Allen West Questions Tammy Duckworth’s Patriotism

1Allen West, while appearing on the May 21st broadcast of The Janet Mefferd Show, said this about Rep. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois:

I just don’t know where her loyalties lie. You know, for her to have been a veteran, a wounded warrior for the United States Army, she should know that this is not the right thing. And hopefully, you know, she will remember the oath of office that she took as an Army officer and not the allegiance I guess she believes she has to the liberal progressives of the Democrat Party.

Rep. Duckworth is one of the Democratic members on the Benghazi select committee, and Allen West has been vocal in his opinions on both the horrible tragedy that took place in Libya, and the Obama administrations’ response. This is the same Allen West who, while speaking at an event in April of last year, told the audience:

I believe there is about 78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party that are members of the Communist Party.

Given that both Allen West and Rep. Duckworth are military veterans, this seems like a perfect time to compare their records.

Rep. Tammy Duckworth is a veteran of the Iraq war, and one of the first Army women to fly combat missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom. On November 12, 2004, her Blackhawk helicopter was hit by an RPG, and she lost both her legs, and partial use of her right arm. Rep. Duckworth was awarded the Purple Heart for her injuries, and spent the next year recovering from her injuries at Walter Reed Hospital. It was while at Walter Reed that Rep. Duckworth began advocating and speaking on behalf of her fellow soldiers, even testifying before Congress.

In 2006, Tammy Duckworth ran for Congress, and after a tight race, lost. She turned her attention back to her advocacy for members of the military, and became the Director of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs. Lt. Col. Duckworth worked to create a tax credit for businesses that hire veterans, established a first-in-the-nation 24/7 crisis hotline for veterans, and worked to improve veterans’ access to affordable housing. President Obama appointed Tammy Duckworth to the position of Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs, where she led the initiative to combat homelessness among our military veterans. She ran for Congress again in 2012, against Rep. Joe Walsh, and won handily. Walsh also attacked Rep Duckworth’s service, saying:

Understand something about John McCain. His political advisers, day after day, had to take him and almost throw him against a wall and hit him against the head and say, “Senator, you have to let people know you served! You have to talk about what you did!” He didn’t want to do it, wouldn’t do it. Day after day they had to convince him. Finally, he talked a little bit about it, but it was very uncomfortable for him. That’s what’s so noble about our heroes. Now I’m running against a woman who, my God, that’s all she talks about. Our true heroes, it’s the last thing in the world they talk about.That’s why we’re so indebted and in awe of what they’ve done.

A double amputee who worked tirelessly to help our veterans, attacked by a man who still hasn’t paid his child support.

Allen West’s military service is a bit less heroic than Rep. Tammy Duckworth’s. West also achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel, and was awarded numerous medals, including the Bronze Star, the Air Assault Badge, and a Master Parachutist Badge. However, West was involved in an incident where he fired his weapon next to an Iraqi police officer West believed was involved in a plot to ambush his unit. West was first charged with violating Articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Those charges were later referred to an Article 15 proceeding, rather than a court martial, and West was fined $5,000. He retired in 2004 with full benefits.

After retirement, West moved to Florida, where he coached high school track and field, and taught history. He also spent two years working for a defense contractor, Military Professional Resources.

Tammy Duckworth lost both legs, and partial use of her right arm, spent a year at Walter Reed, became an advocate for veterans, was appointed to help lead the VA by President Obama, and won a seat in Congress against a bully. Allen West left the Army in disgrace after being charged with two violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Rep. Duckworth maintains her rank, and still serves in the Illinois National Guard with her husband. Allen West rails against “Commies in Congress,” and wrote a book riddled with fake quotes.

If you need further proof of who the actual hero is in this scenario, take a few minutes and watch Rep. Duckworth completely eviscerate a contractor who claimed a high school sports injury had rendered him a service-disabled veteran. Allen West is no hero, and his loyalty is to big money, divisiveness, disrespect for the President of the United States, conspiracy theories, and bullying women. Remember, this is the same Allen West who called Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz “vile,” “despicable,” “not a lady,” and said she should “shut the heck up.”

I don’t know about you, but when I compare Allen West and Tammy Duckworth, it seems Rep. Duckworth comes out smelling like a rose, while Allen West comes out smelling…well, less than sweet.

Erin Nanasi

Erin Nanasi is the creator of The Bachmann Diaries: Satirical Excerpts from Michele Bachmann's Fictional Diary. She hates writing about herself in the third person. Erin enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family. And wombats. Come visit Erin on on Facebook. She also can be found on Twitter at @WriterENanasi.


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  • Swallow

    Hmm, the reference to McCain talking about his service is probably because of some complications. He was shot down while flying outside his mission, he stayed in POW (first mission of a captured soldier is to escape) camp while the rest of us fought for him until his release after the war. But these jerks have no problem discrediting soldiers by voice and by voting against legislation. No problem for the GOP to scream about going to war but just like abortion they don’t care one bit after the event is over.

    • Sandy Greer

      I can understand why a former POW would not wish to expand on his time in enemy hands. Regular humiliations are endured that most of us can only understand Intellectually. We are not able to comprehend, Emotionally – the degradations a man can experience, and still live.

      Some don’t, BTW Many suicides, when hope is lost, and there is only despair, remaining.

      He was offered early release, when his captors learned his father was an Admiral. He refused – afraid his captors would use it for
      propaganda purposes, and – as a psychological weapon, against the other prisoners – if he, an ‘elite’, eagerly grasped at preferential treatment.

      POWs believed Military Code of Conduct required a ‘first in, first out’ release.

      So he stayed. And was severely tortured, in retaliation. To this day, he is unable to raise his arms above his head, for his injuries.

      He learned one thing in Hanoi Hilton. Every man has his breaking point. He reached his – same as every other man there. There is no shame in it.

      No one should question the Honor of John McCain.

    • Edward Krebbs

      Not to mention the other US fighter jets that McCain crashed. Or his little practical joke which resulted in a major disaster and multiple deaths on a US ship. Graduated near the bottom of his class. In short, hardly a distinguished record and actually poor enough that one has to wonder what would have happened had he not had high ranking relatives.

      • Mandie Marron

        Are you speaking of the USS Forrestal in regards to the practical joke? It seems you don’t have your facts in order.

      • Sumer54

        “…Or his little practical joke which resulted in a major disaster and multiple deaths on a US ship…”

        Ooops. Urban Legend.

      • Brian

        Dismiss the whole thing because of one irrelevant detail?

      • Sumer54

        You can take a meat ax or hatchet approach, if you like. That’s your choice. Some of us prefer as much accuracy as possible. My preference is a paring knife, or a scalpel.

        John McCain, for all his faults, is not deserving of being slandered or libeled any more than anyone else, in someone’s desire to ‘make a point’. Manslaughter is a little over the line, don’t you think?

        Ignorance or enlightenment; make a choice. They both spread at the speed of light on the internet.

  • Sandy Greer

    Truth is – she puts him to shame.

    Her detractors are shamed by her Courage and Resilience; they don’t know how to stand in the face of it.

    So they try to pull her down.

    All they have is their Rhetoric, and it makes a poor showing in the face of her Dignity.

    Tammy Duckworth is an Inspiration. Something they are not. And that’s the Truth.

  • Edward Krebbs

    Yet one more event in a pattern on IOKIYAR:

    We’re for wounded vets and those honorably discharged, unless its Allen West.

    We’re against a president who might have smoked a joint in England (where it was legal) but fully behind someone with multiple drug convictions dealing with alcohol and cocaine.

    We’re against signing statements, unless it is Reagan or GWB.


  • Randy

    Take a look at the medal count to ascertain who the best soldier was. Duckworth is to be commended for her service, but it obviously wasn’t as noteworthy as Wests just by medal count.

    • Kevin

      Medal count? Are you serious? I’m more inclined to believe the “best soldier” is the one who fights for their fellow soldiers, both at home and abroad, and still is in the reserves. Not the one who was discharged for essentially friendly fire, and breaking several rules of conduct.

      • Charles Gilreath

        Actually, military order of precedence places the Bronze Star ranking above the Purple Heart. Also the “essentially friendly fire” bit is more than stretching it. The same problem cropped up in both Afghanistan and Iraq where the “local friendly units” were permeated by insurgents or other forms of corruption. Mr. West overreacted due to what he determined was a serious potential threat. He was in effect fighting for his fellow soldiers, though being an officer he threw exercise of proper judgement to the wind. As for their personal character, I won’t pass judgement one way or the other. However, none of my fellow Marines who have deployed, especially those critically injured while facing hostile fire with boots on the ground, none of them trumpet their war stories. They all pretty much say the same thing, it was their job to look out for the men and women to their left and right.

    • Brian

      Medal count? Then the best soldier in the world is Kim Jong Un. This isn’t a childish contest here. Allen West is a piece of garbage who basically said “if you’re a REAL serviceman, you’ll agree with me!”

  • Jose Lopez Maldonado

    He smells like what he is. “SHIT”.

  • fernando

    It sounds as if West is his own worst enemy! He should kiss Rep. Duckworths behind!

  • arizonamildman

    The main reason McCain doesn’t like to talk about his “service” is because he was a screw up that should have been thrown out of the Navy but his father and grandfather were admirals. He talks plenty about being a POW but that was the biggest part of his “service”, not the part where he lost 4 planes before he was shot down and taken prisoner. Senator Duckworth works tirelessly to help veterans while the Republicans keep cutting Veteran benefits and funding for the VA. The real difference is this, if Allen West were intelligent he wouldn’t talk about comparing service against a decorated wounded veteran, but that just shows that he isn’t.