Here are 6 Truly Awful Things That Will Happen if Republicans Win the White House in 2016

donald-trump-2016Initially I believed the 2016 presidential election was all but a lock for Democrats. Hillary Clinton was crushing pretty much any potential Republican rival they pitted her up against, and the GOP really didn’t have anyone who could even come close to challenging her.

Well, things have changed. First, whoever is running Clinton’s campaign could use some pointers. Even as one of her supporters, sometimes I feel like walking into her office and screaming, “What the hell is wrong with all of you?! Get your asses out there and campaign like you want to win not just like you’re all hoping not to lose.”

Couple that with Bernie Sanders entering the race and the continued irrational behavior of many of his followers as it relates to his actual chances of becoming president, and all that’s ultimately happening is Democrats are increasing the likelihood that Republicans win the White House next year.

The odds are that Hillary is still going to be the Democratic nominee and I’ve already seen a good number of Sanders supporters claim that they just flat-out won’t vote for her. And I’ll say here what I’ve said to every single one of those people I’ve encountered: If Republicans win in 2016, these irrational Sanders supporters are going to be the people to blame. If you like Sanders, that’s great – I like him too. If he wins the nomination, I’ll gladly support him and vote for him. But if he doesn’t, those backing him now need to put their full weight behind Clinton.

There’s simply too much at stake in 2016 to let Republicans win back the White House.

So, to put into perspective what liberals should expect to happen if Republicans win next year, I thought I’d list six things that will most definitely take place at the hands of GOP leadership. Obviously there are more than 6 terrible things that would happen, but I just felt like these should be emphasized a bit.

1. Kiss the Affordable Care Act goodbye: Either through sabotage, or a flat-out repeal, health care reform will be a thing of the past. Not only that, but you can rest assured that Republicans will do everything they can to pass some sort of legislation that makes it nearly impossible to pass any future reforms to help the millions of Americans who won’t have access to affordable health care.

2. They’re going to try to rig elections: If you think these state-level restrictive voter ID laws that target Democratic voters are bad, wait until you see what Republicans can do to rig elections once they have full control on a national level.

3. They’ll set gay rights back years: While they can’t overrule the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage, nor will they have the votes to pass a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage, they’ll still have enough power to find plenty of loopholes that infringe or flat-out restrict the rights of gay Americans. While they might not be able to roll the clock back to the days when homosexuals couldn’t marry or serve in the military, we’re likely looking at eight years (because incumbents almost always win re-election) where gay rights in the U.S. are either stuck in neutral or, more likely, set back quite a bit.

4. Women’s rights are going to be trampled on even worse than they already have been: Maybe you’ve been sleeping under a rock lately, but women’s rights are under attack by Republicans right now. Most recently using these heavily edited Planned Parenthood videos, Republicans are waging an all-out war on women and their Constitutional rights. It’s a “war” that will only get worse if they win the presidency.

5. Progress on climate change will be set back decades: I hope you like the idea of drilling for oil in our national parks, because that’s probably going to become a reality if Republicans win back the White House. Not only that, but you can rest assured that they’ll do everything they can to roll back the green energy initiatives that President Obama has enacted, and pass laws that make it much more difficult for any future administration that might actually have a desire to save the planet.

6. The Supreme Court will be overwhelmingly controlled by conservative justices for the next 20+ years: This is probably the most important issue of the 2016 election. With four Supreme Court Justices most likely set to retire over the next 2-10 years, our next president is likely going to select who replaces them. I don’t know about all of you, but I damn sure don’t want a Republican picking replacements for those four justices.

I could keep going on and on. I didn’t even mention the almost certain war with Iran that they would start, or the laws they’ll pass that I’m positive will be based upon extreme religious beliefs. If a Republican wins next November, it’s literally going to set this nation back decades.

As I’ve said repeatedly, I don’t really care if you’re a Clinton fan or Sanders supporter, our number one goal in 2016 needs to be to make sure no matter who the Democratic nominee for president is, they win. Because if they don’t, the alternative is going to be a complete disaster for this country.

I can promise everyone reading this that no matter what issues you might have with Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, they pale in comparison to what you’ll deal with if a Republican becomes president.

You can let me know what you think either way by hitting me up on Twitter or Facebook.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • It’s like Americas penis size collectively gets dramatically smaller when Republicans are in office

  • Kim Serrahn

    should Sanders not win the nomination then yes i will vote for Clinton.

    • patroy75

      Why? Why would you vote for a socialist?

      • Kim Serrahn

        Democratic Socialist. and why would I vote for someone like that, well it’s not like the others have done us very good. and besides FDR was a “democratic Socialist” and he wasn’t so bad.

      • KathiMR

        Take a look at what Democratic socialists have done in Europe. Greece is only the latest example. They spent & borrow to offer all the goodies & then keep it going.

        Even when the creditors were threatening to stop lending, they still voted in a new leader to continue their goodies rather than deal w the reality that they needed to deal w their creditors & bow to their demands since their who govt structure was dependent on borrowing from others.

        The bible wisely says that the debtor is slave to the lender & we see this in Greece. also Argentina is having trouble w paying creditors & currently there are fights between the govt & creditors & US authorities or banks.

        & there have been others before.

      • Kim Serrahn

        I like Bernie because he kinda reminds me of FDR, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Carter. Oh and this country isn’t Greece which is were we got some of our ideas for a “democratic republic” in the first place. And at least Bernie might try to keep jobs over here instead of letting big biz send them overseas. And he might also help the homeless, homeless vets and the working class, and try to get everyone on a single payer medical plan (by the way we do have a single payer in place right now it’s called medicare/medicaid).

      • Sam Rinne Hooker

        FDR was that bad. He did nothing to actually solve the Depression (the war fixed that), and did a series of half-baked plans that screwed up the country. Farmers are now PAID to get rid of extra crops.

      • Steve Cunningham

        I’d vote for the devil himself if he was the democratic candidate, nothing is worse then a republican president.

  • Michael Stevens

    Wake up Allen, Hillary is no more the presumptive Democratic nominee than Jeb is for the other side. Don’t like Bernie that’s fine, but you had better be thinking of drafting somebody,cause we were sick of Ms. Clinton’s act way back in 08. Don’t blame it on the delusional Sanders’ supporters, instead start think about the delusional Hillary supporters, she has too much baggage and cannot win.

    • AfterMe_TheDeluge

      You should have quotes around your comment because it sounds exactly like what Republicans have been goading Sanders supporters with. Try opening your eyes and see what’s really going on. Better yet, open your mind to some actual thought.

      • Michael Stevens

        Well even if I can’t think an original thought, I live in a primary State where my vote can actually hurt Ms Clinton and that’s where it currently rests.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Michael, are you actually saying if Clinton is our nominee, you’ll vote against her? Enjoy living under a Republican. I hope Bernie’s the nominee, but he might not be.

      • Michael Stevens

        Where did you read that? You sound Republican.

      • Michael Stevens

        Let’s start fresh; First off, the original comment was written hastily in response to reading a few too many Sanders’ supporters are delusional articles. Second I am a lifelong true die-hard leftie and Bernie’s Political views fall right into line with my own. Other than throwing around the right-wing scare words socialist and liberal it’s going to be pretty hard to smear Mr. Sanders, he has a very long political record epitomized in probity which is why the best that Salon and Allen Clifton can produce is calling supporters like myself delusional. On the other hand Hillary has a virtual treasure trove of loony-toon GOP conspiracy theories that they have been retooling and honing into semi-plausible sounding soundbites for a decade in anticipation of her candidacy, sadly they are gaining traction and even if that changes she will have to spend half of her time fending off questions ranging from Benghazi to her hairstyle on a daily basis. Now for the big one, I have lived in NH for all of my childhood and for a large portion of my voting years and even though NH doesn’t always get it right, we do have a completely different experience than any other State except perhaps Iowa. We have the opportunity to see firsthand the energy generated, anticipation and excitement produced by any candidate.Here in NH we almost never hear about the national polls cause frankly they don’t matter here. From here it does look like Hillary is in trouble, but she has plenty of time to correct that.If Hillary is our candidate I will be stuffing envelopes and making phone calls at our local campaign headquarters. Sorry for the confusion that I caused, but I was getting tired of being called delusional and perhaps I was a bit too harsh with Ms. Clinton.

      • Michael Stevens

        Told you so fool! Next time listen to the man the ground cause now we may be in trouble!

    • garry lafferty

      Of course she will win Republicans are all liars.

      • Bill Ajello

        Oh I see, and Hillary isn’t??

      • John Hickman

        Guess what? It’s all politicians. So that being said, I’d more likely trust Hillary than I would any Republican on the clown bus. Remember that if you don’t vote, you are actually voting for what you DON”T want. Don’t help the Republicans ruin the rest of our collective lives.

      • Bill Ajello

        Don’t worry, I won’t, I’ll vote for somebody but it won’t be Hillary, Bush or Rubio.

      • KathiMR

        So you will trust one who has repeatedly lied & just dismiss all GOP candidates. You might try considering what some of them have to say.

      • Steve Cunningham

        Different heads same body.

        Doesn’t matter which GOP candidate wins.

    • Andrew Morris

      Hillary has baggage, sure, but to say that she “can’t” win is stretching a point. The electoral map is incredibly favorable for whoever the Democratic nominee is so the margin for error is much higher than it would be for a GOP nominee.

      • Sam Rinne Hooker

        Pfft. 1 year later.

      • Michael Jones

        Tell us again about that electoral map.

    • Gianna Bechtel

      lol yes the delusional crowds are filling Sanders venues.

      • Paul Robinson

        There’s some certainty in that thought. A lot of Sanders’ supporters sound and behave like Ron Paul followers. They’re sounding like the Animal Farm Sheep.

    • Bill Ajello

      Cannot and will not…I’d rather vote for Bernie Sanders than Hillary ANY DAY….and I don’t know all that much about Bernie and that, maybe is a good thing. But Hillary, that’s a scary picture up on top of this story, I’m sure it was put there for effect but the VERY LAST person on this planet I want in this election to win that seat in the Oval at the end of the day is HILLARY, I don’t like her, she’s sneaky, she’s unaccountable for her actions and her attitude with Benghazi tuned me out completely.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Have you been watching the Republican debates?

      • Michael Barnathan

        I’m glad we ended up with such an accountable and open President instead. And with such a great attitude, too.

      • Bill Ajello

        Problem is, it’s not a perfect administration, members of his team are screwing up big time….
        Kelly Ann Conway is M.I.A.
        Shaun Spicer is a freaking idiot, his hitler gaffe is probably going to eventually cost him his job.
        I voted for Trump but I sit in wonderment about the brew-haha with N. Korea and Russia and wonder if we’re on our way to another serious war situation.
        I didn’t vote for him to get us into this freaking mess.

    • rejectrepublicanlies

      Really? Well, I guess you’ll help elect a Republican and set this country back another few decades. IF Bernie is our candidate, I will be 100% behind him. Same for Clinton.

    • Sam Rinne Hooker

      And you were right. It won’t stop her from trying to pressure a “recount”.

  • garry lafferty

    I would not vote Republican for all the tea in China 10 times worse then Democrats.

  • Gianna Bechtel

    whatever happens I am not voting Republican. If I have to it will be Hillary much to my disgust.

    • Bill Ajello

      The LAST thing you should do is vote for someone you detest because you detest the other party more.
      I wouldn’t do that on a bet.

      • OMiGosh!

        You could ONLY be talking about voting Republican.. I would hate to be a member of that party right now. Each one is worse than the other …

    • NicoleminCT

      That’s what we’re stuck with in this country. Voting for the lessor of two evils is still voting for evil. Woe to Americans.

      • KathiMR

        Well, you ought to try looking across the aisle at some of the candidates. There are actually some who care about people & who are people of integrity.

  • felipe63

    “Couple that with Bernie Sanders entering the race and the continued irrational behavior of many of his followers as it relates to his actual chances of becoming president, and all that’s ultimately happening is Democrats are increasing the likelihood that Republicans win the White House next year.”

    Yet another Sanders hit piece, this time masquerading as anti-republican fear mongering……

    HRC may be ‘progressive’ on social issues, but when it comes to deference to her corporate overlords & the military-industrial complex, she is no different than her republican counterparts.

    Ralph Nader says that the only difference between the parties in the speed with which their knees hit the floor when their wall street masters whistle, I would say there is no difference when HRC is in the equation.

    • rejectrepublicanlies

      Bernie is probably better, but Hillary is NOT a Republican. I will vote for Bernie or Hillary. I WILL NOT vote for a Trump, Cruz, Fiorina, Carson, etc. They’re each crazier than the other.

      • patroy75

        Your vote wont matter if we are over run by people that dont appreciate the american culture of freedom.

    • Michael Barnathan

      Curious: Now that you’ve seen what a Trump Presidency looks like firsthand, do you still think Trump and Hillary are the same?

      • felipe63

        I never said or felt that Trump & HRC were the same but that they each sucked in their own special way. (i said the parties are essentially the same when it comes to Wall street and i stand behind that one).

        Do i think it will be worth 4 years of this bullshit if that’s what it takes to make the democratic party to wake the ef up and start behaving like liberals again instead of R-lites who happen to be moderate on social issues? yes, if the democratic party actually does wake up that is.

  • W H

    A Trump/Sanders election would signify two things to me: 1) America is officially over both political parties in their current forms. 2) America will change dramatically before 2020, because if Bernie gets elected, the right wing may officially lose it and start a civil war, thereby burning this place to the ground. If trump wins, between him and the repubs already in power, they’ll definitely burn this place to the ground.

    So basically, dust off your passports and foreign language skills, your shooting skills, and your survival skills before next fall.

  • John Hickman

    Looking at all the comments here, I have to wonder why these people don’t get it. We’ve got 2 very strong candidates and when it comes to primary time it will be us Democrats who will choose our nominee. I’m 100% behind Bernie but if he doesn’t get the nomination I’ll be 100% behind Hillary – The alternative is to live under Republican “rule” for at least the next 8 years. and we’ve seen enough over the past 6 or so years to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what a mistake that would be.

    And I’m going to get into trouble for this, but I’m going to say it anyway. Think about it: How many of these Democrats that are so dead set against either person right now might really be Republicans incognito trying to confuse the rest of us and scatter or even discourage our vote? Use your head, and vote with your heart.

    • rejectrepublicanlies


  • Thom Zajac

    “Couple that with Bernie Sanders entering the race and the continued irrational behavior of many of his followers as it relates to his actual chances of becoming president, and all that’s ultimately happening is Democrats are increasing the likelihood that Republicans win the White House next year.”

    Someone has to be the last to know, Allen the Arrogant, and you look like a good candidate for that honor. Enjoy your stay on a sinking ship.

  • rejectrepublicanlies

    I am tired of hearing Progressives and Democrats say that if Bernie Sanders isn’t the nominee, they’ll just stay home. Do that, and you guarantee a guy like Trump or witch like Fiorina wins the White House. Have you noticed what the Republican majority in Congress are doing? Imagine them controlling everything! You want another economic disaster, more tax cuts for the wealthy, more wars, pollution, loss of rights, a police state, a theocracy and hateful, violent mobs, stay at home, and elect a Republican. They’re already working on ways to suppress the vote and steal the election. They have unlimited money.

    • KathiMR

      I think you are confused when you project GOP having hateful violent mobs. Looking at recent history, what hateful, violent mobs have we seen in the US?

      Well, there were those tearing up Ferguson, largely angry Black rioters, spurred on apparently by outside agitators. There were the Occupy crowds before that, some of whom are still around.

      & now we have the Black Lives Matter demonstrators that think nothing of blocking traffic to keep commuters from getting home after a long day at work. & now they are even disrupting Dem candidates as they try to speak. They get very hateful if anyone tries to say All lives Matter.

      & they even got all bent out of shape by the attention shown after the massacres in France, angry that it took away from their protests.

      then you have the delicate flowers on campuses who are so delicate that they need safe spaces. They have no comprehension of free speech, which can sometimes be offensive. They seem to think they have a right to not be offended that supersedes others’ rights to free speech.

      Having come of age in the 60s during the hippy days, free speech movement, civil rights marches & then later the Jesus movement, these current day protesters seem rather wimpy, but may still be somewhat violent & they all seem to be varying degrees of left of center politically.

      As a result of the free speech movement which seemed to have originated in the anti-war movement on the left, it opened up free speech for all. & robust free speech from various factions & political & other points of view were expressed.

      But now it seems that mostly people preach to their own crowds. I get the impression that Dems, progressives & those to the left of center may talk to each other, & those to the right of center seem to talk to each other. But we don’t seem to get much real discussion of ideas between left & right.

      We really do need more thoughtful dialog, based on ideas & issues rather than demonizing & name calling which are cheap shots & signs of not being able to carry on a rational discussion based on ideas.

      & I may get responses that tell me to go away, & I also see similar on right leaning sites.

      Scare tactics like this article may rally the progressive base, but won’t get very far in a general election. Or I hope it won’t.

      I do seriously hope that we can get some good debates & discussions across party lines, discussing ideas & areas of agreement & disagreement.

  • knucklehead

    Golly. It could only get better once Hillary gets her mandatory gun buyout, and we have federal troops wearing civilian black police uniforms in every city. And the EPA and FDA have full control over everything you eat, drink breathe wear or use. And once she and Bill get to cash in on the investments from China to their library… and they finish replacing the USD with the Chinese currency as the world reserve… people will quit asking what kind of secrets she sold via her own private copy of the federal secrets while she was Secretary… and we can get NATO into the US from New York so the whole thing can be just like Mao and Obamma wanted it!

  • truth

    Vote republican… democrats import terrorist wholesale into your homes.. thwy call themselves liberal but their actually the opposite! Liberals are supposed to support free speech!

    • Steve Cunningham

      Yeah and definitely vote for them if you are female, who wants those pesky rights you fought so hard to get!

  • truth

    Fuck democrats… perversion of liberalism.. they want to take away your freedoms and destroy america

    • Steve Cunningham

      Republicans want to take away women’s rights.

  • truth

    Democrats gonna destroy frewdom of speech.. you can no longer critisize ideologies!

  • Gary

    Upon reading this I now see why the USA is beyond screwed. I am blown away that all you communist are walking in my country. If you only open your eyes. How in the hell our we going to pay for all of these free this and free that. Maybe if we balanced our check books the way the democrats do we could just spend spend spend and not go to jail. I PRAY EVERY DAY THAT A TRUE CONSERVATIVE LIKE REGAN GETS THE ADDRESS OF 1600. We are a broken country because of the way you are all thinking.

  • Petra421

    There is another possibility: There is the possibility
    of a Constitutional Convention that could rewrite or even repeal the US
    Constitution. There are 2 ways to pass an amendment: the one we’ve always used
    & the one we’ve never used. Why have we never used that 2nd method, the
    calling of a Constitutional Convention? Because nobody is sure if it could just
    be limited to the passing of an amendment or if it would open up the entire
    Constitution. Probably the Supreme Court would decide & the odds are 50-50 on
    how this Court would decide. If a President Trump, Cruz, or Carson got to choose
    the next 3 or 4 Supreme Court Justices we know how that Court would decide, because
    Trump, Cruz, Carson need to get around the Constitution to do what they want to
    do. Already 27 GOP controlled state legislatures have passed bills requesting a
    Constitutional Convention. Only 37 are needed. Currently the Democrats only control
    7 states. If we were to end up with a GOP Presidency because unhappy Democrats didn’t
    turn out to vote the odds are that we will also end up with a GOP House, Senate,
    & more states completely under GOP control. So, before you pick up your
    marbles & go home because you don’t like the DNC or Debbie
    Wasserman-Schultz or Hillary Clinton or you feel like politics is too dirty
    & you want to keep your morals & your hands clean, consider the
    potential unintended consequences.

  • Michael Stevens

    For all you people that were so mean to me 6 months ago for telling you what was going to happen here in NH to Hillary, well I told you so!

  • Terry Worcester

    Who wrote this facist bull crap? Whoever it is must be a psycho demented commie. They’ve just trampled all over the Democrat. Piss on this piece of garbage. Democrats will vote their own mind and do not need subliminal programming by a nitwit.

  • E Johnson

    these are bad things? and as far as rigging elections.. only dems do that

  • Sam Rinne Hooker

    Okay, shoot. #1, do not care, I could not AFFORD Affordable healthcare, and until the mandated part is gone, do away with it please. #2, pot meet kettle. They are trying to pressure a revote. #3 Trump is not Pence, not even remotely. He said rather clearly he would not touch LGBT ppl. Which you’d know if you weren’t riled up by insane media. #4, pot this is kettle again. Under Hillary, thousands or millions of Muslim immigrants enter the country. Sharia is set up as law, and any women (oh, sorry there Hillary) who live in this country are suddenly offered the chance to see what it is like wearing a burqa. Dress code not optional. #5 yeah ummm, all the TALK about climate change, nobody has actually tried building better cars. It’s a way to raise taxes. Set that back 100 years. #6 only one that is actually right. So what?

  • mjazzguitar

    We just dodged a bullet.
    The Demo☭rats are such a Leftist totalitarian party that if Hillary got in, we wouldn’t have any rights left after 4 years.