70,000 Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwa Condemning Terrorism

colorado springs shooting planned parenthood right-wing terrorismEvery year in northern India, Muslims gather in Ajmer for the Urs festival to remember the death of Moinuddin Chishti, a Sufi Islamic cleric and scholar. This year, around 70,000 clerics who attended issued a fatwa condemning terrorism, but you’ll never hear about this from the conservative media or politicians who are trying to whip up hatred toward Muslims.

Sufi Muslims have suffered greatly at the hands of Muslim extremists around the world, especially in Pakistan. ISIS/Daesh is probably the most extreme, warped interpretation of Islam, and has had no problem with killing anyone, Muslim or not, who fails to go along with their suicide cult. They’re hated in nearly every country with significant Muslim populations, as a recent Pew Research poll has shown.

It shouldn’t be any surprise then that clerics who attended the Urs festival would issue this condemnation and ask the media to stop referring to these terrorist organizations as Muslims.

Via The Times of India:

Mufti Mohammed Saleem Noori, one of the clerics who passed the fatwa told TOI on Tuesday, “From Sunday onwards, when the annual Urs began, members of Dargah Aala Hazrat have been distributing forms among followers seeking signatures to show that those signing stand against terrorism. Nearly 15 lakh Muslims have recorded their protest. Around 70,000 clerics from across the world, who were part of the event, passed the fatwa.”

Noori said he would like to request the media to stop calling terrorist groups “Muslim organizations”.

Hazrat Subhan Raza Khan, chairperson of the influential Dargah Aala Hazrat, said that following the Paris attacks, it was decided that a fatwa should be passed at the Urs this year, so the message went out loud and clear that the Muslim community condemns terrorism. (Source)

I’m not sure what it will take for Islamophobes around the world to understand that the Muslim community as a whole is not responsible for the acts of terrorism committed by individuals who claim to follow Islam. I’m an atheist; I think all religions have been used over the past few thousand years to subjugate the masses, rationalize greed and hatred, and convince billions of human beings to trade their happiness in this life for the promise of everlasting joy in an afterlife that nobody has proven to exist.

Consider the fact that the Christian Bible is full of commandments to kill unbelievers, and even though Christians argue that those are the old laws that Jesus nullified, they still cite the Old Testament to justify their bigotry toward a variety of people. There are plenty of passages in the Koran that have been used to rationalize extremism, and they really aren’t that distinguishable from the texts of the early Bible.

The point is that throughout history, religion has been used to defend all sorts of horrific acts, and not just by radical outsider groups either, but as state-sponsored subjugation and genocide. The Inquisition that was sponsored by the Catholic Church killed, tortured, exiled or forced conversion on hundreds of thousands of Jews and Muslims for centuries, and wasn’t completely abolished until almost 200 years ago.

Christianity has also been used in modern America, a country that was supposed to be founded on freedom of religion, to justify slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, lynchings by the KKK, homophobia and even shooting up Planned Parenthood clinics.

Conservative shock jock pundits like Ann Coulter have made a successful career out of bashing Muslims, minorities and other people their followers have been taught to hate. Fox News regularly allows her on their channel as a contributor, and other right-wing media sources habitually use fear-mongering to promote traffic to their false stories that vilify Muslims.

The overwhelming majority of Muslims today reject ISIS and various terrorist groups. Asking a Muslim in Detroit or Berlin to speak out against the actions of ISIS/Daesh is both useless, and insulting, because the terrorist group couldn’t care less if most Muslims approve of their actions. We don’t go around demanding Christians reject the violent passages in the Bible, or lump them all in with David Duke or Kevin Swanson, so there’s no need to do┬áthat with everyone who follows Islam.


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  • Greenville_Gent

    Isn’t it a little disingenuous to equate Sufi clerics with a broader Muslim view? A parallel might be if there were an annual gathering of Morman … priests? … who all concurred and spoke out against something, and then generalizing that to Christianity as a whole. Mind you, I’m not saying anything against Muslims nor do I fear them. But making weak arguments doesn’t really help anyone.

    • Chris Salmon

      70,000 Sufi Muslim clerics is pretty mainstream. Sufism, as the mystical branch of Islam, has been around since the beginning of Islam.

  • Chris Salmon

    I was looking forward to reading the text of the fatwa. That would have been helpful. Instead I get an immature author trying to add fuel to his Christian vs. Muslim battle he has going – as an atheist! I think it is safe to say that a vast majority of Christians and a vast majority of Muslims do not want the battle the author is promoting. I love the fact that 70,000 Muslim clerics, especially Sufi clerics, have created a fatwa declaring that Islam does not support terrorism. I just want to see the text, and not be bombarded by more clash of cultures garbage.

  • richardstarr

    About 14 years AFTER 9/11 they get around to this.
    Why? Simple, the terrorism is coming at a bad time.
    Here you have most of the western world opening their arms
    to the phony refugees (really economic migrants) and allowing
    them to get a foothold that they could not normally hope to get
    and the terrorist acts are throwing a spanner into the works.

    The should have done this 9/12/2001. Forgive me for being less
    than impressed.

  • Charlie Snyder

    Note these are Sufi Muslims who make up a small percentage of Muslims and who are persecuted by Shites and Sunnis. I can’t find the percentage of Sufis in Syria (try googling it and only the latter Shites and Sunnis come up). It is very important to know the differences in the three sects. The Sufis are contemplative and more mystical in their approach to Islam, and usually don’t get involved in political matters since it distracts from their contemplation of their God. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/stephen-schwartz/how-many-sufis-in-world-i_b_902164.html

  • Mary

    I’d rather serve a living God, believe in Jesus, accept His sacrifice and forgiveness of my sins and find out when I die that I was wrong—that there is no God, than live a life without direction or care and live and die in my sins and find out there is.

  • Doug

    Where were these condemnations in ’79 , ’90 and ’01 and other murders of Americans ? They were silent either because they agreed or didn’t care. With the fake name of Manny Shewitz, a take on Jewish wine (Manishevitz), this ‘progressive’ bashes Christians about the Inquisition half a millennium ago. Can you say relevance ? You want to blame America but I bet, never served in the military. If you didn’t serve you have NO right to complain about the U.S.
    M. S. makes no mention of the priests and Christians hiding Jews from the Nazis at their own risk. NOW the clerics condemn because the world is waiting for an American president with balls instead of apologies that might level Isis cities in Syria, etc. A world history book called ‘Timeline’ shows where Muslims have been involved in wars approximately every 30 years since the 700s !!!

  • Junaid Javed

    70000 and not just some common muslims these are 70000 clerics that’s like two times more than the size of ISIS.ISIS has roughly 15000 to 30000 fighters.
    you won’t hear this in the news bc they want you to beleive that those 70000 clerics don’t represent Islam but some 30000 ISIS savages do.

  • Naomi Ruze

    It is public acknowledged that ISIS was created and supported by the CIA and funded by the USA who are the warmongers and profiteers of perpetual war. They serve their masters well!