A Must-See Example of Republican Voting Ignorance

dunce_2It goes without saying I have a lot of debates with Republicans.  It’s just the nature of this business.  But I try to avoid political debates with family, friends or even acquaintances.  Well, last night I broke that rule.

While I was online doing some research, a casual acquaintance who I’ve talked to a few times messaged me.  It started civil, until they began pressing me on politics.  I tried to divert the subject but they insisted.

What followed?  Well—I’ll just let you read it for yourself:

*I took out their name and edited any information that might be of a personal nature.  Other than that, the conversation is unedited. 

Me: I take it you’re a Republican

Republican: Very much

Me: Well yeah.  You’re out in the country.  Rural = Republican.

Republican: No, these idiots don’t vote correctly out here….I’m not for the poor….I had to work to get where I’m at and don’t get any help from the govt.

Me: You’re not for the poor?  So you think everyone can do the exact same things you did because you did them?  And trust me, you get a lot of help from the government.

Republican: I didn’t want to sit in my ass and do nothing and expect to get money….I have a disability but you don’t see me trying to take advantage

Me: Okay.  So what about someone with a disability that simply can’t do what you do and must rely on the government, are they a lazy freeloader?  Or what if your disability eventually renders you unable to work?

Republican: As long as they have made some effort in life.  I have family that will take care if me.

Me: Oh, and I hate to break it to you, there are millions of Republicans who rely on welfare and government assistance.  So being a Republican has nothing to do with “not accepting help from the government.”  Family can take care of you all they want, but you still rely on the government every single day.

Republican: I’m my own person and don’t really care what others think….Ann Romney is in the same boat I’m in.

Me: I really doubt that.  Unless you’re worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Republican: We have the same disease

Me: Ok?  So, your perspective in life is judge everyone who might not do what you do because you overcome something.

Republican: Yep

Me: Question, where did you go to school?

Republican: Which school?

Me: College

Republican: Tarleton State, TVCC and TJC

Me: Congrats, you went to all state schools with tuition that’s subsidized by the government.  Subsidies which are paid for with tax dollars.

Republican: And i was told I can’t get anymore loans and I make too much for grants to finish and has to pay cash for some of the school

Me: Did you get grants before?

Republican: Nope

Me: Did you get Stafford loans?

Republican: Nope

Me: So then who’s saying you can’t get anymore loans?

Republican: Sallie Mae

Me: Umm…those are federal subsidized loans and yes they do have caps.

Republican: Hey, wouldn’t they want more money from me?

Me: So you went to public schools with subsidized tuition and used federal subsidized loans.  So I hate to break it to you, but that’s getting help from the government.

Me: Well the program itself has caps otherwise people could in theory continually get loans to stay in school and never pay the loans back.

Republican: I would to not pay my loans, but I do have a little voice that tells me to do the right thing …..this is why I hate discussing crap….you’re not going to change my mind and I’m glad you’re book smart.

Me: But you’re basing a belief on hypocrisy.  Which is my point.  You say you don’t rely on the government and did it all on your own—except you didn’t.  Your tuition that you were billed was cheaper thanks to government subsidies for state institutions of higher learning and you used government loans to help pay for it.  That’s the definition of getting help from the government.

Republican: Ok I will tear up my degree and throw it away, stop doing my injections and live in my truck so I can say I’m not getting help.

Me: Well, it would make you less of a hypocrite than calling others who get different forms of government assistance freeloaders and lazy then judging them for doing so.  I’m not begrudging your degree or how you got it, you’re actually doing that.

Republican: I’m just a fortunate person that has a hard working ethic.

Me: So are a lot of people who just have bad luck in life and need help.  Those you judge.  I know people who work 40 hours a week and still need government help, are they lazy?

Republican: I have bad luck too….

Me: To some, not as bad as theirs

Republican: I’m paying on bills from being in ICU last year, I don’t have health insurance, yet i work in the the healthcare industry.

Me: Then you should love the Affordable Care Act.

Republican: Umm no!

Me: Oh, you don’t love a law which will make health insurance affordable for people who can’t afford it?  Requires women not be given higher premiums because of their gender and allows people with pre-existing conditions to get coverage?

Republican: It has been affordable..

Me: Actually, you might not like it.  Rick Perry has done all he can in Texas to sabotage the law, so premiums here might actually be going up.  If he had allowed for state exchanges which would create competition and drive down costs, then you would benefit.  But ether way based on your income whatever health insurance you do purchase will qualify you for tax breaks.

Me: Well if it’s affordable, why don’t you have health insurance?

Republican: My company doesn’t offer it at all and I have all the help from the drug companies….

Me: See, there is where Republicans are screwing people like you.  In states that want the bill to work, they’re opening state exchanges where you could purchase health insurance privately at a subsidized costs—much like your college degree and student loans.  Except, Rick Perry has fought against those so as of now Texas won’t have those and you’re still stuck without health insurance.

Republican: That’s your opinion…don’t throw me in the whole mix.

Me: That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.  You don’t have health insurance because your job doesn’t offer it.  If Perry had allowed Obamacare to work, Texas would create state exchanges which would provide people such as yourself access to affordable health care.  He did not, and people like you now will have to pay MUCH more for health insurance.  Though you’ll still receive tax breaks.  So that’s not an “opinion” that’s a fact.

Republican: I’m one of those that will deal with it….I love my residents too much to go find another position.

Me: So you’ll continue to support a party which is screwing you over, costing you thousands.  Makes perfect sense.

Republican: The only thing I don’t like about the Republican party is the abortion issue…I’m all for it.

Me: You should dislike the fact that you don’t have health insurance because they’re sabotaging the health care law.

Republican: I know, but I can make it on my own and not really worried about it

Me: That doesn’t make any sense.  You support a party that makes your life harder.

Republican: I don’t want to be disowned…..

Me: Ah, there’s those good “Christian” Republican morals.  Disowning a child if they happened to not be a Republican?  That’s insane.

Republican: I’m very loyal….you don’t even know me and make a lot of assumptions.

Me: You should be loyal to friends, family—not political ideology.

Republican: All of the above….that’s how I was raised.

Me: Who gives a damn?  Political ideology shouldn’t be set in stone.

Republican: I do.

Me:  THAT is the problem.  If your political beliefs are a system set up by “that’s how I was raised” you’ve turned your political ideological beliefs into a faith-like cult.

Republican: Why can’t you let me be…I didn’t want this stupid argument anyways….if I wanted to be lectured, I would be in class.

Me: That’s funny.  I talked about brainwashed people who have a political ideology based on facts not myths.  And you’re one of those.  You support a party which screws you over.  You judge people for getting help when YOU got help.  You don’t have health insurance because of the party YOU support—but you don’t want to talk about those FACTS because you were “raised this way.”  That’s a problem.

Republican: Believe what you want.

Me: These aren’t opinions.

Republican: I see it that way….I need more ammo for my guns!!!!!

Me: That’s the problem.  You think facts are opinions.  They’re not.  Reality doesn’t become “a matter of opinion” simply because you don’t want to agree with it.

Republican: Where are you getting them from….probably the Internet

Me: It’s called reading, research, science, education, math, logic.  Where are you getting yours?  “Because that’s how I was raised?”

Republican: Not true science….I really don’t give a fuck

Me: Wow, you’re an absolute idiot.  But thank you for giving me yet another great example of just how sheep-like and brainwashed Republicans are.  It’s conversations like these, where I encounter someone devoid of reality or facts, that make me feel better about my own beliefs.  Enjoy trying to get more government loans to help you go to a government subsidized schools.  Oh and enjoy those public roads and traffic signals paid for by the government.  Oh and that safe food and water that’s required to be so because of government regulations.  But yes, you don’t need the government.  You did it “all on your own.”

Republican: Get a life.

Me: I have a life.  One where I don’t vote for people who screw me over.  But enjoy voting for people who make your life harder.  That’s really smart thinking.  Oh, and by the way, you’re welcome.  My tax dollars helped you pay for your degree

Republican: Welcome to Texas where you never will succeed as a dumbocrat.

Me: That’s funny.  Enjoy living a difficult life encountering endless struggles without health care because, living in Texas, Republicans will continue to deny you access to affordable health insurance.

And it pretty much wrapped up there.

No, there’s not a clever ending to this article.  That back and forth said more than enough.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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