9 Takeaways From Monday Surrounding Trump’s Lies, Scandals, and His Worst Day in Office

While newsworthy stories have been plentiful over the last few months, Monday was exceptionally noteworthy. It was the first time the country (and the world, for that matter), was presented with public comments from FBI Director James Comey concerning a litany of scandals and controversies surrounding Donald Trump and his possible ties to Russia. After months of allegations being tossed around, Monday marked the first day that we would be provided with at least a few definitive answers.

Let’s just get right into some of the biggest takeaways I felt were important yesterday.

1. Despite Trump’s insistence that any stories concerning possible ties between his campaign and Russian officials are “FAKE NEWS,” it was confirmed Monday that our intelligence community has been looking into all of this for months — with plenty more work to do: Despite Trump’s continued insistence that these rumors about Russia have been nothing more than sour grapes by Democrats for losing the election, Comey confirmed that U.S. intelligence agencies have been engaged in active investigations concerning possible links between Trump and the Russian government.

2. There’s a lot more that we don’t know about these Russian scandals involving Trump than we do know: While Comey didn’t offer any kind of a timetable for when these ongoing investigations might be concluded, from what it sounded like, they’re not anywhere close to wrapping up. If U.S. intelligence has already been looking into all of this for months, but many seem to believe that we’re nowhere near the end of these investigations, that tells me there’s a whole lot of information that we clearly don’t know about yet.

3. Republicans knew this was going to be a really bad day for Trump and their party: Despite a Russian cyber attack, potential treason committed by our current Commander-in-Chief, and Trump repeating his absurd conspiracy against Obama that everyone of importance within the intelligence community (including Comey on Monday) has said is total fiction, many Republicans seemed determined to do their best to make the story about the leaks — not the attack, potential treason, or an unhinged leader who refuses to admit that he’s wrong.

4. Trump’s embarrassing Twitter tirade before Comey’s testimony, and his near complete silence about it after, lead me to believe he knows he’s screwed: If you didn’t catch Trump’s Monday morning meltdown, I highly suggest you check it out. Not only did Comey’s testimony debunk most of the lies he said, but Trump actually had a rally in Kentucky yesterday — yet didn’t mention a word about what was said just a few hours earlier.

Not. A. Single. Word.

As I’ve said before, practically everything about Trump’s behavior indicates to me that he’s someone with a lot to hide, is terrified, and seems to be aware that things are about to get much worse for him. Every day I lean more toward my belief that Trump’s not going to make it a full year in office. We’re barely two months into this circus and it already appears that there’s a growing wave of burnout within his own party over how unhinged and incompetent he is.

5. Fox News is starting to pay for the crazy it pandered to over the last 20 years: While conservatives still remain devout worshipers of Fox News, it’s not a good sign when the leader of the most powerful country on Earth is citing your senior judicial analyst for a baseless story that’s become an international embarrassment for the United States. Over the last few months we’ve seen:

  • Former CEO Roger Ailes forced out after several females accused him of sexual harassment — including Megyn Kelly.
  • Megyn Kelly, a one-time budding superstar on the network, leave for NBC News.
  • Long-time host Greta Van Susteren also left the network for MSNBC.
  • Sean Hannity, while always a radical right-wing shill, has essentially become a Trump cheerleader and the most prominent conspiracy theorist on television.
  • Fox & Friends is becoming known nationally as the main source for many of Trump’s most asinine and fact-free Twitter tantrums.
  • They just indefinitely suspended Senior Judicial Analyst Andrew Napolitano for being Trump’s source for creating a minor international incident between the United States and England based on a ridiculous conspiracy that isn’t supported by a shred of evidence.

I’m not here to say that Fox News is going away any time soon, but as Trump continues to cite their misinformation and lies as his sources for most of the fabricated propaganda that gets him into trouble, the monster they helped create could very well be a problem from which they can’t escape.

6. Following Comey’s testimony and Fox News suspending Napolitano, there’s nobody of note supporting Trump’s continued insistence that Obama had Trump Tower illegally wiretapped: Recently Trump told reporters to talk to Fox News concerning his claim that British intelligence helped Obama bug Trump Tower because they were his source for this story. Well, Fox News just indefinitely suspended Napolitano, the person who made this accusation, admitting they don’t have any evidence to support his comments. Of course, that happened shortly after FBI Director Comey publicly said that there wasn’t any evidence anywhere indicating that Obama ordered any illegal surveillance of Trump Tower.

7. The only reason why Trump “won” was because of Russia: Comey confirmed that Russia’s main objectives were an attack on U.S. democracy, to hurt Hillary Clinton, and aide Donald Trump. While no one is claiming Russia directly changed votes, being that Trump and the GOP used the information they hacked every day to attack Clinton (while making sure to mix in all sorts of fake news along the way to muddy the waters), it’s clear this cyber attack benefited Trump’s campaign. Otherwise there’s no reason why Trump, Republicans, and the conservative media would have constantly used that illegally-obtained information from these emails to attack a political opponent.

8. The Republican Party knows it’s in a lot of trouble: The hope going into Monday was that Comey’s testimony would lay to rest the Trump-pushed conspiracy that’s dominated the news over the last few weeks. Instead, Trump went on another Twitter rant that Comey’s testimony soundly debunked, and he’s showing no signs of letting this go. Furthermore, this was the first time that we had public statements confirming months-old rumors about investigations into Trump’s ties to Russia are real — and they could be going on for quite a while. With midterms just around the corner, Trump’s becoming so incredibly toxic that quite a few members of the GOP are going to have to start distancing themselves from him or risk destroying their own careers.

9. Donald Trump is making his supporters look more idiotic by the day for sticking with him: What this situation has finally exposed on a massive scale is what many anti-Trump people have known for a while. We’re dealing with someone who lies through his teeth, pushes baseless conspiracies, and will never admit when he’s wrong. Every person and agency, including British intelligence and members of his own party, have said that there’s not a single piece of evidence to support Trump’s conspiracy. However, despite all of that, Trump simply refuses to admit that he’s wrong.

It’s like I posted on Facebook Monday evening:

If a person claims something is real, even though they have no proof that it is and everyone around them says it never happened, that’s insanity.

To keep defending Trump means that you believe him — without evidence — more than you do basically every other person on this planet who has access to the intelligence surrounding ongoing investigations. That’s absolutely insane.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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