After Clinton Endorsement, Rabid Sanders Supporters Trash Elizabeth Warren on Social Media

As expected, following Hillary Clinton clinching the Democratic nomination this week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren wasted almost no time in endorsing her candidacy for president. This really shouldn’t have been all that shocking considering it’s been clear from the start that Warren, like Bernie Sanders did in 2008, was going to stay neutral until a candidate was chosen before officially making her endorsement.

Afterwards, just as many probably expected, rabid Sanders supporters took to social media to trash possibly the most popular progressive in the Democratic party.

Here are a few of the comments I saw from these people:

If you endorse Shillarry and accept the VP position that will be two women I won’t vote for.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren has proven to be another puff piece of a politician, endorsing a candidate that goes against her own principles for the sake of “politics and party loyalty.” You are weak, senator.

Well, I lost all hope in Elizabeth Warren. I loved her, but she is supporting the oligarchy candidate who takes money from the big banks. That is unacceptable.

If Warren endorses Hillary it will be a sad day for progressives. To back an employee of the same banks you are taking on is political contradiction. This undermines everything she has worked for and will confuse many that support her cause.

Elizabeth Warren is a sellout! Her words, speeches, what she has stood for has no meaning now since she is endorsing Hillary. Bernie! Bernie! Bernie! Never Hillary.

If you endorse Clinton, you endorse all of her corruption, as well as the corruption of the DNC and the Democratic establishment.

Warren has lost credibility as a progressive this season by holding out on a Bernie endorsement when he needed it, and by endorsing the very person she was blasting just a few days ago. (She absolutely did not “blast her” a few days ago – she’s actually considering being her VP, according to reports.)

I hope your ready to lose a lot of followers #wewillleaveyou

Very disappointed you are not backing Bernie Sanders. (Because it makes sense to endorse the candidate who didn’t win.)

What a joke. She just waited until the last minute to endorse because she’s looking for a VP spot. An opportunist is all she is she deserves to stand next to $illary.

Told you folks…this sellout will turn on a dime to make a buck or get power. She’s frothing at the mouth at the very thought of being vp….regardless of if it means standing by satan.

#SellOut you just lost any chance of Progressives backing you ever again! #PrimaryWarren. 

I was a Democrat. I have now officially left the democrap dictatorship. Goodbye Warren. Have fun tweeting with Trump and standing with your party of #RapistsRUs

Glad you completely gave up on your principles and established yourself as both a coward and DNC loyalist despite being against their neo con/neo liberal ideals. I can’t believe I voted for you #sellout

I’ve given up. I’m 43 and I’ve given up. The status quo continues and I want no part of it anymore. Lifelong, proud voter, done with the he system. Just plain embarrassed to be an American lately.

We are only just beginning the battle! Bernie Sanders for President! (You can’t reason with this level of delusion right here.)

You guys are so blind. Goodbye democracy. Goodbye freedom. Goodbye honesty and integrity. We no longer live in a free country. We no longer have a democracy when our government can be bought by the highest bidder. F*cking sheep. Turn off MSNBC. Turn off CNN. Stop watching MSM, they are corrupt and are lying to you.

Good bye Warren, Good By Maddow.

Why is she endorsing a Republican?

Traitor, warren you are nothing in our eyes now.

How sad Warren is selling out.

F*ck both of them. (It was announced on Rachel Maddow’s show. So she’s part of the “them.”)

Used to respect these two….sadly…no more….you can add obama , too. Democrats are as corrupt as the gop. If all you. settle for is lesser of evils…that is all you will ever get.Party unity ,my ass.

F*ck ,Rachel,F*ck Hillary and don’t Belive Elizabeth would lower her standards!!

Just lost a lot of respect for Elizabeth, endorsing someone that is owned by the people she fights against, disgusting.

I think I’m going to throw up.

All this Sen Warren stuff was manufactured by the media from the start anyway. (Yes, now apparently Warren has always been awful and is just a product of the media.)

And that is sad…she has soiled her reputation in bowing down to the neoliberals who are on their way out…bowed down to Wall Street who will get bailouts and bowed down to voter suppression and election fraud she and you support….in the United States Of America….how sad for you both to throw away your reputation…your ethical integrity. and your moral character.

F*ck you, f*cking sellout!

I’ll stop there, but trust me when I say there were many more. And I’m not even addressing how many “likes” these particular comments had from people who might not have commented themselves, but apparently agreed with what was said.

This reaction shouldn’t be a shock to anyone who’s followed the 2016 Democratic primary. While most Bernie Sanders supporters are great, rational people who know that the GOP is the real enemy, there’s been a very vocal section of Sanders supporters who’ve been a mainstream story for quite some time for their vile, hostile and often conservative-like ignorance toward those with which they disagree.

After all, Warren was attacked a few weeks ago, not because she endorsed Clinton back then — but because she didn’t give into the demands of Sanders supporters to do what they wanted and endorse Bernie. Nothing like proving how sane and rational you are by aggressively bashing one of the most progressive Democrats (if not the most progressive) we have in this country because she didn’t give in to your demands.

Then again, I knew this was coming days ago when I wrote this article warning liberals to get ready because Elizabeth Warren was about to become “Enemy #1” to many on the far-left.

When you look over these comments, it’s clear how uninformed, delusional and ignorant these folks are. To react this way is not at all progressive or liberal. I find it rather comical that people who’d tell Warren (and Maddow, too) “f*ck you” somehow think that they represent “progressive values.”

They don’t. 

Those types of “liberals” are every bit as pathetic as supporters of Donald Trump.

It’s amazing that this endorsement was “shocking” news to these folks. Again, it proves just how little many of them actually understand about the presidential primary, elections, politics or even government. Did these people really not believe that when Clinton won the nomination, Warren was going to endorse her? What did they think she was waiting for? If she was never going to endorse Clinton, then why hadn’t she endorsed Sanders?

Thankfully, the vast majority of Bernie Sanders supporters don’t act like these particular people.

It’s a sad day in this country when a legitimate progressive hero, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, is relentlessly trashed by a group of so-called “liberals” because those engaging in this sad and pathetic behavior somehow believe that acting just like ignorant tea party conservatives somehow makes them better than everyone else. When the truth is, with their asinine behavior, all they’re doing is proving that they’re no better than any Trump supporter or tea party buffoon I’ve dealt with over the last few years.

For the rest of us who know how to act like adults and realize the bigger picture, it’s time for us to get to work.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • rdonal

    Once again, YOU are painting the Sanders’ supporters with words like “rabid”, ” sad pathetic behavior” and “not giving into their [Sanders’ supporters] demands” . Of COURSE we are angry! Of course we feel betrayed. Ms. Warren has come out swinging in defense of breaking up the banks, predatory lenders etc… Bernie has steadfastly campaigned on….and now…NOW SHE SIDES WITH HILLARY who is the COMPLETE ANTITHESIS of EVERYTHING WE ARE fighting!! Has Warren been watching what has unfolded over the past 6 months? Has she been electively BLIND to the FRAUD and the continual rigging the DNC and the Hillary campaign have spearheaded when NO ONE in the Clinton camp has spoken a word to address it? Of COURSE we are angry….but now that the sting is gone….we will fight forward…..and soon, the shine will come off of the ball and MISS “I’M THE FIRST WOMAN” won’t be any big deal. Just remember….until the convention and with 2.5 MILLION votes still to be counted in California and several ongoing investigations and law suits surrounding the voter fraud at the hands of the Clinton/DNC campaign…..she is not the crowned anything….she is JUST the PRESUMPTIVE and still corrupt nominee. Ms. Warren….you have chosen to be on the wrong side of history regardless of what your political reasons or aspirations may be. Some stains to the reputation will not wash away with time.

    • Don’t waste time. Warren is a fraud. I’ve been saying that for months. If I wasn’t gonna vote for Clinton I’m definitely not voting for Clinton-Warren ticket.

    • Kathy Hutchinson

      I am still trying to figure out how HRC is the antithesis of everything you are fighting, when she has a long history of advancing women’s and children’s issues, and when she was a senator, she voted the same as Sanders 93% of the time. SMH. It seems to me you people are living in fear, of what you think she will do based on republican talking points, and that is just so so sad. I feel sorry for you.

      Not that any of that matters to you, or frankly, to me either. Go break something. Maybe that will help you feel better. Sheesh.

      • Topbrick

        I keep asking her supporters, but never get an answer: what, exactly, has Clinton done for women and children? She has thrown them under the bus with single payer (will never, ever, happen, she says), has supported wars that have devastated families, has supported children being shipped back to Central America.
        Your comment is like a script I’ve read so many times before. I don’t know where that 93% number comes from or if it’s even accurate but I suspect it’s the 7% difference that matters.
        Yes, I am indeed living in fear of Clinton and it has nothing to do with right wing talking points. I supported the Clintons back in the 90s, but I figured out who Hillary is starting in 2003 with her vote on Iraq. Since then she has continued to disgust me. Her nasty divisive campaigns in 2008, and this year against Bernie have shown me how ruthless she is. It beggars belief that anyone can defend a candidate who is a proven liar and who is under criminal investigation by the FBI. This fact shows what hypocrites her supporters are, because it it were Senator Sanders, you would be screaming for him to drop out.

    • Tara True

      What are the Signs of Paranoia?
      Symptoms of paranoia and delusional disorders include intense and irrational mistrust or suspicion, which can bring on sense of fear, anger, and betrayal. Some identifiable beliefs and behaviors of individuals with symptoms of paranoia include mistrust, hypervigilence, difficulty with forgiveness, defensive attitude in response to imagined criticism, preoccupation with hidden motives, fear of being deceived or taken advantage of, inability to relax, or are argumentative.

  • Regina

    I don’t read anything rabid! She is committing political suicide but that’s her problem.

  • Did people forget Warren’s speech against Palestinians? That’s when I stopped supporting her, she’s totally ignorant when it comes to international politics.

  • Rabid, right. Keep attacking us and then wonder why we don’t support the establishment. Warren is just playing politics, that showed me she has no ideals, she just wants to be with whoever she thinks is going to win.

    • Allen Clifton

      I find it so sad and immature that so many Bernie people want everyone else to bow down and worship them. Grow up and act like adults. Your side lost, stop crying about it.

      • Ebonics Translator

        Hey Allen why don’t you go for the full transformation & have your lips surgically attached to Hillary’s ass? Being a Clinton apologist you know they’re going to stay planted there for 4 years anyway regardless of the detriment she is going to inflict on our country.

      • Gloria Smith-Rockhold


      • noah vail

        these people act more like repugs than any kind of progressive…they seem to forget that progressive by definition is a process, not the end of the journey….the idea is to make progress as a nation not return to the days of yore that were not so good for anyone not old, white and male…the Supreme Court is much to important to leave to the repugs and their ilk….suck it up and vote for Hillary even if you don’t care for her …Anyone but Teeny Weeny……

      • Sharon Fields

        Are you kidding? Why would I vote for the most corrupt candidate in the race? No. I won’t do that. I have a soul.

      • Gloria Smith-Rockhold

        Where is your proof to support this? Quote me some newspaper, online media, Congressional Record, etc. I, too, find many of these reactions totally irrational and immature. Some good lessons to learn from the Bernie experience. I am/was a Bernie supporter even before he announced that he was running for president. His values are my values. Now for the lessons. All you young citizens: remember Bernie’s passion and fire. Remember he’s 74 years old. I year older than I. Do I abandon him because he “lost”?No. He did not lose. No. His values remain intact. He will not be bought. He is a rare thing in politics (unfortunately). He and all of you have done a great thing by being so involved in the Bernie movement. The influence on the Democratic platform is part of your victory. The fact that Bernie did so well against the establishment candidate is a tribute to everything he stands for. Remember that you got involved in politics because of Bernie. Remember to vote. Please don’t vote for Trump. He will ruin our country. Vote for Hillary. Regardless of how you feel personally. Assess her qualifications. She is prepared to be president. Listen to President Obama’s endorsement. Bernie will keep his eye on her. And so can you. So get going, stay excited about Bernie’s movement. If you don’t keep going, Bernie’s movement dies a slow death because of inaction. In 2 weeks, I will attend my state’s Democratic convention where the state’s platform will be written. I can promise you that it will reflect Bernie’s “revolution.” That is another piece of Bernie’s victory. A big smile for all of you. 🙂

      • Debbie V

        Bernie didn’t lose. Hillary didn’t win. Neither have the required 2,383 pledged delegates. The convention will be contested. Why are you talking down to these people? They are not all first time voters. I am 63, and I recognized many others here who are of an age. So condescending…much like Hillary and her supporters. See you in Philly!

      • John Zohn

        Where do you come off saying “Bernie people want everyone else to bow down and worship them.” That’s a truly ignorant thing to say. Bernie supporters recognize your shill queen is not a progressive, she’s a corporate puppet. She’s promoted the TPP, privatized prisons, Fracking, the Keystone Pipeline, supported a corporate coup in Honduras that was a human right nightmare, she supported the Iraq war and called it a business opportunity, her biggest funders are Wall Street and lobbyists from the health care, pharmaceutical, fossil fuel and biotech industries which she has an allegiance to. I’m just trying to figure out how to remove forwardregressive from my facebook feed.

  • mvnwy

    “Rabid” is apparently code for not falling in lock-step with the party line. Discernment is a GOOD thing. We no longer will be pandered to and vote blue no matter what. Calling us names won’t help, either, jeez!

    • Samanthawpace3

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  • B R

    Let’s all fall in line behind Hillary is not progressive in the slightest. That is simply a cop out and does nothing to help change the broken system we have. My idea? Gary JohnsonBernie Sanders 2016

    • Allen Clifton

      Haha. Yes, and the fact you’re stupid enough to 1) Believe Gary Johnson is remotely liberal and 2) Sanders would run with him only shows what a moron you are.

      • KAS

        And now you sounds like a conservative troll – resorting to calling names. Nice.

      • Jet Maier

        Except he’s right.

      • Kathy Hutchinson

        That is rich. A Bernie Brat complaining that someone ELSE is calling names. ROFLMAO

      • B R

        Wow Allen I’m hurt that you’d resort to name calling. I stated none of the above though I suppose the Bernie bit was implied. However, were they to join the same ticket I believe it would be the strongest 3rd party run ever seen. And Johnson being a libertarian gives him more endearing qualities than Trump and the person he is makes him endlessly more appealing than Hillary. Why would you vote for someone you absolutely cannot trust?

  • Faukfox

    Thank you …I agree completely….

    • Seth Grossman

      yes… we are fighting for truth and justice because we want to be better than you… such idiocy… this is not progressive this is a bullshit periodical.

  • Gloria Smith-Rockhold

    I can’t believe how some people are so nasty! No one is saying you have to agree with a certain candidate. If you can’t say something nice or constructive, then keep your comments to yourself. Thank you!

    • Donna Bradley

      but it’s ok for you to call names. Typical hilary follower…double standards!

      • Gloria Smith-Rockhold

        Didn’t call names. Drop it. For your info, I’m a Bernie person, but since I can’t vote for him, I’ll vote for Hillary. Certainly not Bernie.

      • Topbrick

        You still can vote for him. All Bernie supporters know that, which makes me think you are not one.

    • Seth Grossman

      “Bernie people are so not nice for reading the facts and not supporting the candidate with a hoo haw who is not trump”

      Wait, sorry, constructive- Google Pay to play and the clinton foundation, Hillary and prison corporations, Hillary and tar sands, Hillary and fracking, Hillary and monsanto talking points video, That should construct a nice foundation for a tower of truth in your mind to understand why we are angry at people like you.

    • Goody Weaver

      LMAO…you do realize you’re on the internet, right? Maybe it’s time to get rid of your computer.

  • Goody Weaver

    My issue wasn’t with her endorsement. She’s a democrat, and it was expected she would probably endorse the democratic candidate. What bothered me was the fact that all of this was a clearly scripted manipulation, and it was gross. She could have simply issued a statement after the convention endorsing H. But she agrees to be a pawn in a major media even that was advertised by a Clinton-biased network the same day Obama endorses this woman? Eff this noise. What she did was opportunistic, manipulative (though clearly the plan failed, since all she did was make us disgusted), and insulting. She is ON VIDEO explaining how corrupt H is in the past, so her endorsement feels like bullshit. We know that she is well aware H stands against everything real progressives have been working for. She is part of the problem. I guess Warren is now as well.

  • Brian

    Face it liberals. The democrat party killed your movement. They were never liberal, they just want to draw your support. Clinton is a shill and a puppet who is both part of and in the pocket of the Wall Street 1% cabal. She is not liberal and any claims to the contrary she makes are lies. Her campaign so far has been ridden with scandal, evidence of voter fraud abound, Sanders and his supporters thrown to the wayside, and a federal investigation for treason, which she is refusing to cooperate with.
    Don’t support Clinton. Stick to your guns, vote third party, or prepare for 8 more years of status quo.

    • Allen Clifton

      I apologize that Bernie Sanders couldn’t win the minority vote. Those minorities were really in on the “rigging” of democracy.

      • Seth Grossman

        20 years of bush and clinton… education is shit and no one reads and they turn into dumb bricks in a fire wall

      • Brian

        Minorities don’t vote unless the candidate is the same colour or promises them free shit. Sanders said jobs and education. Clinton said welfare and amnesty. There’s your minority vote.

      • Jet Maier

        Ah, the Berners for Trump racists rear their ugly heads.

      • Topbrick

        Every Latino I’ve met in CA voted for Sanders and I live in a Latino neighbourhood. We are still counting votes in CA and yes, there was rigging. The most obvious was the premature AP announcement on Monday night to suppress the vote here and in other June 7 states.There is evidence of election fraud in Arizona and New York too. Your puerile attitude is not doing your candidate any favors.

  • Synthia Fagen

    Who wrote this? Correct the Record? Please.

    • Allen Clifton

      I hear the Wambulance calling your name.

      • Synthia Fagen

        Who’s the child?

  • Synthia Fagen

    She lost 1/2 million followers on Facebook in less than two days. That’s not a fringe faction. You people need to start paying attention.

    • Allen Clifton

      Oh, boo hoo. The poor sensitive Bernie people can’t accept losing. It’s obvious he’s supported by a bunch of children the way many of these people act.

      • Synthia Fagen

        Your true colors are showing Allen. Toughen up. You’re a writer. Do you want to try to be slightly neutral? What you and the rest of the spin doctors can’t seem to get is that this is not about Bernie. Try to listen more.

      • Christopher Krebs

        Writing three paragraphs is not what I consider being a writer, unless you include that work of fiction in the middle that is supposed to be “rabid” Bernie supporters. Allen is much better off where he was, writing snark under aliases.

      • Jet Maier Where’s your highly followed blog, sweetie?

      • KAS

        I thought you were a troll responding to people’s comments, and then I realized that you actually wrote this article. Wow.

      • Peggy Nies

        Lol. He wrote this dog shit article? Haha. Makes sence now. He wanted his 15 minutes of fame.

      • Nanaj

        The correct spelling would be “sense.” Go back to school and grow up gracefully.

      • Peggy Nies

        Oh boo hoo? Who sounds like a child now?

      • Tara True

        You Bernie supporters are the biggest bunch of babies this country has ever seen. Booo Hooo Our candidate lost! Because this country WILL NEVER elect a socialist. WE WON and WE TOLD YOU SO! Ha ha ha ha

      • Hillary fans are SORE WINNERS! We present facts. You respond with this immature garbage? Who is the baby now?

        Great job at “reaching out to Bernie supporters”, btw…just like your Queen, who is building a wall, to keep us out!

        The whole world will be watching that embarrassment. I swear, who gives Hillary advice? She really needs to try and picture the consequences of her actions ahead of time. She’s really bad at that. (Iraq vote, server in her own home, the crime bill.) But, she IS really accomplished at apologizing for her mistakes, which seem to often cost liveS. “Oopsie,”. says the little lady. “My bad! That was by mistake.”

        I’d rather have a leader who gets it right the first time. Ahem.

      • Peggy Nies

        I was making fun of Allen saying “Boo hoo” on a previous reply.

      • rubeyc

        Allen – I thought the article was poor enough but your comments (rants) are immature and ignorant, and thats saying it nicely – and, if anyone’s rabid, its you..

      • ivonne

        we haven’t lost yet………actually we wont know that until nov…

      • TigerKim

        Right, so why are Sanders’ supporters still behaving so ugly? He’s taking this all the way to the convention and he might sway 300 SuperDelgates. So be gracious and patient.

      • It’s always the Hillary supporters making the immature comments like this one. Boo hoo? Your Queen rigged the elections in dozens of states, and guess what? She STILL HASN’T WON! The convention isn’t until July 25th. The AP LIED! She is nothing. Not the nominee, not even the presumptive nominee. She hasn’t won anything yet. And don’t give me that line about 3 million more votes — that’s NOT COUNTING THE CAUCUS STATES! Please stop
        with the childish “sore loser” stuff. If she won fair and square why are there multiple lawsuits being filed by the MILLIONS of people who were denied the right to vote in over a dozen states?

        Do some research, man. What is the purpose of this piece you’ve written? Do you think you have “reached out” and brought any Bernie fans around? Or did you just feel the need to bash some Bernie supporters.

        I find it astonishing that Hillary supporters are even “bad losers” when they (ostensibly) win! How insecure you must all be!

        And now, Hillary is reaching out to conservative Republicans instead of the Bernie democrats!

        After all, she’s building a wall to keep us out!

        Great optics there! Who gave her the advice to build a wall? Trump?

      • TigerKim

        Do people refer to you as “The Queen” when you have worked hard and dedicated yourself to helping people for 30+ years? Or maybe you haven’t even humbled yourself enough to serve other people that long yet. She’s run and gotten elected so far like everyone else (except GWB, and JEB! paid the price for THAT). You call HRC supporters “immature” but refer to her disrespectfully and accuse without any proof. You will be treated like a mature person when you act like one. WHY would she want to reach out to those who act worse than most of the GOP? I reported 3 Sanders’ supporters to Facebook because they threatened to SHOOT HRC supporters. NEVER have I see Republicans behave so crudely and hatefully in public on social media. Sanders’ supporters are getting exactly what they deserve > IGNORED.

      • John Zohn

        Helping people for 30+ years? I take it you don’t have a clue about $hillary’s history do you? She’s helped make a lot of rich people richer at the cost of the rest of us. Would you like to see some actual facts about her or are you satisfied with your fantasy?

    • Anne Zadonia

      Which consisted of 1,000 people with many accounts.

      • Synthia Fagen

        So she didn’t have very many supporters anyway? Is that the gist of your comment?

  • Jordan

    What shit journalism. Shilling for Hillary is so obvious. As a former Warren supporter I regret ever donating to her. I will never help her again!

    • Ebonics Translator

      Allen Clifton is as much a “journalist” as the guy who made my Starbucks this morning in Hollywood is an “actor”.

  • Seth Grossman

    Faux progressives methinks– saying Hillary “clinched the Nomination”?? Unsubscribed from “Forward Progressives”. Backward Sellouts more appropos.

    • Allen Clifton

      Oh, no! We just lost someone else who doesn’t like facts. Whatever will we do without people who wear tinfoil hats?!? I’m sure US Uncut has plenty of hack “journalism” to feed you all.

      • Seth Grossman

        Actually the Nation, truth dig and young turks will eat your lunch. and with that… enjoy your sinking viewership.

      • Theresa Otto

        Cenk Yuger just said Bernie should hang it up, concede, face facts.

      • Peggy Nies

        Allen where are your facts in this article you have written?

      • Jet Maier
      • Peggy Nies

        Is your name Allen? Or is this another profile of yours?

  • RC Rust-Laskey

    When’s your funeral? Wanna cookie?

  • RC Rust-Laskey

    Sharing all the comments on my web page.

  • KAS

    The person that wrote this article is obviously biased and can’t even put aside his own bias to write an unbiased article. It is so sad the depth that journalism has sunk to. It makes me sick at heart. Ok – now I need to get ready for the author of this article to call me names, since that is all he seems able to do.

  • Christopher Krebs

    Way to go there faceless, Hitlery troll writer pretending to be a progressive ! Did you know that your “progressive” scion has said that while she appreciates the message of Bernie, she is sticking with her original theme, you know, which means that everything she said up until recently was utter bullshit. Please consider changing the name of this site to ” Lukewarm Neo-Hitlery Trolls”, or something that reflects your pathetic attempt at pretending to be something you couldnt be in a million years of evolution.

    • Jet Maier

      Of course she’s sticking with her platform. It’s what she ran on. She won. Try thinking before you post.

      • Topbrick

        She continually pretended she was Bernie and stole his ideas, what are you taking about? Now she’s chucking them in the dustbin because she will say anything, and do anything she wants. She’s a bald-faced liar.

  • Ben Curnow

    Rabid? I think when you start basing your ‘news’ articles around the tone of online comments left by ordinary people who are venting their frustrations, it is time to pause and ask yourself what kind of bottom-feeder you really are. It is not just that people are disappointed with Sen. Warren’s choice to endorse the presumptive nominee. It is that, while she has done nothing to help the progressive cause in 2016, it now seems to be expected that left-leaning progressives will be flocking to her and bringing their votes for Hillary along with them. The overwhelming impression I get is that that’s not going to happen, which is about as politeley as I can say it. People don’t like to be played fore fools.

    • Coco

      Exactly. When I opened this article, I expected the list of comments that the author collected from “these people” he’s calling rapid to be painful to read—I expected this rapid behavior to be a display of groupies gone too far, but nope. What I see instead is a generous list (thanks!) of honest statements, if a little emotional at times from being taken for a fool. This article does nothing more than clarify how painful it is for those of us who are truly on the left to wake up to what we thought was a passably adequate political party.

  • Diane Henry

    The problem stems from the fact that many people don’t see the bigger picture. Bernie is just a senator with real ideas. Hillary is a sellout to the DLC. People tend to not see the realities of government as is and as created. Bernie wouldn’t have accomplished squat without a cooperative house, senate, and judiciary (more on that to come). Same with Hillary, Trump, etc. That is the reason for the concept of the “political revolution”…… in other words get people in governing positions to support the ideals he has presented so they actually pass. That is the reason Bernie endorsed Tim Canova in his primary fight against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, for example. He is a progressive. She is a fake who is in the payday lenders payroll.
    So anyways, our general, Bernie Sanders is down for the count here…. so to speak… Warren endorsed Hillary due to that. That doesn’t make Warren a sellout. Warren will still be fighting for the same ideals she always has. Hillary is far from ideal but, the one thing I do know is that she is malleable to the situation as it presents itself to her, within certain bounds. If us Bernie supporters want the political revolution to actually take off, we need to be smart about it. Obama wasn’t able to accomplish anything after the republicans took over the house, barely. It is more about the army that us voters provide to get the ship sailing. If the Bernie or bust crowd doesn’t understand the bigger picture then they never understood Bernie’s message of political revolution.
    Bernie is just one guy. One guy can inspire and sometimes lead. However, the bigger picture is that if we want change, it has to come at ALL levels of government. The president is just one guy with a voice and a veto pen. Us progressives need to hold these democrats feet to the fire regardless of who is at the top of the ticket. It would be much much so so much harder to do that with republicans controlling things as they have no conscience…. hence Trump…..
    Even if you have to hold your nose as you do it….. vote democrat period… even for Hillary… Get involved, vote in primaries write your reps. Make sure they know that just because Bernie lost by 3 million approx…. votes… that we aren’t going away from our ideals. Hillary and the other democrats aren’t going to listen to people who write in Bernie but fail to get involved. It is a punk way out and the exact opposite of Bernie’s real message. Change minds with words, not some passive aggressive write-in crap.

    Note, that this is coming from someone who caucused for Bernie and went to the county convention for him as well. If we let the political revolution die just because Bernie lost there, then we don’t get the whole picture. It is bigger than Bernie. Lets not kill it because our general is down. Lets be smart about it and hold ALL our reps (top to bottom) feet to the fire. Let them know we aren’t going anywhere. If we do that, it won’t matter who it is there because, the ideals will eventually shine through…..

    Sorry for the length.

  • Cinephobia Radio

    “While most Bernie Sanders supporters are great, rational people who know that the GOP is the real enemy…”

    Are you nuts? The real enemy is everything Sanders campaigned against, everything Clinton represents! Please don’t equate abject ignorance with ‘rationality.’ Trust me, you’re in no position to make such a call.

  • vnvet

    Amazing ,that so many of Bernies folks can see how corrupt Killary is, but her groups are blind to the many many many flaws/indictments/scandals/deaths that have happened during her “reign”

  • bruce wm sargent

    Elizabeth Warren: “Never had it; never will.” Talk is cheap. Walking the talk is quite another thing. She fails once again in endorsing Clinton to walk the talk. That’s telling it like it is. If you see that as rabid and trashing her, you’ve got a funny mind that argues from ad hominem fallacy. Clinton, having stolen the nomination through fraud (that has a 1 in trillions chance of being wrong statistically, but you are going to have to wrap you mind around the binomial distribution to get that) will either have to find the votes elsewhere (not Bernie’s followers) or steal the general election as well for she cannot win it fairly. Now if Liz Warren and you want to turn a blind eye to the likelihood that Clinton is a criminal (election fraud, violations of national security laws, corrupt practices of Clinton Foundation, violation of RICO statutes in her service as Secretary of State, God help us, the Democrats and this country of ours. And wouldn’t you agree, that endorsing a likely criminal for the high office of presidency of the United States, might be classified as a career error, a major career error, if made by any goodhearted, bright and decent public servant in the senate.

  • Brian K. Shelley

    I find it odd that many of the accusations of “bad language” and “name calling” has been levied against Clinton supporters…yet if one reads the article, one of the most forward responses (the last on the list cited) was “f*ck you, f*cking sellout!!” I greatly doubt that came from a Clinton supporter.

    • Topbrick

      I’ve been conducting a study. Clinton supporters seem to prefer the following words & phrases: “grow up”, “put your big girl panties on”, “butt hurt”, “cry baby”, “sore loser”.

      • gynosaur

        In contrast to the Sanders supporters who prefer the epithets, “B—-h”, “c–t” and “f–c.” Oh…and my new favorite: “gynosaur”, I like it so much, I am choosing it as my username. Let’s hear it for the Bros and their misogyny. 😉

      • gynosaur

        Oops…”I meant “f–k”.

  • Richard L

    As Sanders supports we need not lose site of the fact that if the dems don’t win in November, Bernie loses the chairmanship of the senate budget committee, Warren loses the chairmanship of the finance committee, both powerful positions that would be controlled by the stalwarts of the progressive platform. Need I mention losing the Supreme Court for a generation? Powerful positions controlling the purse strings and Supreme Court of this nation. I want to see “US” not them in those powerful positions, so yes, go Hillary.

    • Topbrick

      They are ranking minority members, not chairs?
      Please drop the Supreme Court bogus argument. Clinton has said she’d wiling to comport on abortion anyway. #NeverHillary

      • Richard L

        Really? And please tell us all what happens if the democrats win the senate? No wait? Aw yes, the ranking minority members are promoted to the chairmanship of their prospective committees. Give me a fucking break and grow the fuck up.

  • Topbrick

    Clintonhas not “clinched” the nomination. She does not have enough pledged delegates. She is being installed.

  • John Zohn

    Is it rabid to call someone out that is supposedly against the banking cartel and Wall Street who gives her support for the biggest banking cartel Wall Street crony in the political spectrum? I don’t think so, that is unless you are supportive of this corruption and smoke and mirrors act that corporate america is pulling on us right now.

  • Haleh Niazmand

    Warren trashed herself by showing that she merely talks from both side of her mouth and is as much motivated by self-interest as the rest of them. Perhaps having moral courage is not for everyone and if truth-telling is being rabid, I will proudly be rabid than and not a sheepish coward (Sheepish is metaphorically. I don’t intend to insult sheep or any other animal). It seems like before we can have a political revolution, we have to revolt against the two hegemonic undemocratic parties! They make my stomach turn.

  • Ron Leighton

    If a “legitimate progressive hero” endorses Clinton, she or he has forfeited said status. It is Warren who is stepping away from her purported values, not her critics.

  • Kenny Oliver

    So what will these idiots do when Sanders puts his full support behind Clinton? He practically has already but they only target Warren?

  • Kristine Krenz

    Who’s uninformed? Clinton didn’t “win the nomination”. You should go fuck yourself, too.

    Progressive Liberal Bernie Backing Loon