Alaskan Crazy Lady Hilariously Uses Fake Story to Claim Christians are Being Persecuted (Video)

Another day, another Republican falling for a fake story. This time it’s our resident podium seeker from Alaska, Sarah Palin. Usually I can understand why a group of people might support someone with which I completely disagree. Take, for instance, Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. I completely loathe both of these men with just about every ounce of my being, but I understand why millions of conservatives support them. Heck, at least they can both put together coherent sentences when pushing their right-wing propaganda.

I can’t honestly say that about Sarah Palin. Often when I watch one of her speeches, an interview she’s given or some random internet rambling posted on her channel, it’s just an incoherent word salad. Outside of her tossing out random right-wing talking points and bashing President Obama just about every chance she gets, I really don’t get why so many conservatives still view this woman as someone of influence. But, sadly, she does still have quite a bit of influence.

Well, the tea party queen once again made herself look like a complete idiot by ranting on about how Christians are being persecuted based on a story out of Missouri concerning a boy who claimed his teacher told him he wasn’t allowed to read the Bible to himself during free time. There’s just one slight problem – the story wasn’t true. Yes, that link is to Glenn Beck’s The Blaze showing that even that ridiculous right-wing propaganda website admitted that this story was complete fiction.

But that didn’t stop Palin from posting a video on her website babbling on and on about how this “story” shows how Christians are being persecuted in this country.

“In my book, Good Tidings and Great Joy, I talk about how our religious freedom is being eroded by angry atheists with attorneys,” Palin said. “Here’s another example.”

Again, this is not an example of anything but her stupidity because it’s a fake story.

“But normal people, then, understanding that litigation is a hassle and don’t want to go through it,” Palin continued. “So angry atheists know that, so they use their inflamed rhetoric to coerce teachers and principals, they’re forcing them to take away the religious freedoms of their students.”

As opposed to angry Christians like herself who are constantly trying to force their views on other people. Ironic isn’t it?

“But they frequently just intimidate and harass and annoy people into caving to their atrocious, ridiculous, nonsensical demands by spreading a false understanding of what the separation of church and state means,” she stated.

Actually, it’s people like her who try to distort what the separation of church and state means. It’s pretty clear that religion is to be kept separate from government and any publicly funded entities – which include public schools. Palin and people like her are the ones who are constantly trying to force the Bible in places it doesn’t belong.

Either way, everything she said was essentially pointless because she based this drivel on a story that wasn’t true.

But even though the story was fiction, the points Palin tried to make are completely preposterous. She just doesn’t understand that freedom of religion doesn’t mean that people like her are free to force their religious views on other people. But that’s exactly what they mean when people such as herself claim that their “religious freedoms are under attack.”

The truth is, nobody cares what religion individuals such as herself believe in. Sarah Palin, and all those like her, are free to be as Christian as they want to be and nobody will stop them. The only thing they cannot do, and what our Constitution prohibits them from doing, is force their views on other people.

Watch her comments below via SarahPalinChannel:

Allen Clifton

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