I Absolutely Despise Donald Trump, but Here’s Why I Don’t Want Him Impeached

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook is well aware of the fact that I loathe Donald Trump. For the first time in my life I’m actually embarrassed to be an American. Not because I’m ashamed of my country, but because the world is laughing at us right now. The mighty United States followed up a well-spoken, highly intelligent leader in Barack Obama — with a knuckle-dragging, conspiracy-obsessed buffoon who can’t control himself on social media.

As I’ve said before, I was never a fan of George W. Bush — but I never felt the disdain for him that I do Trump. Sure, I felt he was terrible at his job, but I never felt he was a legitimate national security threat.

Long story short, I detest Trump just as much as anyone else — but I don’t want to see him impeached. Donald Trump’s first few weeks in office have been an absolute disaster… but that’s a good thing.

Hear me out.

In less than a year from now, Congress is going to go into a sort of “lockdown” where almost nothing of substance is likely going to get passed. As the 2018 midterms roll around, the majority of Congress is going to be focused on getting re-elected. The last thing many of them are going to want to do is sign off on any controversial piece of legislation that could hurt their chances.

I always knew Trump taking over for President Obama was going to be an absolutely sideshow, but I figured the overture to the impending disaster would have lasted a little longer than, well, being non-existent. Despite my incredibly low expectations for Trump, he’s managed to even surprise me with how quickly he vindicated those of us who’ve detested and opposed this insecure egomaniac since the very beginning.

Again, that’s a good thing.

Before finishing his first full month in office Trump’s already become absolutely toxic. His approval numbers are sinking, while every single day there’s another mind-boggling example of the glaring incompetence of this administration. It’s reaching a point where more and more Republicans are beginning to distance themselves from him, and he’s barely been in office a month!

The lower Trump’s popularity sinks, and the more he proves all of us who opposed him were right, the better it is for Democrats heading into 2018. That’s where we need to make all this effort of “#TheResistence” count.

If Democrats take back the Senate, the House, or possibly even both, that will politically neuter Trump. Sure, he can sign executive orders (though we’ve all see how that’s worked out), but we saw how little Obama was able to get accomplished with a Congress that wasn’t going to pass anything he supported.

The last thing any politician facing a potentially tough re-election battle wants to do is be standing shoulder-to-shoulder in support of a president with approval ratings in the 20’s or 30’s. At this rate, that’s where Trump is headed sooner rather than later.

Besides, as bad as Trump is, Mike Pence might even be worse.

Let’s not forget that Pence is a legitimate anti-LGBT bigot, religious fanatic, and actually fairly crazy. It’s not as if we’d be getting rid of Trump and replacing him with a much more rational, calm, and moderate Republican. We’d be swapping an insecure, unstable narcissist with a religious fanatic who thinks homosexuals can be “cured” and smoking doesn’t cause cancer. About the only thing different would be less of a childish ruckus being caused on Twitter.

Honestly, I have more respect for Trump than I do Mike Pence. For all of Trump’s flaws (and there’s an endless list of them), at least he is who he is. If people are ignorant enough to fall for his b.s., that’s on them. Trump is extremely transparent about being a vile, despicable human being.

Yet Mike Pence proclaims himself some good-natured “Christian.” Someone who doesn’t curse, is respectful, and dedicates his life to the teachings of Jesus Christ.


No true Christian, as Pence claims to be, can support Trump. No true Christian would sellout their faith to back and defend a pathological liar who:

  • Called most Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals.
  • Belittled POWs.
  • Mocked a man with disabilities.
  • Frequently slandered Muslims.
  • Pandered to white supremacists.
  • Talked about his penis size during a GOP presidential debate.
  • Basically called a political opponent’s wife ugly.
  • Tried to slander the father of that same political opponent.
  • Attacked Gold Star parents.
  • Used blatant racism against a federal judge.
  • Said he was willing to kill the families of terrorists.
  • Supports torture.
  • Bragged about being a sexual predator.
  • Pushed unfounded conspiracies about the health of his political opponent.
  • Loved to feed off of hate during his speeches, often getting his sheep to chant “Build that wall!” or “Lock her up!”
  • Attacked a former Miss Universe on Twitter, telling his millions of followers to look up a non-existent sex tape.
  • Lashed out at a union leader who called out his lie about saving jobs.

The list goes on and on. That’s why, in my opinion, I view Pence as possibly even more of a scumbag than I do Trump. The orange menace is awful, but he’s never hidden exactly who he is — yet Pence chose to defend and support him anyway. If I felt getting rid of Trump would usher in someone better, I’d be all for it.

That’s not how I feel, which is why I’ve chosen to look on the “bright side” (though I use that term very loosely) of how quickly Trump’s proven himself to be everything awful we all knew he was. If we’re smart — if we play our cards right — we can leverage his rapidly increasing political toxicity to make it nearly impossible for some Republicans to back his legislation. Then as that infighting boils over, we can leverage that chaos and humiliation into huge wins for Democrats in 2018.

Then all we need to do is keep fighting, keep resisting, and vote his ass out of office in 2020 — then make our best effort pretend like the previous four years were nothing but a horrific nightmare from which we finally woke up.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Carolyn Webb

    Trump and Pence are EQUALLY Bad! As Shakespeare said “A man may smile yet be a villain.” He was talking about King Claudius who appeared to be a good man on the surface but who, in reality was the man who murdered his older brother so he could become King.

    Mike Pence, as well as ALL THE OTHER COOKIE CUTTER loyal Republican THUGS are loyal to THEOCRACY, because it keeps poor people, minorities and MOST WOMEN crushed under their heels, are all JUST AS BAD AS TRUMP even though unlike TRUMP they “smile.”

    Shakespeare could have just as well been talking about all of those republicans, but especially Mike Pence, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell!

    We have to get ALL of them out of office.

    • Milton Chapman

      I am in complete agreement

    • alvaro

      Let the people round them up and put them in a big box and ship it to the Kremlin, they’ll know what to do lol.

      • Carolyn Webb

        Right on

  • marysrn

    Ryan would be worst of all! He wants vouchers for Medicare, big cuts to Social Security, abolishment of school feeding programs, no help for disabled or Vets, to say nothing about tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations, or his non- environmental plans!

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  • Carolyn Webb

    Yes and Ryan is the villain who smiles the most.