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Established in 2013, Forward Progressives is an online viewspaper and independent media outlet which has published over 5,000 original op-eds and fact-checks tackling politics, religion and current events while providing historical context. Our main goals since day one have always been to add perspective to the news and issues facing our country, advocate for progressive causes and common sense policy, and hopefully help and educate people along the way.

We’ve made it clear that even though we’re most definitely proud progressives, we believe in facts more than ideology. There’s nothing wrong with fact-checking our “side” when they’re spreading lies or calling them out when they’re purposefully pushing propaganda designed to stir anger for profit. You won’t find that same respect for the truth among many conservative media outlets.

If there’s one thing worse than not voting or getting involved at all, it’s casting a vote based on lies or spreading disinformation with the hopes of influencing others. We won’t ignore factual information or throw objectivity out the window just to push an agenda.

That said, over the years we’ve developed an extensive Media Accountability category of articles on Forward Progressives, showcasing hundreds of times we’ve called out both left-wing and right-wing pundits, writers and media sources for spreading propaganda and lies. Be sure to check out our Social Media Accountability subsection as well.

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Thank you for your support, we truly appreciate it!

– The Forward Progressives Team

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