Alex Jones’ Latest Trump Conspiracy Proves How Insane Republicans Have Become (Video)

I’m not a medical doctor, but I fully believe that a person would have to be insane to view someone like the founder of InfoWars, the human walrus Alex Jones, as a credible source of information. His conspiracies, rhetoric and propaganda are so over-the-top that I normally would just laugh at them until it hits me that, not only do a good chunk of conservative voters believe he’s a credible member of the media — but his influence is growing among Republicans.

Yes, a man who claimed that Sandy Hook was a hoax, President Obama and Hillary Clinton are literally demons (no, that’s not a joke), and claims just about every mass shooting/terrorist attack is a false flag orchestrated by the government, is someone whose influence among Republican voters is increasing.

However, I still haven’t quite figured out if I think Jones is actually an insane person or simply a con man who preys on the mentally ill.

Looking at his most recent conspiracy about the Donald Trump/Billy Bush “p–sy grabbing” video, I’m leaning more toward thinking that he’s just a really elaborate con man who realizes those who believe his nonsense are mentally unstable.

In case you haven’t heard, during Jones’ Tuesday show, he declared that Trump was setup by the CIA and that Bush is one of their operatives:

Gerald Celente’s coming up today, he hasn’t been on in months, I’m told that he’s wound up he has a big presentation he wants to put on showing Michelle Obama and her lauded speech against Trump for an edited 11-year-old tape which the Bush nephew admitted he goaded him into. Over an hour conversation. Had it snipped together into 3 minutes. Goading him and goading him, and tell me sex stories, tell me sex stories, it was all a set up folks. Him losing his job and all that’s just a foil to divert. That guy is CIA just like the sun came up this morning.

First, no, the video isn’t “edited.” If that were the case, that would have been the first thing Trump would have said once it was released. The video is uninterrupted, continuous and is indisputable. So it’s absolutely ludicrous that Jones is even implying that the video was edited. Then again, this is Alex Jones we’re talking about, someone who doesn’t really require facts or reality to claim something is true. Anyone who believes that video was edited to make it seem like Trump was saying something he wasn’t is an idiot.

Furthermore, Bush didn’t come out and take the blame for “goading” Trump into making those statements. Yes, he participated in the embarrassing ordeal, but any rational person listening to that video can tell Trump was the “alpha” and Bush was simply trying to fit in with what he was saying. I’m not excusing Bush’s words or actions, but to claim that he was the ringleader of that pathetic spectacle is complete bullshit.

Though the most insane part of all of this (which is saying a lot considering the source), is that Jones is actually claiming that this was some sort of CIA operation that Bush participated in to set up Trump.

I may miss a few steps here, but let’s run through how crazy someone would have to be to actually believe that. To believe that this video was part of a Billy Bush-led CIA operation, you would have to believe:

  • In 2005, the CIA knew Donald Trump was going to run for president someday and feared him to such an extent that they concocted a plan to take him down.
  • The CIA, in 2005 when Republicans controlled Congress and the White House, were being instructed to target someone who no one ever thought would run for president, let alone win the nomination.
  • The CIA put together this Access Hollywood interview with the sole intent of getting Billy Bush to goad Trump into saying something disgusting (even though Trump claims he really doesn’t talk like that, the CIA apparently knew they could get him to) so they could then use that footage later to bring down a presidential campaign — that didn’t exist.
  • That Billy Bush isn’t actually someone who’s worked in the media; instead, he’s a member of the CIA who’s been undercover as a radio/TV personality for his entire adult life — apparently just to take down Trump’s campaign.
  • The CIA then sat on this video for 11 years until just a few weeks ago when they released this “highly edited video” with the lone purpose of up-ending Trump’s presidential campaign — not at a high point for Trump when he was nearly tied with Clinton — but following a disastrous first debate performance and an odd obsession with attacking a former Miss Universe when his campaign was already headed south.
  • The CIA then knew that Trump would spend the better part of the following couple of weeks making the situation worse by trying to dismiss what he said as “locker room talk” (even though Jones claims the video is edited, despite Trump never saying that, himself) and trying to use women who’ve accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault as attacks on Hillary — which ultimately backfired.
  • That no one who’s ever known Billy Bush ever knew he was a secret CIA operative who had been ordered to take down Donald Trump.

Like I said, I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but even just what I listed shows how insane a person would have to be to actually believe that this video was a plot by the CIA and their operative, Billy freaking Bush, to take down Donald Trump’s campaign.

Yet, with a straight face, this is what Alex Jones claimed is “true” during his show on Tuesday.

Ultimately either Alex Jones needs to admit that he’s legitimately insane or that he’s nothing but a sleazy con man who’s exploiting the mentally ill. There’s absolutely no way that he can claim that this video was some sort of CIA plot without being one of those two things.

Watch his comments below via Media Matters:

Allen Clifton

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