57,000 Virginians Could Have Their Voter Registration Canceled With Little Warning

virginia-voteIn what has become a very close race in my home state of Virginia, it was announced that approximately 57,000 people would be potentially purged from the voter rolls due to supposedly being also registered to vote in another state. While it’s always a good idea to make sure you don’t have people still on the books who no longer live in the state, the timing of this make me really suspicious. Not the “that’s an interesting coincidence” kind of suspicious, but the “something smells really fishy here” sort of gut feeling that made me want to look a little further.

You see, the deadline to register to vote in Virginia is October 14th and there is no same day registration, nor the opportunity to cast a provisional ballot if you were to get to the polls after being mistakenly scratched from the list – even with a current ID and documentation showing you are a resident of that precinct. Here is a current list of Voter Rights and Responsibilities from the Virginia State Board of Elections.

So what’s so suspicious about this purge? If the deadline to register is just 22 days before Election Day and the letters started going out in August, that’s not a very long time frame for people to get the issue corrected. Mind you, these aren’t warning letters stating something along the lines of “we have reason to believe you are no longer living in the State of Virginia, please respond to this within 30 days or your registration will be canceled.” No, this is a case of “you’re canceled, and if this was a mistake, you have just a few weeks to get this corrected.” It’s a shoot first, correct later approach which theoretically could keep tens of thousands of people from voting, and in a race which has gone from a lead early on for Ken Cuccinelli to what’s now a 6 to 10 point lead for Terry McAuliffe, that could very well make a difference in the outcome.

If this had been announced earlier in the year, with plenty of time and warning for the affected voters, this wouldn’t be a big deal. However, when you proactively cancel registrations without even giving them a chance to prove registration and then provide only a very small window to re-register – that tells me something smells very, very rotten in Richmond.

So what can you do? If you know someone who lives in Virginia, please forward them this link and make sure that their registration is current. If they’re not registered to vote, encourage them to do so now. This is very likely the most important election of 2013.


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  • Jay Osburn

    Well, this is the same State Board of Elections that provides incomplete and contradictory instructions on a form for candidates so that they can levy “civil penalties” on candidates (like me) that miss deadlines. Even after their errors are pointed out, nothing is done about the penalty. The whole system seems crooked or inept.

    • Disgusted in VA

      What do you expect as long as Richmond is controlled by Republicans? Let’s remember that our current governor who is Republican is mired in an influence peddling investigation that may ultimately see him in a federal prison and that our Attorney General (also Republican)

      who is running for governor also accepted money and gifts from the same person who donated to the governor – and then he “conveniently” forgot to report them.

      • Joe Downey

        THE US made the Mistake of letting any of the Southern States back into the Union they still should be Colonies of the TRUE UNITED STATES

      • hyhybt

        Since the fight was over whether they could cease to be states anymore, and the “no, they can’t” side won, that outcome would be self-contradictory.

  • Quart O’Cracks

    What, no one is surprised?…how about outraged?…what if this was you and they tried taking away your vote, how about now?

    • hyhybt

      I doubt that there’s no outrage; it’s just that there’s nothing much to SAY about it. As for surprise… well, this sort of thing’s been pulled before.

  • David Bell

    I would love to see a breakdown on the registered political affiliation of those that had their voting rights cancelled.

    • Kevin F. Casey

      Her ya go 100% democrat…

  • Gens328

    I guess this is how they are going to “take back” our country, deny voting privileges under the disguise of voter ID laws.

  • maxiemom

    Okay fellow Virginians, time to rid this state of the corrupt Republican scum that’s been running this state for far too long.

  • ditomagik

    Well here is something to think about. College kids are the target here. We all can see that. Take away 57,000 votes from these kids, by eliminating them from the voter lists, and then not notifying them is the first step. Then the October 14 deadline comes around and they can’t vote. This is outrageous! But here is my thought. This leaves 57,000 families who are invested in every way in these students, and if it were my child, I would be outraged.

    My vote would go away from the (Republican) group that caused my child to loose such a valuable American privilege and responsibility, and so would my extended family. I would venture to believe that this would then cause greater harm to those who made this thing happen. All Colleges should be informing their students of these tactics, and all families should be voting to get rid of the culprits! Voting is one of very few tools we have. We had better start using everything we have, or we will loose the battle.

  • Joseph H. Bell

    I have disliked the governor ever since the ass wipes he appointed to the Board of Governors of the University of Virginia fired the president…who was re appointed after the over whelming support of students, faculty and alumni.