Ana Navarro’s Response When Asked About Trump’s First 100 Days Was Perfect (Video)

Whenever a new administration is sworn into office, there’s always a lot of talk surrounding what bold/significant moves they’ll be able to make during their “first 100 days.” While I’ve never bought into putting that much significance into this fairly arbitrary timeframe (though there is evidence showing these days do have some significance), the political significance is undeniable. Throughout any candidate’s campaign you’ll repeatedly hear them speak about everything they plan to do during those “first 100 days.”

For example, Donald Trump and his “Contract with the American Voter.” This was his promise to the American people of everything he planned to accomplish during his first 100 days in office. There’s just one slight problem — he didn’t pass a single piece of legislation outlined in this “contract.” Which is why it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he’s now downplaying the significance of the “first 100 days.” Funny, he recently stated that the first few weeks of his administration have been some of the most successful in U.S. history.

The truth is, without question, Trump’s brief time in office has been a disaster. From historically low approval numbers, to a nearly daily barrage of new scandals and controversies swirling around his administration, the only people naive enough to think Trump’s time in office has been some of the most successful in our nation’s history are people who were dumb enough to vote for him.

Keep in mind, he’s been this woefully ineffective despite the fact that his party controls both the House and Senate. He couldn’t even push House Republicans to pass Trumpcare, or repeal Obamacare, when all they needed to accomplish either was a simple majority vote — that’s how little power and respect he has even within the GOP.

Though of all the comments I’ve heard concerning Trump’s first 100 days in office, CNN’s Ana Navarro probably summed everything up most succinctly.

“First of all, I’m happy that we’re still all alive and able to even discuss it,” Navarro said. “I think some of us had such low expectations that we’re just happy we’re all still around.”

She then mockingly said Trump has had some “good moments,” pointing to the 30 seconds where he recognized the widow of a Navy SEAL during his address to Congress back on February 28th.

While she clearly said this as a joke, her comment does express how many legitimately feel about Trump. Millions are waking up afraid to turn on the news out of fear that they’re going to see that Trump’s done something that’s almost going to certainly lead to World War III. With China obviously not having any respect for him, Russia testing how much they can push their puppet, North Korea not giving a damn about anything he says, and his recent comments criticizing Iran concerning the nuclear deal, it’s easy to see why so many people are afraid. Especially when you factor in the reality that many of our allies don’t like him, let alone trust him, and these are all reasons why I’ve said that the United States is weaker than we’ve been in decades.

Ana Navarro was spot-on when she said that the expectations for Trump are so low that many people are just happy to still be alive. Because to be honest, at this point, if we can get to 2020 without Donald Trump starting a nuclear-fought WWIII, then I’ll consider that a victory.

Watch her comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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