I’ve Had It With This Absurd “War” Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Supporters

I’m not going to lie, the 2016 presidential election has been absolutely exhausting all around. When I hear people talking about the election, I try to tune them out. When someone asks me what I think about it, I do my best to tell them I really don’t feel like talking about it. This whole process has been totally ridiculous.

I’m not just talking about what I’m seeing on the Republican side of things, I’m also talking about the on-going, bitter feud between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters.

We’ve reached a point where I really won’t be shocked if Republicans win this November. An election I thought was going to be a slam-dunk has turned into an event where many on the left seem to be going out of their way to screw things up. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Progressives, liberals and Democrats bickering between the two candidates as if they’re really all that different.

I hate to break it to both camps, but there’s not nearly as much of a difference (voted on the same side of the issues 93 percent of the time) between Clinton and Sanders as some of their supporters might think. Though I can see why some think that there is. Like never before, people have wrapped themselves up inside their “bubbles” of pro-candidate bias where they’re inundating themselves with nothing but “your candidate is amazing while his/her opponent is awful” information.

But when you get right down to it, Democrats are in the envious position of having two solid candidates heading toward the party’s nomination. Good Lord, look at what Republicans have to choose from. Two candidates who the party doesn’t even want winning the nomination, who are both pushing the GOP to the brink of total collapse. Two men who’ve built campaigns by pandering to hate, bigotry and ignorance.

Yet quite a few on the left are whining and bickering over the relatively small difference between two candidates who both want to:

  • Raise the minimum wage.
  • Protect gay rights.
  • Expand our current health care system.
  • Protect Social Security.
  • Make college more affordable.
  • Protect women’s rights.
  • Raise taxes on the rich.
  • Expand efforts to combat climate change.
  • Pass immigration reform.

It’s so completely and utterly stupid.

I hate to break it to both sets of supporters, but politics isn’t a sporting event. Despite what anyone might think about their particular candidate, they’re all flawed people at some level who often lie and distort the truth to push a narrative.

It’s exhausting watching this foolishness play out. Here we are, barreling toward one of the most important elections in many of our lifetimes, where literally millions of Americans face an uncertain future if Republicans win, and many on the left are selfishly bickering over silly nonsense.

For months I’ve been saying and encouraging everyone to #VoteBlueNoMatterWho. For me, this election isn’t about changing everything as much as it is about setting up the future and protecting everything we’ve accomplished up until this point. It’s about ensuring that the millions who’ve gained access to health care don’t lose it while we work to improve it. It’s about protecting all the advancements we’ve made on gay rights and climate change. It’s about keeping a Republican from potentially turning the Supreme Court into an ultra-conservative arm of the GOP for the next 20-30 years.

This election is about protecting women, minorities, immigrants and the voting rights for all those people the GOP desperately seeks to disenfranchise.

And while I know neither Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders are perfect, and they might not even be able to accomplish a whole lot as president (not unless we give them the Congress to do something), I know damn sure that either individual – on their worst day – is one million times better than any person Republicans would elect to the White House.

But if some on the left don’t grow up and learn our lesson from 2000 when many liberals stayed home (or voted for Nader), we’re going to repeat that exact same nightmare that was the George W. Bush administration. A disaster that, nearly eight years later, we’re still recovering from. Only this time, under a “President Trump or Cruz,” I’m really not sure if this country will ever be able to recover from the unimaginable damage that either individual will almost certainly inflict upon us.

As Bill Maher (a Bernie Sanders supporter) recently said, these petty “my candidate or bust” people are going to be the “death of liberals.”

I think he’s absolutely right. If this keeps up, it might very well be the death of liberals and liberal ideology in our national discourse.

As for me, I’m going to do what I’ve said I was going to do from the start, vote blue to protect everything liberals have spent decades fighting for. I know that a flawed Democrat is a hell of a lot better than anyone Republicans will nominate this July. And if the GOP does manage to win this November, when history looks back upon this election (one that liberals should have easily won – such as in 2000), I won’t be part of that group of people who helped give Republicans the power they needed to destroy this country for generations.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Damian Moran

    You’re a smart guy, Allen. You know why it’s exhausting for you? You keep defending $hillary Clinton (the $ is silent, like her invisible Wall St speech transcripts) who is indefensible in her arrogant, “believe what I’m telling you, not what you see me doing” excuses. Spouses of adulterers go through denial too when they refuse to believe what their good friends keep telling them. Because once upon a time their spouse that they love was perfect so shut up now thankyouverymuch. But time and people change, and only the naive dreamer clings to their version of fantasy while reality is bursting through the seams of their doors and windows like the scene in Titanic where the captain fatefully resigns himself to his watery grave. It IS exhausting to defend an adulterer, a cheater, a liar, a mooch, and especially a Presidential candidate who looks you dead in the face telling you to ignore her glaring omissions and shortcomings while insinuating that your other choice is worse than she is. Domestic abusers use those same tactics to keep you right where you are so you’ll comply and stop asking questions.

    But Bernie supporters are invigorated by the 2016 Democratic Presidential primary because for the first time it’s not a choice between beige and off-white. It’s not a choice between the lessor of two evils either. At least on the Democratic side, it’s a choice between Bernie fighting for the American people and the common good vs she’s a little bit better than Trumpo the Clown. Bernie supporters are intolerant of establishment political intolerance stating that big dark dirty money is inevitable. $hillary is the Democratic flavor of that establishment political intolerance and I guarantee that defending her tone deaf admonishments to a liberal fan base that keep chanting louder and louder for her to be transparent with her Wall St speeches DOES matter in 2016. Oh, and she’s not running against Barack Obama anymore, so the old “they all do it” excuse is another tone deaf thing her supporters need to run around defending her position to other liberals as if we don’t see right through it. Like I said, exhausting. And I get why you’re mad at your friends telling you to dump her because you still love her and somehow still believe she’ll magically change back. Then you’ll be vindicated and your friends will be forced to apologize and things can go back to the way they used to be.

    But like a lying, cheating spouse, $hillary is counting on you to believe everyone else is just as bad as she is, so settle for her and stop looking around. But the majority of your liberal and independent friends aren’t married to her political ambitions like you are. So while we still love you and wish you the best, Allen, move on because she isn’t as good to you as you’ve been to her. For your own good try going on a mental date with that nice Jewish guy, Bernie Sanders, who respects his friends and neighbors and will treat you well without forcing you to compromise who you are or what you believe in. At the very least you’ll see that the political relationship you’re in now is toxic and won’t get better until you walk away.

    In short, dump $hillary.

    Love, your liberal and independent friends.

    • Melissa Perez

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    • Angela Ledgerwood

      Do you really believe that there would be NO difference between a Cruz Presidency, a Trump Presidency, & a Clinton Presidency? That’s just ignorant, I’m sorry. I support Bernie – I voted for him in the Colorado caucus & was a pledged delegate for him up to the county level & I will vote for Hillary with no regrets in November, if she is the Democratic nominee. OF COURSE I would rather see Bernie as the party’s nominee, but to threaten to stay home or write in a candidate other than Clinton is to ignore the very real threat that the GOP’s candidates pose to our nation. Don’t let “perfect” (your vision of a Sanders Presidency) become the enemy of “good” (a Clinton Presidency, when compared to Cruz, Trump, or Kasich).

    • WareWolf

      Nailed it, Damian.

    • Sean Leonard

      Good comment. Hillary is corrupt… only 10% of the foundation money goes to charity, otherwise it is a slush fund. Talk about conflict of interest, well she should have recused herself from politics for being a recipient of 27 million in speaking fees to big banks. She has made this process dirty because she is. Don’t blame Berners for this because we are fighting for the last vestiges of democracy, which Hillary would love to steal and sell the whomever is buying at the best price. She will never, never, have my vote. The end.

    • ninbushido

      From the remaining MAJORITY of the liberals and progressives, we pretty much denounce everything this guy said. So anything he says, don’t take it seriously. The rest of us soundly disagree.

    • Sam the Sham

      You are a fucking jackass. I’d like to do unto you irl

      • Ron Rankin

        you really are a sham

    • Damian Moran

      What’s worse than a $hill for Wall St dirty money politics running for President? Paid $hills sucking up to $hillary online look like leeches sucking on a lamprey. http://smokinghotpoliticaljunkies.com/a-former-paid-internet-troll-for-clinton-speaks-out-it-was-nasty-and-left-a-very-bad-taste/

  • Aaron Council

    There is a major difference between Hillary and Bernie. You cannot try and trick me into blurring the lines mentally so I can vote for Hillary. Why don’t you argue for Hillary supports to vote for Bernie once he wins?

    • Angela Ledgerwood

      “Why don’t you argue for Hillary supports to vote for Bernie once he wins?”

      He is arguing that. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho means that all Democrats should rally behind the party’s candidate, no matter who it ends up being.

      • Matt Carey

        That isn’t what revolution is. No concessions. #FeelTheBern

      • ninbushido

        Yes, your revolution doesn’t affect you but will fuck my family over. Fuck you. I refuse to martyr my family for your bullshit “revolution”. You have the conscience to take Planned Parenthood away from my sister who is trying to start a family? To take away my health insurance that I was only able to gain under Obama? All for your stupid fucking “revolution”. Nobody cares about a revolution. I’m not going to sit here and let myself get hurt while you wage a non-existent war supported by a minority within the progressive wing. Who do you think you are?

  • SMcIlhenny

    So if you want to “Vote Blue” Go with the WINNING CANDIDATE DEMOCRATS Vote for US Bernie Sanders

    Here are the latest polls as of 4-4 for the General Election, and Bernie hasn’t even won the primaries yet.

    Bernie 50% vs Cruz 38.

    Clinton 44 vs Cruz 39, 17% undecided.

    Sanders 53 to Trump 36.

    Clinton 49 to Trump 35.

    Sanders by far the most likely to win. Yes I do have a reference


  • Sig

    Hillary takes corporate bribes. Bernie does not. I would say that is a significant difference. I understand that Citizens United is law of the land, but it is a disaster for democracy, and it should be boycotted, not exploited. I will never vote for Hillary Clinton.

  • Matt Carey

    They differ on the MOST important issues, no concessions. #FeelTheBern

  • notascleverasI think

    This wall street transcripts issue is just downright dumb. A made up narrative. Hilary Clinton was a private citizen selling a product commercially-her speaking events for fees. period.
    Saying things to audiences that are hiring her to affirm their beliefs- They are not going to hire a speaker who will call them pigs.
    I doubt she shared deeply held ideals-that’s not what these corporate events are for. I don’t blame her for just brushing off these demands for transcripts.they have no bearing on ideals or presidential aspirations. George Bush gets $275,000 for a speech- do you think he’s going to tell the cattlemens association they should euthanize the meat products humanely and stop using antibiotics or whatever…no. Oil production companies? He’s going to tell them they are wonderful. and then collect his fee. This is just as bad as the Benghazi falderal…There is NO THERE THERE.

    • Robo Man

      Lmao… receiving excesively large amounts of money the two years prior to running for the highest office In the land from special interests..yeah no conflict of interest there.

  • Yolanda Quiroz Soto
  • TheRightReverend

    I was all prepared to respond, but no need now. Damien nailed it! Thanks Damien for saving me the trouble.

  • feet_ontheground

    You would only be right if Hilary Clinton was believable in anyway but it’s not hard to see through her lying and pandering.

    First Let’s Be Clear. Bernie Sanders is the MOST Electable Candidate For The General Election!


    Having made that point. The DNC, Establishment Dems & Corporate Media along with Corporations & Billionaires Bernie Sanders is standing up to… .have all colluded to make Hilary the nominee.

    She is their choice for a reason.

    Hilary Clinton is using the notion that she is raising money for down ticket candidates as COVER for the reality that She & the DNC have colluded to funnel money through state parties to one of her super pacs so that donors could give MORE than the regular amounts allowed. In that process she has been able to BUY OFF Super Delegates. This was all done before the first debate even occurred… and the name of the super pac they use is called ‘Hillary Victory Fund’. Are you getting me?

    The DNC and Hillary Clinton are a match made in corruption. Meet the Hillary Victory Fund.


    Hilary Clinton has LIED & CHEATED her way through this campaign so the anger(which is relative to Boundary Issues from Bernie supporters, is quite warranted). And it was Hillary’s campaign that put out on the Tuesday night of the Wisconsin Victory that they were going to ‘defeat & disqualify’ Bernie Sanders and “worry about uniting the party later”.

    She is playing to win ‘at ANY price’. Then THEY proceeded To SWIFT BOAT Our Candidate. SWIFT BOAT HIM!! The Thing Republicans DO! She Tried to Tie Him To Sandyhoook where children were massacred! Her donor owned newspaper did a hatchet job interview where they claimed Bernie ‘didn’t know what he was talking about when it comes to breaking up the banks’. Bernie answered their questions just fine but the interviewers were too stupid to understand their own questions.

    EXCUSE ME but Hilary declared war ON US! She tried to SWIFT BOAT Bernie on guns with an ABSOLUTE FABRICATION that ‘most illegal guns used in crimes in NY came from Vermont’.

    I, for one, WILL “NEVER” Vote for Hilary Clinton. AND YES I WILL VOTE! Whatever happens after the attempts to shove Hillary down our throats… IS ON THE CORRUPT, NOT on me!

    Let me just add that IF this primary had been run more fairly & at least without the corruption of the DNC & State Democratic parties… Bernie Sanders would have WON this nomination by now!

    Do not try for one second to lay blame for Hilary’s inability to win the general on me or other Bernie supporters. We made no agreement to accept Hillary, the choice of the oligarchy, warmonger, consistent and calcluated LIAR.

    I believe Bernie can still win. Hilary’s only way to win is to STEAL the nomination based on how she and the Dems have conducted themselves during this PRIMARY. At this point I rate Hilary right up there with Dick Cheney…

    You cannot blame Bernie or his supporters if the Dems nominate Hilary and fail to win the general. That is on the corrupt actions of the DNC, the Establishment Dems, Super Delegates, the oligarchy, the corporate media. The People want a better country that works for all of us… Talk of accepting incremental change is just new words for selling us ‘trickle down economics’. We’ve suffered this type of governing LONG ENOUGH!

    Keep pretending this is a usual election if you like. We are not going back. Enough IS Enough!

    Hilary Clinton is NOT qualified to be President based on her character, actions & results:



    • Joan Medina

      #Ivehaditwith Hillary supporters who say there’s no difference between her + Bernie, turning a blind eye to her being a corporate shill.

  • Mike Mitchell

    For someone like me, this is a single issue election. This election is about changing the way politics work in the US. We need a government that actually represents the will of the people at large, not just the will of the people that can afford it. That said, I will vote one of two ways. First choice, I want a candidate that will get in there and completely overhaul the political process, and change the way the government works. Currently, the only candidate that is actively pushing that is Bernie Sanders, so he is my first choice. The second option is a candidate that, through either gross incompetence or malfeasance, brings about the downfall of the current political system. This will cause a reboot, so to speak, where a better way of doing business gets created. Trump is the best way for this to happen, so he is choice number two. My vote has nothing to do with political affiliations, but is based solely on whatever it takes to change the governmental status quo.

    • banjonyc

      well. trump and the conservative congress will be more than happy to continue as the status quo and put in some nice conservative justices in the court…they will be there for 40 years ruling on all the things you would like changed such as citizens united. Presidents have pretty limited power without congress support…just ask obama.

      • Mike Mitchell

        If the population at large, both progressives and more mainline democrats is willing to accept that from a Trump administration, then that is exactly what we deserve. We will deserve to have our rights taken away, and be treated like criminals. I am willing to stand up for my rights, but anyone that isn’t willing to do the same doesn’t have any rights, and has no grounds for complaining.

  • Cheryl McEvoy

    My experience with all this is that Clinton supporters resort to Repub tactics in cussing, name calling and throwing insults when they can’t back up their statements/claims with facts. Was pretty disturbing to see

  • Robo Man

    At least u admit hill is a flawed democrat. If the democrats lose its becasue they weren’t smart enough to combine forces with the independents. Indepemdents are 46% of this country and they aren’t just going to vote for ANY democrat