The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week

roflbot0327141This is the third installment in our fact-check series “The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week.” For previous articles see here and here.

For those of you who are seeing this for the first time, the idea behind the countdown is to spotlight the dumbest, most absurd, or downright horrible conservative memes that are floating around on social media. We also discuss the Facebook page or other social media accounts associated with them, as many of these images are used to advertise a website, petition, or political cause.

Again, if you are new here, this is the brief synopsis: Have you ever received those email forwards that tell you how people are putting HIV-loaded syringes on gas pump handles or that if you forward within 10 minutes, you will meet the person of your dreams? Yeah, it is that kind of rubbish designed to prey on the gullible or pull on your heartstrings – and in this case, it’s in the form of conservative memes.

And now, the 5 worst conservative memes of the week:

5. The first image comes from the page “Support Phil Robertson” which popped up last December during the controversy over Phil Robertson’s remarks about gay people. It exploded to almost 800,000 likes before the admin, who swore he wasn’t in for money in this post, ended up apparently selling it to someone who now regularly posts links selling t-shirts, survival gear and other stuff.

Image from the page "Support Phil Robertson" on Facebook

Image from the page “Support Phil Robertson” on Facebook

I actually have to commend the person who made this image, despite their cheesy use of the cliché tribal graphics. Why? Because they were accidentally honest enough to admit that they’d rather kill someone than get hurt in a fight. I wonder if George Zimmerman made this one?

4. The page “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children” is always a good source of material for me. Full of angry right-wingers with homicidal fantasies about killing anyone they don’t like, including liberals and especially the President, it’s where I go on a regular basis to behold the swarm of ignorance and misguided rage. The page is mainly designed to sell t-shirts and run a website, an operation now claimed as being fraudulent by a disgruntled former admin which you can read about here.

Their contribution this week was originally posted here. At the time of publication, there was exactly one comment there in which a user by the name of “Fn John” talked about how he wanted to hang and burn the president and his cabinet for what the user believed to be crimes against the United States. Real classy stuff, huh? I can’t post the exact quote here due to content but I can show you the image which we will discuss.

Image from the page "Uncle Sam's Misguided Children" on Facebook.

Image from the page “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children” on Facebook.

Gun fanatics like to point to Nazi Germany over and over again as proof that the ONLY thing standing between us and a repeat of Hitler’s reign of terror is guns. To them, the checks and balances of the United States government as laid out in the Constitution, plus law enforcement and a military sworn to uphold it aren’t what’s stopping the imagined scenario in which President Obama declares himself president for life – it’s just these guys and all their friends with stockpiles of weapons. The problem with their argument is that the Nazis didn’t need gun control to take over Germany and remain in power. In fact, the German people elected the Nazis into power and gun laws were actually loosened, not tightened, for nearly everyone except us Jews.

In the minds of the people who follow USMC, President Obama must look at their page on a regular basis and say “seems like these guys still have their weapons. Hillary, I’m sorry but we can’t declare martial law and toss them in FEMA camps this week. Looks like they foiled our evil plot once again.” Of course, the whole page is designed to make money for their “cause,” whatever that may be, as the guy admits in this post from September 8th in which he whines about how many times liberals have gotten Facebook to close his page down which hurt his possibly fraudulent operation.

3. Number three is from former Congressman Allen West. Remember him? Since his loss in 2012, Allen West has decided he could make a decent living being a Fox News contributor. When he’s not on Fox or promoting his book, he’s running the tacky website, which he links to constantly on his Facebook page. West, a former Army officer who managed to dodge a court martial and retire with his pension, has decided that since he served dishonorably in Iraq, he also can criticize President Obama on the handling of ISIS and playing golf. The image below is one he recently posted:


Remember the last president that had a strategy for dealing with Islamic terrorists? Boy, that sure worked out great, huh? We invaded a country full of people who didn’t care a whole lot for us, got a bunch of our soldiers blown up, spent a ton of money, and never found the guy we were looking for until many years later. Then before we even got done there, we went and freedomed the shit out of the Iraqi people, got even more of our soldiers killed and spent a whole bunch more money doing it. We also never found the WMDs that we were told were there to justify the war and then killed the guy we supported just a couple of decades earlier.

While Saddam Hussein was a horrible human being, dictators like him or Assad were the only thing keeping the region from turning into the nightmare it is now with ISIS running loose. But please Mr. West, do go on about not having a strategy. Unlike your former commander-in-chief, President Obama tends to think things through instead of invading the wrong country and destabilizing an entire region.

2. Number two this week comes from the Facebook page “The Political Insider” which promotes the website of the same name. Full of videos where conservatives “DESTROY” liberal talking points and other clickbait headlines, The Political Insider, like many other conservative blog sites, is little more than the right’s equally lousy Upworthy. Here’s their contribution to our countdown:

Image from the page "The Political Insider" on Facebook.

Image from the page “The Political Insider” on Facebook.

I agree, America should NOT negotiate with terrorists, which is the same thing they complained about President Obama not doing when journalists were beheaded by ISIS. Conservatives publicly criticized President Obama for not securing the release of Sgt. Bergdahl, right up until he did get it done by exchanging 5 former Taliban government officials, at which point they were angry at him for doing the thing that they wanted him to do until he actually did it. Try to follow that train of logic without making your head hurt. Oh, and of course there was the time Reagan negotiated with Iranian terrorists – but that’s totally OK, because it was Reagan.

1. On a tip from one of our fans, we found the page “Cold Dead Hands” which is another page like USMC, complete with rants about Obama trying to take their guns – and of course, merchandise for sale. They posted this gem the other day:

Image from the page "Cold Dead Hands" on Facebook.

Image from the page “Cold Dead Hands” on Facebook.

If these geniuses (or any of the nearly 781,000 people who follow the page) had paid attention in their history class instead of playing hooky and huffing paint, perhaps they’d remember that the Alamo was a massacre. Every defender of that fort was wiped out by the Mexican army. Of course, none of the people who run “Cold Dead Hands” really care about history or anything other than making money off that nice little share of the “Obama’s trying to take mah guns” crowd they’ve managed to get to follow them. $16.95 for a small bottle of “Liberal Tears Gun Lube” or $64.95 for some rattlesnake “Don’t Tread On Me” pistol grips? I think I’ll pass.

And that’s it for this week. Join us next time for 5 more of the dumbest, most ridiculous conservative memes that we’ve found floating around social media. As always, remember that just because they put something on the internet, that doesn’t mean it’s true. Just ask that Nigerian prince who has $150 million that he’s been trying to share with me for the past 6 months.

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