A Breakdown of Ted Cruz’s Abysmal History of Repeated Lies

cruznocchioSenator Ted Cruz has quickly become the face of the “new” Republican party, particularly as it relates to the push against “Obamacare.”   There’s just one gigantic problem when it comes to Ted Cruz—he’s absolutely full of crap.

I decided to take a look at his track record with the popular fact-checking site Politifact and found the Texas senator has a horrific record when it comes to telling the truth.

Politifact has examined 21 statements Cruz has made and they’ve found exactly one (about 5%) to be “True.”

Do you want to know what that lone “True” statement was?  That our government has the right to regulate toilet seats.  Real “groundbreaking” truth being dished out by Senator Cruz on that accusation.

Also, of his 21 statements Politifact has fact-checked, only three were found to be “Mostly True.”  By the way, all three related to his campaign against David Dewhurst during his primary battle in Texas.

He also has four statements that were rated as “Half Truth.”  None of the four related to Obamacare.

So that leaves 13 of his 21 comments (about 62%) Politifact has fact-checked have received ratings anywhere between “Mostly False” to flat-out “Pants on Fire.”

Of those 13 statements proven to not be true according to Politifact, seven of them related to Obamacare.  Meaning that in his time in the Senate, and on his campaign to “defund Obamacare,” Politifact hasn’t found any of his “big statements” about Obamacare to be true.

Let that sink in for just a moment.  The leading Republican advocate against Obamacare hasn’t been found to have said one truthful meaningful statement about the health care law, out of seven statements that have been fact-checked.  In fact, an analysis of his statements only proves that when speaking about the health care law—he’s lying.

Which continues to beg the question, “If the law is so terrible, why do Republicans keep lying about it?”

Ted Cruz is a despicable human being, which is made evident by his 62% lie ratio and his grand total of one statement being rated as “True”—just one.  

The fact that Ted Cruz is so fiercely opposing Obamacare based on an argument that has proven itself to be built on lies, only goes to show just how wrong Republicans are about the law.  Because if senators like Ted Cruz had a legitimate argument against the Affordable Care Act then they wouldn’t have to be constantly lying about the law.

But this is just the beginning for Senator Cruz, as he hasn’t even been in the Senate for a full year.  I can only imagine how his Politifact file will look come this time next year.

Because I’m fairly certain his record for telling the truth won’t get any better.  In fact, I’m almost certain it’s only going to get worse.

Image via Mariopiperni.com

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Karen Fortier

    I have always known this azzwipe to be a liar, thanks for backing me up!!

    • Sandra Trusso

      … and you’ve known this for a fact because…………………………??????? Let’s hear your proof, not only your vulgarity.

      • Karen Fortier

        I live in Texas and abhor this lying azzwipe. He cares nothing for the truth…google his lies for yourself.

      • Sandra Trusso

        Again, where’s your proof? You haven’t named and/or proved one thing that he’s done or said that was untrue. If you’re going to accuse, you need to prove your accusations otherwise how do we know if YOU are telling the truth? …. and if you ARE able to prove it, you need to do it without vulgarity, because once you use vulgarity you lose all credibility!

      • Tyruk

        A truthful lib is an oxymoron.

        BTW KT, how many accounts do you have?

        You’ve been inactive for 4 months and I get an upvote out of nowhere, from a flaming LIBTURD?


      • Karen Fortier

        I didn’t mean to upvote you. I have been inactive for personal reasons.

  • Jason Haze


    • Sandra Trusso

      Another “no credibility” person on this site….

  • Dianne Hornick

    Obviously, there’s no IQ test for politicians in Texas…

    • Pipercat

      I’m sure he has a rather high IQ. What he lacks is EQ or the Ethical Quotient.

      • Sandra Trusso

        Let’s hear about what he’s done that’s unethical? Trump is whining about “Cruz is stealing the election, because of the Colorado Delegate process”…. He’s so ignorant he doesn’t even realize that this process as well as the contested or brokered Convention process has been in effect since the 1800’s (Does Trump think Cruz was responsible for Noah having to build an ark, too?)…. Furthermore, even Abraham Lincoln won ON THE THIRD BALLOT system! Was Lincoln stealing or rigging the race, too. Good grief, I can’t believe the ignorance here.

      • Pipercat

        I can’t believe you’re ignorant to the fact that this post is three years old and is not germane to the strawman you’re stuffing here.

        Oh by the way, my junior Senator never met a logical fallacy that he didn’t love; hence, my questioning, via snark, of his ethics. Furthermore, since he is my junior Senator, I have the right to question his motives and his apparent lack of ethics.

      • Sandra Trusso

        Everyone certainly has the right to question, but no one has the right to accuse without proof! That’s called defamation of character. Of course Trump could just buy his way out of every lie he’s told, but I’d love to see him have to pay for every nasty lie. Even if the monies would be a drop in the Trump bucket.

      • Sandra Trusso

        The same erroneous statements are being made about Cruz today, as they were when this post came out…. and the same ostrich’s are falling for it today as fell for it when it was first posted. You people require no proof of this kind of rot. Snark seems to be the way of the majority of our ignorant voters today….

      • Pipercat

        Reductio ad absurdum response. You seem also seem to miss the temporal problems with both of your fallacious responses; that totally ignore the primary problem with my Senator: he is always performing as if he was in a courtroom. It fails him as a Senator and fails him as a candidate.

        Bit of advice, try not to use ad hominems like “you people,” it totally contradicts your premise of accusing without proof.

      • Sandra Trusso

        1) My referencing “you people”, meaning people who see things as you do, is not accusing without proof. If they state their beliefs as being the same as yours, then they’ve proved it themselves.
        2) The fact that “your Senator” speaks as if he were in a courtroom (to let people know what is legal and what is not) is not what fails him as a Senator with the Senate RINO’s, and it’s not what fails him as a candidate in those states where Trump is winning. What’s failing him at all, are the lies and corruption of those Senators and Trump, who have deliberately sabotaged the character of the man , and those poor voters who have believed them. And none of the above can handle truth, because they’ve been handed deception for about 40 years and by this time they’re “low information” voters.

      • Pipercat

        Using “you people” is a circumstantial ad hominem. It assumes that which is not confirmed and makes the argument about those who one is arguing with and the not issue at hand. The bigger problem is, there is no issue at hand here.

        First, this original post by FP has nothing to do with the Republican primaries, yet it keeps devolving into how current candidates are doing some nefarious deed and I am somehow complicit with that deed in your responses. That is a non-sequitur as the logic does not follow. Primarily because I care nothing for the primary in question.

        Second, you responded to all the comments here that even remotely were critical of Mr. Cruz. I can only assume you are getting paid by the post as nobody could be that naive and sloppy to miss the date of original publication!

        Lastly, you should take some time and try to understand the logical progression that starts with a premise and ends with a proposition or conclusion when making an argument. The proposition/conclusion must follow the premise without contradiction. It’s the basis of any valid argument.

    • Sideswiper

      No alcohol or drug testing either.

    • Arturo Jacobo Saiz

      Nor is there a test for the Texas voter…..

      • Brett Tulloss

        Arturo, I’m a Texas voter, a life-long Democrat, I will gladly put my IQ up against yours any day, any time.

      • Arturo Jacobo Saiz


      • Arturo Jacobo Saiz

        What happened Brett? Can’t match or exceed142?

      • Sandra Trusso

        Oh right…. Let’s go to Politico to see if this is true…. I’m certain they’ll vouch for you. They vouch for anyone who supports those they’re in the bag for.

      • Sandra Trusso

        Good for you! … and I’m sure you’d win!

      • Darlene

        There is something called common sense. IQ without it is zero

    • Sandra Trusso

      Liberal Harvard Law professor, Allen Derschowitz said that Cruz was the most brilliant student he ever had in his classes.

  • louis

    these people are ruining our country! worse than that, they are ruining our children’s futures. What scares me more than this lying, drunken asshole, is the people that support him and the morons that vote for tea party members. they are the problem more-so than these crooked self serving politicians who are all in bed with big business!

    • CharlieSelf

      Got to agree.

    • Patty Wright

      hold on, I’m Tea Party and a Christian and I am not for Cruz. I do know Cruz lies incessantly about positions of Donald Trump. I am pro – Trump from day one. Prior to that I was for Cruz but then I discovered all the work he’s done in promoting issues like amnesty and he was pro quadrupling H1B visas and pro-TPP, even fast tracking it (look up TPP, even Liberals could not want this job destroy, anti-freedom trade deal – worse than NAFTA) and how he lied about Ben Carson and then saying Mr. Trump is for late term abortion, and he’s taken everything Mr. Trump has said from day one and acts like he’s the one who originated it when in fact until Trump came along, Cruz was the opposite, ie. building the wall. Ugh, Cruz is a LIAR but this article was a piece of trash with no facts whatsoever but very typical of liberals on any Republican candidate.

      And don’t kid yourself, every one of the Democrats, especially Killary, are owned by the Big Banksters, except for Sanders. Trump and Sanders are similar in a lot of areas except Trump wants you to be able to work hard and get ahead financially in life and Bernie wants everyone to be equal no matter what effort or your own money you invest toward your own prosperity.

      • Sandra Trusso

        We’ve all heard and seen videos of Trump stating the very positions Cruz accused him of (he’s said them in the past and currently in debates)! Trump has said he’s not only for abortion, but he’s even for partial birth abortion…. now all of a sudden he’s supposed to be pro life… no matter what your abortion position, who believes that a person supports abortion for all of his adult life and suddenly when he’s going to run as a Republican, he’s changed his position…. Never gave a reason as to why he changed his mind.

        We saw him being interviewed by Tim Russert, regarding his views on gay marriage and abortion, where he said that his values are going to be different from people in Iowa, because he was born and raised in New York and he has New York values. So he’s the one who made the statement, referring to his liberalism, but when Cruz referenced the statement, Trump made it look as if Cruz was talking about 9-11! Trump never owned up to the fact that he was the one who made the “New York Values” statement, and then went all over New York claiming that “Cruz hates…. hates New York” emphasizing the lie twice!

        Ted Cruz has fought successfully for conservative values/issues for his entire adult life. You may not be a conservative, but if you claim he’s a liar, you need to point the lying finger right back at yourselves, because Trump has been lying and whining from day one.

        I also think you’re confusing Donald’s filthy language, insulting people with third grader insults, and loudly yelling lies as well as being a rich little spoiled brat with strength!

  • Fuck U

    What did he lie about? I didn’t see you name one particular thing. How dare he stand against the imperial machine, what left wing propaganda garbage

    • Jeff Barber

      There obviously isn’t enough space to name them all. Find out yourself on Politifact.

    • useyourbrain

      There is a link in the second paragraph of the article.

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        Yeah, but finding actual PROOF is something that makes the rightwing nuts’ head hurt. Hey, F*** U, there is a link to his lies, or didn’t you actually READ the article? Of course, you didn’t. You read the title, and made up your mind based on that, and nothing else. Just like a typical republican.

    • surfjac

      If you don’t realize he’s lying, you’re not paying attention.

    • seaMo

      Do you have the googles on your interwebs, honey?

  • think before u speek

    Where is the evidence? A few examples would be nice. Stop being sheeple. A few facts to back this up. If your going to believe this i have a beach house in the desert for sale.

    • Thought before I spoke

      I would like to see that desert beach house before I buy it, unlike how you didnt bother to clink on the link provided to see the examples. Please dont ask for information already given in the article if you want to argue against it, because it only draws people to the actual evidence the author was quoting, further weakening your case.

      • Thought before I spoke

        Click* not clink.

      • Churchlady320

        The beach house is probably as substandard as the junk insurance the RW is whining you can no longer keep. Wise to demand an inspection!

    • Forward not backward

      He named his source stop being lazy and go read it.

    • seaMo

      Shut the fuck up, you sack of stupid.

  • Lucia Weinroth

    Is it me, or is it possible that Ted Cruz was cloned from Joe McCarthy’s nose?

    • Brett Tulloss

      I was thinking more his feces.

      • Sandra Trusso

        Aren’t you clever? I know third graders with better comments than this.

  • pennyroyal

    Rethugs on the floor of the House are drunk as they push their idiotic plans

  • Chris Evans

    It seems rather fitting that the only thing he didn’t lie about is toilet seats, what with all the shit he spews from his mouth.

  • 9thFloor

    If you like your plan, you’ll be able to keep it.

    • Churchlady320

      True for everyone but the 5% of private market buyers that STATES allowed to purchase SUBSTANDARD policies. No one realized anyone would be THAT dumb to market totally JUNK insurance with state blessings. So it’s not being cancelled – it’s being Recalled as we do with ALL bad products that cause harm. But all of us with GOOD insurance are fine. No lie. GREAT deceit by insurance corporations!

  • Just Thinking

    Who said “To piss off a republican, tell him a lie – to piss off a democrat, tell him the truth” Smart person

    • Sandra Trusso

      Wow! This is for sure!

  • Churchlady320

    ..and Politifact is NOT a reliable source meaning what is “partly true” probably isn’t.

  • Winghunter

    Politifact pushes its Commie agenda almost as hard as Comrade Clifton.

    Jack Welch Slams PolitiFact as ‘Communist Outfit,’ They ‘Should Be Arrested’ – http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/business/sam-dorman/2015/12/17/jack-welch-slams-politifact-communist-outfit-they-should-be#sthash.rYsRPm8s.dpuf

  • Sandra Trusso

    Oh my gosh…. as a political junky who has closely followed Cruz and Trump, this is the biggest crock of dishonesty I’ve seen! Who is behind Politifact? We found out Snopes was a crock, now we’re supposed to believe Politifact? Who puts this site out, George Soros, the Dems, Hillary or Bill? I have personally been through hell because of Obamacare, so don’t sit there and tell me how wonderful it is (many of my friends have as well…. and many people I know in the healthcare industry have lost jobs or are a nervous wreck waiting to see whose job is out the door next. NOT ONE SINGLE ACCUSATION AGAINST CRUZ, made by Trump, has been proved, while we’ve all seen the videos of Trump saying the very things Cruz told us he said, but that Trump vehemently denied and called Cruz a liar for the accusations…. Cruz proved his accusations against Trump (which were only about issues, policies, etc.). Trump has attacked Cruz personally and has proved nothing!