Al Roker Humiliates Rush Limbaugh’s Ridiculous Polar Vortex “Liberal Conspiracy” Theory

1552792_10152151522072489_1895044749_nIt goes without saying that anyone who takes Rush Limbaugh seriously should have their head examined.  While he might have been relevant long ago in some draconian time in American politics, Limbaugh is now nothing more than a caricature for liberal writers such as myself to mock publicly.

So when he made his asinine comments about a real meteorological term (and phenomenon) being some kind of leftist liberal conspiracy to perpetuate the overwhelmingly scientifically-backed climate change — you knew it would be a field day.

First it was a senior meteorologist with AccuWeather who dismantled Limbaugh’s pathetic attempt to discredit the science behind climate change, and now it’s someone a little more famous.

NBC’s Today Show weatherman Al Roker decided to weigh in on Limbaugh’s comments.

Roker Tweeted:

Rush Limbaugh claims the Polar Vortex is a creation of a left-wing, liberal media conspiracy. It’s Meteorology 101. No political agenda

But he didn’t stop there.  He then posted pictures from the American Meteorological Society, dated 1959, highlighting the part of the book which defines the term “polar vortex”:

Polar Vortex: The large-scale cyclone circulation in the middle and upper troposphere centered generally in the polar regions.  Specifically, the vortex has two centers in the mean, one near Baffin Island and another over northwest Siberia.  The associated cyclonic wind system comprises the westerlies of middle latitudes.

You know the saddest part of all of this?  (Well, besides the fact that I still can’t believe it’s 2014 and we’re really having a debate over whether or not climate science supported by over 95% of the world’s scientists is real.) I’m sure there are people who saw what Al Roker posted (a man who’s been a weatherman for most of his life) and still believed Rush Limbaugh over factual information provided by an expert in his scientific field.  Which just so happens to be meteorology.

That’s how far many conservatives have shifted radically right.  They sit there and believe the “expert advice” of people whose “scientific proof” against climate change is essentially sticking their head out of a window when it’s cold outside, over the countless hours put in by actual meteorologists and scientists who overwhelmingly believe in man-made climate change.

Then these people wonder why I can’t take them seriously.

Like I’ve said before about people who deny climate change, I put them into the same category as “birthers” and people who think the moon landing was a hoax.  They’re just so devoid of reality and facts that I simply don’t even bother trying to explain facts to them, because they’re clearly not living in the same reality as most of us.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Green_Devil

    Silly man. Obama’s black. Roker’s black. Obviously they’re part of the same conspiracy against that Great White Whale of 100% American Patriot Manhood, Rush OxyViagra Limpbaugh.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      Limbaugh is white? Im changing ethnicities

  • meatwad_SSuppet

    Turn off their air conditioner and they will notice the warming, the fat limpbrains.

  • Arch Chaney

    How do we know those documents aren’t forged, just like Obama’s birth certificate? They didn’t show up until Lamebrain, I mean Limbaugh, exposed this vast liberal conspiracy to ghe public.

  • Bobby Haynes

    The “birthers” comment was unnecessary, as well as “the people who don’t believe we landed on moon” comment. Totally irrelevant to discussion. That being said, it is good common sense that we do not take care of our environment. Whether or not it is causing global climate change is anyone’s guess. Maybe.

    • surfjac

      Why were the other statements unnecessary? They are necessary to put Global Climate Change Denial into the perspective it belongs in…the lunatic perspective or something equally disrespectful to the people who think a cold day is proof of a hoax. All the natural reasons for global climate change haven’t changed and the only difference between, let’s say, now and a thousand years ago, even 500 years ago, is the amount of carbon we’ve been pumping into the environment every day for the last 250 years. Anyone who thinks that didn’t have an effect is a denier.

      • jenkem5

        You do know planets convert CO2 to O2 right? So does sea water, plankton, bacteria….. We are entering a new ice age moonbat. Record ice, cold temps, coldest in 118 years in places, coldest ever in others, No hurricanes, least amount of tornadoes in decades, wild fires down nation wide, oh did I mention unprecedented Antarctic sea ice expansion. Wow, you people are really delusional. Think for yourself!

      • surfjac

        I think for myself and you really want to go on record with “You do know planets convert CO2 to O2 right? So does sea water, plankton, bacteria…..” Planets? or do you mean “Plants”. Sea water does not convert co2 to o2 but hey, I only have a degree in marine biology (well two, counting one in Marine tech).
        Your equating weather with climate. The issue is global climate change. The oceans are heating up, the oceans are acidifying, more water is evaporating, that water vapor and the greenhouse gases are warming the earth, melting the ice caps and glaciers, causing a rise in sea water, changing weather patterns, making stronger hurricanes when hurricanes form (or typhoons which are the same thing), increasing snow fall during snow storms and rain fall during rain storms. The permafrost is melting releasing more methane bound up in it. It’s not about weather, it’s about climate and the health of the earth.

        Fuck off with the “moonbot” BS or I’ll respond in kind.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        sea expansion,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sea expansion— Hmmmmm: maybe polar caps melting to FUEL that?
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hows that FOX “news” crying about texting and weed holding up?

  • estfar

    The affects of a diminishing educational system in the U.S. Fox News and the Limbaughs have found themselves an audience fool hearty enough to believe lies over truth and who are to intellectually drained to know different. An audience made up of fools an d idiots, easily led like lambs to slaughter. They believe in biblical Armageddon but can’t fathom a man made one.

  • Nick Wride

    PigBoy and his evil ilk and their lemming followers hate and fear science and education. Science disproves their imaginary god and creation mythologies and the more educated people are, the less they are going to follow right wing trash like Limbaugh and his ilk.

  • Glenn Griffin

    Tend to your own maters, you are there to be seen not heard.

  • Denny W Powers

    Flush Rush

  • jenkem5

    Bwwwahahaha! Global Warming? Try thinking for yourselves moonbats! Al Roker? Bwwahaahahahaha! What a joke! Sheeple unite for drama science. The entire CO2 therory has been debunked easily. That’s why your fake IPCC ‘scientists’ won’t debate real scientists. The jig is up, on the ‘warminst cult.’

    • surfjac

      Let’s hear it…the debunking that is.

    • jeffos

      dude, look at you. It is appearent that your life choices are letting you down. Your heart is going to stop soon because you won’t listen to science that says what the truth is. Same with this gas we are pumping into the atmosphere. You and rush are the poster children for white fascist f ups that are and have been costing this planet so much because of your arrogance.

      • jeffos

        But that is okay, we all have to die someday.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        he is pissed off as the equal rights now being given to ALL americans he never really used————- except his “right” to jerk his smallish weenie in his overweight hand to internet porn after eating frozen pizza and meisterbrau beer

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      and JEEEESUS is GOD?

  • Edward Krebbs

    But pro wrestling is real.

    • moe/larry & curly keys


      • cogo

        Isn’t it funny how many people following their kind of

        conspiracy theory, make fun of other people that follow “conspiracy theories”…Conspiracy theories are based on a false premise as an ideology…are full of many facts that make them believable… “factual lies”. The point is the premise is false.

        political sophism
        always hide transformation of the market economically by constant conflict politically.
        After all in order to invest properly you have to know where all the fools are.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        or,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,” alls fair in love and war”

  • jerseyirish

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote this in his short story Silver Blaze:

    “It is one of those cases where the art of the reasoner should be used rather for the sifting of details than for the acquiring of fresh evidence. The tragedy has been so uncommon, so complete and of such personal importance to so many people, that we are suffering from a plethora of surmise, conjecture, and hypothesis. The difficulty is to detach the framework of fact — of absolute undeniable fact — from the embellishments of theorists and reporters. Then, having established ourselves upon this sound basis, it is our duty to see what inferences may be drawn and what are the special points upon which the whole (business) turns.”


    In short, it is better to make a decision based on new evidence, rather than by faith or on that which one already knows. If only fundamentalist Christians and some (not all) Republicans adhered to this logic.

  • Massgopguy

    Al “I’m not a Meteorologist but I shit my pants” Roker, the Weather Clown is in no position to humiliate anyone.