a list of presidents who served in the military; there’s plenty of people who served with honor, but George W. Bush? Hahahahahahahahahaha, that’s hilarious. Even though Reagan didn’t see combat due to his eyesight, at least he made a bunch of training films for what is now the Air Force instead of dodging the draft by getting a National Guard spot like Bush did, and then allegedly going AWOL for 17 months.

Sometimes, you really can’t make up the crazy stuff the far right comes up with, and images like this are proof that they have a knack for being unintentionally funny.

And that’s it for this week. Join us next time for 5 more of the dumbest, most ridiculous conservative memes that we’ve found floating around social media. As always, remember that just because they put something on the internet, that doesn’t mean it’s true, or intelligent. Just ask all of those conservative bloggers trying to make their own dumber, even more click-baity versions of Upworthy.

Would you like to nominate a meme for me to debunk or feature in an upcoming list? Visit my Facebook page and leave me a message with a link to one you want to see addressed – you may just see it here. Thanks to all of the tips from our fans that help make writing this weekly column easier, and a lot of fun.


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