There’s Something All Progressives, Liberals, Democrats & Independents Need to Realize Before Election Day

The only way Donald Trump becomes our next president is if we allow that to happen. On November 8th, if rational voters show up to back Hillary Clinton in the numbers I know we’re capable of, she’ll easily be elected as our next president, keeping the most dangerous candidate in U.S. political history from moving into the White House.

Nevertheless, there’s still a good chunk of people on the left who are either apathetic and unsure about voting, flat-out aren’t voting or are voting third-party because they refuse to support Clinton.

Alright, that’s fine. I thought we had learned our lesson from the 2000 election, but I guess we haven’t.

So, in the spirit of those on the left who still don’t seem to grasp what’s at stake, here’s a list of a whole lot of horrible things for progressives that will happen if Donald Trump wins on November 8th:

  • He’s likely going to replace at least two Supreme Court Justices (there’s already one opening), though maybe as many as four, putting the Court with at least six ultra-conservative Justices for the next 20-25 years — at least.
  • Same-sex marriage will be overturned as states will once again be able to pass bans on gay couples getting married.
  • Abortion rights will most likely be eliminated since, with 5 to 6 conservative Justices on the Court, Roe v. Wade could easily be overturned.
  • Practically every green policy we’ve passed over the last few years/decades will be gutted or eliminated because Trump thinks climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese.
  • We’ll push any possibility of overturning Citizens United back decades.
  • Attacks on voting rights will increase as the Supreme Court will be stacked with enough conservative Justices to overturn many of the protections that were passed decades ago. In fact, we’ve already seen that happen over the last several years with only a one Justice advantage — now imagine having two-thirds of the Court stacked with conservatives.
  • The Affordable Care Act is finished and any strides we’ve made toward universal health care get set back to the very beginning.
  • Not only will we not pass immigration reform, but millions of families will be ripped apart.
  • The minimum wage won’t see a single hike for at least four years, if not outright get eliminated depending on the balance of power in Congress.
  • Net neutrality is dead, meaning big corporations will be able to throttle your speeds and seize control over the freedom of the Internet we’ve enjoyed since its inception.
  • We will do nothing to combat the rising costs of education. In fact, more attacks on public education will most certainly follow.
  • Religious discrimination will be effectively legalized with a Supreme Court that could end up with a “super majority” of conservative Justices.
  • Not only will gay rights see absolutely no advancement, but much of the progress we have made (same-sex marriage, for example) will be undone.
  • Say goodbye to the Iran nuclear deal.
  • The Keystone XL pipeline will probably be approved within a week of Trump’s inauguration.
  • Our national parks will be opened up to drilling and fracking.
  • Social Security and Medicaid will come under even more attack as the GOP amps up their push to privatize both programs.
  • Terrorism is going to get a whole lot worse as Trump is literally a tool being used by these groups to recruit.
  • The tax burden on the middle class is going to skyrocket as massive tax cuts for the rich get passed, putting an even larger burden on 98 percent of Americans.
  • American Muslims will face an unprecedented amount of bigotry and hate.
  • Come to mention it, all minorities will face racism, bigotry, prejudice and hate at levels we haven’t seen in decades.
  • The alt-right, white nationalists and conspiracy theorists will become more emboldened, powerful and influential as they have “their guy” leading this country.
  • It will become harder than ever to win back any power since Trump will be perfectly fine with the GOP passing strict voter ID laws and continued relentless attacks on voting rights protections — just like they’ve already been doing at the state level.
  • The climate pact President Obama agreed to with many other world leaders will become worthless considering Trump doesn’t believe in climate change.
  • Not only will we spend at least the next four years doing nothing to combat climate change, efforts to save our planet will actually be set back decades considering how much of the progress we have made will be undone.
  • Relationships with many of our allies will be weakened, if not damaged beyond repair, as Trump criticizes and demands “ransom” from them while praising the authoritarian Russian President (and basically a dictator) Vladimir Putin.

And that’s not even everything that will happen if Donald Trump is elected.

Say what you want about Hillary Clinton. You can call her a liar or unethical all you want, I don’t really care. In fact, at this point, I couldn’t care less if she passes a single campaign promise her entire time in office. For me, this election is about protecting the progress we’ve made.

People are free to say and feel about Clinton whatever they like. However, if elected, what Hillary Clinton won’t do is:

  • Nominate conservative Supreme Court Justices (her husband gave us two of our most liberal we have on the Court now, by the way).
  • Overturn same-sex marriage.
  • Rollback progress on gay rights.
  • Repeal the Affordable Care Act.
  • Sign the Keystone XL pipeline.
  • Attack or eliminate the minimum wage.
  • Undo the progress we’ve made fighting climate change.
  • End the climate pact President Obama signed with other world leaders.
  • Demand ransoms from our closest allies while praising an authoritarian dictator like Putin.
  • Strengthen voter ID laws, voter suppression and attacks on voting rights, especially for minorities.
  • Vilify minorities.
  • Oppose immigration reform.
  • Give massive tax breaks to the rich.
  • Try to privatize Social Security.
  • End net neutrality and the freedom of the Internet.
  • End abortion rights for women.
  • Make it easier for more money to corrupt our political system.
  • Pander to the alt-right, white nationalists and conspiracy theorists.
  • Embarrass this country on nearly a daily basis.
  • Try to spend billions building a stupid and impractical wall.
  • Ignore the rising costs of education.
  • Claim that income inequality for women is a myth.
  • Make it legal for health care companies to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Rip apart millions of families with inhumane “deportation forces.”

Is Hillary Clinton a progressive hero like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren? No, she’s not — but the dirty little secret is that she’s much more progressive than a lot of her critics on the left give her credit for.

The truth is this, Bernie Sanders isn’t going to become our next president. Jill Stein isn’t going to become our next president. Elizabeth Warren isn’t going to become our next president.

On November 8th, the only two people who stand a chance at taking over for President Obama are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — period.

One candidate has been endorsed by the president, is attacked by her opponents for supporting a continuation of some of his policies (though she’s actually to the left of him on several issues — including climate change), while the other spent years using racism to delegitimize his presidency and supports practically nothing that he does.

On November 8th, you can either support the presidential candidate who voted with Bernie Sanders 93 percent of the time when they served together as senators, or help elect the candidate who Sanders has called the most dangerous person to ever make it this far in an election.

Because this is as simple as it gets: On November 8th, you’re either voting “straight blue” and for Hillary Clinton, or you’re helping elect Donald Trump and helping Republicans keep power in Congress.

That’s not me trying to “guilt” anyone into supporting her. That’s not me trying to spin the truth as some sort of “paid shill” for her campaign. That’s me telling everyone exactly how it is.

This election, liberals either “vote blue, no matter who” then bust our asses to hold Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, accountable for their progressive promises and continue to push them further to the left — or they’re helping elect Donald Trump and giving Republicans more power in Congress.

The only way Trump wins and Republicans keep full power in Congress is if we let them either by apathy, not voting or not supporting the only candidates who stand a realistic chance at defeating Republicans.

While Democrats like Hillary Clinton might not be as “progressive as you’d like,” their Republican alternatives aren’t progressive at all.

So, you can either try to work with “not as progressive as you’d like” Democrats to make them more progressive, or you can help elect ultra-conservative Republicans who couldn’t care less about anything you support.

I don’t care what you may think about Hillary Clinton, she’s not going to gut, rollback and undo nearly all the progress on gay rights, climate change, the minimum wage, women’s rights, abortion rights and a whole host of other progressive beliefs we’ve spent decades fighting for.

If we can elect Clinton and flip control of the Senate back to Democrats, that would also make Bernie Sanders one of the most powerful members of Congress as he’d most likely become Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee — which is a scenario that’s literally the Republican party’s worst nightmare.

Let’s get it done and move forward on the most progressive Democratic party platform ever. Trust me when I tell you that no matter what happens in the next four years, a Hillary Clinton administration will seem like a wonderful dream compared to the nightmare we’ll endure if Donald Trump becomes our next president.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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