8 Reasons Why The GOP Is A Dying Party

NuclearEver since I left the GOP about fifteen years ago, I’ve been of the opinion that they are a dying political party. There are a number of reasons that I’ve made this conclusion and I’ll lay them out here.

#1: The Republican Party’s voter base is continually shrinking.

Think about it — while they hold a majority in the House thanks to gerrymandering, the Senate is not held by the GOP and neither is the White House. In fact, no Republican candidate has easily won the White House since 1988 when George H.W. Bush beat Michael Dukakis in a landslide.

#2: Themselves.

The Republican Party is becoming even more extreme. It wasn’t acceptable to openly accuse the President of treason and call for impeachment for imaginary crimes ten or twenty years ago – at least in the rank and file part of the party. Yes, I know that Bill Clinton lied under oath about making sexy times with Monica Lewinsky, but that was an actual case of proven perjury and not the delusions of some far right nuts who believe President Obama went back in time and forged his own birth certificate.

#3: Libertarians.

No, not the Rand Paul style of fake libertarianism which has become popular within the GOP lately, but the collection of people who are not tied to one political party or another. These are voters who reject the concepts of endless war and warrantless surveillance signed off on by the majority of Republicans as well as many Democrats. They may not be libertarians in the most ideologically pure manner, but there are some voters (myself included) who believe both in affordable or even free healthcare for all and the right for law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, within reason.

#4: The Tea Party.

Similar to point #2, when you allow extremist factions greater power in order to keep votes and donations coming in, eventually something goes wrong. Having been a child prop for the religious right and watching the fringe elements push for ever more control, it was obvious that the radical element would take control of the party bus once given the opportunity. Remember, these aren’t people who can be reasoned or bargained with. They view the federal government, our national credit rating, and the world’s economy as hostages to be taken and used as negotiating tools in exchange for pushing their agenda, which even includes disenfranchising female voters.

#5: Greed.

Sheer, unadulterated greed. For years we’ve been told that with more corporate profits, the wealth would eventually “trickle down.” Yet with the current economic status of the middle class and record corporate earnings, we can finally dismiss “trickle down” economics as being the load of 2 ton bull feces that it really is.

#6: Progress.

Despite everything the GOP has done to try to stifle the growth of third parties and keep minorities from voting, it’s not like Hans Brinker sticking his finger in that Dutch dike to keep the sea from swallowing everything. Eventually, they will lose. Old ideas fall by the wayside. Old prejudices die out with the people who hold them.

#7: Demographics.

Every year, new voters join the rolls and every year, older voters leave the rolls due to the eventual march of time and mortality. Younger voters don’t remember the days before desegregation, and they’re not as likely to respond positively to the racial, homophobic or xenophobic “dog whistles” used by candidates or media pundits.

#8: Ted Cruz.

Yes, Ted Cruz. Sure there are other nut jobs that have driven the GOP close to going over the ideological cliff, but Ted Cruz reminds me of Major Kong riding a falling hydrogen bomb in the famous movie “Dr. Strangelove.” No single politician wanted it as badly and did more to ensure the government’s shutdown than Ted Cruz. Just like Major Kong, he’s whooping and hollering all the way to oblivion, to the end of the Republican Party – and there’s nothing they can do about it.


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  • Joseph Ozigis Akomodi

    This article is a complete truth of what has befallen Republican Party. The Tea Baggers have taken over the party and their base is already shrinking like wildfire. As the fire consummed them, they are becoming smaller and smaller until Republican Party cannot even boast of winnning a Congress.

    • Curtis Scarbrough

      Hate to be “that guy” but wildfire doesn’t usually shrink. Otherwise, I agree 100%.

  • Aaron Childers

    I honestly don’t think it’s shrinking which frightens me. The tea party’s grasp on the gop had gone astronomically far beyond even satire territory. They honestly believe the crap they spew which is poorly disguised racism and their approach of pretending they care about the poor by not caring about the poor is made less opaque by fox entertainment (I refuse to refer to fox as a news organization). The dems need to put pressure on these turds until they crack and expose them for what they really are.

    • Northsister

      They’ve been exposed many times. They simply refuse to face the truth.

    • Brandon Finster

      they are shrinking really realy slowly but are still shrinking.

    • OJohnny

      Ever notice…there is only room for ONE Fox? They are not like NBC CBS or ABC or PBS.or CNN or MSNBC No one is in competition with them, because there are not enough wacko’s viewers out there to support two stations like that.

  • Theresa Rolle

    Good article. Just a nit to pick! Hans Brinker won the silver skates, didn’t save the dike.

    • SadieBoyd

      What a great book…stupid people! Argh…..

    • Northsister

      Was wondering if anyone would mention that!

  • FD Brian

    If the GOP wants more votes then they need to convince people like the Koch brothers to pay people more. They would also do well to revamp the tax on capital gains. Maybe make the first 2 mil. taxed at 15% and anything above that is taxed as regular income.

    • latenightlarry

      We need to tax the transactions on Wall Street as well… not much, just one percent, on all the stock transfers would eliminate the deficit in a year or two…

    • Wayne Bassett

      I went to Germany recently to meet and stay with an old friend of mine who is English, like me, but moved there for a promotion at his firm. He told me that because he is a top earner he pays 50% tax, but that includes all taxes with the benefits of universal healthcare, well maintained streets, a good funded police force etc,. Now there was a time in US history where the tax system that Germany now adopts was the same and that was in the 1950’s when the USA was truly No.1 and the rich were still rich, like Germany, just a lot fairer with it.

  • fnnkybutt

    #3 sounds more like you mean Independents rather than Libertarian. Libertarians are for minimal government, no taxation. That means no gov’t supported health care.

    • Daddycool67

      Libertarians are for themselves.
      They’re against anything that requires the government to perform as a government.

      A Utopian Libertarian community would only consist of about 200 – 300 people. Any more than that and there would be too many people with dissenting ideas and too many people who might need some kind of assistance from the community.

      America needs Libertarians like I need another hole in my A**!

      • $515717

        Neither Libertarianism nor true Communism (as opposed to the dictatorship of the former USSR) can possibly work with more than a limited number of people and little evidence either has ever successfully worked, or not for lone, in real life. Democratic Socialism is the best way to go. However, it would take a lot of education to disabuse Americans of all the disinformation they have concerning just what Socialism means as they’ve been so thoroughly brain washed and so confused by names, thanks to the Germans and the Russians who misused the term “socialism” to confuse and obfuscate but were not socialist governments.

    • Jo Clark

      The only government true pure libertarians want is an army to protect their lame a$$es. They want all else privatized to maximize greed, and they want all education to be private and for the privileged, and they want every man for himself on civil rights. Don’t like that black man in your store? Boot him out.

      Cant afford food? Starve. Can’t afford medical care? Die. Can’t afford private school fees? Teach them yourself or do without. Can’t afford housing? Not their problem!

      And mostly, a pure libertarian doesn’t give one rat’s butt about religious legislation. But the GOP is a very dangerous mix of libertarian with a topping of religious extremism.

      • Benjamin Dover

        It is difficult to be wrong about everything, but you managed to do it.

      • JohnFMayer

        He’s right on the money, Benjamin. No government supervision of their business tactics, however harmful and unscrupulous, and no supervision of their private inclinations is the very crux of libertarian beliefs, the last half being what separates them from conservatives (and from religious extremists). So, assuming your terse comment is a denial of Jo Clark’s points, it is you who are wrong.

      • Brandon Finster

        that extreme libertarians but yeah you need a mix economy not pure capitalism we need a grey area between socialism(schools, fireman, policeman. you also need capitalism to generate wealth, and innovation too.

  • Jim Schneider

    But it really isn’t an issue since the Dems are for the most part now all moderate Republicans…

  • Nick Wride

    The Republican Party continues to play to a shrinking demographic; The old, angry white male, the religious lunatics and the far right, fringe whackos who think they can hold off the US military with an AR-15. They need to put the extremists down and move back to moderation. They need to move away from the talk radio fascists and Fox “News” and speak more to the majority of the American people.

    • The problem is–that demographic is the one continuing to breed and block vote.

      • pumpkin

        So TRUE

  • spazaru

    I wish I could believe this. They hold 31 governorships currently and they’re succeeding in rolling back women’s and worker’s rights. If they get the presidency, which isn’t out of the question in 2016 if they nominate Christie, all of this damage will go national. They are likely to regain the Senate next year because of so many red state Dems up for re-election. Do you really think Louisiana, West Virginia, South Dakota, Arkansas, etc are going to re-elect their Democratic Senators (or in the case of WV and SD, their incumbents are retiring making it even harder to retain the seat)? The House will stay GOP because of the gerrymandering and the Obamacare rollout disaster. The GOP WOULD die out if the Democrats weren’t such horrible politicians. Right now the GOP is blocking all of Obama’s nominees to federal judgeships and the Democrats should be screaming about it, but you hear nothing. In a sane country without Fox News, this article would be right on. In this dumbed down dying husk of an ex-democracy, I fully expect the GOP to have all three branches of government locked down by 2016. People expecting Hillary to save them are nuts. She lost the primary last time. It will be just like Romney; lose the primary, get nominated the next time and lose the general. And besides Hillary, who do we have? No one with national recognition. Sorry to sound so negative; I’m just calling it as I see it.

    • Cindy Tuttle

      Sure we do….Elizabeth Warren springs to mind. I don’t think Hillary is a good choice…….I see her as just another wolf wearing sheep’s clothing.

      • Northsister

        Hillary might be OK without all the baggage. Elizabeth Warren is intelligent, gets her point across firmly but politely, and has a great record and moral standing. I’d vote for her over Hillary any day of the week.

      • Jo Clark

        I love Warren, but too many people are making the same mistake. We love her progressive agenda, yep, but people don’t remember that she can be as progressive as she wants, and it’ll do her NO good without a progressive House and Senate. Until we can wipe the scourge that is the GOP, we’re probably not going to have much luck with a more progressive agenda.

    • SophieCT

      Hillary would be fabulous if we don’t submit to the small but vocal faction that seems intent on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • Kerri Peek

    But Benghazi! Fast and Furious! IRS! Spending! The website won’t work! Obama the worst president America has ever had. 😉

  • Leslie Todd

    These are very serious times for America , the Tea Party Republicans have threatened all of America with their AUSTERITY and their WAR ON THE WOMAN .
    Women Nationwide really should get together and get behind Hillary Clinton if she decides to run for President .
    America’s very existence is at stake now more than any war we’ve been in the history of America .

    • Pooh too

      Absolutely! Hillary in 2016 and vote in a Fillibuster-proof House and Senate so she can get things done rather than let a minority block every thing she tries to do to improve our country and help ALL THE PEOPLE. THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING TO PRESIDENT OBAMA. Sad that all his good ideas are blocked so he cannot jump start our economy because of a bunch of racist Republican/Teabaggers!

  • Aaron Wagner

    You’re not a forward thinking progressive if you just blindly babble about the “right to bear arms” as contrast and don’t acknowledge that what the U.S. is trying to learn is that there is a distinction between responsible gun ownership and gun control measures aimed at making sure that people with questionable societally-determined sanity to make wise decisions about guns and gun zealots who think certain current gun laws give them the freedom to freely shoot unarmed people are the same thing. You need to think more about your knee-jerk statements pandering to the “guns don’t kill people” crowd that absolves itself of the responsibility to acknowledge that “people likely to kill people” without REAL self-defense claims to save them in the courts will take your inch and give themselves a mile and actually KILL PEOPLE. Civilian guns are for hunting and for real protection against real threat. If it’s not obvious, it’s the end of your #3 point I’m speaking to. If that’s your argument, that being in favor of healthcare (a real healthcare plan or the current GOP-led compromise that we have?–you don’t distinguish) makes you a progressive and thus a legitimized voice to then be an apologist for our nation’s astronomical civilian gun-owning killing machine that surpasses most all other nations, you’re not a progressive and please quit pretending.

  • JaneGalt

    You forgot #9–The Religious Right. They, along with the Tea Party, have turned the GOP into an utter laughingstock.

    • Hypocrisy

      Number 10- Global warming deniers, even with all the scientists onboard.

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        Why don’t we just say ‘science deniers’ because they also don’t believe in evolution, or that lgbt people are born that way.

  • James Threadgill

    Good bye and good riddance, GOP.

  • southside mike

    the Dems need to grow a spine and challenge these idiots at EVERY level. They need to broadcast the facts, and demand proof of TP lies. Point out every error, flip flop, and every reprecussion every bagger makes. Even to the point of giveing help if needed to moderates in the GOP, to help drive out the evangelicals and. right wing dingbats.

    • SophieCT

      They need to show up at elections the other 3 years in the cycle.

    • NicoleminCT

      With the information available in real time today, Dem news organizations can IN REAL TIME in the corner of the screen debunk through fact checking every lie republicans spew as they’re telling it. There are many people out there who can type 100 wpm in order to start exposing these punks. Dems are liars as well at this point.

  • OakenTruncheon

    You can’t be the Party of Both the Hamptons and the hillbillies. Get over it and follow the money as the lobbying shifts to the task of suborning, or eliminating, remaining principled Dems./Indies.

  • JohnFMayer

    Agree, except for number 3. There are a lot of people not tied to either party (myself included) who “reject the concepts of endless war and warrantless surveillance” and who believe both in affordable or even free healthcare for all and the right for law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, within reason” who would be insulted to be called libertarians. We despise the libertarian belief in “I got mine, screw you, Jack” and devotion to Ayn Rand’s philosophies, though we can embrace an anomaly like Bill Maher. There is nothing in your description that excludes liberals, which is what I am.

  • shopper

    Had to read a book for a religion class at the Lutheran College I attended. It was basically saying that fundamentalists grow during times of economic downfall and traditional groups grow during prosperity. While the economy does seem to be improving the middle class and lower are still dropping. We need to improve the minimum wage and have fewer below the poverty level. Religion is here to stay but it covers a very broad spectrum of beliefs and hopes. Mankind has a tendency to like to believe that they are better then at least some others. Take away hope for the future and breed hate.

  • Oarboar

    No one born after the 1970s has any living memory of what a putatively successful Republican administration looks like.

  • Rick Heath

    It is obvious in the desperate attempts to discredit and incriminate President Obama that the Republican party is in its death throes. They are consumed by irrational fears that are intensified by their own propaganda outlets. Whether it be Socialism/Communism, their alleged liberal war on Christmas (which is just silly), Muslims, women’s equality, racial equality, gay marriage, economic class equality or any number of other matters that they spaz out over in an effort to work their low brain function audience into a lather over, it is all a diversion to avoid the fact that they have nothing to offer the American middle class or poor. Think it over… name one thing in the last decade that the GOP has proposed that helps anyone who is not making 7 digits a year or higher. However this brings me to a more provocative thought; There will always be a conservative oriented portion of the public, if there is no moderate wing of the republican party remaining, who will reign in the lunatic fringe? I for one do not relish the ubiquitous march toward a corporate aristocracy that is ever more the common place dirge since Reagan. If we are to truly return to “we the people” three things must happen, we must ban the ability rent legislative favoritism, we must increase the ability for our consumer based economy to consume by way of giving them the means to purchase (aka raise the minimum wage) and we must make it illegal for our media to intentionally misinform the public. Just for starters. These alone will end the far fringe element that has taken control of the right wing of the political spectrum.

  • Shon Williams

    I will be glad to see the republicans disappear.

  • Lon Phillips

    Old prejudices die out with the people who hold them –

    But they indocrinate their kids who do the same for THEIR kids.

    • Curtis Scarbrough

      That is true, however, kids who are raised racist often grow out of it, as they leave home and go to college, or actually gain some life experience. People who are raised right, however, don’t often become racists later on.

      • Lon Phillips

        IF they allow their kids to LISTEN to opposing views rather than just beating up those people.

  • SillyBilly

    Yep young people don’t believe their bullshit.

  • Michelle

    I wonder where you are leading us forward to? A liberal always talks about a dangerous “they” out there but I don’t see any white monsters. The people who have screwed me over the most are high powered Jews who make up the majority on Wall Street, my black boss who drugged me and forced me to sleep with him but I couldn’t share with HR due to black privilege, (works for a fortune 50 company) and Obama with his TARP which withheld my hard earned commissions, (I made 40k a year in Beverly Hills – hardly livable on), but that money was rolled up to the CEO, who made millions. Now, my health insurance increased 300%. Can you please tell me how I climb the ladder to receive liberal privileges? Hard work and talent isn’t working anymore. I need political contacts to get ahead. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Tim Ray

    yeppers and the last election proved the book by Carville……so wrong…suck it up buttercups the party of extremes is getting its ass kicked…oh yeah that is the Demorats

  • Peter Tefft

    Don’t know where you get your incorrect information but the Tea Party is stronger than ever. The result of the 2014 elections is the result of Americans agreeing with Tea Party politics and I am one of them. Tea Party is a conservative, patriotic and small government organization and it is getting stronger and stronger everyday. America is beginning to wake up to politics as usual in Washington and we are sick and tired of it and all the career power hungry incompetent people who run it. The republican party is on its way out unless they adopt the conservative policies of the Tea Party, alive and well!

  • pumpkin

    Bernie Sanders 2016!!!