The American People Have Overwhelmingly Rejected President Obama’s “Horrific” Record

barack-obama-readingWell, it’s clear that the American people have spoken and they don’t like President Obama. He’s just the worst, isn’t he? The American people are a well-informed electorate that saw the horrific record of this president and soundly rejected the failures of his administration.

Didn’t he know he was supposed to be white and a Republican before the GOP would ever think about working with him? Get with the program, Obama.

After all, who needs jobs? He’s only created over 10 million of them. What the hell was he thinking? Come on, a United States record for consecutive months of private-sector job growth and the best year for job creation since the Clinton era? Americans definitely don’t need any of that. What kind of president creates 10 million jobs in less than 6 years?

And health care, who needs that either, right? Humans sure don’t. Americans during the time of our Founding Fathers lived to the ripe old age of around 35-years-old. They sure as heck didn’t need affordable health care. They just knew they should die young.

Then when it comes to our stock market, what in the hell was he thinking passing policies that led to record high stock levels? Why would any president want our stock market to do well? A thriving stock market – that’s crazy socialist talk.

We can’t forget about his out of control spending, either. I mean, he’s only reduced our deficits by $1 trillion since he’s been president.  Doesn’t he know that he should have waved his magic wand to fix the economic crash and end the two wars that led to these massive deficits that he was clearly responsible for – even though he wasn’t president when any of those things happened?

And who needs a president who’s constantly fighting to raise the minimum wage so that millions of Americans living in poverty can get off government assistance and better provide for their families? What kind of tomfoolery is that?

Also, who cares if the vast majority of Americans support universal background checks for gun purchases and sensible immigration reform? I mean, he’s pushed for both of those things, but that doesn’t matterHe sucks, duh! 

It makes much more sense to vote in more candidates from the party that opposes both of them.

Oh, and his response to Ebola – what a joke. Why would Americans want a president who listens to medical experts who were right about Ebola being extremely hard to spread and that the chances of a widespread outbreak here were practically zero? It’s Ebola, run! In fact, you’ll probably want to get tested for Ebola immediately as you might have just caught the virus by simply reading this article. I’ve heard rumors on Fox News that just saying the word “Ebola” can cause you to get Ebola.

I think we should put a big anti-Ebola net around the entire United States. I hear Chris Christie would proudly issue funds for its construction.

Then there’s ISIS. Now, tell me, who’s ready for another indefinite war to fix the first indefinite war Republicans sent us to based on lies back in 2003? I know I sure as heck am! It’s just a shame President Obama would rather exhaust all other possible options before putting our military in harm’s way. Doesn’t he know American lives are a dime a dozen?

I’ve actually heard several rumors that ISIS is planning to invade the United States via Mexico, but they’ve been delayed from doing so by the delicious Mexican food they’ve encountered in Juarez.

And when it comes to women’s rights, who needs a president who cares about those? Apparently not many because millions of women proudly showed their support for the party that thinks it’s best if the government tells them what they can and cannot do to their own body. And I don’t know about you, but that makes perfect sense to me. Voting against your own interests is the American way.

It’s just clear that the well-informed American electorate has spoken loudly and proudly and they’ve said, “We don’t want a president who creates millions of jobs; avoids war if at all possible; passes laws that provide health care for millions of Americans; fights for women’s rights; wants to help poor people; believes in science; and has presided over the largest year-to-year reduction of our deficits since WWII.”

Republicans 2014: Because it worked out so well for us the last time they were in charge!

*This message was sarcastically brought to you by Allen Clifton.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Nate Holt

    “Overwhelmingly” almost all of the 2/5 of the American people have spoken… That incredibly high number was bolstered by everything being done to make voting more accessible and convenient for all Americans. It also helped to have the Democratic Party and their congressional candidates unify behind the president, who has been so successfully touting all of those achievements mentioned above.

    • glebec

      Unfortunately the other 3/5 have also spoken – and said that they don’t see a benefit to voting. That needs to change.

      • Nate Holt

        Absolutely. Democrats (myself included) and Democratic leadership, starting with Obama, failed to energize their people to get to the polls. Running from Obama, and anemic responses to voter suppression laws and other efforts that kept people away from the polls contributed to the disasterous results.

      • Vince Gotti

        Wow you are actually taking some responsibility for SOMETHING but I noticed you don’t have any upvotes. Not suprising in that regard.

      • ItsTheJourney

        As others may have said, I think that Dems failed ot energize at the polls becuase of the wrong message. This is what I did NOT hear:

        1) Wages, not Jobs. So, the job creation has been impressive, but wages are stagnant. Although I get raises on paper, they are eaten up by the next point:

        2) Increasing cost of healthcare. the ACA did a good job at getting millions of people insured, but the insurance offered through my company, plus co-pays and other medical expenses means I spent more than 10% of my gross income on health care (and this doesn’t count my employer’s contribution). That is a pretty hefty tax. From 2007 until now, my healthcare costs have risen from 7% of Gross Income to 10% of gross income. I might have to take a Home Equity Loan to pay for my graduating High School Senior’s college. Oh, wait, I can’t because

        3) My house is finally worth in 2014 what it was in 2007 so I don’t have equity.

        So, as I was canvassing and trying to get people to vote, this is what I often heard.

  • Cat Lover

    I support and will continue to support this President. I value him.

    • Erin Anderson


      • michael

        i agree 100 percent!!! He has done an amazing job especially given the GOP admitted from day they have done everything in their power to make him a one term president.

    • JeffWest

      Me, too. On the other hand, it’s nice to see that the Koch brothers finally got their money’s worth.

  • paisleyface

    All that need happen now for the neo-cons to complete their mission is to see Obama ride into Jerusalem on a dinosaur.

    I’ve said it before, but, in my lifetime, he’s the only president I’d ever automatically jump in front of a bullet for. He has improved the quality of my life by an order of some magnitude. Thank you, Mr. President. You have my respect and my gratitude.

    • Sue Roediger

      and he has done it at great personal risk, and maintained hes dignity in spite of horrendous resistance.

  • UDbmas

    If we ever want to elect the best leaders to keep our country on course, men need to listen LESS to their genitalia, and women need to listen a lot MORE to their own. #StopDickheadPolitics #WhatWouldMyVaginaDo

    • Patrick

      Well, THERE’S the solution! Be just as disgusting as the opposition. Brilliant!

      • UDbmas

        Sorry. I didn’t realize truthful humor was off-base as a comment to a brilliant satirical article.

      • Patrick

        In order to be called “humor” it must be funny, or at least amusing…

      • Paul Julian Gould

        Well, gotta say it made me smile, and was kinda creative. Personal preference, I guess…

      • Patrick

        Yes, very “creative”… you just don’t hear enough people working “dick” or “vagina” in to their conversations these days! -Comedy gold!

      • Paul Julian Gould

        Hey, I did say personal preference. I didn’t make the comment, and I doubt I would have made one like UDbmas did, but I’ve been known to be a punster that, in some venues can be known to cause projectile vomiting, as it’s widely recognized as the lowest form of humor…

        I’ve been known over the years to sparingly enjoy Mr. Bean, Benny Hill and BlackAdder, as well.

        So, again, personal preference.

  • Guest

    First of all, your comment “

  • PAC

    My take on the election:
    President Obama won re-election – decisively. Democrats did not.
    I blame Dems who ran away from this president. For all the successful, good things that have happened with this administration, Dems failed to communicate a positive message. They look like cowards who are afraid to stand up for what progressives want. They looked like turncoats. I am so disgusted with them.
    This is exactly what infuriates me about Democrats. They have absolutely no spine, do not know how to fight for progress. Will they EVER learn? Until you believe in your message enough to really, really fight for it, no one else will believe in you.

    • Roger Wilco

      Exactly. Republicans stand by their message unified. Democrats run like scared babies. Democrats deserved to lose Tuesday night. They did not tout all of the accomplishments of this administration.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Democrats are congenitally spineless.

      • Recoloniser

        The GOP didn’t have a message. Well, other than “We hate Obama”, that is. (This was the civil version. The version for internal use was “There’s a colored man in the White House. That ain’t right.”)
        The problem with the Dems was that they didn’t have a message either … other than: “We’re not with that man.” St. Peter at least had the grace to cry bitter tears when he realised he’d denied and betrayed his leader.
        No strategy, no message, no balls, no nothing. Yeah, that’s the way to snatch electoral defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • Hemingway


    • Cat Marcuri

      Yeah, I agree. I’m still waiting for the Dems to grow a pair and stand up to the thugs running the GOP.

      • Paul Julian Gould

        It seems there are a few, and they are quite articulate but they constantly get shouted down by the “yaaaarrrrgggghhhhh… arglebargle,” so it’s understandable that it’s difficult to hear.

  • bigovernmentsocialconservative

    Terrible reasoning and article, Allen.

    This is very much like Republicans blaming the people for “being stupid” when they lost in 2012.

    Further, your article is fundamentally based on a premise which is likely FALSE.

    The people who voted against Democrats in 2014…the same people voted against Obama in 2012 AND 2008, and against Democrats in 2010.

    The “American people” who “rejected the outcomes this time” as you falsely claim…the same people rejected the outcomes in 2012 as well. They were just outvoted by those who liked the outcomes and/or disliked the prospects of the alternative in 2012, enough to show up and vote.

    The loss is a reflection of a failure to turn out voters.

    Did they not show up because “they were disenchanted/pessimistic” about the outcomes with Democrats? Maybe, maybe not.

    But there is the more basic question:

    How were the Republicans able to turn out the SAME voters to vote R in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014?

    This is the core truth you need to face:

    The base of the other side votes on moral outrage.

    It’s no good scoffing at them that they vote against their economic interests.

    Fact is, they were never voting economic interests, never mind the economics BS they spout.

    They were always voting moral outrage, on topics like marriage equality, abortion-rights, immigration…

    Democrats overcame them in 2012, in part because the “moral outrage segment” exposed themselves readily, and there was no need for you to occupy the moral high ground. It was sufficient to occupy the rationality ground.

    If you want to turn out your voters in mid-terms, you need to stop being content, self-satisfied at being morally superior, holding a morally superior position…and start being morally outraged at the advocacy of the other side, which you KNOW deep down, is immoral.

    You, and America, are slowly, but surely, falling into the moral apathy trap: the same trap which led to the rise of the Nazis.

    Shed your moral apathy, and start showing your moral outrage: every step of the way, until evil is vanquished.

    There is no alternate path to walk.

    • ItsTheJourney

      The outrage IS economic. For most of us, the economy STILL sucks.

      • bigovernmentsocialconservative

        For that claim to be true, you would have had to have voted against Obama in 2008, because of the effect of his policies in 2009-2014.

        Obviously, that doesn’t make any sense.

        The outrage, as I said, was always MORAL outrage about SOCIAL issues and such [email protected]

      • ItsTheJourney

        Huh? The outrage is that most of us are still economically worse off than before Obama came into office, and the Dems have not adequately addressed that issue.

        The economy tanked; we voted for Obama. He stated that he and us would fix the economy.

        6 years later, most of us are still in the economic crapper, so we voted against the Democrats.

        The Dems failed to adequately address the issues of low or stagnant wages, increasing health care and tuition costs, and low housing values.

        It is really simple. We vote with our pocketbooks, or don’t vote at all. If the Dems do nothing to address very fundamental problems in the economy, why should we reward them with another chance (after the two or three they have already had?)

      • Paul Julian Gould

        Beware of the legend of the frog and the scorpion, then… remember that you knew what they were when you pulled the lever/button/chad

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        If you REALLY think Obama could have fixed the economy, given 6 years of Republican obstruction, you’re delusional. Further, the Republicans’ corporate masters don’t want the economy fixed. They won’t be happy until workers have no security and are so scared they are willing to work for $3/hr. Or $3/day.

      • ItsTheJourney

        No, I don’t think HE could have fixed the economy. I was making the point that voters vote on very basic issues such as THE economy. When a sitting president oversees an economic downturn without an adequate response, his party loses. When a party fails to address fundamentals like the REAL impact of the economic downturn (increasing income inequality and stagnant wages) then they lose voters to the opposition or voters don’t turn out.

        Neither party is addressing the real problem because it crosses the wishes of their corporate masters. As a Princeton report indicated earlier in the year, we are now an Oligarchy.

  • allenels

    Whatever the reasons, the “people have spoken” mantra is still a major disappointment. Our society has swung so far away from an educated, well-informed electorate to be truly frightening. The faults are many. Lies and damn lies oft repeated by conservative pundits, news papers and by God, the internet. The Democratic machine begging for cash donations, six to ten times a day for the last several months, unrelenting and abusive if you did not donate. Kind of counter-intuitive for a party that boasts they want to remove money from the electoral process. Moral apathy is clearly rife in America and although Barack Obama has made strides during his presidency, he has also disappointed many that voted for him. The closing of Guantanamo. His support of “banks too big to fail” and Wall Street while average Americans continue to struggle. His almost excessive need to compromise with legislators who swore they would never support him. His and his staffs inability to effectively vocalize what his administration has accomplished. The Blue Dog Democrats that are just as responsible for voting against Obama and his stated agenda. And ket’s not look at the broken Justice Department and its jihad against whistle blowers. There is a lot wrong on all sides and few appear to be able to recognize these ills and without clarity about all of the issues we will continue to stumble and slide down the rabbit hole!

    • Paul Julian Gould

      And people wonder why I sometimes wander into misanthropy… Many times, “the people” show just what a fearful collective ass they can be.

      Well, at least two industries will do a land-office business over the next couple of years… the makers of beer and popcorn.

      Buckle your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride
      (RIP Mother Goddam)

  • David Hill

    That’s what happens when you vote for Barry X Taxbongo, Buttface-in-Chief-Who-Smells-Like-Butt. And his wife, Fatty Fat Fatty. And his farting mate, Crazy Uncle Joe bin Biden.

    • Paul Julian Gould

      What the hell are you? 7 years old?

  • Joe Bennett

    This sarcastic article should be read by every single Democratic operative who worked for a Senate, House, gubernatorial, or state legislative campaign. Because for the most part, the people who ran those campaigns didn’t bother to look at Obama’s record AT ALL while simultaneously running away from it.

    They wouldn’t campaign with the president. They wouldn’t mention his name. They would spend time talking about how they would do things DIFFERENTLY than this president. Some even tried to run as independents so as not be be “tainted” by having the (D) next to their name.

    You people, you campaign people, are… and I don’t say this lightly… IDIOTS. Liberal/progressive ideas actually won during this election cycle – more legalization for marijuana, more dismantling of the “tough on crime” state, increases in minimum wage, etc. These all won. These are all progressive ideas. But in your infinite wisdom as the campaign strategists for people running for office, you couldn’t deal with that. And instead you tried to pretend you weren’t even Democrats.

    You are the reason we can’t have nice things. It is simply ridiculous that this president can have the record he has, and you ran away from it.

  • Sean

    I sincerely hope neither Obama nor his shrinking group of supporters (including the loons here) learn anything from this total repudiation. It will make things that much easier in 2016.

  • Elise

    Where is Nancy Pelosi and other prominent Democrat leaders. Get out there and the spokes person the DNC is looking for. Pelosi, Harry Reid, and others need to be replaced. We need fresh faces. Look to the people who are popular with the American people right now; Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker. Nancy Pelosi is no where to be seen. Boehner keeps getting press coverage and the DNC is no where to be seen. Get out there and fight for our causes!!!

  • Kalpana Sinha

    Winston Churchill wrote of the elections in Britain, after World War II.

    “……Thus, then on the night of the 10th of May, at the outset of the mighty battle, I acquired the chief power in the State, which henceforth I wielded in ever-growing measure for five years and three months of world war, at the end of which time, all our enemies having surrendered unconditionally, or being about to do so, I was immediately dismissed by the British electorate, from all further conduct of their affairs” *

  • chair jackson


  • glebec

    The American people are NOT well informed voters. That is your first mistake. They are normal human beings however, who respond to heavy advertising messages / GOP propaganda. The ad industry exists and spends over $170 BILLION $$ PER YEAR because constant repetition of messages works. Political information is the same thing. The GOP has long had the “Republican Noise Machine” (read any of the zillion books on the topic) getting their consistent message out in every media venue every day, every week, year after year, from many different sources. Democrats have nothing. ZIP. NADA. NOTHING. No effort whatsoever. Like it or not (and Dems don’t like it – because they are soooooo intellectual) ideas are products and are “sold” in the media marketplace – just like soap and hamburgers.

    In the US it is impossible to avoid GOP messages and almost impossible to find Democrat Party ones.

    Gee – I wonder why the country is drifting right? Or making bad choices? Have Dems really given the public an option? Nope.

    While Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are the two most obvious failures – and should be run out of town on a rail – the fact is that we, the People, elect every single Representative or Senator to be a leader. They are all jointly and severally responsible for leading the Party and the Country – and every single one of them is a total failure. (Except Elizabeth Warren – who is bravely and energetically leading as hard as one single person can)

    Note that the average citizen can likely name a dozen or more GOP members of Congress – and likely cannot name 2 or 3 Democrats.

  • JeffWest

    And really, shouldn’t this president be impeached for killing Osama bin Laden long after his predecessor clearly stated, “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.”

  • Denise Canter

    At some point, liberals are going to have to face the fact that the democrat party is owned by the same people who own the republicans. They are just better at hiding it, and presenting a populist message. What we really need is an end to our 2 party system, and to overturn “Citizen’s United”, the worst ruling in history, by the SCOTUS.

  • Grace Carralero Barella

    I love Mr. Obama.

  • Mark Fielding- Pritchard

    He has done an astonishing job. Trained Isis then sent troops in to fight them. Spent 5bn destabilising Ukraine, fighting 74 armed conflicts today. A world celebrates that the politics of an evil murderer have been rejected by his own people. There are people who are sick of his foreign policy. Still the number of people who can’t afford to go to a doctor has gone down, you must be so proud

  • Tony Matthews

    Gun Control, N.S.A. Edward Snowden spying, Drones, and We the people want to same heath care that Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha at the same price, open borders all equals Political Suicide so you can blame the GOP by the way I’m a life long Democrat and have never ‘NOT’ voted for the anyone but a Democrat until Tuesday Independent party . I love my country but hate my Government they work for us not the other way around next comes Hillary Clinton two years is not long enough to forget your part in all of this……………

  • Matthew Randles

    Will Rogers said it best: “I belong to no organized political party. I’m a Democrat.”

  • Ian Hayden Parker

    The Dems have always been very poor at getting their message out and have always allowed the GOP to frame the conversation. Dems lose elections because they have a problem articulating their vision, then the American people are reminded what idiots the GOP are and swing back to Dems. It’s always been the cycle. Until the Dems can better communicate their vision and accomplishments the politics will swing with each election. The good news is that over the next two years the GOP will control congress and remind the American people what idiots they are and raise the chances of another Dem president in 2016.

  • Laurissa Graves

    ….”Didn’t he know he was supposed to be white and a Republican”…
    Allen…Still using the Race card?…You can stop now, the election is over!

  • Leaning Blue

    Yeah who needs success when we can get hate, fear and lies instead? And by the way, just so you know, the food in Juarez IS delicious. I know because I was born and raised in El Paso, TX, which by the way, also has delicious food. We are the home of Chico’s which make El Pasoans all over the map wish they were still in El Paso. Not to mention a few celebrities that HAVE to have Chico’s when they come visit.

    • Paul Julian Gould

      It’s lovely! I live here (far Northeast, out off Angora Loop). Also, if folks liked the old Clock restaurants, the last remaining one was sold, is now the New Clock, and they’ve still got the best coffee and pork chops in the city! (My buddy who’s my mastering engineer, my brother-from-another-mother, and the guy who lives in our guest bedroom’s father used to own The Clocks)

      • Leaning Blue

        Very interesting. The Clock does have good food and while I’m familiar with the Northeast, I’m not sure where Angora Loop is. I love El Paso, it’s home and I miss it. I bet you’ve also been to Kiki’s and The House of Pizza. Delicious food indeed.

      • Paul Julian Gould

        We’re in about as far NE as you can get… Dyer on one end, Railroad at the other… and just a skip down the road from the Bowen Ranch and the State Line Bar & Grill… aside from that, there’s not much until you get to Chaparral… Haven’t eaten at Kiki’s in eons, as well as the HoP… not even sure where the latter is… Now the Country Corner and the Silver Dollar? Oh, yeah… a couple of bars I’m quite familar with… /*chuckle*/

      • Leaning Blue

        Oh ok, I know where you’re at. My cousin owned a bar called Tube Tops near that area but he sold it. And House of Pizza is in central El Paso on Piedras St, right after you pass Altura which is the street that leads to Scenic Drive. Eating at House of Pizza is a must. I highly recommend it.

      • Paul Julian Gould

        I’ll have to ask my buddy, as he grew up here… I hear him fumbling around in his room, so when he’s functional, I’ll ask him…. maybe take my lovely wife out to dinner there this weekend!

      • Leaning Blue

        It’s a very casual place but hopefully you all will love it. They have delicious food. In fact, next time I’m in El Paso that’s where Iill be headed. All this talk of food is really making me hungry!

  • Michael James Riley

    I thought it would take at least 20 years to clean up Bush’s attempt to bankrupt the world!!!! Well done so far Obama, well ahead of schedule!

  • thomasbone63

    Whether the republicans like it or not he will go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents ever. That’s a fact.

  • TheTrue Pooka

    Instead of bitching about the American people the Democrats could always just admit they SUCK at countering GOP propaganda and get someone who can do that part of the job right.

  • Stagebandman

    We live in a very stupid country.

  • kelemi

    I have my “Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote Republican” bumper sticker ready.

  • Hawthorne

    I support my President 100%. I would vote for him again if I could and last Tuesday, I supported him again by voting straight Democrat.

  • Verna Mckelvin


    • Paul Julian Gould

      From…. whom, exactly?

      Don’t know about you, but I’d say the past three days across the Disqusphere have been downright cacophonous… Maybe I hang out at different places than you?

  • 503me

    History will be kind to one of the best presidents in our history. Congress will go down as the worst and most seditious in all our history as a country. We had the lowest voter turnout since the 40s

  • signspeaker

    Slow to it, but that painfully realized irony will be instructional……………when you realize it Allen.

  • I must say this is not news. It is, however, the most biased piece of opinionated fluff I have read in awhile. This president’s record speaks for itself-why would you write this in such a demeaning and sarcastic way and try to present it as news? It is insulting to both dems and reps. Unless of course, you use the brains god gave you.

  • A pathetic attempt at sarcasm.

    • hummingbug

      I dunno….Sarcasm: the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

      Seems like the author had that pretty much down pat. 🙂

  • David Stenstrom

    I know this comment is probably going to be removed due to the…overWHELMING amount of open-mindedness coming from sites like this but I just can’t help but go through this line by line and correct it.
    1. The Liberal Narrative has consistently proven to be BS, Republicans don’t give a crap about Obama’s skin color, in fact, it has shown to be his only redeeming quality.
    2. 10 million jobs would be something to boast…if his policies hadn’t destroyed 10 million already. 2 steps forward, 2 steps back.
    3. For the- (I don’t know why I’m bothering explaining this to progressives for the…millionth time but I guess if there’s ANYONE listening…) millionth time, healthcare is NOT a human right. It’s wishful thinking to think so, and magical thinking to think it can continue to work without problems. Do I think everyone DESERVES free healthcare when they need it? Yes. Is it economically feasible or possible to do so without massively negative economic reprecussions? No.

    4. Now while Ebola doesn’t spread as fast as the Fox News heads said it would, there has to be some reasonable amount of SOMETHING to be done about it. I mean…it’s only a disease that still has a 75% kill rate even with Western Medicine. We certainly shouldn’t be doing ANYTHING to prevent its spread. And hiring someone with 0 medical expertise for your “Ebola Czar” isn’t exactly a wise decision.
    5. ISIS. Yeah, they’re Islaamic Mr. President, and yes, they are a threat. And endangering the American Military? It’s what they signed up for. They didn’t sign up for anything less. And you know, the whole…Pre-WWI and Pre-WWII foreign policy didn’t work out that great for America so we’ve perchance have to try something else. And yes, securing our border to determine just who the hell is coming in or out of country certainly isn’t a good idea, I mean, we should just let ANYONE cross our borders it’s not like there’s ANY negative reprecussions at all.
    6. Women’s Rights? Really we’re still on this? In fact, that paragraph is just a logical fallacy in and of itself. Just read it aloud again and see if it sounds right AT ALL.
    Now I’m sure like the tolerant, open-minded folks you are, you’ll be willing to take these arguments into consideration and process them like responsible adults.

    • Alexandra

      Just a thing….Healthcare is not a right? It’s not feasible in this country? Then tell me how every other industrialized nation manages to provide universal healthcare to their people? Are we so special that it can’t work here?

      • David Stenstrom

        The term “universal healthcare” is misleading, there’s actually a lot of horror stories of these countries healthcare systems, everyone does get healthcare, but its overall quality is terrible. And yes, again, Healthcare is NOT a right. When you get down to it, healthcare HAS to be provided to you. Whether you’re taking a pill, or under the care of a doctor. It is a PROVISION. A right is something that you cannot put a price on.

  • David Stenstrom

    Oh, a few more things I missed, this is so full of illogical ideas, they just are begging to be addressed:
    Minimum wage: I WORK a minimum wage job right now and I can tell you, making sandwiches is not worth a salary that supports a wife and child. People make bad choices sometimes and they need to be held accountable to them. And sometimes life deals you crap, and sometimes you gotta work with that crap.
    The Deficit? Again…2 steps forward…2 steps back. That’s Progressivism.
    Sensible…Immigration…Reform…I’ll believe that when I see it. Specifically when Republicans Nut-up and actually get our border secured.

  • Joel Palmer

    Americans are the stupidest people in the first world; bar none

    • BoiseBoy

      Although from an anthropological perspective, it is fascinating to see how a large population can be so easily manipulated by Australian/Saudi media company.

      It would be amusing if it weren’t so sad, and if these nutters weren’t armed with the world’s largest nuclear arsenal.

  • BoiseBoy

    Can’t understand why more dems didn’t harken back to the disasterous days of W Bush. You would think that simply rebroadcasting the headlines from 2000-2008 would be enough to remind people what they will be going back to.

  • amylang

    Nice work!

  • Daniel Gold

    I support Barack Obama.

    You missed some things though:

    He took control of GM and made a profit.
    He took control of AIG and made a profit.

    But here is where I differ on some of your points:

    I think you’re statement suggests that all republicans are racists. Which is not ok.

    I think that the way the President has handled the latest issues in the middle east were very poor and that happened going into these elections.

    Ebola was also handled poorly when a hospital in Texas mis diagnoses and releases patients and doesn’t have the gear it needs flown to them after they notified the CDC that they had a possible case. In any situation like that you take extra care. Difficult to transmit or not. You don’t take chances. There should be an army of us officials and doctors in the US right now trying to control this because tomorrow it’s not the disease it’s a genocide by some crazy guy who wants to murder anyone he thinks happens to have Ebola which could be because they were wearing a yellow shirt. You can make an argument that the other guy could have done just as bad and sometimes that’s true. What’s also true is that sometimes you want anyone else but the person who’s there because they’re doing a shitty job and this was before the mid term elections.

    Sometimes looking strong is actually a result of acting strong and acting strong is giving something serious a serious response which was not done in either of those cases and again right before the mid term elections. Finally and maybe most importantly Obama did not campaign which made the Democrats look week and him even weaker. IT’s just bad strategy and bad strategy makes people not trust you to do the job.

  • louisquinze

    Problem is you don’t need any self-discipline to be a Republican – you just need to be totally selfish…………………………

  • BikinBuddha

    This/He is my President Of The United States, or as like to call him “My Dear POTUS… The cuts to the educational base of this country over the past 30yrs. has created this kind of voter base the republicans like “Deaf, DUMB and Blind who haven’t a clue… And please guess who made those cuts, hint; It wasn’t the Democrats… I’M going to make this simple, “Your IDIOTS!” and you know who you are, Maybe.

  • Grand1

    it is clear that 18 %, (the number of those voting for Republicans last Tuesday) of the U.S. population do not like Democrats period. Does that mean that 88% who didn’t vote or voted for Democrats are on the wrong track? No. It means that a determined, small minority of people in the country are filled with hate or misinformed or just plain don’t like Obama.
    This congress can take solace in knowing that it has the backing if 1 of every 5 Americans and that is who they represent. Funny, isn’t it that a party that hates minorities was elected by a minority of voters?

  • BlueAlliance

    If the situation was in reverse the GOP would have charged the obstructionists with treason after the first month and they would have won! Democrats don’t fight they retreat like the cowards they are.

  • now i’m completely convinced!!

  • Ann Criswell

    Who knows what Obama could have accomplished if he had the cooperation and support of Congress for the best for America. An informed electorate? I don’t think so.

  • Dave Brewington

    Well, let’s start with Ebola…you can’t catch it unless you say it out loud three times…thought everyone knew that.
    And did I see that the President is black?… That’s amazing!… Is that why the Republicans just praise him so much? I’ve heard they have been doing everything they can to keep this government working and he just keeps blocking all their efforts at progress… 😉

  • Jim

    The reason I never respond to these bs polls is because I don’t want Newsmax to have my email address.