Ana Navarro Offers the Perfect Response to Newt Gingrich’s Bizarre ‘Sex Obsession’ Tirade (Video)

Over the course of the 2016 campaign, CNN Republican analyst Ana Navarro has earned a lot of respect from many all over the political spectrum for being an extremely vocal critic of Donald Trump, often having very harsh things to say to his supporters who come on to defend the GOP presidential candidate.

Well, on Wednesday evening, she had much more than just a few things to say about Newt Gingrich’s awkward tirade against Fox News’ Megyn Kelly where the former Speaker of the House basically accused her of being obsessed with sex for saying that the sexual allegations Trump’s accused of are legitimate stories the media should be covering.

“I think the word you were looking for was ‘hypocritical,’” Navarro said, responding to Anderson Cooper saying Gingrich’s sex comments were ironic. “Now let’s remember that Newt Gingrich’s wife, when he was running in 2012, told all of us, told the media, said it in public, said it to the camera, that Newt Gingrich had offered her the choice between an open marriage or a divorce. So maybe, just maybe, just maybe if all of that baggage is on your shoulders, maybe you shouldn’t be the surrogate out there wagging your finger and accusing the woman who was reporting on sexual assault — let me explain it slowly — sexual assault and sex are two different things. One is unwanted. One is wanted. So maybe they need to understand that to begin with.”

“Let us not conflate sexual assault and sex,” she added. “And if you are going to get a surrogate to speak on it, and wag his finger on national TV, maybe, just maybe, go find the Pope or somebody that’s been on his knees in a chapel for the last 20 years. Not Newt Gingrich.”

She couldn’t have said it any better.

It’s been absolutely sickening watching Trump and his supporters continually act like these women accusing him of sexual assault are all liars and the media is somehow going after his campaign because they’re daring to report on this extremely important story. Especially considering the fact that one of the main reasons why they’re so eager to downplay these allegations (aside from the obvious reality that they’re absolutely awful and are hurting his campaign), is because Trump’s pathetic attempt to trot out women who’ve accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct failed miserably. Trust me, had the national reaction to Trump’s desperate stunt been positive, as opposed to overwhelmingly negative, his campaign would still be trying to use Bill’s accusers to attack Hillary Clinton.

However, since that absurd plan backfired — along with the many women now accusing him of sexual assault — his campaign can’t claim that the stories of the women who’ve accused Bill Clinton of the same thing should be discussed (even though they were heavily reported on during the 90’s), while simultaneously attacking Trump’s accusers and criticizing the media for covering their stories.

Then for, of all people, Newt Gingrich to say something like this is ridiculous. He’s someone who:

  • Has been divorced twice.
  • Is on his third marriage.
  • Had at least two affairs.
  • Cheated on his first wife while she was battling cancer.
  • Married his second wife six months after divorcing his first.
  • Then cheated on his second wife while she battled multiple sclerosis — during the same time that he was attacking Bill Clinton for his infidelity.
  • Married his third and current wife who’s 23 years younger than he is four months after his second divorce was finalized.

A person like that has absolutely no business talking about the sexual exploits of others or accusing anyone else (the media included) of being obsessed with sex.

I also want to applaud Navarro for emphasizing something that’s extremely important about this whole situation: The fact that these aren’t women accusing Trump of something like a consensual sexual affair — they’re accusing him of non-consensual sexual assault and there’s a huge difference between that and consensual sex between two adults.

What’s being lost in all the political rhetoric coming from Donald Trump and his campaign is the very serious fact that we have a major party’s presidential candidate who’s been accused of sexually assaulting several women.

That’s a big damn deal, even if Donald Trump and those supporting him continue to refuse to admit it.

Watch Navarro’s comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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