A Plea to Moderate Republicans: Take Your Party Back

christieDear Moderate Republicans:

I beg of you, please take your party back.  I know not all Republicans are insane, hell I’m friends with quite a few.

But what the hell happened?  How did you go from the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower to the party of Sarah Palin, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell?

Democrats and Republicans haven’t always agreed on everything, but in the past they found enough within their debates to at least make some kind of compromise.  Hell, now even getting a debate going on the Senate floor makes news.  The use of the filibuster has replaced reasonable debate in Congress—setting records for its use.

But Democrats, liberals, progressives…whatever you want to call us, we can’t do anything to stop the insanity.  It’s up to you, the moderate Republicans, to take your party back.  It’s up to you, the ones these right-wing radicals call R.I.N.O’s (Republican In Name Only), to fight the insanity that’s taken over your party and bring it back to a place where compromise isn’t seen as weakness, it’s seen as responsible governing.

Because if you don’t, not only is your party doomed, so is the rest of this country.  This nation can not be governed for very long with over half its population fed such radical right-wing fear mongering that proven science has suddenly become debatable.  Where rape isn’t always rape.  Where the poor are vilified while the rich are supported.  Where indisputable facts become disputable because Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity need to drive ratings—and irrational fear is a great tool to build those ratings.

It’s a recipe for disaster that’s brewing every day—and one of these days it’s going to boil over.

I know there’s sanity within the Republican Party.  I know there are those of you who don’t believe Wall Street bankers are more important than teachers.  That equality means equality.  That rape is rape.  That women should receive equal pay for equal work.  That big oil shouldn’t be handed billions in free government money while earning record profits.  That people deserve a living wage.  That greed must have its limits.

I refuse to believe those Republicans are gone.  I do however believe they’ve been silent for too long and that’s why I’m writing this.  It’s my plea to those Republicans to reclaim their party.  Seize that which has for too long been taken over by fear mongering radicals who benefit most from fear and hate.

So I simply say this—take your damn party back.  If you do, I promise I, and other Democrats/liberals/progressives just like me, will gladly stand and work with you to return this country to greatness.  Because we all know we can’t do it on our own, we need you to work with us the same way Republicans need us to work with them—whether most of them believe that or not.

So please, stand up, make your voices heard.  Tell those who’ve hijacked your party that you’ll no longer stand for their ignorance and irrational hatred.  That no matter what we are, be it Democrat, Republican, black, white, man, woman, Christian, Muslim and Atheist alike—we are all Americans.

You do that, and I promise—I’ll be one of the first in line to stand with you.


Allen Clifton and every other Democrat/Liberal/Progressive that stands opposed to the radical take over of the Republican Party.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • We have been registered Republican for almost all of our life and we continue to be dedicated capitalist Americans who believe that our government should be generous and compassionate to all who need help.
    We have not changed but the Republican Party has become a proponent of Greed, Oligarchy and Plutocracy,
    Barack Obama and the Democrats should not back and acquiesce when Miserable” Mitch McConnell and Stonefaced “Bones” Boehner join Paul Ryan and the Tea Party dominated congressional conservatives in trying to undermine America’s promise of Medicare and Social Security for all working and middle class Americans by saying “NO to reasonable compromise for America’s working and middle-class and a rousing “WE WILL NOT SUPPORT CUTTING TAX LOOPHOLES FOR AMERICA’s BILLIONAIRES & BLOATED CORPORATIONS IN ORDER TO HELP THESE SELFISH AND UN-AMERICAN INTERESTS AVOID PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE OF TAXES!
    – Ed Rudy –

  • jeff

    “If you do, I promise I, and other Democrats/liberals/progressives just like me, will gladly stand and work with you to return this country to greatness.” And by greatness, we mean, take your hard earned money to blow it on buying votes or silly projects while fattening our wallets, expand the size, power and scope of the government while diminishing your natural rights and replacing them with government approved rights. Also, micromanage your lives to make sure you don’t eat too much meat or soda while doing everything we can to throw a wrecking ball into the private sector so we can collapse the economy and move it to a more centralized command economy where we determine what industries live or die. We will return the country to greatness by making sure 99.9% of the population is on the government dole one way or another, disarmed, and they feel the need to speak out, they can do so in a government approved free speech zone or be drone striked. And lastly, we will return to greatness when we make sure that your kids get the crappiest education provided by the highly paid unionized teachers, who couldn’t win a game of tic-tac-toe without having a stroke, because we don’t want the parents to teach them morals and values. Values and morality is the domain of the government. In fact, look how we handled Wall Street. All those crooks who stole from the gallant middle class were put to the sword or languishing in prison for their crimes. Right? Did we not do this thing?

    The greatness we seek is not one of the USA. It was the vision of Marx for the USA. A nation of citizens who the state regards as children or more to the truth…slaves.

    • Bryan Gregory

      Now, now, jeff, this sort of dichotomous thinking is the problem, don’t you see? Moderation is what is called for here. Don’t be trapped into the “my way or the highway” dominating the conservative dialog. There is a vast middle ground on many issues that can yeild positive results. Yes, we may remain suspicious of each others’ motives, directions and desires, but we must not allow our suspicions to prevent us from working together for the good of the nation.

      • jeff

        “Don’t be trapped into the “my way or the highway” dominating the conservative dialog.”

        I’m not. I disagree with both sides when it comes to the handling to our affairs. I need the government to do the job it was created for: To handle Diplomacy, Handle the Economy, Handle the threats to us (and by threats I mean actual people waging war, not blustering about). They can’t do it. The private sector needs to grow and provide the jobs. Our Dear Leader, on the other hand, thinks government is jobs program.

        “There is a vast middle ground on many issues that can yeild positive results.”

        I would love to see that. We can start with the protection of the rights of the people. From speech, firearms, trial by jury (before the drone strike, thanks), to punishment. Our government is bound and determined to smash those rights and replace them with their “approved” rights. Case in point: the IRS has lost their case to the lower courts regarding reading your private email. Yet, they feel compelled to ignore the judiciary and continued on trying to access your email and mine without a warrant. Arrogant and out of control. And that is one agency. You have the DHS, TSA, everyone of these agencies is expanding their power and trying to silence you in one form or another.

        ” Yes, we may remain suspicious of each others’ motives, directions and desires, but we must not allow our suspicions to prevent us from working together for the good of the nation.” Well, taxing the crap out of someone while paying our tax dollars out for food stamps, welfare (aka vote buying) isn’t exactly “good of the nation”. I would love to see the liberals for once, live up to the name they so love. Liberalism does not equal Statism. They can’t be for liberty and freedom while promoting an environment that does the exact opposite.

        Help people with their businesses. Re-evaluate the regulations and get rid of the arcane or overlaps. Make it more friendly. When the Wall Street types commit fraud, they get to go to jail like the rest of us. Not get bailout money, a bigger paycheck, and an “atta boy!”. Get some accountability and transparency into this game for a change. We don’t need a new law every other day. We need effective laws to promote the social harmony. We have enough laws that punish people. We just don’t have a DOJ willing to pursue the biggest criminals. To me, the kid with 10lbs of ganja isn’t worth the time to prosecute. The guy who dropped our economy and walked off with a billion bucks does. Nobody seems interested in that.

        Maybe we need to go back to tariffs on foreign products. Disentangle ourselves from Globalism. Take care of own people for a change instead of freaking India’s.

    • chase

      Andrew Ryan, is that you?


      Seriously, drop the Ayn Rand and join the general population or suffer the fact that your party/ideas will go extinct. That’s your choice at this point. We had this choice in the 90’s. Keep going with the extreme liberalism, and become irrelevant, or move back to the middle. Then we elected Bill Clinton, who can barely be considered liberal. (If you disagree, you literally have no idea what you’re talking about.)

      We chose the middle.

      Because this country cannot function like a Parliamentary Government does; we were built to work together, and when we don’t, it falls apart.

      You’re turn, Republicans.

    • Berbalerbs

      Irony: Jeff doesn’t get it.

  • Frunobulax718

    The commentary here depends heavily upon the assumption that we are still a functioning democracy. We are not.

    A few swing states determine the Presidency. The rest of us can buzz off; we’re not important.

    The House is so gerrymandered that Democratic candidates in the 2012 elections garnered a substantial number of votes more than their Republican counterparts and yet the GOP still holds control. That is unlikely to change anytime before the next census in 2020.

    The Senate is held hostage to the filibuster.

    State and local governments are wracked with debt and held hostage to mandatory Federal spending limits on more than half their budgets, with the remainder going to pay off pensions.

    Twenty years ago, I was an independent leaning Republican. Then Newt’s Contract with America came along and their despicable actions during the Clinton years (along with horrid behavior during the Bush-Gore electoral crisis) turned me away from them for good. Dubya’s eight-year reign of incompetence and corruption radicalized me. I now accept that none of our votes matter anymore. The plutocrats are in control, and what they want is the only thing that matters.

    Your pleas are pointless and come far too late. When a Democratic president offers a budget that guts the social safety net and the GOP says that’s not even worth considering, we are way past the point of political action.

    So what can we do? Wait. The collapse is coming and the best thing to do is anticipate it. Prepare for it and maybe — like Hari Seldon in Asimov’s “Foundation” trilogy — we can cut the coming Dark Ages period from a thousand years down to a few decades.

  • Randall Kramm

    Dearest Allen Clifton,
    The change in the Republican party started a long time ago, when the warring Christian derived religions in the US decided to get together, stop fighting each other(for now) and form the Christian Coalition, with the stated goal to convert all of America. To do this, they decided they _also_ needed a political party, so they started with infiltration of the most dangerous of the parties, the liberal and progressive Republican party. After they succeeded in getting people into power within the party, partly by having shrewd talkers, and partly by having the religious leaders tell their congregations who to vote for, they managed to take it over.
    This, of course, is not the entire story, for that you have to include the takeover of several parts of the media(thankfully not all of it caved) and the takeover of the textbook boards, who have pushed the envelope of what they could cut out of secular education, and what religious wording they could push in, every year.
    Now, I’m not saying religion is bad, but when you’re trying to push it onto others, especially when trying to sabotage things to take over other people’s children, then yes, the people behind that are just plain _evil_, whether they believe they are or not.
    Randall Kramm

  • Jacob

    one big problem with BOTH parties is that they have BOTH taken the my way or no way attitude to many times on to many things. and if someone does not agree with ALL there party says, well they are wrong. im tired of the attitude of “oh you believe differently than me? well your wrong then, and that makes you evil and we cant work together”

  • Sherry

    The saddest part of all this is that I had so much hope. I honestly believed that Obama would make a difference. I was so happy when he was first elected. I agreed with him on healthcare. I agreed that we had invest in modernizing our infrasructure, which also would have kick started hiring and putting people back to work. I didn’t count on the total blockage from the right, and I don’t understand why. Is it solely because he is black? Doesn’t everyone remember Bush and his administration invading Iraq, bases on lies and causing our national debt to be almost impossible? Or how about the wreck they made of our economy where people were losing their jobs and their houses while rich people made fortunes? How much money is enough? I even had hope when he was reelected. After all, the people voted, right? I have no more hope left. Some of the crap that comes out Boehner’s mouth makes me sick – how they hell did HE get elected??? I was silly to think that we were all Americans and would work together to recover from the damage of Bush. I, too, think it’s now too late. The Right is going to cause the fall of our country.

    • It isn’t so much that he’s black, though that’s part of it, it’s that the gop got too used to power

    • chuckj2

      I think that we can still pull the country together. I can’t believe that reasonable republicans like what has become of their party. The thing is, they have to act. They have to take their party back from mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, misogynist racist bigots that have gained control. The tea party represents a minority of the republican party. The only reason they have the power they do is because decent republicans have allowed, through inaction, them to have it. Maybe they figured any republican was better than a democrat. Maybe they thought it would never go this far. Whatever their rational, they are the ones who are going to have to make the changes to their party. The sooner they realize this and act on it, the better. I hope they do it soon, we really can’t survive this division much longer.

  • Darrell West

    Who ever wrote this article I really enjoy this artcle so much.

  • Ellen

    Even better idea, moderate Democrats, go register as Republicans so you can vote in the primaries and vote for the least crazy candidate. In red states, this is the best way to ensure you are represented by sane people!! Vote for sane people in the primary to tip the scale to the sanest candidate then in the general election you can still vote for the democrat.

  • SickOfSalad

    I wonder where the moderate Republicans get their news. To my way of thinking, it is the propaganda engines which slowly create these monsters out of normal people. They begin to believe the lies. And, slowly, reality is weaved in a new way. And, then, they become entrenched. Responsible media needs to become law. Someone ought to really be making sure that news sources which promote false information often enough are monetarily “dinged” and/or lose points on their integrity rating. Is there an independent agency somewhere, like the BBB, which samples reports from each news agency and fact-checks them and gives them a rating?

    • jabberwocky

      The question should be where do moderates in both parties get their news. Both sides are engaged in slanting the news. We all know that.

  • jabberwocky

    This is a great article and should be followed up with “Moderate Dems: Take Your Party Back.” As a moderate Dem I hate to see the progressives taking control of things. There are a lot more moderate Dems than Progressives and hopefully Hillary will turn things around.

  • Donna Bergman

    You all make valid points. In essence, we need a government that does what it was designed to do: govern and legislate for the good of the American people: ALL of the people! OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people! Our present government is NOT doing that! It is governing and legislating for ONLY the top 1% of the country’s population. The other 99% are not being represented fairly, and/or not receiving what the 1% are getting, like huge tax breaks, loopholes so they can stash money overseas so they can avoid paying taxes entirely. This is what is killing our country! UNEQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH! Senator Bernie Sanders keeps saying it because it’s true! This all has been brought about by the fanatical wing of the Republican Party and by the lunatics in the Tea Party! As all of you have stated, I, too, believe there are still some rational Republicans in the party, but they’re remaining passive. WHY don’t they rise up and do something about the take-over of their party before it’s too late? In a Republic, like ours, we need a two-party system. Our Republic with two parties has worked well in the past, but now, it has been undermined by people with great wealth who are power-mad and intent on destroying what our nation has built in the past 200 or so years. This is NOT acceptable with the 99%, which are the majority of the America’s population. So, we are faced with two choices: Either we rise up and restore our nation to what it once was, or we sit back, do nothing, and relocate to some other place and leave the mess behind for someone else to clean up. Those aren’t very attractive choices, but what are the alternatives? WE live under the rule of a dictator and his minions, and see our nation go to rack and ruin. Or we leave and find some other place to live in exile. The bottom line here is: money has corrupted those in control of America. The old saying from the Bible still is true today: “the LOVE of money is the ROOT of all evil”!

  • Caisie Breen

    The frustrating reality is that the stonewalling, lack of compromise has been found, in my view, equally on both sides. I used to be a conservative republican but after much research, am more of a liberal now.

    I can remember a couple of elections ago when it was thought that republicans may take back the senate, Harry Ried stated that “we will block any and every idea they propose”. Given that this apparently may have include good ideas that would befit all, clearly, the problem is on both sides.

    What we need is more open minds willing to examine the facts on face value and implement what is best for the overall public, without considering “re-electing” issues.

  • my family at one time was strong republican-but not any more–we don’t even recognize the collection of radical haters that are in office now

  • robin waltrip

    Let me say this when I see Obama respect my flag and country. When he starts telling the truth and not the lies that flow so naturally out of his mouth. When he starts to care for America; if he took as much interest in running the country as he does in bashing the Republican’s. I always thought that when a person became President he was serving the people, that he was no longer a Democrat nor republican. He wants my respect then start acting like a President. He needs to lead by example and stop spending our money on his and his wife’s wants. He keeps saying we all need to help so he needs to start. I respect the position of his office but not him. He will get my support and respect when he shows respect to my flag, my country and the citizens of America.