After Deal on Syria Reached, Obama’s Brilliance Shown — Republicans Still Completely Lost

president-obama-1It’s only been a couple of weeks since President Obama made his comments public about his desire to use military force in Syria, following the developments that Assad had used chemical weapons to murder over 1,000 men, women and children.

And I don’t know about you, but the back and forth these last few weeks has made it seem as if this debate has been going on for months.  When in reality it’s been less than a month.

Well, it’s been revealed that a deal has been reached to remove chemical weapons from Syria.  Chemical weapons that until just a few days ago, Syria denied even having.

So, between today and a month ago, what’s changed?  Nothing—except Obama’s brilliant move on Syria.

Sure, Republicans will try and say Putin got the better end of the deal and Obama’s push for military involvement was met with such backlash that he had to tuck his tail between his legs and “give in” to public pressure.


Let’s just look at a few of the facts.

Absolutely nothing was being done in Syria—nothing.  

Then the story broke about chemical weapons being used resulting in the slow, and painful slaughter of over 1,000 Syrians.

Still, nothing was being done.

Then President Obama surprisingly decides to make his intentions public about his desire to use military force in response to Assad’s use of chemical weapons.

Now, at this moment President Obama doesn’t need Congressional approval for a limited military strike—per the War Powers Act.  He had the authority to authorize military strikes for 60 days without Congressional approval along with another 30 days for withdrawal.

Instead, he decided to seek Congressional approval.  But not instant approval—no, no.  He simply made his intentions public, then allowed Congress to come back from recess at their normally scheduled time.

While waiting for Congress to return, he went on a “campaign” of sorts to explain to the American people why it was so important that we use our military in Syria.  He made as many public appearances as his schedule seemed to allow for to plead his case.

During this time Republicans didn’t seem to know what the heck to do.  Some who had supported military involvement in Syria suddenly opposed it.  Some supported the president’s plan—though didn’t seem to do so enthusiastically.  Even some who applauded the president for saying we needed to get involved suddenly changed their opinion and said they wouldn’t support his proposal.

In short, Republicans had gone “all-in” on the belief that President Obama would skip Congressional approval and “go it alone.”  When he didn’t, they really didn’t know what the hell to do.

But while the right-wing circus played out, Obama continued his strong push for using our military in Syria.  This quickly got Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attention, and suddenly the world was talking about Syria.

So a situation that just one month ago nobody was really discussing, was suddenly front page news on nearly every media outlet around the world.

Now after all the political posturing, a deal has been reached—in just over two weeks.  

But some people want to give the credit to Republicans or Vladimir Putin?  Are you kidding?

Neither of them were doing a damn thing about Syria.  Neither of them seemed to really “make Syria a topic that needed to be discussed.”  Sure, a few Republicans had given speeches about Syria, but they weren’t really pushing for any sort of action to be done about the reported use of chemical weapons.

It wasn’t until President Obama publicly stated that he supported military action that anything began to get done.  It wasn’t until President Obama campaigned in support of military action that a deal to remove chemical weapons was discussed.

And when President Obama had the clear authority to unilaterally take military action in Syria for a very limited strike, he instead chose to take his time and seek Congressional approval.  Something he knew he would never need—because he never intended to “go to war,” and didn’t truly want to use military action unless it was used as a last resort.

You can’t tell me that had Obama not made his intentions public a couple of weeks ago, we’d have this deal today.  There’s no way.  If President Obama hadn’t taken the action he did, nothing would have been done.

So while Republicans are still scrambling for answers, trying to spin this as some kind of victory for their party (with some even giving credit to the Russian president as opposed to our president), Obama not only managed to get Syria to admit that it possessed chemical weapons—we now have a deal where Syria will surrender these weapons so that they can be destroyed.

And he did all of that without firing one bullet, using one missile or dropping a single bomb.

So Mr. Putin, Republican critics and others who have criticized the president’s handling of this situation, all I’ve got to say to you folks is—checkmate.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • SMFG

    Wow. Why not just type “Seig Heil” and save some time

    • DCochran

      Yes, “Seig Heil” (hail victory) is apropos if English is not your primary language. Checkmate works too. Why not just scroll past the body of the article if you do not want to read it?

      • Pipercat

        It’s a thread jack, pay it no mind…

    • jobe

      This reply shows how little opponents have to say.

      • Reality

        Read my comment then. It’s more informed than this entire article.

    • Vlad

      You are what we call a “Sissy Fucking Bedwetter”………sucks to lose huh?

      • Nor Bolbe

        This isn’t a fucking game you moron.

    • timmmahhhh

      Ah go blow a Koch Brother and you’ll feel all better.

    • TheGermanGuy

      Or you can type “SIEG Heil” (correct spelling usually helps)

      • Pipercat


  • Elizabeth Canepa

    I agree —-“checkmate”

  • langranny

    I think he sank the Republican’s battleship…without firing a shot.

    • hlk

      What’s new. The Republicans are becoming the party of do nothings.

      They complain, they talk but when it comes down to doing something for the American people, they do nothing. Seems the shoe is finally on the other foot.

    • Reality

      I think that America was just being a huge bully as usual, the entire world rallied against us, and then when the world solved this without us, both Republicans and Democrats are trying to take credit for it.

  • Beverly Haley

    Letting Putin take over the talks with Syria was a brilliant move on Mr. Obama’s part. We are no longer involved as a key player.I hear the phrase ” Why does the United States always have to be the world’s police”? I agree with that statement, and that is why I was glad to see the baton handed to someone else.. A little something for everyone. The people in Syria will be safe, Putin looks good on the world stage… and again we are not involved as key players. Mr Obama did just what we hired him to do…Lead…. He has always had the bigger picture in mind. Always.

    • standbehindtheyellowline

      The same that claimed the POTUS as weak now, were the ones that voiced very loudly that Syria is not our problem. The POTUS had that in the works all along for their “people” to handle this problem. It isn’t lost on those that watched it in the works for over a year now. Some just can’t put together puzzles even with the picture in front of them and some will go the grave uneducated and filled with hate for the intelligence of this POTUS.

      • Jason G

        This whole narrative is going to be a joke when we still attack Syria. Obama wants to attack Syria. The public’s backlash and Putin’s involved messed up the plans. The administration will find a way to bomb Syria. This has nothing to do with chemical weapons.

      • Nicholas Kaioken Caljean

        What does it have to do with then? What benefit would we have to bombing them. If he wanted to bomb them why didn’t he just do it?

      • Barbara Nichols

        So many people, like Jason G, are in denial about the POTUS and his actions. And it appears they like it that way. One day they will wake up (hopefully) and wonder what happened to their life.

      • Barbara Nichols

        Obama actions have always been aiming for a win-win situation. Looks very clearly like he has accomplished it beautifully regarding Syria.

    • Barbara Nichols

      SPOT ON!

  • Lee

    The carnage and murders by US supported terrorists continues.

    • DJD11

      Can’t fix all the problems at once.

      • Nor Bolbe

        You can start by not arming Al Qaeda.

  • paganmomof2

    Yes – I have always said Obama is playing 3 dimensional chess….like Spock and Kirk. And if you look at his record….he is.

    • Jenx Byron

      And his opposition is playing checkers, with 3 pieces missing.

      • Martin

        That’s because they ate them…

    • Jenx Byron

      And his opposition is playing checkers, with 3 pieces missing.

  • Denis F

    How is Obama threatening to repeat the GWB disaster of unilateral declaration of an illegal war costing trillions of dollars, ignoring the united nations, and murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent civiilians a “brilliant” strategy ?

    • loudmouthgeek

      Because that’s all it was, a threat. One that he had no intention of following through on. It was game of geo-political chess and he won. Wars cost trillions, threats of war cost nothing and are often just as effective as actually going to war.

      • Rob Robert

        sure it was

      • Fernando

        Still a dangerous tactic if they call your bluff….I am still very thankfull to President Obama.

      • Zensa

        How was it a dangerous tactic? Think about it: because POTUS did not go unilateral in the first place, there was no real brinksmanship involved – Putin’s NYT blathering notwithstanding. Because POTUS set it as something that would need to involve Congress, and if Congress (and therefore the American people) had voted to go into Syria, then it would’ve been the will of America’s citizenry to do so.

      • Jeff

        Is that so true from the perspective of the Syrians? From their perspective they were facing the possibility of military action from a much larger country. This would make an already unstable people all the more desperate. They were already committing acts of terrorism, This could of pushed either side to the point of committing further acts to either test Obama’s resolve, or cause such chaos that we would have to step in causing a reaction from Russia, on the threats they had already made. Had it backfired it could of sent the entire region into war through a chain reaction of attacks and retaliation. However in all fairness they(our government) have a lot more information than we do that allowed them to make a more complete decision here than the theory I have put forth in this comment.

      • Zensa

        Firstly, I appreciate some of your points and those things could have happened just as you say, but the perspective of the Syrians is this: they are going through a civil war – the US should not directly intervene in the first place for this reason. As for the much larger country point, that was never going to happen due to the longstanding relationship between Russia and Syria. Whatever Obama’s shortcomings, being hotheaded and playing cat’s paw with either Russia or China doesn’t describe him in the least so any Syrian invasion seemed remote. And as for anything backfiring, Obama could have always vetoed any war bill from Congress if he didn’t want to go in there – which seems more likely something that he’d do – which would’ve gone back to Congress and so on. I’ve difficulty believing that the US will ever go into Syria while on Obama’s watch and especially since the GOP’s resolve to go in there seems lukewarm at best.

      • Dave

        To make a threat real, you have to be willing to go through with it. Reminds me of a old Happy Days episode when Fonzie told Richie he just need to stand up to the bully. When the bully didn’t back down he said something like, I forgot to you tell you that once in your life you had to beat somebody up. The world knew that Obama would act on his words. As my Dad use to say, a blind squirrel occasionally finds the nut.

      • strayaway

        “He (Obama) can maintain the threat of force, which incidentally is a crime under international law, that we should bear in mind that the core principle of the United Nations Charter bars the threat or use of force, threat or use of force. So all of this is criminal.” -Noam Chomsky, 9/11/13

        Criminal threat or otherwise, we should all be glad that the Congress, The American people, and even the Pope stood down the President’s threats to involve us in another war (Kerry made the distinction that this was really a “military action” rather than a “classic war”). We, the American people, were heard for a change. Chess player, brilliant moves, finding refuge in Putin’s trap…whatever.

    • orchman

      The war didn’t happen, wasn’t meant to happen and didn’t! Wrap your head around that, Denis!

    • angel slap miller

      President Obama walks tall and carries a big stick. The threat is more effective than the promise. Republicans are ignorant loud mouthed bullies and are being played, actually, pwned, by a smarter opponent who has shown he is completely capable of getting republicans to fall
      on their own swords. huh. Imagine that. Republicans are defeating themselves. Republicans are their own worst enemy.

    • Cathy Baumgardner

      It really does amaze me that you on the right just stand there with your mouths open because you do not have a clue. If you all were not so intent on trying to wreck this administration you would see that they are continuing to Govern without your help at all and in the end the intelligent people of this nation both Left and Right can see it and know what is going on. Throwing insults and saying things that make no sense only make those of you with no answers look even less intelligent. Your hatred of just about everyone and everything is eating your party from the inside out.

  • Nelson Tremblay

    Lot of wishful thinking in your missive, Allen. Syria never denied ever having chemical weapons. They denied having using them on Aug 21st.

    • Kevin

      Syria denied having chemical weapons years ago when Bush had his hard on for Iraq.

  • Ted Bundy

    And unicorns and mermaids are real. (eyeroll)

    • Ozzie

      Well according to the Discovery channel and SCIENCE they are! I guess you have never heard of the famous Italian unicorn Deer, or the American unicorn goats or the famous unicorn Rhino. Also it seems you have never heard of the Weeki Wachee performers or the Japanese pearl diving mermaids! All are real female mermaids! So there you go Ted Bundy, you got your education and got your Sunday school lesson all at the same time!

  • Brian Cole

    Now lets make sure Israel gives up its chemical weapons, and lets nuclear inspectors count how many thermonuclear warheads they have, and we can start moving in the right direction…

    • hlk

      What? Have you forgotten the other powers that have nuclear weapons. Why are you only talking about Israel. How about US, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, N. Korea, Iran. Seems a bit odd you’ve only picked Israel.

      • Brian Cole

        The nations you mentioned arent going out of their way to start a war. Israel wont be content until all the goyim are in shackles as slaves.

      • Avery

        That is just ignorant.

      • Brian Cole

        That’s your defense of Israel eh? no facts, just a personal attack. Good form, great reasoning. Israel is surrounded by arab nations, yet somehow its the arab nations that are the problem? Why isn’t it Israel, who commits atrocities in the name of their god, on Palestinians daily, and other arabs almost as often? Blindly supporting Israel does NOT change the fact that they spy on us, use our army for their defense, and our soldiers lives as their security.

      • Avery

        “no facts, just a personal attack. Good form, great reasoning.”

        Says the guy who makes the claim that “Israel wont be content until all the goyim are in shackles as slaves.”


        1) I wasn’t defending Israel. I was pointing out that you made a clear appeal to emotion with that baseless statement about Israel’s intent to enslave all Goyim.

        2) “Blindly supporting Israel does NOT change the fact that they spy on us, use our army for their defense, and our soldiers lives as their security.” I agree and I DON’T blindly support Israel.

        3) Religion is for the fearful and gullible masses.

      • Brian Cole

        Have you not seen the comments made in the past by high ranking Israeli officials? Ariel Sharon, while PM of Israel, said something to the effect that Israel owns the US. A rabbi that advised the government in Israel is the one who made the comment about all goyim being fit for nothing but slavery to the Jews. This attitude isn’t isolated among just a few Jews. The ones that make the decisions, aka the Zionists, are the ones that run that nation. Our media is mostly controlled by Jews, our banks are mostly controlled by Jews, our money is issued by a Jew owned Federal Reserve…this isn’t jut some anti semitic rant. The Jewish way is to foster discontent while raping the world around them for all things of value, but of course, gold is the preferred form of wealth among the Jews…where is the gold that the US is supposed to have, both its own and foreign? Its not in Fort Knox anymore.

      • Avery

        You are wondering all over the place now, and you sound a little nuts (in an Alex Jonesish kind of way). How about we stick to the very specific subject that you and I were discussing.


        “Israel wont be content until all the goyim are in shackles as slaves.”

        Does not follow from this:

        “A rabbi that advised the government in Israel is the one who made the comment about all goyim being fit for nothing but slavery to the Jews.”

        Furthermore, it is a tremendous leap from various vague comments made and attitudes displayed by some Jews to the very specific claim that “Israel wont be content until all the goyim are in shackles as slaves.”

        I’m done discussing this. I don’t care about the rest of the things you mentioned.

        Only a psychic could make the prediction you made and, since psychics don’t exist, you aren’t one. If I’m wrong, James Randi has $1,000,000 for you.

      • Brian Cole

        Here’s another one for you from Ariel Sharon. “Israel may have the right to out others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the state of Israel on trial”. More Israeli perfection for you. You call these people our allies, and when the “master race” decides your child should die to defend their occupation of Palestinian land, send them off with no questions like a good little goyim.

      • Avery

        “You call these people our allies…”

        No. Actually, I didn’t.

        Neither does this Sharon quote have ANYTHING to do with the topic we were discussing. I was crystal clear in my last comment to you, but you are so determined to preach, that you cannot even process a simple clearly-stated point. You are a freak. Go take your meds. Failing that, go babble you spittle-flecked rants at somebody who cares. LMAO.

  • Connie

    Talk about spin…

  • Rob Robert


    • Tipp

      goebbels and trotsky are jealous

    • Myron

      The typical Obama hater response when they have no counter argument. Thanks for confirming this again.

      • Tipp

        Typical liberal sheep helping create a divide in america with the republican sheep so the government can fuck us. Thanks! I’m sure our children and their children will enjoy a burned constitution and surveillance at every step.

      • Reality

        Hey now, both parties are responsible for that. They just attack different parts.

      • Avery

        “…helping create a divide in america…”

        You are creating a divide between the Republicans/Democrats and the ultra-wise people, like you, who can see the truth and the light that “sheep” can’t.

        Do you really believe that BS – that you are part of some enlightened minority that can better see what is “really going on” and that the majority (i.e., Republicans and Democrats) are all just brainwashed fools?

        Grow up. When you were a child and adults told you were special, they lied. We (i.e., Humans) are all a lot more alike than we are different. Labeling people as “sheep” creates a false dichotomy. You cannot reduce people to sheep/non-sheep, because the human mind is a lot more complex than that.

  • Tillmann Puschka

    he just plain outplayed the righties in a good old game of chess they didn’t even realize they were playing.

  • shawn

    Most ridiculous thing I have ever read. This is the worst case of “my team is better than yours” If you can’t see that he messed up and got himself out of a jam then you are just as bad as the republicans you hate. He did a great job getting out of it, but that is all he did. People need to stop believing one party is flawless and realize we (the American people) are losing because of it. So there is no confusion I am not a republican and I did vote for Obama. But seriously people wake the F up!

    • Jmieab

      I highly doubt the author believes any of the nonsense he wrote. It’s fairly obvious he wrote it with the willfully stupid rah rah obama crowd in mind. It appears there is a big market for this.

  • Gage Cooper

    i still go republic lol im no fan of Barack Hussein Obama

    • DJD11

      That’s fine, but his was still a win for the President.

      • Gage Cooper

        i think he was kinda stupid to almost start WW3 when we lost 20million people in WW2. now adays we would of lost 3/4 the world population in the time it took to end WW2

      • webcelt

        How was this anywhere even close to WW3? Any notion how that scenario comes about? Face it, however it happened, Obama got what he wanted for little cost. How often does he have to get lucky before you acknowledge he’s actually doing some things right?

      • Gage Cooper

        dude if we attacked syria we would of had china and russia up our asses…syria is allies with russia and china we fuck with 1 we fuck with all and inturn we get fucked hardest

      • webcelt

        What does “up our asses” mean? You really think they would go nuclear because Obama fired some missiles at Syrian military facilities? Or they would yell at us diplomatically? Bit of a difference, don’t you think? Seriously, do you think anybody would go full-blown major power versus major power war over Syria? I’m just saying game it out a bit, and Obama didn’t take that much of a risk. Mostly he risked looking bad politically.

      • standbehindtheyellowline

        And not in jest or half cocked like the Repug/t-party. Those that stand behind the faux entertainment ramblings prove their hate and the fact that, Rick Santorum’s own words….”There is no reason for smart people to vote for conservatives”, put it so wisely.

  • James Jake Carmack

    Obama has played the Republican party like Puppets from the beginning. He started by publicly debating Rush Limbaugh back in his first term. This got all the freaks and wombats out in the open to get their voice heard and challenged. This moved the right so far right they are lost in the margins. Now they have exposed their craziness and estranged most women, and virtually every minority for decades to come.

    • Barbara Nichols

      The POTUS promised transparency. We got more than we bargained for. 🙂

  • Somniphile

    Partisanship much?

  • Kagi Soracia

    There are a number of things in the past year which have shaken my faith in Obama, the drone strikes and his response to the NSA reveals among them – I am by no means a blind follower who approves of him unilaterally. But in this instance, he did exactly what I expected him to do, what I had faith that he would do and wanted to do, and he pulled it off yes, brilliantly. Three dimensional chess at it’s finest. Spock would be proud.

  • Diana

    Yahoo!! Way to go!! My thoughts also. We have a great president, the greatest. I have confidence in him. I really wish we had more leaders like him. What a great world this would be.

  • Debi Lovell

    I love our Pres he is definitely the smartest person in the room

    • Nor Bolbe

      Is the room a first grade class in elementary school? Because then I’d maybe agree with you.

  • taymie

    I call BS. Sorry, I do agree that the President was thinking further ahead that anyone else in DC, but i don’t think he counted on Putin in any way at all. I also don’t think he NEVER intended to go to Syria.I think he set the whole thing in motion and was getting people talking with the idea that MAYBE the war could be avoided on our side, but I believe, very strongly, he was willing to go in and strike if another solution had not made itself known.

  • Adam R Wallace

    The President must be a master poker player. That was one of the greatest bluffs in recent history! Well done, Mr. President!

  • Okie Tenor

    The only problem with this type of critical thinking and logical conclusion is that America is now SO stupid that they will not understand the brilliance of the plan! President Blackenstein will still be the source of all the evil in the world and still a sign to them the at the “end times” are here! Morons!

  • Jaime H. de Leon

    Brilliant move @President B. Brilliant move.

  • dollaholla

    Really, MaObama’s 3rd choice was to go to the American people! Without wasting words, liberals ought to take up reading Rules For Radicals, MA Obama taught the class! In the paragraph under the photo sums it up, he did nothing and all of you drone liberal Marxist give him credit for doing nothing! Oops, blaming others and Bush. that is considered doing something!

  • Nor Bolbe

    This is hilarious. I’ve never seen such terrible damage control from a terrible President in my life. Obama can do no wrong in leftists eyes. It’s pretty sad and pathetic to actually read these comments.

    • DejaVu

      Not all leftists. I grew up in the ’50s and ’60s – protested the Vietnam War and have been against every military involvement since then. I think what happened was a comedy of errors. And that is sad because we are talking about human beings.

      Obama made his now infamous statement about the red line – he realized his mistake once it was rumored that chemical weapons had been used – never mind who used them – and tossed the hot potato to Congress. Congress, much as expected didn’t have a clue how to react. The heat was off Obama for a little while.

      Following on the heels of Obama tossing the issue to Congress, Kerry made some wise-crack – later called a “rhetorical” comment by the State Department and Kerry – about Assad giving all of his chemical weapons “right now.”

      Putin and the Russians seized on the opportunity, once again putting Obama in a corner. And, now, we have the makings of an agreement with Kerry sputtering that it has to be “verifiable and double verifiable.” Chess requires thought and anticipation of moves. What has happened is no where close to that strategy.

      • Nor Bolbe

        I apologize. I’ll rephrase my statement. “Obama can do no wrong in Obama-bots’ eyes.”

        A comedy of errors indeed occured.

      • DejaVu

        Thank you. 🙂 Although I am a leftie, I tend not to step to anyone’s tune. I am terribly disappointed in some of the actions Obama has taken to date – not just in the area of Syria.

        Although I did hear some good news tonight. Larry Summers has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Fed chief position. I was really irritated that Obama would even think of such an appointment.

      • angel slap miller

        you are so butt hurt that your ignorant congresscritters were played. your hatred for President Obama clouds your ability to see the game of 3-D chess President Obama was playing. Republicans were checkmated when they whined about Constitutional authority given only to Congress to declare war… and President Obama gave the republicans EXACTLY what they didn’t want. Republicans are fools. THey are destroying the country and playing politics and pitting Americans against each other instead of doing what is best for the United States. Haha, your side got “pwned” and there is nothing you can do or say about it.

        President Obama is much smarter than Nixon, Reagan, both Bush’s combined and is far more classier to know how to allow his opponent to die an honorable death. Face it, republicans were killed in their own game. The republicans are being played and squeezed. And I love a good squeeze play. Either way, the republicans nads were crushed. That is a win-win for President Obama and a lose-lose for the republicans.

        What I find hysterical is how the republicans are fawning over Putin. My goodness, the man is NOT a Greek god but the republicans sure have quite the romantic hard on for Putin now. Makes me laugh. Republicans have a man-crush on a communist former KGB agent. You can’t help who you fall in love with!

      • DejaVu

        Gosh, Nor Bolbe certainly identified you correctly – an Obamabot. When you idol worship anyone, it is dangerous. I voted for Obama twice – not sure where you come off with your judgmental views, but it looks to me like your hatred of the Republicans is blinding you to reality.

        You and far too many others in their zeal to cover for Obama have come up with all this nonsense about how brilliant his “plan” was – never mind there was no plan. In your blind hatred of the Republicans, you have lost sight of the fact that we are talking about human beings.

        You are no better than all the Republicans who are dividing this country. Even the most “brilliant” people make mistakes, or have you now decided he walks on water?

        I have supported Obama throughout his terms on many issues, but I certainly will not dance in the streets and put on a happy face and try to say he was brilliant and played this just the way he planned. He didn’t, and those who care about reality know it.

        I prefer to live in a world of pragmatism and reality. Obama goofed and so did Kerry. If you can read, you would have seen that even Kerry said he didn’t mean the statement about Syria giving up its chemical weapons. Kerry got played when the Russians jumped on it.

        Your outrage indicates a very defensive position, which means deep-down you realize Obama made missteps – but in your blind loyalty you cannot admit it.

  • Deshawn Williams

    lol this is so biased.
    1.) Russia was the one who got Assad to agree to give up his chemical arms, this was to make Obama to look more like the fool he is, and it worked.
    2.) Obama never “got Assad to admit he has chemical weapons”, we always known he had them, many nations have them.
    3.) Obama looks like a total idiot to the American public and a war-mongering tyrant to European peoples.

    • angel slap miller

      You live in a fantasy world. Humiliation is making you believe the lies you are spewing. But they are still lies. President Obama played the republicans, calling out the republicans whining about how President Obama can’t do that — it is the responsibility of Congress… and guess what? President Obama said IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!! The republicans were forced to make a decision — do they infuriate the military industrial complex and vote against war because they must go against PBO or do they vote for war because they will please the military industrial complex AND side WITH President Obama? As my teabagger rep stated at the last town hall meeting, he will NEVER side with ANYTHING President Obama wants. Republicans suck at playing poker when they show their hand. All President Obama needs to do next is tell everyone they should NEVER drink bleach or eat yellow snow. Only the republicans will drink bleach and eat yellow snow out of spite.

      hahaha republicans were played and you are insane by believing the very lies you tell.

      • Deshawn Williams

        Exactly what did I say was a lie? None, all are verifiable facts.
        The one who has been fed lies is you, and I’ll prove it.

        “1.) Russia was the one who got Assad to agree to give up his chemical arms, this was to make Obama to look more like the fool he is, and it worked”
        Russia was the one who brought this to the table, forcing Obama to postpone his original strike plan.
        “2.) Obama never “got Assad to admit he has chemical weapons”, we always known he had them, many nations have them.”
        This is absolutely verifiable. In fact, I think this tidbit was invented by this tabloid-tier site. We have always known Syria had chemical weapons, it is not illegal for a nation to own them.
        The last one is verfiable just by talking to any european.

        Who the fuck is talking about republicans? I don’t follow your inane, false left/right paradigm. This has nothing to do with Democrats or republicans, but our out-of-control, war-mongering president who is in the pocket of AIPAC, and does not have the interest of the American public at heart, but instead kow-tows to his foreign masters, just like every single president since Nixon.

        You are either an imbecile or a paid shill, either way, begone. Your lack of an informed opinion makes you nothing more than a sheep to me, unworthy of further discourse.

      • really

        Russia wouldn’t have done anything and Syria would have never agreed to give up their chemical arms if Obama hadn’t made a threat…

  • Reality

    Let’s look at this from a nonpartisan point of view. America said that it was going to bomb Syria over the chemical weapons being used. These are chemical weapons that we made, and sold to Syria via the UK. In addition, there is an ulterior motive that the article fails to mention, and that is the natural gas pipeline that our close ally Saudi Arabia wants to put through Syria to the EU. This pipe, if constructed, would allow Saudi Arabia to compete with Russian natural gas, who currently already has a pipeline to the EU. Russia is currently allied with Syria, and because of that, Syria is not allowing construction on this pipeline. The United States makes a move to assist the rebels attempting to overthrow the Syrian government (because clearly destabilizing a country is going to help the people there, just like it did for Iraq) and Russia realizes that they’re going to get some serious competition on the international market, if they do not prevent America from backing the Syrian rebels. Because of this, Russia steps in and prevents a war. America was just about to attack someone for financial gain, like we always do. Russia just knew that the international community would back them in preventing a very literal attack on one of their biggest assets, and they would come out looking like heroes. If you think that the world is crediting Obama with not having a war, you clearly don’t know what the world thinks about America.

    • Jmieab

      Thank you for this thoughtful analysis. Hopefully the author reads your post and is provoked to think more deeply than his current paradigm of “red vs. blue”, “herp, derp”, “OBAAAAMAAAAA!!!” etc..

  • Roberto

    Putin was the one who got Syria to admit they had chemical weapons, your treacherous president didn’t do jack shit but try to fight another war for Israel. You can hate Republicans all you want but Obama will be remembered as Bush 2.0

  • Bob

    I must disagree with the position of the article – Saying Obama was “brilliant” in his handling of the Syria issue is like saying that a quarterback who recovers his own fumble and gains a few yards in the process “meant to do that” right from the start. This re-scripting of the process with 20/20 hindsight makes it sound like our President was working toward this outcome all along. The facts point in the opposite direction, and this narrative is a dangerous look at how “hero worship” can cloud the ability to criticize this president for an otherwise irresponsible tease at WW3.

  • ancom

    Damage control: Activated

  • Not a sheep

    You’re all fucking retarded.

  • Syria never denied having chemical weapons. It denied having used them, which it still denies.

  • Vlad

    HAHAHAHA! You people are even dumber than that Marxist buffoon in the white house. Putin punked him in front of the whole world. LOL
    Nobody supported Omarxist. Not NATO, not the EU, not the UN, not even Britain. Even that idiot George Bush was a better statesman that Omarxist!

  • Donald Meinshausen

    Rand Paul led the charge on fighting Obama’s push to spy on all Americans and then to stop his plan to get us into another war. No matter how you spin it Rand and Putin won this round and Obama looks like a warmonger

    • standbehindtheyellowline

      Well when it came to light in March of 2009 that the NSA was going way beyond their bounds, that had been going on for 3 years prior to that? So where was Paul when he was leading the charge from which it started? To hold Putin in a higher level is just un-American, to think Rand Paul had anything to do with bettering the USA, is just plain using blinders and frankly, just dumb.

  • Brenda

    I wonder if the Republicans in Congress recognize reverse psychology when they see it. Not that President Obama is perfect and everything he does is amazing – like some would have us believe. But he’s smart and he’s human, and I don’t think he cares much about what people are going to say about him. And I think he’s realized if he says the sky is blue, the Republicans in Congress are going to say, no, it’s green. And that’s JUST the color the President wanted it to be. I’m not sure they’re savvy enough to realize what’s going on.

    • Jeff

      You can’t care about everything people say about you in his position, or you would soon find yourself frozen and unable to do anything. If people have constructive advice or criticism sure but to take everything to heart in his job is to risk the fate of an entire nation.

  • Jessie Dobbs

    You reflected my original words about two weeks ago when this issue began; I said “Checkmate in 8, and you never saw it coming” – only he did it in less than 6 moves . . .