After Clinton Endorsement, Rabid Sanders Supporters Trash Elizabeth Warren on Social Media

As expected, following Hillary Clinton clinching the Democratic nomination this week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren wasted almost no time in endorsing her candidacy for president. This really shouldn’t have been all that shocking considering it’s been clear from the start that Warren, like Bernie Sanders did in 2008, was going to stay neutral until a candidate was chosen before officially making her endorsement.

Afterwards, just as many probably expected, rabid Sanders supporters took to social media to trash possibly the most popular progressive in the Democratic party.

Here are a few of the comments I saw from these people:

If you endorse Shillarry and accept the VP position that will be two women I won’t vote for.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren has proven to be another puff piece of a politician, endorsing a candidate that goes against her own principles for the sake of “politics and party loyalty.” You are weak, senator.

Well, I lost all hope in Elizabeth Warren. I loved her, but she is supporting the oligarchy candidate who takes money from the big banks. That is unacceptable.

If Warren endorses Hillary it will be a sad day for progressives. To back an employee of the same banks you are taking on is political contradiction. This undermines everything she has worked for and will confuse many that support her cause.

Elizabeth Warren is a sellout! Her words, speeches, what she has stood for has no meaning now since she is endorsing Hillary. Bernie! Bernie! Bernie! Never Hillary.

If you endorse Clinton, you endorse all of her corruption, as well as the corruption of the DNC and the Democratic establishment.

Warren has lost credibility as a progressive this season by holding out on a Bernie endorsement when he needed it, and by endorsing the very person she was blasting just a few days ago. (She absolutely did not “blast her” a few days ago – she’s actually considering being her VP, according to reports.)

I hope your ready to lose a lot of followers #wewillleaveyou

Very disappointed you are not backing Bernie Sanders. (Because it makes sense to endorse the candidate who didn’t win.)

What a joke. She just waited until the last minute to endorse because she’s looking for a VP spot. An opportunist is all she is she deserves to stand next to $illary.

Told you folks…this sellout will turn on a dime to make a buck or get power. She’s frothing at the mouth at the very thought of being vp….regardless of if it means standing by satan.

#SellOut you just lost any chance of Progressives backing you ever again! #PrimaryWarren. 

I was a Democrat. I have now officially left the democrap dictatorship. Goodbye Warren. Have fun tweeting with Trump and standing with your party of #RapistsRUs

Glad you completely gave up on your principles and established yourself as both a coward and DNC loyalist despite being against their neo con/neo liberal ideals. I can’t believe I voted for you #sellout

I’ve given up. I’m 43 and I’ve given up. The status quo continues and I want no part of it anymore. Lifelong, proud voter, done with the he system. Just plain embarrassed to be an American lately.

We are only just beginning the battle! Bernie Sanders for President! (You can’t reason with this level of delusion right here.)

You guys are so blind. Goodbye democracy. Goodbye freedom. Goodbye honesty and integrity. We no longer live in a free country. We no longer have a democracy when our government can be bought by the highest bidder. F*cking sheep. Turn off MSNBC. Turn off CNN. Stop watching MSM, they are corrupt and are lying to you.

Good bye Warren, Good By Maddow.

Why is she endorsing a Republican?

Traitor, warren you are nothing in our eyes now.

How sad Warren is selling out.

F*ck both of them. (It was announced on Rachel Maddow’s show. So she’s part of the “them.”)

Used to respect these two….sadly…no more….you can add obama , too. Democrats are as corrupt as the gop. If all you. settle for is lesser of evils…that is all you will ever get.Party unity ,my ass.

F*ck ,Rachel,F*ck Hillary and don’t Belive Elizabeth would lower her standards!!

Just lost a lot of respect for Elizabeth, endorsing someone that is owned by the people she fights against, disgusting.

I think I’m going to throw up.

All this Sen Warren stuff was manufactured by the media from the start anyway. (Yes, now apparently Warren has always been awful and is just a product of the media.)

And that is sad…she has soiled her reputation in bowing down to the neoliberals who are on their way out…bowed down to Wall Street who will get bailouts and bowed down to voter suppression and election fraud she and you support….in the United States Of America….how sad for you both to throw away your reputation…your ethical integrity. and your moral character.

F*ck you, f*cking sellout!

I’ll stop there, but trust me when I say there were many more. And I’m not even addressing how many “likes” these particular comments had from people who might not have commented themselves, but apparently agreed with what was said.

This reaction shouldn’t be a shock to anyone who’s followed the 2016 Democratic primary. While most Bernie Sanders supporters are great, rational people who know that the GOP is the real enemy, there’s been a very vocal section of Sanders supporters who’ve been a mainstream story for quite some time for their vile, hostile and often conservative-like ignorance toward those with which they disagree.

After all, Warren was attacked a few weeks ago, not because she endorsed Clinton back then — but because she didn’t give into the demands of Sanders supporters to do what they wanted and endorse Bernie. Nothing like proving how sane and rational you are by aggressively bashing one of the most progressive Democrats (if not the most progressive) we have in this country because she didn’t give in to your demands.

Then again, I knew this was coming days ago when I wrote this article warning liberals to get ready because Elizabeth Warren was about to become “Enemy #1” to many on the far-left.

When you look over these comments, it’s clear how uninformed, delusional and ignorant these folks are. To react this way is not at all progressive or liberal. I find it rather comical that people who’d tell Warren (and Maddow, too) “f*ck you” somehow think that they represent “progressive values.”

They don’t. 

Those types of “liberals” are every bit as pathetic as supporters of Donald Trump.

It’s amazing that this endorsement was “shocking” news to these folks. Again, it proves just how little many of them actually understand about the presidential primary, elections, politics or even government. Did these people really not believe that when Clinton won the nomination, Warren was going to endorse her? What did they think she was waiting for? If she was never going to endorse Clinton, then why hadn’t she endorsed Sanders?

Thankfully, the vast majority of Bernie Sanders supporters don’t act like these particular people.

It’s a sad day in this country when a legitimate progressive hero, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, is relentlessly trashed by a group of so-called “liberals” because those engaging in this sad and pathetic behavior somehow believe that acting just like ignorant tea party conservatives somehow makes them better than everyone else. When the truth is, with their asinine behavior, all they’re doing is proving that they’re no better than any Trump supporter or tea party buffoon I’ve dealt with over the last few years.

For the rest of us who know how to act like adults and realize the bigger picture, it’s time for us to get to work.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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