A Bernie Sanders Supporter Explains Why He Will Support Hillary Clinton If Need Be

bernie-sanders-2016-formidable-republican-oppI have made it abundantly clear that I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. Before Bernie Sanders announced that he was running for the Democratic nomination, I reluctantly decided that if Hillary Clinton was the party’s pick, I would vote for her in the general election. As much as I was not all that excited about her candidacy, even my dog Peanut would be a better pick than anyone that the Republican Party could come up with.

The first primaries are still months away, but I’ve already been seeing Bernie Sanders supporters torching Hillary Clinton supporters and vice versa. There are other Democratic candidates, but all the attention has been on Hillary in the media until recently. It’s understandable that some call Sanders supporters the liberal version of Ron Paul fans, but they’re dismissing the very real fact that many of us are unhappy with what we see as the coronation of a candidate without her going through the primary process like everyone else.

I went to the Bernie Sanders rally last month just outside of New Orleans. At least 4,500 people packed into a civic center normally reserved for wrestling matches and small trade shows to hear Bernie Sanders speak. All of them almost unanimously cheered when he spoke about institutionalized racism, income inequality and many other issues that many blue state liberals might think red state voters are brainwashed against.

Through the entire speech, and throughout most of his campaign, Bernie Sanders did not make one disparaging remark about Hillary Clinton – because giving ammunition to Republican critics and hurting Democrats’ chances isn’t what he is trying to do.

Sure, Hillary Clinton has better name recognition than Bernie Sanders, but that is slowly changing as more and more voters discover his campaign. Some uninformed liberals have started repeating the hand-wringing talking points that he would cost her the election by splitting the vote, even though he has stated that he has no intention to run as a third-party candidate, unlike Donald Trump with the GOP.

So long as the Republican Party has politicians claiming that Mexicans are rapists or suggesting nuclear war against the Muslim world, Democrats have the upper hand. There is no reason to make their campaigns any easier.

Complicating things slightly, there are potential candidates like Joe Biden who haven’t even decided whether or not they will enter the race. So why this early in the game are people bickering over whether Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton needs to be the nominee, and trashing the candidate they don’t like on social media before voters have even gone to the polls?

Like Bernie Sanders, I am not here to trash Hillary Clinton, and I strongly urge Bernie Sanders supporters not to do that either. Trashing the other candidates and trying to score political points in a game of who is the most ideologically pure is what Republican pundits are doing, and tearing their own party apart in the process. The GOP is engaged in a civil war with the Tea Party potentially causing establishment candidates their chances of reelection, so why does the left need to copy their losing strategy?

I will wholeheartedly support Bernie Sanders in the primaries, but I will also wholeheartedly support whoever the Democratic nominee is in the general election. All I ask is that the Clinton supporters out there do the same.

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Facebook comments

  • Sickandtired

    Don’t even think of comparing me to those nasty people who support Bernie Saunders. I was watching them both, keeping an open mind. Bernie is not the problem. His supporters are filled with such vitriol and hatred for Hillary Clinton, about as bad as Ron Paul supporters and the conservatives, and it has not been Hillary supporters doing the Bernie bashing. Most of his supporters have said they refuse to go to the polls if Hillary is the nominee. If anyone is gonna ruin anything for Bernie, it will be his own people. Bernie supporters are his worst enemy. I will support and vote for any Democratic nominee, but that behavior is a real turn off to those of us who hadn’t made our minds up yet.

    • David Birney

      As a Bernie supporter I get bashed all the time by Hillary supporters. They seem to assume since I support Bernie I would either vote for him or a Republican which is just not true. He is simply the best option, and as long as I have that option I will be behind him. If he does not get the nomination I will vote for whomever does, but until he doesn’t get it he is my choice. Two election ago Hillary was also the obvious choice, until suddenly she was not.

    • Jenna Williamson Marisco

      I’m sorry you’re surrounded by people like that. That hasn’t been my experience. I support Bernie for sure. And I haven’t liked Hilary since I discovered she was easily bought and paid for in the documentary “Sick-O”. But I certainly don’t have vitriol and hatred for her. I just don’t want a candidate that is purchased easily.. or dare I say… at all. Yet again.. if Bernie doesn’t win the nomination – I’ll certainly vote Hilary. Bought or not.. It’s the lesser of two evils.

      • Leila Deurell

        i might write bernie in. How can I vote for what I don’t believe in, but it is too soon. I have to think Pos. that he is th next president. Otherwise we will surly go the way of the bees.

    • poliltimmy

      And we are being asked to ignore the identity handlers/donors. That she can be for us while campaigning on their money.

      • dsadlowski

        Yet we can not stay home otherwise we hand them the white house hold your nose if you have to.

        We need to clean House where the purse is and controls the money and getting things through.

    • dsadlowski

      I never said that i will not support the party choice whom ever is picked I am voting for them I am not Hillary fan but she is far better than any one on the right who scares the hell out of me for the future of woman in this country..

      Plus the courts are then in our hands I am thinking future much like the GOP has plotted for 30 years to this Morning in America Reagan spoke about right now it is a cloudy day but soon the sun will come out.

      Feel the Bern!


    • If your comment bashing Bernie supporters isn’t just the sort of backbiting they’re asking us not to do I don’t know what is!

    • Rachman Cantrell

      Many of the negative comments about Hilary are not from Bernie supporters. There are a lot of republicans that make comments here. I don’t dislike Hilary but I think Bernie Sanders would be far better for the country. He has energized the people who have seen him. His speeches generate much more enthusiasm than any other candidate from either side and the crowds have been enormous! He has the unique ability to unite the country and even has supporters from the Republican ranks. He is creating a revolution in the political system that can transform the country back into one that serves the people rather than serving large corporations or the super rich. He has my vote!

  • strayaway

    Hillary is a hawk with a record of supporting interventionist adventures in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. She voted to give Bush her congressional power to decide whether to attack Iraq. The cold war resumed under her policies as Secretary of State. Here largest lifetime contributors are Citibank and Goldman Sachs. She is a crook, a liar, and a corporatist tool. Her biggest achievement was latching onto an alpha male. In the last quarter, only 17% of her campaign contributions came from people giving $200 or less. Hillary is presently trying to explain away why her computer records and those of her political intimates, including some records involving security matters, were not secured and have since been deleted. The more we learn about Hillary, the slimier she gets.

    Bernie, in contrast, generally opposes wars. He rails against corporations and they do not heavily fund his campaign. Bernie is not known as being a crook, a liar, and he is not a corporatist tool. He is relatively scandal free. His rallies are massive. But if Bernie loses, at least Mannie can still vote for the Party label. At least Hillary identifies herself as a Democrat. Whoopie! That’s as illogical as someone who supported Ron Paul voting for McCain because he is also a Republican.

    • Well said, strayaway.

      America first.

    • NotSure

      It makes me wonder-do the same billionaires, trying to get her in office, have influence over this media outlet? If so- smart tactic- already planning on him losing and leeching those voters her way.

      • strayaway

        I wouldn’t make that accusation against this website. More likely, its brand loyalty. Both parties rely on brand loyalty when they offend their members in favor of the 1%.

    • djhbutler

      Except Bernie voted against the Brady bill, and gun control…the idea is to support Bernie, not take Hillary down…

    • Paul T Peden

      every one of your objections has been thoroughly debunked. move on

      • strayaway

        And you probably also believe the Empress has a wondrous set of clothes. Maybe you could begin by ‘debunking’ the fact that Hillary voted to allow Bush the right to decide whether to wage war on Iraq. Then we could continue down the list.

      • Pick one and debunk it, then. Use all the space you need in the box provided. Show your work.

  • poliltimmy

    You asked the same of us with Obama. We did. What did we get? Republican-lite. Then you guys skipped the mid-terms. Deja Vu comes to mind when I think of Hillary.

  • Ken R4th (Lemming Intern)

    You one smart fella!

    I’m a Hillary supporter, but I personally pledge right now to support Bernie and work my azz off for him if he wins the nomination.

    I also really appreciate the discussion of progressive issues he is sparking with his fearless and principled campaign. Yay Bernie!

    • zmann

      If you really support Bernie, why wait until the general election when you should be joining us in the primaries? And how the hell can you support Hillary who’s fundraising is controversial, her campaigning behavior is evasive and shady, and she steals ideas from Bernie and waters them down to look “center”?

      • 1968_Camaro

        Give Ken a break. He is being reasonable and like me, he is going to support the ultimate nominee in the general. We should support who we like in the primary, but when it comes to the general we must come together and support the nominee. VOTE!

      • zmann

        Dude, there is nothing wrong with questioning inconsistency. If you think we Bernie supporters are ready to be taken for granted if Hillary steals the primaries, then you have another thing coming. Mediocrity sucks.

  • MacDoodle

    I would support a liar and criminal like Hillary Clinton rather than support a Republican—-Typical Democrat

    • Ego

      Because….the republican politicians are honest? Even if true, I think anybody would rather support a liar and a criminal that aligns with their views before a liar and a criminal that doesn’t…. that’s stupid.

    • Paul T Peden

      supporting a Republican is supporting a criminal and a liar, in pretty much every case

  • I am a Bernie Sanders supporter and an American first and foremost. I will never support Hillary nor give her my vote under any circumstances.

    She put our nation’s security at risk for her own selfish purposes and thinks she’s above the rules, and she’s been lying about it ever since. She’s the last person any liberal or Democrat should want for President. There are worse things than a Republican presidency in one’s life, and a Hillary presidency is one of them.

    • Paul T Peden

      youre kidding yourself. clueless

      • Far, far smarter than you and I care about my country more than you, Mr Peden.

      • Paul T Peden

        Nowhere. not even close. You’d have to be Einstein to be smarter than me. And you clearly have an unevolved understanding of what a country is and how to care for it. You’ll awaken one day.

      • You’ve displayed not even a hint of intelligence comparable to Einstein, chief.

        You’re nothing but a barker and a clown shoe.

      • rg9rts

        Can I see your DD214?

      • Can I see your high school diploma?

      • rg9rts

        How about my Masters

      • Amal Iel

        A clinton supporter calling anyone else unevolved–wow, that’s a riot. You don’t even know what you’re voting for. Clinton is a thermometer–she’ll tell the people whatever they want to hear.

    • BenjaminBrown

      Uh, you do know that the supreme court is on the line right? ANY Republican winning in 2016, would likely make the Supreme Court ultra conservative. A Republican presidency we can probably survive, but the Supreme Court being ultra conservative for decades and decades to come? No thank you.

      If you call yourself a progressive, you’ll vote for whoever the Dem nomination is in 2016. If only because if the GOP win in 2016, we’re screwed for decades and decades to come.

  • Ann Walker

    I so agree! We are all in this together to make sure the ridiculous Repubs can’t implement their crazy ideas. Wasn’t it McGovern who said facists will be wrapped in the American flag carrying a bible. Well, that’s coming true it seems!

    • PrairieLady

      Ann Walker It is already true, only it was Sinclair Lewis, not McGovern. I often wonder what it would have been like if McGovern would have won. His campaign was the 1st and only campaign I worked for and Bernie’s will be my last.

  • kissyface

    i’m a Hillary supporter but will gladly work for and vote for Bernie if he wins the primary. i am just sick of the divide, name calling, and bashing. you can support your candidate without bashing another

  • Rachman Cantrell

    I don’t think negative comments are helpful if we want Bernie to succeed. Critical analysis of positions, pointing out the differences is good, but the nasty stuff does not help. We are all human beings and should show respect for each other no matter what our political leanings. Bernie is the example. He sticks to the issues and does not make personal attacks. I believe we should follow that practice. And in that light here is something totally different! Click the link for a musical treat about Bernie! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSA_THiFhvc&index=3&list=PLx13XUpSaxm6dpDAxIfwz3dDCo_Ahyf1A

    • Michael Legel

      How is it a negative attack to simply point out a truth? She lies. There was NEVER any sniper fire. She DID have classified information on her home computer … it is the nature of the job. She DID have a part in negotiations for Keystone and TPP. If you find those facts to be negative then I should think you would agree she is not representative of liberal agendas for the environment and workers. The reason we get such loons in the GOTP party is that the Teahadi’s vote the ticket regardless. We don’t need that. Vote your conscience.

      • PrairieLady

        Thanks! Pointing out the differences is not being negative. Some folks just do not want to hear the truth.

  • Michael Legel

    Forget it. I will never vote for a Republican, Goldwater or otherwise. She
    doesn’t hold a patch to Obama and I am disappointed in him. Hillarity
    will fold when it comes to TPP, Keystone, Wall St. etc. I will not be
    held to account for voting indirectly for those.

  • rg9rts

    You always support the party nominee…as Lincoln said….the Democrats always fight like cats …but end up with kittens.

  • bfg

    Here come the inevitable, “if i don’t get my way i won’t vote,” assertions. We’ve been shooting ourselves in the foot that way for fifty years. Imagine how the world would have been different if Richard Nixon was never President, or George Bush?

  • UwishUdrove1

    This is the dumbest thing I have read in weeks. You never once speak about Hillary as the proven liar she is. Sadly, liberals have no morals and actually like cheaters, liars, and others that do wrong. Must be poor upbringing.