Alex Jones’ Insanity Reached Stunning New Levels Following Las Vegas Massacre (Videos)

Without a doubt, Alex Jones is one of the most disgusting, vile, and dishonest frauds in this country. He’s a creature who makes a living peddling fear, hate, anger, and outright delusions to people mentally unstable enough to think he’s a credible source of information.

To trust Jones means you have to believe that damn near everything is a conspiracy. Like a true con artist, the type of conspiracy Jones fabricates is based upon whatever benefits him the most.

When George W. Bush and Barack Obama were president, two men Jones disliked, nearly every horrific tragedy was a “false flag” orchestrated by the government. From 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing, to Sandy Hook and the Orlando nightclub massacre — Jones claimed they were all inside jobs carried out or orchestrated in some way or another by the government.

Except now things are different.

Currently, Alex Jones has a “president” in the White House who’s not only appeared on his show (something no person who cared about their credibility would ever do), but Donald Trump has praised his reputation. For the first time in Jones’ pathetic, miserable life he finally had a “president” as crazy, bigoted, racist, and unhinged as he was.

So it should come as no surprise that following the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, one carried out by a white male in a pro-gun state like Nevada with a Republican “president” in the White House, Jones is panicked. Obviously he can’t claim that this was an inside job carried out by the government. He likes Trump, so that wouldn’t help his narrative or agenda.

Instead, Jones took things to a whole other disgusting level by claiming that this 64-year-old white male living in Nevada was a member of ISIS and Al Qaeda, and a radical “leftist,” who carried out such an appalling act of violence because he was “angry about Trump.”

Here’s part of the creep’s rant, as transcribed by Media Matters:

About 20 minutes ago, ISIS took responsibility for the attacks, and the police have confirmed that he had — the reported shooter had recently personally threatened them and posted videos threatening them, saying that he had joined ISIS, joined Al Qaeda, and that he was basically a leftist, just like [alleged NSA leaker] Reality Winner, and just like so many others that had converted to Islam, that was so angry about Trump and everything that was happening that he went out and carried out this attack. Now, again, clearly it looks like he had help, but we saw the October 1st event of the 100 years of the Bolshevik Revolution coming up, and I had been predicting starting October 1st that we’d see terror attacks.

There’s so much stupid in that, I guess I’ll just start with the beginning.

For starters, ISIS takes credit for nearly every major act of violence carried out around the world. They do this to make themselves seem more powerful than they actually are. Much like Trump and Alex Jones, ISIS couldn’t care less about facts, they just seize on these gruesome events which they view as opportunities to promote themselves and their agenda. They know anyone ignorant enough to believe them isn’t going to be someone who’s all that concerned with being factual or rational.

I’d also like to point out that ISIS and Al Qaeda aren’t the same thing. In fact, the two terrorist organizations don’t really get along. Which makes it not only demonstratively false that the Vegas shooter had “joined ISIS and Al Qaeda,” considering law enforcement have thus far said that there’s no evidence he had links to any terrorist organization, this statement proves that Jones is aware that the people who actually trust him are too stupid to realize a person wouldn’t be aligned with both terrorist groups.

It’s also ridiculous to claim that a “leftist” would also be a member of ISIS or Al Qaeda. Considering those are staunchly conservative terrorist groups that stand for views that are the antithesis of what liberals support, the truth is, they have more in common with Republicans than they do Democrats.

That’s simply Jones doing what he always does — making up utter nonsense to fit his agenda.

Then there’s the claim that “he clearly had help.”

Nope, that’s not remotely accurate, either. Based upon what law enforcement officials have said, thus far, all evidence indicates he acted alone and was not, in any way, connected to ISIS.

And, of course, Jones “predicted” this because, well, that’s what propagandists like him claim. If you continually claim something bad is about to happen, eventually something bad will occur. If once a week someone claims there’s definitely going to be a terrorist attack soon, then 47 weeks go by before the next attack, they don’t get to claim that they “predicted” it would happen.

Sane, rational people would clearly understand this. However, those aren’t the types of people to which Jones panders.

Naturally, this is all because of the “forces working against Trump” — because of course it is.

Since Jones made his initial remarks, he’s continued to post random rants on Twitter as he struggles to find any sort of conspiracy even his crazy ass can make stick. He’s now claiming that “his sources in the CIA and pentagon” are telling him this is all the start of a second revolution being orchestrated by “deep state Democrats” working within the government. He’s even claiming that the release of O.J. Simpson was timed so that the media would be in the state to cover the shooting.

What makes Jones’ b.s. even more ridiculous is the fact that I can guarantee every person reading this that if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton were currently president, he would be claiming this was another false flag ordered by them. Especially if they were linked with as many scandals as Trump currently is.

But not this time, that doesn’t help Jones’ agenda considering he likes Trump. So now he’s telling people that this is part of some elaborate government ploy — only it’s not Trump who’s involved — it’s “deep state Democrats” working with their “Islamic allies.”

When you’re a fraud who’s not bound by any sort of rules, supported by people who will believe any idiotic thing you say, a person can make up anything. Being a conspiracy theorist is not difficult. When all else fails, just claim any evidence that debunks whatever lunacy you’re trying to spread is “all part of the conspiracy.”

See how that works?

To be honest, I’m wasting time trying to even rationalize any of what Jones said. These words, while expected, were nothing more than the predictable ramblings of a pathological-lying scumbag who’s proven, yet again, that there’s no depth to which he won’t stoop to exploit a tragedy for his own benefit.

If you ask me, I think it’s time we call InfoWars what it really is: a hate group, with Alex Jones as its leader.

This is a vile, dangerous organization led by an unhinged lunatic who constantly pushes hate, fear, and paranoia while blatantly lying and misleading those gullible enough to follow him.

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Watch his rants below, if you must, via Media Matters:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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