A&E “Shockingly” Reinstates Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, Offers Pathetic Explanation Why

1476909_10152125038487489_741494319_nWell, anyone who didn’t see this coming was clearly fooling themselves.  It seems the “indefinite” suspension A&E handed down to Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson lasted — less than a week.  But is anyone really surprised?

Most of the people who watch Duck Dynasty — and buy all the crap that goes along with it — don’t exactly fall within the typical “liberal demographics.”  A&E is a business, Duck Dynasty is great for business, and they caved.

Sure, they did the good PR move and instantly suspended him once his comments went public, but ending his suspension was inevitable.   The “suspension” was nothing more than a reaction to buy themselves some time to see what would be the best business decision to make.  Obviously they had to pretend to care about his comments to protect themselves publicly, but it was clear from the start that the popularity of Duck Dynasty would ultimately win out.

But wow, their statement announcing that his suspension had been ended was absolutely pathetic.

Here, take a look:

As a global media content company, A+E Networks’ core values are centered around creativity, inclusion and mutual respect. We believe it is a privilege for our brands to be invited into people’s home and we operate with a strong sense of integrity and deep commitment to these principals.That is why we reacted so quickly and strongly to a recent interview with Phil Robertson. While Phil’s comments made in the interview reflect his personal views based on his own beliefs, and his own personal journey, he and his family have publicly stated they regret the “coarse language” he used and the mis-interpretation of his core beliefs based only on the article. He also made it clear he would “never incite or encourage hate.” We at A+E Networks expressed our disappointment with his statements in the article, and reiterate that they are not views we hold.

But “Duck Dynasty” is not a show about one man’s views. It resonates with a large audience because it is a show about family… a family that America has come to love. As you might have seen in many episodes, they come together to reflect and pray for unity, tolerance and forgiveness. These are three values that we at A+E Networks also feel strongly about.

So after discussions with the Robertson family, as well as consulting with numerous advocacy groups, A&E has decided to resume filming “Duck Dynasty” later this spring with the entire Robertson family.

We will also use this moment to launch a national public service campaign (PSA) promoting unity, tolerance and acceptance among all people, a message that supports our core values as a company, and the values found in “Duck Dynasty.” These PSAs will air across our entire portfolio.

In other words, “The show makes us a ton of money.  Did you really think we were going to risk losing that?”

I particularly loved how A&E included the part about him saying he would “never incite or encourage hate.”  No, he would just imply that two people loving each other could lead to bestiality, and then lumped homosexuals in with terrorists.   Oh, and let’s not forget his statement claiming African-Americans had better lives before the Civil Rights Act.

Call me crazy, but telling two people who are deeply in love with each other that they will be judged by God the same way as a terrorist, or that accepting their relationship could lead to sex with animals —  that’s not exactly what I would classify as “discouraging hate.”

Then the part about the family coming together to pray for unity, tolerance and forgiveness.  Please.  How exactly does one seek to unite people with the comments made by Robertson?  Telling millions of people that they’ll be judged by God the same way as mass murdering terrorists and their relationships are immoral acts that could lead to bestiality isn’t the kind of language that unites people.

Then there’s the kicker: “So after discussions with the Robertson family, as well as consulting with numerous advocacy groups, A&E has decided to resume filming “Duck Dynasty” later this spring with the entire Robertson family.”

I’ll go ahead and translate that one as well.  After A&E met with the Robertson family and they told them that they would all walk if Phil Robertson wasn’t allowed to be on the show, A&E caved to the family’s demands and reinstated Phil.

But again, A&E’s actions should come as no surprise to anyone.

After all, this is a network that features shows such as Rodeo Girls, Storage Wars, American Hoggers and of course Duck Dynasty.  Not exactly the top of the food chain as far as quality, informative entertainment is concerned.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    Phil has the courage of his convictions that transcends money. A&E – not so much. The big shocker here is how wildly the left overestimated America’s tolerance for the speech Nazi’s.

    • FiachSidhe

      It’s absolutely mind blowing, how people as stupid as you are, can even function on the most basic of levels. Why aren’t you dead yet?

    • D_from_Tennessee

      A&E did what they did without anyone demanding a suspension. They did it on their own…PR move or damage control. Odd how the real speech Nazi’s had a conniption fit over what Martin Bashir said about saint Sarah P and you all on the right were OK with his forced resignation it seems. What is that word I’m searching for?

    • Ellen H.

      Phil has the racist and bigoted attitude of people of his generation. Nothing more.

      • Lana Holbrook Barr

        Did you mean ‘certain people of that generation’ but,not most of us,right?? I would say that MOST of my generation [ I am Phils’ age] is NOT racist and bigoted. I am assuming that’s what you meant?

      • Ellen H.

        I guess I should have added region although a lot of the people I know who are his age are rather racist and bigoted. I realize that not everyone is, but when I see and hear similar statements from people of his generation I would hope you could understand why I would say that.

    • Pipercat

      He has the courage of his calculations. This risk paid off in spades….

  • Benjamin F

    We have to accept that half of America is bigoted. 50 years ago 85% of Americans were total racists. Evolution comes slowly. Our great-grandchildren should turn out to be very much enlightened relating to the evils of religious taboos.

    • Landran

      I hope you are right but I’m sure there will be something else for the masses to hate by that time.

      • Benjamin F

        @Landran — I’m afraid you may be right. I still think things will get more congenial in the future –and then a huge asteroid the size of Russia will totally pulverize Earth. Hahahaha

    • meatwad_SSuppet

      The problem is, they breed

      • indeed meatwad, and let’s just hope that these ducknuts don’t get the idea to breed at the rate of that family with the 20 or so kids, is if breeding were a hobby. NO MORE TV IN OUR HOME.

    • Bine646

      Where are you getting these statistics from?

      • Benjamin F

        @Bine646…Its a guesstimate. Black people were being lynched and burned in the 50’s & 60’s. I was 8 to 15 years old then and read the news about proud, murderous southerners. I figure 50% racists in the South and 25% in the rest of the states. They’re still a huge racist population but they’re chicken shit to kill and show their faces. Trust me I’m old and wise.

      • Bine646

        Guessitmate- priceless. Lets avoid actual facts, lets spew emotions. You were 8 reading the paper, Phil was in the field with a hoe working side by side with these men, Ill take his personal experience over your emotion and guessimates anyday

      • Benjamin F

        @Bine646 — I was 8 and watching lynched black humans and racial slurs ON television by racists that were proud that the whole country could hear and see them. Mr. Robertson was 7 years old (i’m older than he is) and I doubt very much that he was hoeing alongside African-Americans in 1953……personal experience ?! How old are you dear sir ? Pray tell.

      • Bine646

        Jim Crow era spanned until 1965 and Mr Robertson spoke of his personal experience- so I do not see why it matters my age? We have all seen footage from those days, terrible things were done. All Phil said was he didn’t see these men “sing the blues.” “They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!… Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.” This is the quote that has everyone upset- we have alot going on in the world today huh.

        As for Phil hoeing at a young age- he was poor, “white trash”. I started working at a young age, as did many in the farming community which I grew up in- not hard to fathom this may have been the same for Phil.

      • what does it matter? anybody with half a brain cell can look around and see that fifty percent is a CONSERVATIVE figure, but you don’t want to see, and judging by the odor coming from your posts, I think it’s because you’re a Duck Die Nasty addict.

  • rgagne

    this is to “Allen Clifton” If you are sooo smart and have such a high degree in who know what…………… why are you writing about crap???? you are mad because PHIL ROBERTSON more well known then you, oh and cant forget the fact he has a college degree, are you so anal that because he isn’t afraid to say what he truly believe in and you are not?? maybe its because phil has a better education then you??? or is it because hes a multi-millionaire because he designed a duck call??? for someone that slams him every chance he get of how bad a person he is you sure keep writing story’s about him and his family!! you sure are a low life… maybe its time for you to find another job!! hey maybe you can go to duck commander and make some duck calls!!!!

    • Landran

      First off, the severe lack of proper grammar and spelling make your comment rather difficult to read and follow.

      I really don’t think Phil made millions from a duck call. If I were to guess, the majority of his wealth came from being an overpaid TV personality. If you follow Clifton’s work, he writes about recent events, mainly in politics. Phil has been in the news so Clifton will write about it. By the way, Phil is being “slammed” (not really, they are mainly quotes) for good reasons.

      • Pipercat

        I think it’s called “thumbspeak” … and he did make his millions from making duck calls. He and his kin just want more..

    • The Anti-Phil

      You, rgagne, seem to typify the usual “Duck Dynasty” fan based on your comments, and, as Landran pointed out, your horrendous grammar and spelling. Enjoy watching the lowlife show you must love. I bet Phil Robertson is your hero.

    • linder

      Why is the writer a low life for not standing with a person who thinks African Americans were better off under segregation and Jim Crow laws as well as the guy not being able to tell the difference between homosexuality and bestiality? Of course Mr. Robertson never heard an African American complain. They were scared of being attacked. As an educated man I am shocked that the duck dude was not able to put that together. It has long been understood that homosexuality no more leads to bestiality than being heterosexuality does. What is really scary is that a man with a degree in education may have been teaching such crap to others. As for making a duck call, wow that sure was a great contribution to humanity. Robertson is another moron famous on a staged reality TV show. You should be embarrassed for idolizing him, watching his show, for feeling his material gain is something that increases the value of his ignorant opinions and for talking smack to the writer of the article on his own page where he is completely free to voice his views.

      • sparks

        growing up in northern Illinois, there was a man who everyone called “two bale Ernie,” the reason for this was he had told everyone that in order to have relations with a cow you needed to stack two bales of hay on top of each other. He alos believed that Elvis was alive and working for Wal-Mart, and he was very bigoted. He was without a doubt nothing more than an ignorant and crazy hick.

    • SLP

      Interesting use of the apostrophe. Are you the typical audience of Duck Dynasty?

      • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

        And let’s not forget the starting a sentence with a capital letter!! No matter how many question marks you put after your sentence you STILL need to use a capital letter to start your next sentence. This is intended for raagne.

  • BPI Squirrel

    This entire story, from his GQ comments to the progressive outrage to the conservative defenses, had exactly one purpose: to boost the audience for Duck Dynasty. And it will work.

    Progressives need to learn to stop feeding the trolls.

    • Pipercat


    • Lyn Hughes

      THANK YOU!!!!

  • Anthonij

    I must confess that I don’t fully understand the outrage about Duck Robertson’s comments for the following reason: His comments were crude, stupid and revealed his prejudice toward homosexuals and his idiotic view of the African-American situation before and after the repeal of the Jim Crow laws AND they were all completely unsurprising, coming from this uneducated, bible-thumping white person who appears on a show that is itself a monument to the appallingly low level of popular culture in this country.

    In many respects, I’ve found the attempts to defend Robertson and his moronic and bigotted comments even more depressing than the original comments themselves.

    In a country where the mainstream political and cultural discourse were healthy, Duck Robertson’s comments would have drawn the ciriticism they deserve and then the whole matter would have quickly been forgotten.

    But then again, I find it hard to imagine that any society in which the mainstream political and cultural discourse were healthy would produce and render popular and highly profitable a ‘reality’ show of such pathetic vapidity.

    Also, one cannot help but wonder why any magazine would want to interview such a character in the first place?…

    Bottom line — the most disturbing thing about Duckie-Boy and his show is that they have a large audience. And A&E shows itself to be another part of the entertainment-wing of the corporate machine that panders to the lowest common denominator, feeding entertainment-opiates to the masses while the corporate masters are fleecing those masses without them being aware.

    • subscriber2

      I have to agree. it is disheartening to think that there are actually people who tune in to this show believing what they are seeing is real – that it is not all scripted and the characters are not all actors. And really poor actors at that.

      • Sandra Sharp

        thank you and Anthonij, I agree with both of you.

      • Bine646

        Yup totally acting- these guys never hunt or do redneck things. After the show they will go back to their “old” lives…….

      • and the worst of it is this: the formerly fine programming at all these formerly EDUCATIONAL channels now requires an upgrade on your cable choices, just to see their ACTUAL educational programming. I got rid of cable. No TV in our house anymore!!

      • Bine646

        You must be a “cool” granny- not

    • Pipercat

      Prepare yourself and get a change of underwear, but this guy was the starter at LSU before Terry Bradshaw and has a masters degree in education. Everybody was had here. It was all about visibility and marketing. Dollars, shekels, pounds, pesos….

      • Anthonij

        Wow… a masters degree in education for Duckie?… lol… Think of what he might be doing if he had gotten a master’s degree in business? lol…

      • Pipercat

        Well, he’s apparently worth about 20 million before this redneck Kardashians show. Duck calls are big bidnez!

      • Sandra Sharp

        It wasn’t until this show, this show has made his business grow more than Willie could, that is why Willie talked them into doing the show, to help sell their duck calls.

      • Pipercat

        Absolutely! They were pretty well off before this farce. Now, look out!!!

      • Anthonij

        Ah, but will they enter the billionaire club with the Waltons and such?… I think (and hope) not… lol 😉

      • which to me is proof that the term “education” has lost virtually all meaning….. THANK GOD HE’S NOT A TEACHER.

      • Lee

        Louisiana Tech…but why quibble.

      • Pipercat

        Yep… what’s the difference.. 🙂

      • Timdog

        Not LSU, SLU. Hopefully it was a type o.

      • Pipercat

        ♫LSU, SLU; SLU, LSU.. tomatoe, tomato; potatoe; potato

        Let’s call the whole thing off! ♫

      • LOL. racist or bigot, sexist or delusionally macho, whatever LOL.

      • Bine646

        Show me an exact line where he was racist? we will wait, i want an exact line from his response

      • Pipercat

        What you mean “we,” paleface?

      • Bine646

        We as in me and my dog, are you grannys bf?

      • Pipercat

        You looking?

      • this troll Bine is such a puss Pipercat, if the little boy thinks he’s going to get any more replies from me he can think again. I coverEd it all in the post just above this one LOL. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Pray for the ignorant, heaven knows they need it!!

      • Pipercat

        Yeah, I think I’ve had to scrape my shoe after this guy once or twice before.


      • everybody, this ten year old Bine646 is a troll, goes to your fb pages if you’re PROUD not to hide your identity, as he or she hides his or hers. has to be a male because that’s how ignorant he is. I’m going to tell his mommy what he’s doing on the internet and I hope she whups his butt LOL. BWA HAW… he’s an immature and clueless child. Must have learned all that bigotry and hatred at home because somehow he knows nothing about anything except he likes watching rednecks and likes it when they insult black Americans and the LGBT community — and you know what? I’m going to forget I’m a Christian just long enough to say as to your pussass comment about my CHOICE to be a born again virgin, DAMN RIGHT PUNK, it is MY CHOICE and not yours, or anybody else’s, and if any male even dares to try to get his organ near me he’ll leave missing it forever, but unlike Lorena Bobbitt I’ll throw it in the blender to be sure it won’t be reattached. COME HERE and eff with me you little whippersnapper!! This granny’s got a tree outside with thorny locust bean twigs on it JUST RIGHT for a disrespectful punkass little tuchus like yours. Oh I’m sorry my bad that’s your face not your tuchus. SEE HOW IT FEELS TO BE INSULTED? Well guess what, that’s how black Amercians feel when pusses like Robertson open their cowardly little mouths. GROW UP and get a job you punk. Lord forgive me for this tirade but you know I learned TOUGH LOVE from you Father God, I hope it helps this ignorant punk become and actual human being someday. THANK YOU LORD. NOW BINE I dare you to send one more reply to my email so i can report you to Forward Progs and have you banned from this site. Oh and how much is Karl paying you btw?

      • Bine646

        I like how you said “I am going to call your mother” then proceed to say I must of learned this at home- if I learned it at home why would you bother calling my mom?

        Your childish rant was entertaining, especially the “i’m going to forget i’m a christian.” hahahah classic- just turn it off and on huh.

        In regards to the reporting (excuse me why I laugh), You are the one who has just wrote insults- I merely pointed out you are not very good looking and perhaps that you not engaging in sexual intercourse for 7 yrs was not a choice. Anyone with two eyes, a brain and an ounce of honesty inside of them will back me up on that one- looking like a cross btw susan boyle and a witch. Call me a troll though haha. Here is the thing, you are trying to get me banned bc you do not like what I say- real tolerant of you. You are allowed to say what you would like but others cannot have an opposing view- typical.

        Again, show me which line of Phil’s response was racist? Racism is defined as believing one race is better than the other. Phil presented himself as white trash working in the field side by side with these men- how is that saying he was superior? Did he say he was whipping these men? Ordering them to work? No, all he is guilty of is explaining a personal experience and giving a his view- wow.

        PS- facebook started for college kids, not grannys

  • Lana Holbrook Barr

    OK,let me get this ‘straight’ [NPI] Duck Dynasty is a ‘reality’ show,right?? In reality, Phil Robertson is a bigot. Therefore,a bigot [a crude mouthed one at that] seems to be OK with A&E as the head star of their ‘reality’ show? And,the viewers are A-OK with that too?? What does that say about the viewers?

    • Bine646

      Says A&E made a mistake by trying to limit someones free speech- especially when your only other show is Storage Wars. What does it say about their viewers- well for one we like outdoor things. Maybe we are also slightly religious- crazzzzzzy. The question you should be asking is what have we come to in this country? Cannot answer a question you are asked honestly because if you do you may offend a certain minority which will then try to end your career- its ridiculous. Tolerance goes both ways, everyone may not agree with what he said but we should agree he has every right to believe and feel how he wants. No group should try to control that- all it did was make A&E look pathetic and made Phil into a hero- not bc of what he said but bc he didnt change it. He stuck by it and that is the most important thing

      • it’s amazing how few people understand that neither the First nor the Second Amendment are absolute. Nor that it’s often a stupid idea to do or say things just because we CAN.

      • Bine646

        Yeah answering a question honestly is not what america is about- Phil should be smarter than this- he should of responded- “I am under a contractual agreement with A&E- they will fire me if I answer this question honestly, a minority in america will try and blacklist me so I will only say this to your question- I have no comment” Yuppp Americaaaaaaa- land of the freeeeeee. Maybe we could put him in Gitmo for terrorist threats- granny

      • Oh I’m happy he’s so honest that he ADMITS he’s a bigot!! I love it when people are honest enough to not hide their true HATRED. But expecting to keep his job (and in fact he was rehired because his employers, like he, are all whores), that’s asking a bit much. YOU CAN SAY ANYTHING YOU LIKE, but there are CONSEQUENCES. And I’m not trying to be ‘cool’ asshole, I’m trying to share TRUTH. The first amendment is NOT absolute, NEITHER is the second, so go to school and learn something.

      • ANY WHORE FOR THE SPOTLIGHT and any whore for money — via fake “entertainment” — can get their job back.

        And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, IT WAS ALL A PUBLICITY STUNT to begin with. It was an attempt by the fascists on the right, who own TV programming, to see how far they could stretch the first amendment to encourage more hatred and bigotry DUH.

        Look at who owns the “entertainment” and then go ahead and buy yourself some more guns, so they will have even more money to ream you with, because if you actually think these reichers care about you, GUESS AGAIN. You are merely kindling and fodder to be burnt to a crisp and tossed aside the moment they get what they want: IGNORANCE ON A MASSIVE SCALE.

        Oh and be sure to buy lots of Duck Dynasty paraphernalia, that money is also used to ream you with no lubricant. WAKE UP.

      • Bine646

        Do not be ignorant- this was not a publicity stunt. GQ magazine was not in on this, WAKE UP GRANDMA

      • yeah I’m sure they weren’t but you can bet Mr. DuckNuts was told exactly what to say by his employers so they could trick all the idiots buying up the lies about Jesus’ TRUE message to LOVE ONE ANOTHER no exceptions, none at all. And all for the sake of the almighty dollar they worship. KEEP SENDING THEM YOUR MONEY, keep tearing down the fabric of our society which you blame on gays and blacks, okay? Hope you find fulfillment someday, because obviously you have none.THANK YOU JESUS for your TRUE message of LOVE, and I pray for this individual to receive that love, because that’s what you taught me to do my dear Savior. <3
        God bless you and I hope you find God someday Bine646

      • Bine646

        A&E has tried in the past to stop the prayer at the end of the show- the robertsons refused. Now A&E tried to censor Phil by suspending him- if this was a “publicity” stunt as you claim, it was one that backfired. Not only did they upset the fanbase of DD, they also upset GLAAD and they gay community by flip-flopping. The amount of individuals from that minority that watched DD before was minimum, now after A&E pulled this it is even less.
        Fans are boycotting the Duck Dynasty products bc those are licensed by A&E, they are rather insisting everyone buy the Duck Commander brand which is the Robertsons. Sure GLAAD will pick up the slack in buying those products for A&E.
        Look at the wave of bad publicity- even found its way to Cracker Barrel. They received a backlash after pulling the products and like A&E decided to change their decision.

        The first decision, to suspend Phil, was made off of emotion. Decisions made off of emotions are usually bad decisions. The decision to reverse its position was a business one- they realized their other shows, storage wars, was not the cash cow DD is. In order to save the network, they had to reinstate Phil.

      • Bine646

        tolerance goes both ways granny- if you wanna be a flamming homosexual than so be it, but others have the right to do the opposite. why we are free in this country- right.

        I went to school and learned something- takes a man and a woman to reproduce- guess we arent evolving as fast as homosexuals would hope.

      • you’re truly desperate to convince yourself, aren’t you? what does REPRODUCTION have to do with any of this? NOTHING. Prove to me you’ve never had sex for any other purpose except reproduction, or just shut up. And oh btw you called me a “flaming homosexual”, but you’re a FLAMING COWARD. I am a female, always was a female, will die a female and guess what? I’M A BORN AGAIN VIRGIN TOO, Bet you can’t say you’ve not had sex for more than 7 years can you? WHO ARE YOU TO TALK? keep it in your pants kiddo!!

      • Bine646

        I saw your facebook- sure being a born again virgin was a choice……

  • Lana Holbrook Barr

    When people tell me they are ‘standing with Phil’ I have to wonder….does that mean they agree with his ant-gay,racist position,too? Or,as one person said “He was only quoting the Bible” Excuse me…what??

    • Greg Meyer

      Lana, the people defending Robertson were pretty much telling the world they are bigots. It was not a free speech issue, that was yet another way to cloak their bigotry in ‘patriotism and God’. Sadly, this is nothing new. Time and education will eventually thin these kind of people from the herd. But that may take hundreds of years… 🙁

  • wcraigjohnston

    I’ve never seen the show. Oh and what channel number is A&E, it’s not in my favorites.

  • Michael Doyle

    A&E used to have intelligent programming. No one watched in the hinterlands.

    • Pipercat

      All bottom lines and ROI…

    • Anthonij

      This became a pattern with cable networks… to start out with a reasonably high percentage of serious entertainment or educational programming and then, as ratings climb, a gradual decrease of the good programming and ever more popular, mindless crap that appeals to the lowest-common-denominator…

      Some notable examples (‘/m sure there are a number more to be cited)… The Food Network, the History Channel, Court TV…

      In each case, one sees the more serious stuff with some educational value diminished and often largely replaced by ‘reality’ shows… ‘reality’ shows being an entertainment corporation’s dream-come-true… no overhead of real writers and actors, who have to be paid in a professional way, and instead dim-wits who will humiliate themselves in public for a piddling pay in order that they can think themselves important for having appeared on television…

      Big audiences, reduced overhead, that means bigger corporate profits… the broader society, moral decency and cultural value be damned…

      • Chris Ritzer

        Now, I might be a youngster to some, being 19 (going on twenty) But can ANYONE remember a time when History Channel had legitimate programming? You know, before they started talking about ‘Ancient Aliens’ and ‘The Bible’ and other stuff that anyone with common sense can say did not happen?

        And another thing. Can we please turn TLC back into what it stood for. TLC used to stand for ‘The Learning Channel’ and who in their right mind wants to learn about ladies with clown-car vaginas and Honey Boo-Boo?

        You know what show I like? The Newsroom, on HBO. A show that basically tells us that networks, including News Networks, don’t give a rats ass about content if the ratings are high enough.

      • Pipercat

        Yes, some time back like, last century. I find it ironic how Arts & Entertainment has basically become the redneck channel. All you have to do is go over to their website and look at the “featured” programming. It’s both sad and laughable…

      • Anthonij

        Yes, the History Channel used to show programmes that were about, believe it not, history… there was a lot of miltary history and a very heavy dose of stuff always about the Third Reich but there were programmes about lots of other historical periods and topics as well… the quality was uneven but there were enough decent things on there to make it worth checking to see what was on…

      • yes, you brilliant young person, and I miss that programming horribly. that was ALL I watched. Now I refuse to pay EXTRA to the cable company to get the former programming that was in the second tier package. I CUT OFF THE CABLE ENTIRELY!

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        history channel now half the time useless

  • Pat

    Bottom line is that it is all about the money! Money is the most highly worshiped idol for so many in this Country. Sad, really, really sad.

  • Lyn Hughes

    Anyone who doesn’t believe this was planned from the beginning BY A&E is a fool for buying into it.

    • Bine646

      If A&E set this up they are the biggest group of fools I have ever seen- talk about bad decisions all around

      • Lyn Hughes

        you think so? There is no bad publicity. They did it so they would get a lot of free press and we have accommodated them by talking about nothing else for a week. So who are the fools? marketing at it’s finest.

      • Bine646

        Let see how it was bad publicity- 1) you upset your fan base by suspending the star of their favorite show- GLAAD was pumped for this victory. Businesses like Cracker Barrel followed A&Es lead and tried removing Duck Dynasty products from their shelves- GLAAD was pumped for this victory 2) After 2 days Cracker Barrel reversed its decision bc it realized it had upset its customer base, you know GLAAD isnt that big of a supporter of southern food- turns out DD fans are. Couple days after that, A&E reverses its decision- upsetting GLAAD and the community bc it had realized GLAAD doesnt watch the show- millions of “rednecks” do.

        So if they were doing this for “publicity”- its bad publicity bc I was a fan of the show who hopes when the contract ends they leave A&E and find a new network- I also, like many others, now refuse to buy the Duck Dynasty brand bc its owned by A&E- I will only by Duck Commander products. As for Cracker Barrel, well I have no desire to go their either, for their shenanigans, and i believe alot of gays feel the same way- so looks like they are losing as well. The only person or persons who made out well from this publicity would be Phil and the Robertsons- why? Well bc they didnt flip flop, they didnt rush to apologize and beg for their job back- they stood strong, stood by their beliefs and were not swayed by the pressure A&E and GLAAD put on them.

  • Brian

    The only thing that can stop a bad racist bigot with a television show is a good racist bigot with a television show.

    • Bine646

      He is racist because he spoke of personal experiences- lets here some of your from growing up white trash in the South- lets see if they are better than Phils. Dont worry we will wait

      • Brian

        Would you mind writing that again, this time in English with proper spelling and grammar?

      • Bine646

        Pretty sure that wasnt spanish or japanese- I also misspelled one word- you were able you comprehend enough to formulate a response- a very original one at that pfff. Now lets try and use that education you have acquired to enter an adult conversation instead of responding with childish remarks- lets here your experiences from the South. We heard Phils that you have labeled as a “bad racist bigot”- lets here yours

      • Brian

        “I also misspelled one word”

        Did you now? Let’s review, shall we?

        “Now lets try” – It’s “let’s” as in “let us”

        “lets here your” – 1) again, it’s “let’s” as in “let us” 2) it’s “hear” as in “I can hear you” not “here” as in “the illiterate person is here”

        “We heard Phils” – “Phils” indicates multiple people named Phil as in a plural. What you wanted to write was “Phil’s” with an apostrophe indicating a possessive.

        “lets here yours” – Again, it is “let’s” as in “let us” and “hear” not “here.”

        Now to the content of your question, I am not sure what you are asking nor what the point of the question could possibly be. Are you suggesting that we should give dear Phil a pass at being a bigot just because he grew up in the South? That’s supposed to be an excuse for being a bigot and we are meant to just let him get away with it?!

        With your logic, what if I grew up believing that females were here for male pleasure only so that when I rape them and use them for my pleasure, I should get away with it? Is this what you’re getting at?

      • Bine646

        Phil spoke of a personal experience- I am asking you for yours- i a m o n the inTernet I can type HOW i want on a messAge board- you still understand what I am saying smart guy

      • Brian

        Oh, so you’re intentionally misspelling multiple words? Are you, like, ya know, a teenager?

        My personal experience is irrelevant as is yours. Phil the Bigot is the focus of attention. So again, are you suggesting that Phil should get a free pass just because of where he grew up or should we, as a progressive society, question bigotry and intolerance wherever it rears it’s ugly head?

      • Bine646

        Phil is free to speak of his personal experiences. And yes, I do not pay attention to my grammar when typing on message boards- only people that care are nuggets who are defensive and need to assert themselves as intelligent. Tolerance goes both ways- if you believed that you would not have the stance you do

      • Brian

        “only people that care” – It’s “people who care”

        I do not have to be tolerant of willful ignorance. Yes, that makes me intolerant, but my intolerance is justified. Bigotry and racism is not justified.

        And your lack of grammar and spelling skills reflects on your own image that you choose to project to the rest of the world which, in turn, calls into question your credibility. If you care so little for proper grammar and spelling here, why should anyone trust your own knowledge and judgment about anything else?

      • Bine646

        Show me where he was racist- for an english major you must understand the definition of racism- please show me what particular part of his quote was racist- i want an exact line or lines. Ill wait. As for my image- its 1) saturday night 2) ufc fight night with silva breaking his leg 3) a message board with barely 1000k+ followers- i think my image is safe haha

      • Bine646

        How is he a racist exactly? He does not think he race is superior because if he did why would he refer to himself as “white trash”. Why exactly if Phil believed he was so superior was he quoted as saying ” I hoed cotton with them.” Weren’t (you like the apostrophe their english professor) the superior whites leaving all the work for the inferior blacks during this time- you know because they were to good for it.

      • Brian

        “He does not think he race is ” – You mean, “his race is”?

        “Weren’t (you like the apostrophe their english professor)” – Yes, the apostrophe is nice, but who are you talking about when you write “their english professor”? Who is “their”? Which other people are you referring to? Or did you mean to write “…there English professor”?

        “you know because they were to good for it.” – It’s “too” not “to.”

        Phil suggested that black people enjoyed their lives better in the Jim Crow South more than they do now after the Civil Rights movement. This indicates an ignorance on his part of the struggles that blacks have suffered in all eras.

      • Bine646

        Yawnnnn, enbought withhh the grammmar big ugy bnot gonna change you comprehending whattt im saying or me typing any better. Its saturday night, take a night off from being a teacher.

        All Phil suggested is that he did not seeee hwat otherds saw duyring this time- are your suggesting his persoanl experioene was wrong/?

        Im watching Silva break his leg not trying to produce perfect paragraphs

      • Brian

        Oh, so you’re a teacher? I shudder for your students.

        In any case, no, I’m not suggesting that Phil’s experience was “wrong.” What is wrong is Phil’s conclusions about his experience.

      • Bine646

        Where did I say I was a teacher? Phil’s conclusion about his experiences was wrong- man o man, not even free to interrupt your own experiences anymore- these are liberal times and you have a liberal mentality

      • Brian

        “Its saturday night, take a night off from being a teacher.” – Bine646

      • Bine646

        Did i say I was taking a night off or taking a night off. Take a night off was directed towards you

      • Brian

        “man o man, not even free to interrupt your own experiences anymore” –

        Uh, I’m pretty sure you can interrupt just about anything you’d like. Naturally, there would be consequences if you interrupt others, though.

      • Bine646

        *interpret- does rogue word take away from Phil’s freedom to interpret his own experiences?

      • Brian

        Sure, Phil can interpret anything he wants, but it does not automatically make his interpretation correct. What about that don’t you want to comprehend?

        What if I INTERPRETED that Bine646 is a raging gay transsexual teacher who goes by the name of Mary during recess time at school based purely on what I’ve read here tonight? Does the fact that it’s MY interpretation of what I’ve experienced make my interpretation valid and “right” and not available for correction? Or should you be permitted to call me on my “interpretation” and tell me that I’m flat out wrong?

      • Bine646

        It makes it your interpretation of what you’ve experienced- youre assuming alot through social media which isn’t as good as actually meeting me and interacting (like Phil did) but its your asinine analysis non the less. Go around screaming it proud haha

        Tell me though- what years were the tax rates 92% for 3 million dollars?

      • Brian

        Right, my experience is mine. But like Phil, my conclusion I draw from that experience is incorrect.

        As to tax rates, in the post-WWII era, the top tax rate has been as high as 94% and as low as 28%.

        In 1946, the highest-bracket rate was cut to 86.45% from 94%. In 1952, the highest rate was back at 92%. In 1962, the top rate was 91%. Two years later, the rate was cut again to 77%.

        In 1982, the top rate was slashed to 50%. The top rate was cut to 38.5% in 1987 then 28% in 1988.

      • Bine646

        So after WW2 our tax rates were that high- why was that Brian? Maybe bc we loaned money to almost all of europe, funded a world war. It would be ignorant of you to think the high tax rates led to the boom and not our position after the war

      • Brian

        Taxes were high on high wealth because Crony Capitalism efforts had been quashed previously with the Industrialists, like Rockefeller and Carnegie.

        High taxation didn’t “lead to the boom” (whatever that means). What high taxes and regulations on income did was to keep currency flowing through the economy so that we had more tax payers paying more in taxes which enabled our Government to A) pay down the entirety of the post-WWII debt which was running about 140% of GDP and B ) to invest in our own nation’s infrastructure by building roads, bridges, the interstate highway system, hospitals, schools, and our space program.

        A variety of policies (taxation, regulations on the financial sector, trade protectionism, government investment into infrastructure, investment into education) worked together to help pay down debt and to build the strongest Middle Class the world has ever known.

        But since 1980, Conservative policies have worked to undermine nearly ALL of that progress and all social progress made since 1932. Conservatives aren’t interested in ensuring that we have a viable stable economy that works for everyone. They simply want all the wealth for themselves, our economy, nation, and democracy bedamned.

        The fact is that during those times of high taxation, nearly everyone was doing better, including the wealthy. The problem was that the rich didn’t feel rich enough nor special enough with the rising wealth and power of the Middle Class. So basic greed and pride driven by an element of Sociopathy has been the driving force of Conservatism for at least as long as I’ve been alive.

      • Brian

        For a “cut taxes” person like yourself, I have to ask how you intend to pay down our national debt while simultaneously funding the government with Conservative tax policies which have been in place for the better part of thirty years?

        Look at it this way: Let’s say that you have run up all of your credit cards and have lots of nice stuff. But you have a lot of debt now and want to get rid of that debt. You choose to cut out ALL spending. Great. Now what? Merely cutting spending doesn’t generate revenue to send to the credit card companies. You being a human being can go get a job and earn money that you use to send in that pays down your debt.

        But our government isn’t a human and isn’t a Socialist nation. Our government doesn’t own any factories or make any products to sell for income. The only way our government can get revenue is via taxation, fees, and fines. But you want to cut taxes MORE. With no alternative ways of generating revenue beyond printing more dollars, how do you propose we pay down thirty + years of Conservative debt?

        Are you aware that the Plutocrats are currently hoarding an estimated $32 Trillion in offshore tax havens? Our national debt is around $17 Trillion. They could pay down our entire debt and still have $15 Trillion to use against us. But short of going in and taking it by force, all we have left is taxation. But Conservatives don’t want to tax anyone as they consider it “punishing success.” So you let the rich people keep their money because they claim they’ll “create jobs.” IF that paradigm were true, that they “create jobs” with that money, you’re pushing the tax burden onto the workers and entirely off those who have the most money. So why should THEY get to enjoy the benefits of our safe society and also have play money to live lives of opulence while we work our butts off and struggle day-to-day?

        Of course we all know that they DON’T “create jobs” when they have more wealth because they ARE currently hoarding $32 TRILLION in dollars in offshore tax shelters. They aren’t creating jobs with that money we gave them.

        But back to the question. Without adequate taxation on wealth, how do you propose we pay our past bills and finance future expenditures?

      • Bine646

        Didnt Obama have a plan, you know our President? All he has done is increased our debt and still carries a deficit higher than Bush. Maybe thats why his approval rating is so low.

        We have no industry here- you know how we boomed before- we built stuff, well thats in china now. We are a nation implementing healthcare when we cannot pay our bills, our credit rating is dropping and unemployment is still over 7%. That doesnt happen in a healthy economy, which we do not have bc we have no industries or businesses left. But yes raise taxes on wealth, thats working great

      • Bine646

        Your comment is awaiting moderation but let me respond- OBAMA HASNT RAISED OUR DEBT? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA, WHATTTTTTT. Man o man, stop paying attention to grammar and learn something. Obama implemented the largest bail out in US history, of banks and auto industry- how did that work out? Goldman sachs repaid the debt, said we never needed the loan, recorded record profits and paid a minimum fine- wow. GM- well we just lost 50% on their stock and Dodge has been a flop also- the dart was a horrible rollout, one that was supposed to save dodge. Look at the volt, another disaster.

        Have you heard of green energy? Look at all our investments and flops in that- big waste of tax dollars.

        Brian, we are implementing universal healthcare in this country, now everyone will have the option for a plan and be required by law to possess insurance or pay a fine. You cannot be that dense can you? Look at the tax dollars wasted there- website went over budget 4x and now we are burning millions daily to repair it- amazing. What did the republicans say that shut down the govt? Healthcare wasnt ready to be rolled out- they were right huh.

        As for industry, we can argue who is at fault all day- i blame high taxes, high wages and difficult laws. You can blame Reagan- fact is Obama ran on a platform to bring these jobs back- that has not worked huh.

        As for wars- we are entering them, so our military spending is still high. You know Syria, Libya and now south sudan. Obama has no problem sending in our troops.

        As for our credit rating- you cannot blame a group that represents 5% of our country- democrats control the Senate, Obama is our president. He has no problem vetoing any bill he does not like or signing executive orders. The committee did not look at America and say, we are dropping your credit rating bc of those teabaggers- they looked at us as a whole. Federal Reserve has quadrupled its debt since 2008- now over 2 trillion for the first time in history. We ran a deficit of 1 trillion for nearly 5 yrs- now its down to 600 billion which is still over any number Bush put up. We have budget battles and continue to kick the can down the road instead of fixing the issue- unsustainable spending. Our national debt is ever increasing and over 17 trillion.

        Let me hit you with some numbers Brian- this is from factcheckdotorg- unemployment- 7.3%. debt held by public- +89%. federal debt- +58%. gasoline prices- +82%. food stamp recipients- +49%, real house income- -5%. consumer prices- +10.2%

        Now refute those numbers, I wanna hear all your excuses and the names of all the conservs you are gonna blame instead of our President and his fellow dems. PS- the unemployment rate under Bush was 6% in the last months he was in office, when democrats controlled congress I might add. And started with the stimilus ideas gearing for Obama to take office.

        Obama has taken office, I have taken lies from him- from healthcare to youtube videos. The guy has deflected the blame and people like you allow him too. You cannot admit you were duped and you voted for something like this- amazing.PS- obama has raised taxes on the wealthy- look at how many have renounced their citizenship

      • Brian

        “these are liberal times and you have a liberal mentality”

        I disagree that these are liberal times. If only that were true, we’d be in a lot better shape economically and socially right now.

        However, yes, I do have a Liberal and Progressive mentality. I’m not rich enough nor dumb enough to be a Conservative. The first thing you’ve gotten right so far! Congratulations!

      • Bine646

        Calling a conservative dumb- very bigot of you

      • Brian

        It’s not bigoted when there is a valid foundation for the accusation. Bigotry is thinking less of others for no good nor valid tangible quantifiable reason.

      • Bine646

        You are generalizing every conservative as being dumb- yet many carry degrees much more than yours, hold positions much higher than yours and make much more in a year than you will in your lifetime. Maybe thats why you are so angry….”bigot-a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc” webster. You are a bigot.

        And Im still waiting on you too show me where he was racist…..its getting late Brian

      • Brian

        True, there are “smart” Conservatives in leadership positions who know how to manipulate the dumb Conservatives who insist on voting against their own best interests. I’m “angry” because willfully ignorant Conservatives have allowed the Plutocrats to undermine our economy and democracy for their own fascist and theocratic purposes.

        I’m not a bigot for calling out willful ignorance and bigotry of others. Claiming that my intolerance of racial and sexual bigotry makes me a bigot illustrates a complete lack of understanding of the definition of bigotry.

        AGAIN, Phil displayed racism by claiming that blacks in the Jim Crow South were much happier than blacks who live in the post-Civil Rights era. It was a not-so-subtle attack on the social safety net which Conservatives use to demonize minorities as being “lazy moochers” who just don’t want to work…ya know, unlike their hard-working and grinning ancestors who loved ho’in in the cotton fields never complaining to the white people around them. Gee, I wonder why a black person in the South might decide to not complain to a whitey?

        You can’t possibly be this dense, or can you?

      • Bine646

        You are a bigot bc you claim all conservatives are dumb- definition of a bigot.

        Also I asked you for exact line, not your emotions to his response- you cannot be that dense can you?

      • Brian

        Uh, no. Conservatives are dumb because they prove time and time again their lack of intelligence. My assertion has factual basis. Your bigotry against black people and homosexuals is unfounded in any fact and is driven entirely by a sense of “white privilege” and so-called Biblical justification.

        I didn’t provide my emotions to his response. I provided the lines in question. You cannot be this dense, can you? Oh, but you are a Conservative, so I guess you can.

      • Bine646

        Mitt Romney is a dumb rich millionare huh. Why aren’t you rich like Mitt then? Can you hit a baseball like Bryce Harper? You in the MLB? You have a successful business and family like Phil Robertson? These dumb conservs are doing pretty well for themselves.

        If you quoted him where is the quotations? He never said Jim Crow laws so let see the specific line which was racist- ill wait Brian

      • Brian

        Myth Rmoney started out with a large treasure chest from his daddy, which makes him a lazy moocher just like his own kids. Myth Rmoney has contributed zilch to society, instead amassing a fortune by selling off domestic jobs to foreign lands.

        As to sports millionaires, on one hand, it’s difficult to justify such high pay for someone who plays children’s games. On the other, the money is there due to licensing fees and fan revenue, so if the players don’t share in it, the owners get to hoard it all. So, profit-sharing is only right in that case.

        However, when compared to professions which DO contribute positively to our society, (i.e., teaching), our societal priorities are far out of whack when teachers have to live paycheck-to-paycheck but a guy who can hit a baseball lives a life of sheer opulence.

        Phil Robertson made a fortune creating a device that tricks a duck into believing that Phil wants to have sex with it. Then Phil complains about bestiality being a sin. Ironic, ain’t it? 😉

        Phil Robertson was specifically speaking about pre-Civil Rights years when he was growing up which places the time period in question as the Jim Crow South. You truly are a blithering idiot, Bine646. Do you enjoy Paint-by-Number by any chance?

      • Bine646

        “Phil was specifically speading of precivil rights years…” IS THAT A DIRECT QUOTE BRIAN- ARE YOU A BLITHERING IDIOT? How hard is it to show me the exact line which was racist- IM TIRED OF YOUR EMOTIONS BRIAN, show me a freaking line. This shouldnt be so hard

        As for Myth Romney recieving money from his “daddy”- that would make his father a successful conservative as well. Wowwwwwwww crazy. As for his dad- guy worked for equal rights from african americans, equal housing and better working conditions- Mitt instead of blowing the fund he received (which many kids do), he went out and become one of the most powerful businessmen in the world. He has brought names like Burger King, AMC theaters, Sports Authority, etc into national names. What a bad guy huh- if you are talking about job overseas look at Obamas job czar- Jeffery Immelt (democrat) who invested billions in China and moved a division of GE there, but we are talking about Mitt right. Ohh back to his family- any of his 5 sons ever been introuble? Would of been easy with all that money around right- well nope, they are all successful too. Not living off of daddy, they made it themselves.

        Professional athletes- hard to pay them that money until you realize we pay $100 a ticket, $10 a hotdog, $10 a beer, $60 a jersey- all bc we want to see those players compete- now where should that money go- to the owners or to the players selling out their bodies? This should be to hard for you to comprehend Brian.

        What Phil did was he took a design of a call and made it in to a million dollar business- he had a chance at the NFL but decided his love of hunting was what he wanted to pursue- what exactly have you done in your life Brian, nothing? Is that why you are so bitter at successful people? So bitter at athletes, so upset at Phil- bc these “dumb” conservatives have done so much more in their lives then you will ever? I think I understand now Brian

    • Pipercat

      Poor spelling, bad grammar and fallacious logic; he hit the hat trick!

  • meatwad_SSuppet

    Some people are only one rumor away from burning perceived witches all over again.

    • Bine646

      Werent they tripping from rye bread contaminated with a fungus?

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        It does not require the ingestion of moldy bread to get the faithful all up into a killing frenzy.

      • Bine646

        They were tripping thinking that these woman were doing “witchcraft.” Any person in a normal state of mind would not think this- hence the guy that discovered the bread was contaminated after he ate it and started tripping

  • djallyn

    Allen, as someone who works in the industry, I knew from the beginning that the suspension was nothing more than a PR move.

    First off, we are talking about one of the top rated cable shows. Some 14 million people watch this show.

    Secondly, this isn’t the “Redneck Channel”, it is called the “Arts” and “Entertainment” channel that enjoys a wide spectrum of viewers from all walks of life. They have to maintain a balancing act to make it all work.

    Duck Dynasty is a $400 million goldmine. Short of Phil Robertson torturing kittens and puppies on air, there was little chance of him being permanently removed from the show.

    Personally, I don’t agree with what he said, and how he said it. I am not Christian so the concept of “sin” is meaningless to me. But I DO understand WHAT he was saying, in that his PERSONAL religious beliefs make it impossible for HIM to be homosexual. (ya gotta read it closer) He also said that his beliefs are that homosexuality is a “sin” and that it was on par with other “sins” such as bestiality. Of course, if you think about it, there are no “good” sins and that all sins are equal, so that means eating shellfish is also the same as bestiality. Hmmmm.

    And yes, there were some other things that he said, referring to blacks that HE used to work along side of in the cotton fields seemed to be happy prior to the civil rights laws. He was talking about his personal observations in a small world of his childhood. Who knows, perhaps that WAS his experience at the time.

    Up until last week, I had never watched Duck Dynasty, so I really didn’t know anything about the man and his family. Thanks to Amazon, I was able to watch a few of the shows and I have to say that I enjoyed the show. It was ENTERTAINING, and I can understand the draw.

    But here’s the thing: If I applied my personal beliefs as a litmus test of shows to watch on TV, I would never watch anything. I wouldn’t listen to music, watch a movie, or read a book in case I might become offended by someone real or imagined.

    I can’t stand Ted Nugent’s politics, but I do recognize his ability as a musician. I probably wouldn’t go to any of his shows any more because he now has a tendency to use them as a political platform, but I still listen to his recordings.

    Phil Robertson is entitled to his beliefs. He is also entitled to spout them off wherever he chooses. I don’t have to like what he says, and I have the choice not to listen. If I am REALLY bothered by him, I don’t have to tune in and watch him on Duck Dynasty. If by chance he has done an interview in a magazine I bought, I have the choice to flip past those pages. I don’t have to listen to him if I don’t want to.

    • Doc Marten

      Which is why I DO NOT watch A&E. You’re in “the industry” right? So, why do you guys in “the industry” think the rest of us are all a bunch if idiots? I know people in ‘the industry” too, and they don’t. They also despise bullshit like Duck Dynasty. A&E hasn’t been Arts and Entertainment for a LONG time, even before the Robertsons and their biblical bullshit.

      • djallyn

        You are more than free not to watch A&E. That is your choice. You also have a choice not to pay attention to Phil Robertson.

        Why do you get the idea that the “industry” think you are a bunch of “idiots”? I certainly don’t. I work on a sound studio. I don’t make executive decisions, but I know how this industry works. All I was doing is explaining the facts here.

        Also, your assessment of A&E not being “Arts” and/or “Entertainment” is only your opinion, just as your opinion of Duck Dynasty is something that you would despise. (which is kinda strange since you claim to not watch A&E, which would tell me that you have never actually watched the show.)

        Look, A&E is a business, just like Allen Clifton says. It isn’t the “Redneck Channel” nor is it the “Al Gore Channel”. But it does try to cater to the large spectrum of viewers.

        14 MILLION viewers watch Duck Dynasty. That is a shitload of eyeballs watching commercials. (and make NO mistake, the bottom line here IS the bottom line — the business is in business to show commercials to you.)

        NO business in their right mind is going to pull the plug on something that generates that kind of money — especially when there are 14 MILLION people who are more than willing to watch that “biblical bullshit” every week. I am sure they aren’t going to miss your eyeballs watching them.

        To me, this whole thing has been a tempest in a teapot. Politically, socially and religiously, I do not agree with anything Robertson said in that interview. But I will defend his right to say whatever foolish thing he chooses. I also will defend whatever reaction A&E chooses to take over those comments, and whatever reaction YOU have. If I hated people who have opinions different than my own, I would hate everyone.

        The Right whines all the time about stupid shit like this and now the Left is doing the whining. Just get over this already.

      • charleo1

        Speaking for myself, I hear public discourse getting
        courser, almost by the day. And, Robertson’s opinions didn’t shock as much as seeing them out there in print, unvarnished, as they were. The avalanche of people, outraged at his suspension, were actually uglier in a way, than the comments themselves. So, now we’re all set up for another reality show celebrity, maybe giving us his opinion as to why the White Supremacist have a point about the, “Mud Races,” and school integration holding the White kids back. Or, how the Jews are in cahoots with the UN, and running the Country behind the scenes. And, what else? After a time, we won’t bat an eyelid at anything said, about anyone. And will have lost sight of the fact, that just because we may say
        anything we want about anyone, over any kind of medium that happens to be available, doesn’t mean we should.

    • Joe Acaba

      Mr. Dj, as objective, inciteful, gracious and pragmatic as you’ve attempted to appear in the affordsaid, it almost sounds like you are nothing more than a shill for A&E, Duck Dynasty & Phil R. in the guise of someone appalled (wink, wink) by what has transpired. First off, no need for a “God” that judges, if Murder is on the same level as Lying; Pedophiles can be equated with Pickpockets; or Rapists are on a par with Crustacean munchers (just to mention sliver of comparisons). Point? I too, like you, do not believe in “sins” per se, but I do believe if you give someone a pass on a doctrine of animus due to that individual’s misinterpretation of his own tenets, then you have in effect validated that person, his erroneous belief and his hateful speech. Remember, Phil R, by all accounts, is not a “stupid man”; educated in fact. So to say that he said all that he did based on “his PERSONAL religious beliefs”…? Well, my friend, I’m not buying it. Mr. Dj, Phil is a bigot; pure and simple (cloked, of course, like a large swatch of Republicans & Tea Partyers [sic], as “Christians” & “Freedom Lovers”). Oh, and by the way, a man claiming to be a Christian does not mutually exclude him from being a closeted homosexual (many examples on the public record) making it “impossible”, as you put it, to partake in the lifestyle. Who knows, Phil might just surprise you in the offing. Yes, what yo say is true, if you don’t like it, change the station, turn the page, shut it off, close the book…all good. What’s not good is letting these cretins get away with murder, while our Bashirs, Olbermanns, Rathers, Donohues, Shultzes (though I’m glad he’s back)… get relegated to the hinterlands, while these bastards and bastardettes on the Right get pass after pass after pass. And it’s folk like you, that enable this to continue. How? By being so pragmatic and reasonable and understanding…and getting A&E’s bottom line, and understanding that all the rubes out there need their mandless shows, and that the Phil Roberstson’s of this world should be comprehended and tolerated because after all, we, the good guys, are the civil ones. Yeah, right. That is the main reason why what history will prove to be one of the greatest presidents of all time is at present being, ridiculed, tormented, derided, disrespected by racist, bigots and fearmongers. Why? Because he is simply too nice, too magnanimous. If he were another Bush (not the mental side of him, but the intrepid side), Obama would be chewing off the heads of the Republicans and spiiting them out for good measure). What I’m saying is nice sometimes just doesn’t cut it and you know where they always finish. And you’re entire comment is tryng to appear nice and civil, when you should be condemning that phoney-ass millionaire for what he is and cutting him down to size. And please, let me not get started on the Amboy Dukes & Cat Scratch Fever…I would’ve thought that you’d already come back from that 60’s Journey To The Center Of Your Mind, and grown up from that aweful music. For great guitar, try Joe Bonamassa, Clapton, Satriani,DiMiola, heck…even Hendrix. But Ted? You gotta be kidding!

      • djallyn

        @Joe Acaba :

        Shill for A&E? Nope. I’ve only tried to explain how the business operates. I am NOT, in ANY way defending or excusing anyone.

        Let me give you a little insight into ME.

        I am a gay man. I am legally and happily married to another gay man. I live and work in British Columbia, where gay marriages were legal LONG before they were anywhere in the US.

        I work as a sound engineer in a sound studio that has worked on hundreds of television series that you have probably enjoyed since 1985. I choose not to be specific, only to give you insight. I work on a daily basis with several executive producers and several broadcast and broadcast networks. So I kind of have a basic understanding of the workings of the industry.

        As a gay ATHEIST man, I am NOT “offended” by anything Phil Robertson said. Why? Because I reject the idea of “sin”.

        Sure, I could CHOOSE to be offended, but what good does that do to me? I personally know a LOT of people who think EXACTLY the same way as Mr Robertson, and while EACH of them would say that they PERSONALLY would never engage in homosexual acts based on a personal or religious belief they would NEVER dare to deny someone else their personal beliefs.

        This seems to be something that has been overlooked by all of the hyperventilation of pundits over the past week or so when this story first broke out. Had people read his comments closely themselves, they would have realized that HE WAS CAREFUL TO SAY THIS WAS HIS PERSONAL BELIEFS.

        Oy vey, (Oh yes, I was born and raised a JEW who speaks fluent Hebrew and Yidish, so I could tell you a few things about your “Old Testament” which WE refer to as “The Torah”)

        Joe, this country is made up of a LOT of Democrats. Republicans, “bigots” “racists”, “assholes”, etc. We are not only the national “melting pot”:, we are the “melting pot” of ideologies. Somehow, we make it work, for the most part.

        I don’t see Mr. Robertson as an “evil” or even a dislikeable person. In fact, many of my closest friends are almost exactly like the man. We have an understanding — we may disapprove of each other’s beliefs and/or life styles, we DO get along VERY well through mutual respect for each other.

        Here is the thing, Joe.

        I am a “Socialist” at heart. (I see your Liberal and raise you a few…) But I can get along with ANY religious Conservative any day of the week simply by being ME. I respect and tolerate other people’s ideas and beliefs as long as they respect mine. While it is hard to do that online though an anonymous internet connection, actually KNOWING someone face-to-face is completely different.

        I live part time in Washington State. I live in a mostly Conservative area, where almost all of my neighbors are Right Wing Koolaid Drinkers who only rely on Limbaugh, Hannity, Medvid, and Savage for their daily informational intake.

        Yet most of them are some of my closest friends outside of political and religious ideology. They know my background, they know my sexuality. Most even resemble Phil Robertson in looks AND mannerisms AND attitude. hey are as REAL to me as I am to THEM. We each know that given a conversation we would intensely disagree with each other. But we have this unspoken code NEVER to have that conversation with each other.

        And guess what: IT WORKS!

        But as media bystanders, we get drawn into the BS of media from BOTH sides. The Left versus the Right. We take sides and get indignant over stupid shit like the Duck Dynasty “scandal”.

        I can guarantee that there are people in West Monroe, Louisiana who are Liberals, Conservatives, Christians, Jews, atheists and what-not who think that this is just plain silly. Most of these people are probably close friends of the Robertsons and know them close enough to know that they AREN’T the “bigots” that some groups have made them out to be.

        But I look at it this way: So what if they ARE “bigots”? Why the hell should I care? Are they going to make me any less gay? Are they going to make me NOT love my husband? Are they going to change my mind any?

        NOPE. If that was their hope or game plan, then they’ve already lost.

  • FD Brian

    If I didn’t know any better one would think that this whole thing was orchestrated by A & E themselves.

  • sparks

    what i want to know is will they get a homosexual african american on the show to kind of “balance things out”

  • MadMan

    If A&E will not drop the show maybe we should start petitioning our cable providers to drop A&E. It would be better all around given that most of their shows are trash anyway.

    • djallyn

      I think that you REALLY need to get a grip.

      Let me say first that I do NOT agree with the interview of Phil Robertson by GQ that was published by GQ.

      First, I am MORE than sure that the total interview was not publish — media has a tendency to only publish “explosive” items.

      Secondly, when you ask a redneck of his opinion, why the hell should anyone feel surprised by his answer?

      Good gravy!

      None of this should have come as a “surprise” to those who might act “offended”.

      I am a GAY man in a GAY relationship. I am NOT a Christian, mainly because I would NEVER be accepted as a “married” man to another man in a state that allows same-sex marriages.


      While I am not only married to another man, and am an actual gay person, I ALSO believe in the rights of OTHER people who have strong religious beliefs that their religion tells them to believe in a completely different way.

      C’est la vie. To each his/her own. I certainly wouldn’t demand that someone who believes in something different BEND to MY beliefs.

      If they do not want to engage in homosexual acts — they are free NOT to. If they do not believe in same-sex marriages — then DON’T.

      It’s pretty simple.

      Phil Robertson — God bless him — only has his religion to guide him. I respect that — even as an atheist. I am NOT offended by his beliefs at all. I actually know a LOT of people exactly like Phil and who think exactly like Phil who have the exact same beliefs — FOR THEMSELVES.

      Honestly? Most of them might disapprove of my marriage to my husband on religious terms, but do not discount my actual LOVE for my husband. They may think I will eventually burn in their “hell”, but that is THEIR belief, not mine.

      The funny thing is that MOST of our friend are exactly like Phil Robertson. Most or our family friends ARE basically “rednecks” at heart and still respect what we have together, even though we are probably going to burn in hell.

      Am I bothered by any of this? NOT IN THE LEAST.

      I know for a fact that if I were to meet Phil Robertson face-to-face, we would have completely difference in religious attitudes, but like MOST of us, we would immediately be able to overlook those difference on virtually every other level.

      Want a real-time example?

      How many of your close friends have a totally different religious belief as your own?

      Are you still able to get along and even become close friends?


      How many of your friends have different POLITICAL beliefs as your own? Are you STILL able to consider yourselves as friends?

      I bring all of this up because I used to produce some radio talk show both for Conservatives and Liberals over the years. I have been on both sides of the media divide, and have found some VERY interesting attitudes.

      I currently work as a sound engineer on a television series that is NOT political in any way, shape, or form. But I am WELL familiar with the business and can completely understand what Scott Gurney (Duck Dynasty’s Executive Producer) and the network (A&E) had to deal with when confronted with a controversy such as the interview between GQ and Phil Hartman.

      I knew from the very beginning that (A) Phil Hartman was never going to be “fired” (B) A&E had to take some kind of PR action because of the wide spectrum of audience they have. (C) that the Hartman family themselves never wanted to be the center of ANY controversy.

      I am confident that Phil Hartman holds FIRMLY to his personal religious beliefs — and I respect him for that. But I also believe that Phil Hartman doesn’t HATE gay people (or anyone else for that matter)

      While some of his comments in the interview were rather ham-handed, if anyone had read them real closely, you probably would have discovered that they were based solely on his PERSONAL viewpoints.

      Allow me to parse his comments:

      For Phil Robertson, he DOESN’T approve of homosexuality. (Wait a moment — neither does about 98 percent of the American population — and yes, that number could be around 95 percent,but you get the picture…)

      For Phil Robertson, he doesn’t understand the attraction to a “man’s anus” over a “vagina”. (big surprise there — almost every heterosexual feel the same way, somewhere around 95 percent.)

      For Phil Robertson, HIS stated reasons to be against homosexuality is based on RELIGIOUS beliefs. (interestingly, that number is around 40 percent)

      While we don’t hang homosexuals in this country, we also don’t hang people who have certain religious beliefs against homosexuality. For those gay people who take offense of what people like Phil Robertson believe, you only need to look at your OWN belief system to find that we need to find a way to allow EACH of us our OWN beliefs while respecting that other will always have differing beliefs.

      Again, pretty simple.

      While I managed to legally marry a man with whom I have been in a monogamous relationship for over 45 years, it doesn’t mean that same-sex marriage is for EVERYONE. For crying out loud, divorce rates are currently around 50 percent on straight marriages, and I think time will tell us that the same will probably be the same among same-sex marriages.

      None of this will be the fault or the proof of Duck Dynasty.

      Until this stupid “controversy”, I can honestly say that I have NEVER watched one episode of Duck Dynasty. Because i was interested, I bought the first season through Amazon and enjoyed the show. For crying out loud! These are REAL people who can make me fucking laugh. I actually KNOW people like this family! YES, they go to church. YES, they hold personal beliefs — for themselves — that differ from mine. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I HAVE MANY FRIENDS WHO WOULD NEVER ENTER INTO A SAME-SEX RELATIONSHIP WITH SOMEONE! But they STILL respect me and mine for who and WHAT we are.

      I am willing to bet that if I were to meet Phil Robertson today and introduce him to my husband, he would NOT rebuke me nor would he send me away or talk bad about me personally. Just as I wouldn’t COULDN’T see myself engaged in a relationship with a woman, he would never see himself engaged in a relationship with another man. We could BOTH give graphic reasoning for our decisions and both would be valid for EACH of us.

      Had anyone really bothered to read Mr. Robertson’s words, they would have noticed that he was pretty careful to mention that these words were from his OWN opinion, beliefs, and personal observations.

      While I find his opinions to be almost completely opposite of mine, I have NO problem accepting those opinions and beliefs and would defend his right to them at all costs. From what I know of the man, he would also feel the same way towards MY opinions and beliefs and my right to those as well.


      First, this was NEVER a “First Amendment” issue” (Sorry, Right Wing) Robertson was / and has never been / restricted from saying any goll durn thing he wishes.

      Second, each and every one of us CAN say or believe anything we wish, no matter how foolish it is. Of course, there i NOTHING that says that there may be consequences for what we say.

      Surprise! If you embarrass your employer, you MIGHT lose your job! If you are a high-profile person, whatever you say might be magnetized by several-fold. DUH.

      Seriously? I am I offended by anything Phi Roberson said to GQ?

      NOPE. Perhaps if I believed in the concept of “sin” I might be, BUT I DO NOT, for I am NOT a Christian.. I was born a Jew, but do not believe in the Judeo/Christian beliefs. I am not exactly “atheist” for I do believe that there *may* be something beyond our mental understanding, but whatever it is, it has NOTHING to do with a Bronze-aged social engineering religion that can be disproved scientifically day in and day out.

      For my religious friends, please don’t use the previous paragraph against me for that would be completely ironic.

      • MadMan

        Do you need a fork with that worthless word salad? It looks like a PR form letter where you can be anyone you want to be on the internet. Gay and atheist? Sure and I’m a black porn star with a 20 inch penis. So are you writing this on behalf of A&E or the duck dynasty family or do you work for a PR firm hired by them? As for you “stats” I can pull some out of my butt also. 90% of people reading your garbage think you are an idiot.
        This is not about him not liking gay people. It is about him saying they are like people who have sex with animals, that black people had it better before civil rights and then suggesting girls of 15 should be getting married, having kids and staying at home. The man is beyond speaking of religion. He is ignorant trailer trash or just using his position to pander to his audience. Either way this type of belief system needs to change. It becomes dangerous because to many people read his crap and think it is ok to physically harm gay people and minorities. They use it as support to repress these groups and if his kind had their way you never “would have been able to get married to your gay husband.” You either fight to put this type of thought system in the dark ages where it belongs or we go back to days when gay people are executed just for being gay. Yes there are groups in the US that are pushing for that and have financed governments in Africa that do just that.
        I find your whole reply filled with nonsense and I doubt any of your claims about who you are or how you live your life.

      • djallyn


        I could care less what your color, your profession, and the size of your dildo is. Not really germane to this issue.

        I AM writing as a person who knows the reality and doesn’t whine when something doesn’t go your way.

        I get it: you are as rooted in your socio-political beliefs as … well, Phil Robertson. But in YOUR tiny little world, the two of you cannot coexist.

        Your reading comprehension is a bit weak, because had you actually sat down and read what Robertson said, you would find that he was speaking solely from his perspective, based on his religious beliefs.

        He and his family followed up after this thing broke out by saying that these were his beliefs as they pertain to HIM, and HIS experiences.

        But like the Right jumps off half-cocked about comments made by people on the Left, this time it was the Left doing it.

        You said:

        “This is not about him not liking gay people. It is about him saying they are like people who have sex with animals […]”

        Again, your reading skills leave a lot to be desired. He NEVER actually said that — that is YOU interpreting what he said in order to put it into the worst light possible.

        What he WAS talking about — something that GQ pushed him on — was what constituted a “sin” in his mind. Robertson did the predictable thing that Evangelicals do and rushed right to Leviticus, where there are all sorts of “sins” that are “equal” to homosexuality.

        And do try to understand this: Robertson isn’t in the minority here when it comes to those RELIGIOUS beliefs. Most people of the Judeo-Christian faiths have that in their core beliefs. But like many people who proclaim to be Christian, they tend to overlook a lot of things in the bible.

        You notice that Robertson never called for the stoning or putting to death of gays? That’s because he wasn’t speaking for everyone, only for himself. He couldn’t understand how a man could be attracted to another man that way, that’s all.

        Granted, he could have probably not been quite so coarse about it, but hey, they WERE interviewing a bonafide redneck.

        You also said:

        “Either way this type of belief system needs to change. ”

        SERIOUSLY? You get bent out of shape over someone telling you that YOUR beliefs are all wrong and that they need to be changed, yet here you are doing the same thing.

        Here is a real simple thing for you to try:

        If you don’t like what someone says or believes, then don’t listen to them. Don’t have anything to do with them. Don’t watch their top-rated cable show on TV, don’t read their interviews in GQ, just IGNORE them. It’s really that simple.

        Only you have control over whether you allow yourself to be offended by someone else. THEY aren’t doing that to you, it is you CHOOSING to be offended.

        Like I said, I am a gay man. I first heard of Phil Robertson and what he supposedly said on Think Progress, and here. I completely agreed with Allen Clifton’s assessment that this never was a violation of Robertson’s First Amendment rights, and that A&E, along with the production company that produces the show, had every right to protect their investments by suspending Robertson for an “indefinite” period of time.

        I also read HOW the story was being reported, — the comparison of homosexuality to bestiality, and how blacks were better under Jim Crow, etc.

        But when I actually sat down and OBJECTIVELY read the actual interview, I found that this wasn’t really what Robertson was saying. In fact, he was very careful to preface his remarks with this coming from his religious faith, and in the case of his remarks about blacks, from working as a kid in the cotton fields along side other blacks. This was his small-world experience he was speaking from.


        I am NOT in agreement with Phil Robertson’s political, social, or religious beliefs — or at least the three or four that he talked about in the interview. But then, I know a LOT of people like Phil Robertson, and I am proud to count a few of them as my close friends.


        Because these are just a couple of areas of disagreement. They are their PERSONAL beliefs, just as my sexuality and atheism are MY personal beliefs. I don’t push them on to anyone else, and they don’t push them on to me.

      • MadMan

        Just more gibberish you are tossing out.
        If he is comparing sins in the bible to being gay then it is only a step away from calling for people to be stoned to death because that is also in the bible. You do not get it. If you do not call out these people and make them aware of how backward they are it is no different then saying it is ok to stone gays to death. It is no different then knowing people in hate groups and just ignoring it in the quest to “keep the peace.” If you act like that and behave like that expect people point out how ignorant theysound.

        As for “me ability to read” maybe you should have taken the advice. In my first comment I no where said he could not speak his mind. Only that if there are still enough people angry about what he said and A&E was going to stand behind him then we have the right to also express our opinions and try pressing A&E to make a decision.

        Go peddle your PR crap somewhere else. If you are here for that maybe you should carry that news back to them. There are people who will fight to get stupid people like him off the air. If it his show or by getting cable companies to drop the whole station.
        They have to learn that they can say what they want but there can be consequences to that right.

      • djallyn


        RE: “Just more gibberish you are tossing out. ”

        No, you are just being truculent.

        RE: “You do not get it ”

        I think it is YOU who does not “get it”. He isn’t calling for people like me to be put to death. He isn’t even saying that he hates people who are gay. He is only giving a reason why HE chooses not to be gay.

        This is where your reading comprehension has failed you. Go back and read what HE said, not what someone else believes he said.

        Here, I will make it easier for you by listing the three things that have your bowels in an uproar:

        1. “It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

        He is giving his OWN perspective as it relates to himself on the topic of homosexuality. He’s saying that he cannot be attracted to another man, and further, his religion tells him that it is a sin.

        Then he goes on to describe what the bible tells him a sin is:

        2. “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” he says. (Then he paraphrases Corinthians): “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

        Again, he was talking about what the BIBLE is telling him about “sins”. (And the list isn’t that short, either.) But he is talking about himself and WHY he isn’t interested in committing a sin, and how serious this is TO HIM.

        Finally, we get to the one about black people “being better off under Jim Crow” (which wasn’t what he said)

        3. “I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field…. They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!… Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

        Again, HIS personal experiences as a kid. He probably didn’t get out too far in the world at that time, so his point of reference as to how blacks were treated around him was probably pretty small.

        You said:

        “Go peddle your PR crap somewhere else. If you are here for that maybe you should carry that news back to them.”

        Sorry, I don’t have a dog in that hunt. I only commented because I know how the industry operates, not that I have any sway or pull with them. I only work in the industry as a sound engineer for a production studio, not as a PR mouthpiece.

        You also said:

        “There are people who will fight to get stupid people like him off the air. If it his show or by getting cable companies to drop the whole station.
        They have to learn that they can say what they want but there can be consequences to that right.”

        There are stupid people who will fight to get people like him off the air.

        There, I fixed it for you.

        C’mon, dude, are you insane? All this “controversy” has done is INCREASE the number of eyeballs on that show. Prior to this, it was one of the top-rated shows on cable, with 14 MILLION people watching it. Revenues from the show are in the $400 MILLION range with advertising, products, etc. This is the DUCK that laid the golden egg for A&E and their owners, The Hearst Corporation and ABC-Disney.

        The more of a stink you raise about it, the more people are going to go watch it. You need to get that through your thick skull.

        I am guessing that you probably have never actually watched the show. I hadn’t either until this thing came out. Then I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about.

        Honestly? It was pretty tame. Funny in places, Entertaining. I wasn’t turned off at all about the family making a big display out of praying or attending church.

        Bottom line?

        We probably agree on many other political and social issues. But this one is a loser.

      • MadMan

        The problem is, is that he is not the only one pushing the connection between gay people and bestiality and they are are pushing more extreme reactions to gay people. Just because he did not say it in the interview does not mean he may or may not share their ultimate goal of arresting or executing gay people. They have. He may be just smart enough to not let on. We have to assume that when they use these coded passages selectively that are pushing out their hidden message to each other. That is how they work.

        The whole family are a group of con artists pedaling cheap Chinese crap onto the public. I have seen a few episodes of this scripted “reality” crap and it is shameful they way they act because it makes all Americans look like fools. The people who produce it should be locked away as punishment for releasing this garbage onto people. They are the ultimate dumbing down of this country. It is a show for anti-intellectual window lickers, racists and bigots.

        Again he has a right to be an ass and I have the right to protest what he says. Even if it is a futile attempt at getting people organized and removed from tv. Everyone need to show these types of people they cannot hide behind your religion as an explanation for being a dick. Look at the Pope. He said get over it basically and they hated that so we know it is not about religion.

      • djallyn


        I don’t see him pushing any such connection — I see it coming directly from the bible he reads. Granted, most of these people tend to do a lot of cherry-picking when it comes to these “sins”.

        You have to understand, for a lot of people, religion is the centerpiece of their complete existence. Never mind that a lot of us see it for what it is: a Bronze-Age social engineering rule book designed to keep a fledgling society going at the time.

        Arguing with fundamentalist religious folks is a lot like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. The best you can do is not engage them on those terms.

        Sure, he does have the right to say stupid things and you have the right to not like them — or even counter what he says with equally stupid things.

        But WHY? To make you feel better? It certainly isn’t going to have any real positive effect, it only serves to divide and radicalize the two sides even further.

        It isn’t as if the Cajun Ozark redneck culture just recently appeared. It’s been around a LOT longer than Nascar and Dixie. These aren’t mean people. They aren’t “hateful”. They just have their way of thinking and speaking, and see you and I in much the same way as we see them.

        I look at it this way: If I expect tolerance out of someone else, I, too have to be tolerant of them. We don’t have to agree. We don’t even have to be friends. But respect and tolerance should be there.

        Finally? The one thing lacking in everything that Phil Robertson said in his interview was MALICE. I didn’t see him being “hateful” or “malicious” in his words. He was only speaking his beliefs as they pertained to HIS life

  • Brian Frang

    Here’s the thing: They were perfectly within their rights to suspend/fire him. They’re ALSO perfectly within their rights to reinstate him,.I may not like the guy, but it’s a bit unfair to defend their right to discipline him as a business decision, then get mad at them for deciding they don’t want to, as a business decision.

  • fuck republicans

    The author listed many shows that arts and entertainment produces. none of which could ever be considered art, and do not pass for entertaining. A&E is garbage.

  • christian

    Whether you agree or disagree is not the problem. Do you really think that “political correctness” isn’t about the cash flow then you are fooled. If you don’t like the comments then go hang out with your politically correct friends. Meanwhile the “dumb redneck” is raking in the dough. That’s what you are jealous about while you sit at your computer and hand out your opinion which no one actually cares about. Remember Zimmerman? So all the hate you spout and all the hate mongering Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton incite doesn’t bother you but a WHITE man exercising his right to say what he wants anytime he wants sucks ,right?? Who is the true bigot?

  • No

    The whole thing was stupid. What upset me was the ignorance and hatred I saw in people that I thought were more than that as a result of this fiasco. Nothing like a bigoted redneck taking advantage of America’s ignorance to show you what your “friends” really think about you…..
    He knew exactly what he was doing too. Those of us he offended the most never watched the show or bought the products anyway. No loss. What he gained was the loyalty and the sympathy of those who never watched the show before, but will now, out of ignorance and a warped idea of what defending freedom of speech or religion means….

  • Barbara LeVan

    how can a&e have principals (sic) when they can’t even spell the word? it’s PRINCIPLES, and if you have them and are a network on television, i expect you to be able to spell the word. coarse language? he showed himself for what he was – a homophobe and a racist, and then he says that he is a christian and didn’t mean for it to come out the way it did. i’d like to know what other way he wanted to say this. i think he was very clear. as for a&e, you are tolerating someone who hates and allowing him and his equally ignorant family to make money. i’d like to know exactly what your principles are. btw, as a former legal secretary, i can pretty much tell that your explanation was written by them and not by those who head the network. i don’t believe a single word of your so-called pathetic apology.

  • sanstache

    still not watching

  • Just because we CAN do or say something doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea. And frankly, if I were Robertson’s employer I’d never let the jerk back in. But oh, my bad, I keep thinking logic and honesty are part of the equation. I forgot, money is the only thing his employers care about.

    • Bine646

      Some would say Phil answered the question with honesty