Alex Jones: The LGBT Movement’s Master Plan Is Human Extermination (Video)

Alex Jones debates Jesse Ventura on Jade Helm during an Infowars broadcast. Image via YouTube.

Alex Jones debates Jesse Ventura on Jade Helm during an Infowars broadcast.
Image via YouTube.

On a fairly regular basis, I see people share links from Infowars claiming that vaccines cause autism, that Big Pharma is hiding the truth about cancer, or that the government is planning to microchip everyone by the year 2017. These aren’t wacked out conservatives who believe that the annual military exercise known as Jade Helm in America’s Southwest is a plot by President Obama to invade Texas and take their guns – these are people who claim to be “open-minded” liberals who obviously can’t be bothered to fact-check anything before sharing it as factual. You know, because they can’t put anything on the Internet that isn’t true.

Mike Adams, Jesse Ventura, Glenn Beck, Vani Hari (AKA Food Babe), David Avocado Wolfe and Alex Jones are just a few of the people representing the very successful and lucrative business of peddling paranoia disguised as activism and “looking out for your best interests.” It’s a pretty simple (and very effective) business model. Just find something that looks or sounds strange, spin a story about how the government or some corporation “doesn’t want you to know this SHOCKING secret” involving the subject, suggest something (like cancer) that plays to people’s darkest fears, and then tell them you’re the only one they can trust. If this sounds like a cult leader recruiting followers, you’d be right, because it is a very similar strategy used to prey on human gullibility.

Although Mike Adams, Jesse Ventura, Glenn Beck and Alex Jones are right-wing libertarians and Vani Hari was a 2008 delegate to the Democratic National Convention (possibly just to raise her public image), they share a common goal which is creating an army of followers that will watch their programs and/or purchase the products they endorse. Diet pills, water filtration systems, detox programs, gold coins, and various “natural remedies” are just a few of the things these hucksters have pushed over the years. Yes, in case you’re wondering, Vani Hari has a been a guest a number of times on both Alex Jones’ Infowars and Mike Adams’ Natural News programs – because money often takes precedence over political ideology. Don’t believe me? Just Google “Food Babe Alex Jones” and there’s plenty of links to his website; it’s not like the two of them are exactly trying to hide their association.

While some may write these examples off as just gullible people being taken for a ride and say “that’s capitalism for you,” there exists a much darker side to the whole scheme, especially when it comes to Mike Adams and Alex Jones. Mike Adams tends to hide his brand of crazed hatred, occasionally saying (allegedly) people like myself who criticize him are like Nazi war criminals and should be executed, but usually sticks to talking about vaccines, chemtrails and how this new herbal supplement he’s selling is the miracle cure the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know about. Alex Jones pushes the same products and conspiracy stories, but unlike Mike Adams on Natural News, he doesn’t try to hide the crazy.

Whether it’s peddling gun grab conspiracies or fawning over Vladimir Putin, Alex Jones never misses a chance to stoke paranoia and anger toward someone his audience can blame for their problems. This time, he’s targeting the LGBT community with a video clip released today on his Infowars network.

Jones said that he is worried about the attempt to “sexualize children” with books like “Heather Has Two Mommies.” This effort to “target children,” Jones said, represents the “space-cult, suicide-cult, exterminism, craziness” of the United Nations and global elites.

“The eugenics, trans-humanist cult wants to confuse the general species ahead of rendering us down and removing us,” he said. “The plan is an asexual humanoid, even if they decide to keep us around, stated in hundreds of textbooks.” (Source)

I’m sure that like Glenn Beck and others of his ilk, Alex Jones doesn’t believe in much of what he’s selling. The problem is that there are millions of people who do buy into the level of crazy that these grifters are selling, and some of them are unhinged enough that they could take Jones’ latest rant as a directive to violence. Sadly, folks like Alex Jones don’t care who they hurt or about what the potential consequences of their rhetoric could be, just as long as their followers keep watching their shows and buying their products. Isn’t capitalism great?

Watch the video below via Right Wing Watch:


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