Allow Me to Reiterate: The Whole Damn Republican Party Needs to Be Investigated

517-5 — that’s how Congress voted to impose new sanctions on Russia related to their attempts to undermine our democracy during the 2016 election by launching multifaceted cyber attacks, not just against the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but on states, as well, seeking (and as far as we know, failing) to gain access to sensitive voting information. This, of course, was on top of the cyber activity they were engaged in which spread an unprecedented amount of lies and hatred through “false amplifiers” and ad campaigns on social media.

Yet the official response from the Trump administration is that he’s not going to immediately impose new sanctions on Russia, insisting that just the threat of sanctions has been enough.

The Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act also required the Trump administration to release a list of “oligarchs” tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government — that they pulled from a Forbes list of wealthy Russians.

This is the current “President” of the United States ignoring a law overwhelmingly passed by Congress related to imposing sanctions against a country that attacked, and continues to attack, our democracy.

As many people have asked since this news broke: What the hell does Putin have on Trump?

For a while I’ve said that Trump isn’t the only Republican the FBI or Robert Mueller should be looking at. There’s been far too many members of this party who have gone to incredible lengths trying to defend this “president” against charges and accusations that his own behavior seem to support.

Just imagine for a moment the scenario if Hillary Clinton had been elected, then:

  • She attacked U.S. intelligence agencies which were confirming that Russia — the very same Russia she had defended and praised several times during her campaign — had been behind a cyber attack against Donald Trump’s campaign and the RNC.
  • Her handpicked attorney general essentially committed perjury when he didn’t disclose several meetings he had with Russians during the 2016 election.
  • She fired the FBI director after trying to put pressure on him to end the investigation into one of her former national security advisors.
  • Just a few months later it’s discovered that her daughter, campaign manager, and son-in-law had held a secret meeting with Russians promising them dirt on Donald Trump.
  • At least four people linked to her campaign had been indicted by the FBI for lying about their communications with Russians (2 pleading guilty).
  • By a 517-5 margin, Congress overwhelmingly passes sanctions on Russia relating to their cyber attack against the 2016 election — but she refuses to impose them, saying they learned their lesson just from the threat of them being imposed.

Think about what the reaction from Republicans, Fox News, the rest of the conservative media, and even Trump would be if all of that was linked to her.

They would be going absolutely ballistic. There would be calls for impeachment, saying that nothing she supports should be passed until the investigations are concluded, and they damn sure wouldn’t be trying to downplay the significance of all of that (and much more) if all these things tied to Trump were, instead, linked to Clinton.

We have a “president” who, whether or not he directly colluded with Russia, is damn sure acting as if all the rumors of collusion and blackmail are true. A “president” who’s fired the former head of the FBI over the on-going Russia investigation; tried to fire the current special counselor who was appointed because he fired the head of the FBI; put pressure on the FBI to get rid of the deputy director of the bureau; continues to refuse to say anything negative about Russia; has spent much of his time over the last year pushing conspiracies against the FBI trying to undermine their credibility; and now refuses to impose sanctions on Russia that were overwhelmingly approved by Congress.

The “president” of the United States is harassing the FBI to fire employees he doesn’t like, putting constant pressure on his own Department of Justice to open investigations into people he opposes, refuses to follow the law passed by Congress to impose sanctions on Russia, and seems to be doing everything he can to rule over this country like a dictator.

Yet Republicans aren’t doing a damn thing about it.

Allow me to reiterate: The whole damn Republican party needs to be investigated. We’ve reached a point where over half of Congress is refusing to follow the oath they took to defend this nation from enemies both foreign and domestic by putting the country and our Constitution first.

Republicans are helping and enabling a criminal, a wannabe dictator, and an incompetent, dangerous fool who has absolutely no business being this country’s “president.”

Enough is enough.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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