Angry Conservatives Turn On Ted Cruz For Giving Toys To Kids

roflbot71214The comments section on Senator Ted Cruz’s Facebook page is truly a goldmine of racism, homophobia and utter batshit crazy remarks by what can only be assumed to be the people that get the corner booth, in the far back hall, by the janitor’s closet at GOP conventions. On a normal day, you can find the standard rants about the New World Order, auditing the Federal Reserve and indiscernible gibberish about extraterrestrials running the government, etc.

A lot of these people absolutely worship Ted Cruz as well as his House colleagues from Texas, Louie Gohmert, Steve Stockman, and Ted Barton. Yes, that Ted Barton, the one who thinks wind energy would cause global warming by slowing the rotation of the planet. Needless to say, you can imagine what the comments section looks like on any given day.

It really got interesting though when Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck made a trip to the border with Mexico to hand out teddy bears and soccer balls to the refugee children. Remember, anything short of setting attack dogs loose on these kids or even shooting them is tantamount to betraying conservative principles in the minds of some of these people.

But to show that he is approaching his new top priority in a compassionate way, Cruz made a stop at the border this weekend to help Glenn Beck hand out his truckload of teddy bears and soccer balls to children who have come to the southern border fleeing violence in Central America…

Cruz told Beck’s The Blaze network that “our country has always been a country of compassion, of humanity,” but “as long as that promise of amnesty is there, more and more children will come.” (Source)

Not only did he hand out toys, but Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck also brought food and served up barbecue to these kids. I wonder if the tipping point for these people was the fact that they gave barbecue to migrant kids?

First up, we have Kim Harrison. Like many others, Kim is very upset at Ted Cruz for showing “compassion or humanity” to the child refugees. The capitalization of random words is a sure sign she’s not happy with him but this is fairly mild in comparison to other comments on the page.


Next up, we have David Kirk who had 48 “likes” on his comment at last glance. David represents the very heart of what seems to be the conservative approach during a humanitarian crisis and that is lament American kids and veterans who need help – and then go right back to not giving a shit about them once the conservative media stops trying to cash in on the issue.


Then we have Joe Mumford who seems to have run into a caps lock malfunction halfway through his rant against Ted Cruz and “John”, who I assume to be Speaker John Boehner. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that Joe doesn’t have a problem with the massive amount of spending we do on military contracts or oil subsidies either.


Time to meet Evelyn. Evelyn gets a double feature for your facepalm pleasure. She believes in just about every wacky conspiracy story out there and also thinks that somehow God is punishing us for allowing refugee children to come across the border, by sending refugee kids across the border with diseases. You really can’t make this stuff up.


Capture4.1Everyone say “hello” to Raquel. She doesn’t seem to care much about the refugee issue, but she believes Ted Cruz somehow has the ability to arrest and investigate President Obama. Alrighty then…


Up next we have George Roberson who believes giving toys to refugees is the same as amnesty, and then wants Ted Cruz to announce to the public “the GOP members who refuse to stand up for amnesty.” I don’t know about you, but now I’m almost as confused as he is.


Finally, we have Judi who is angry enough as it is about the kids getting necessities but toys? Well now, that’s just the straw that broke the camel’s back. How dare those kids have something fun to do as they sit in the detention centers, waiting for a hearing?


These are just a few samples of the angry comments left on Ted Cruz’s page from people who have a very poor idea of how government (or Christianity for that matter) is supposed to operate. These are the same people who criticize President Obama for using executive orders, then want him to use an executive order to deal with the crisis, never mind the fact the procedure for dealing with migrant children was laid out in a 2008 bill signed by George Bush.

“I’ve never taken a position more deadly to my career than this, and I have never ever taken a position that is more right than this,” he said on The Glenn Beck Program before announcing he would make his way down to the Texas-Mexico border. (Source)

Judging by the public comments left on his page, as much as I hate to agree with Ted Cruz on anything, I have to grudgingly admit he may be right. When he falls out of favor with the far right, that just goes to show exactly how far out of touch they really are.


Facebook comments

  • Dale Mulkey

    It’s time to have a new holiday it’s called kill a republican traitor pile of scum day. It’s just another way to go green and clean the trash out of our country

    • Curtis Scarbrough

      Tempting, I know. But violence is the go to solution of the pro-lifers. Let’s not sink to their level.

      • purplewings

        You’re wrong! Violence is what the abortion seekers are after. Not the pro-lifers. The pro-lifers want to make laws that prevent doctors from tearing the heads off babies in the womb, because with the ability to video the unborn, we can clearly see they feel things, just as we do. That may be something worth thinking about.
        If a woman does not want her child, they have adoption by people who really do want the child.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Give it a rest. If you clowns weren’t so adamant that women who have sex for the hell of it should be punished and make sure everyone of them had cheap, adequate, reliable contraception, there would be little need for abortion. And why is it you are sooooo protective of a fertilized egg but don’t feel the same way about living children?

      • purplewings

        And what did women do when they had to buy their own contraceptives? Or at least their men had to……Why should everyone else buy their personal products? The so-called fertilized egg IS a child and I feel exactly the same way about all children. I raised 4 of my own and I don’t pay for their sex life. If they want it, they can buy it just like cigarettes.

      • ShelleysLeg

        WHY should I subsidize you? A smoker? A diabetic who guzzles Diet Coke? A fake Xtian supporting a tax evading pedophile preacher?

        For that matter, having NEVER had any children, I sure paid my fair share of property taxes to educate illiterate bullies who don’t have the ability to pass 9th grade.

        My taxes paid for wars I disagreed with, beginning with Vietnam and continuing through the lying fiasco of Iraq.

        But as a contributing CITIZEN, I shouldered my share of the burden without once condemning YOU or your offspring…….kinda sucks to fail so badly at bitchin’ about so little as a prescription!

      • tamcocar

        That’s the best comment I’ve seen in a long time, Shelly 🙂

      • Ick of the East

        If a fertilized egg is a child, you must spend all of your time going to clump-of-cells funerals, seeing as 70-75% of conceptions don’t result in pregnancies, and many end before the mother even knew she was pregnant.

      • Do you buy your own Viagra? Puh-lease. You’re an idiot. This whole stupidity about contraceptive coverage being included in womens’ health insurance didn’t start until the black man got elected president. Look it up, junior.

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        Yet it’s ‘Pro-lifers’ who bomb abortion clinics, or murder doctors who perform abortions. And it’s also ‘pro-lifers’ that don’t care about feeding, clothing, schooling, or housing the child after birth. It’s ‘pro-lifers’ who go on and on about how abortion is against god’s will, despite the fact that their own bible doesn’t back up their beliefs on abortion. And if they’re still in the womb, they’re not babies yet. Just like an acorn in the ground is not an oak tree.

      • purplewings

        I’m sorry but that’s really silly. There are people who feel that way and there are people who try to encourage a girl to do the right thing so she won’t suffer later. I’ve counseled many women who were completely sad many years later after having an abortion. I don’t feel it’s my job to take care of other adults but I do what I can when I see a need. I worked for everything at a time when there was no government help and I have some pride that I was able to do that in spite of the rough times and my adult children are proud of that too. You need to stop attributing entire groups of people by what one or a dozen does. Those are individuals…….. the only WE in a party is the basic beliefs. Constitution, Smaller Government, Less taxes and Capitalism. The rest of this stuff is really not my business – or yours.

      • Choose one

        You want “smaller government” but you want the government to tell grown women what to do with their bodies?
        That is a LOT confusing.
        Choose one already!!!

      • tamcocar

        I’ll bet you your left testicle that the word “Constitution” was not important to you before a black man became president.

      • Foxxblood

        Free contraception to all women and men will help prevent abortions. Do you support that? If not then you really are not serious about preventing abortions.

      • Are you a woman? Can you get pregnant? If the answer to either of those questions is “no,” then you need to STFU. MY body belongs to ME, and only *I* get to choose when and if I have a baby. Period. The End.

    • eyeswideopen

      Looks like they’ll be killing each other. Easier.

    • purplewings

      Not too long ago, the 2-party political system was a friendly rivalry for people who loved their country and wanted it to run well for all. The way some of you people fight the idea of having 2 parties is remarkable. Do you know what you have in a 1-party system? It’s called Dictatorship…..think in terms of the Middle East, and Cuba…those are Dictatorships where one person decides your entire life. Somehow the idea of friendly rivalry has been tossed aside and the fight between the political parties seems much more important than finding out the truth, so we can keep our country running well. It has always been the country that immigrants from everywhere wanted to come to, because of our freedoms, which come from our Constitution. As Americans, we should all be concerned about that and not about “who’s right and who’s wrong’. There is plenty of right and wrong on both sides of the fence. The people quoted here making comments on Ted Cruz page are mean-spirited which usually comes from fear….Many commenting right here are doing the same thing. How about we give it up and just go back to being Americans who love our country?

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        A 1-party system is a Republican wet dream.

      • purplewings

        That’s too stupid to even be written down. That is definitely not a Republican dream and never has been. Although Obama is certainly attempting to run this country as if it were the plan.

      • You start.

  • Mark Whiting

    BTW “John” referred to Texas’ other Senator, John Cornyn, who is up for re-election this year.

  • Tony B

    Now they are attacking each other… good!!! Beck and his crocodile tears about being divisive are coming back to bite him.

    • tamcocar

      Is this the same Glenn Beck who said “Liberals were right all along” about a month ago? Why isn’t he in an asylum yet?

  • Eg Kbbs

    Cruz has nurtured the craziness and extremism.

    Dr. Frankenstein, meet your monster.

  • Moe Gonzales

    Do any of these people commenting on Cruz’s page have any idea how to spell or use correct grammar? If you’re going to be bat shit crazy and irrational, at least learn to write and express the English language correctly. I’m sure these same people will argue that we speak and write “American” when they attack me.

    • Tony B

      Well, obviously if your name is Gonzales, then you must not be an “American”… *eyeroll*

      • Robert Rister

        Yeah. He must be one a’ them thar sleeper agents what learned spellification and grammerly.

      • NonpointNation

        Thank all three of you. You managed to turn this story into something enjoyable. No sarcasm.

      • disqusser10157


    • AuntInAZ

      Well not only that, Moe, but Kim Harrison, the first idiot quoted, wants to stop them at the border, turn them around and send them back to Mexico. Apparently Kim is too ignorant and geographically challenged to understand the part about most of these children coming in from countries other than Mexico.

      But you are correct, because one of the things we’ve been poking fun at for years is the lack of spelling, proper word usage and the poor grammar of these RWNJ types.

    • Disgusted

      Have you ever noticed how the religious nuts are terrible at grammar? Goes to show how overall plumb dumb they are…

    • disqusser10157

      Don’t YOU know how to spell? It’s ‘Murican!


  • Linda Doucett

    I am embarrassed for you. What has happened to Americans? Disgusted in Canada

    • Thanks Canada

      you sent us ted cruz.

      • AaronChgo

        Thank YOU!

    • yellowdoggie

      I’m disgusted with us too, but please don’t point your fingers to the south while you elect people like Rob Ford. The stupid runs deep in both countries. You just have many fewer people, that’s all.

    • gordo

      You should be, he is a Canadian import after all

    • EpiRen

      Hey, we’re Canada’s Mexico.

  • At first, they turned on the moderate Republicans. Then they ran against the far right Republicans, because they weren’t extreme enough. And now they’re attacking the extreme Republicans they elected, because… well… apparently they’re too dumbfuc* stupid to understand how this whole extremism thing works. Here’s a clue: It never ends, until there’s just one guy standing there all alone.

    • disqusser10157

      And then he’ll shoot himself in the left foot, because it is too liberal.

  • Brian

    Hmm. Notice how only one of them uses the word “child” in reference to the child refugees. And even he uses it in an incredibly negative connotation. Do these people refuse to admit or recognize the fact that these are innocent children running from death squads and gang violence prompted by American corporations in order to keep manufacturing in Central America cheap?

    • Rick

      Whoa whoa, the consequences of a 30 year economic policy that skirts labor laws by allowing corporations to move operations over to a place where labor laws don’t exist is beyond their concern or understanding. Impeach Obama is easier to repeat ad nauseum.

      • disqusser10157

        Especially when Palin is your cheerleader.

  • adcbeast

    Wow .. hating the neighbors kids has now become a deep rooted republican trait …

    • purplewings

      That’s not true. How many comments do you see there? That certainly does not reflect any party. Those are individuals. Individuals who are fearful about the cost of millions of new illegals when they can hardly support their own family. There are those in both parties. It is certainly not a Republican thing as you might like to think so you can nurture your own animosity about your fellow Americans who do not always agree with you.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Nope, these are Republicans, pure and simple. When was the last time you heard a Democrat say hateful things like ‘The poor should just wither and die”???

      • Debbie Howell Tuosto

        There are two clues that tell us these are Republicans, not Liberals, attacking Cruz. (1) The title of the piece is: “Angry Conservatives turn on Ted Cruz….” and (2) most of the Liberals support helping the refugees so they would not attack Cruz for showing kindness to the children.
        Sorry, but it is definitely a “Republican thing”……

      • purplewings

        I think you misunderstood my comment. Those who commented on his page likely are Republicans but that does not reflect the entire party. Those are individuals complaining. That doesn’t indicate that the entire party is against it or complaining. All you have to do to be considered a Conservative is to want the Constitution adhered to, embrace smaller government and capitalism……..You aren’t required to be a Christian or go against everything that another conservative is against. Just as a Democrat does not have to adhere to what every other Democrat believes. We are not robots.

      • Ick of the East

        Why smaller government? Wouldn’t it be more rational to embrace a government that is the correct size for doing what needs to be done? It may be smaller, but it may not. The only important thing should be that it gets the job done efficiently.

      • djtejas

        It’s quite funny how people talk about the federal government being to big. There are actually less federal government employees now than during the Reagan administration. Wouldn’t there be more employees if the federal government was larger now?

      • Travis Hamilton

        Wrong. The people on his page are his followers and supporters. I visit there frequently.

      • tamcocar

        Conservatives want their own skewed “interpretation” of the Constitution adhered to. Liberals don’t mention the Constitution in every comment. Actually… Conservatives didn’t either until we elected a black man.

      • krisshanahan

        Yes, the article should be, “Rabid, snarling conservatives snatch toys from refugee children and turn viciously on coward kindly turncoat Cruz.” I mean how dare he give those infested filthy foreign kids any toys? – that would be the work of a sniveling, bleeding heart libtard.

      • tamcocar

        Not to mention, Liberals do not quote God in every other sentence, nor do we call for President Obama’s immediate arrest on counts of “High Treason”.

      • ShelleysLeg

        IF they can’t afford to feed their own family, HOW do they justify/afford mid week ranting and raving like Cockney fishwives, veins popping out of their necks?

      • adcbeast

        Purple DOOOSH … Nope .. republicans hate children…

      • djtejas

        But they love unborn children…

  • Steve Myren

    Apparently all the lawyers in Congress didn’t think the law they passed with the intention of curbing sex trafficking could and would be used for other purposes. How on earth do these lawyers in Congress write such broad reaching bills and think they can control the outcome when they are applied by others legally? These children have rights under US law given them by our government. If these right-wing nut jobs don’t like it they should petition the lawyers in Congress who wrote this law (with little thought to the unintended consequences of its use). If anyone should be able to foresee how vague language passed into law will be used by others for other purposes it should be a LAWyer. From my understanding of that profession, their job is to parse language in laws to get a firm interpretation settled. Maybe the lawyers in Congress need a crash-course in law. Make them retake the BAR?

  • purplewings

    So a handful of people make dubious comments and they come out in your article as if it were an entire party. That’s really ridiculous. I think it would be nice and helpful to remember that we are Americans, regardless of political choice. We are neighbors, relatives and friends. Please stop trying to continue the great division that was put out there by our president with the idea that when we fight with each other, we don’t bother fighting with them.


      I think you meant the Republican/Tea Party bigots and racists.

      • purplewings

        I think you are probably one of the worst bigots and fools around. You talk as if you know something but everything you write is not correct. Don’t let facts get in your way. There is a saying that:seems to apply to you quite well. “It’s often better to keep quiet and let people think you are a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

      • JOHN KLINE

        Well, I am not bigoted toward you. Just feel sorrow and sympathy for you. God help you. The Real God, not the false god of the Republican/Tea Party minions.

      • There is none so blind as he who will not see. Google some Republicans – any random handful will do – and check out the hideous racist, bigoted, homophobic crap they say. Then come back here and tell us that it’s only a few bad apples. #FAIL

    • Sunnysmom

      These “handful” of people are the tip of the iceberg. You are fooling yourself if you don’t think they number in the millions, because the do. While it is a smaller percentage, the bigger point to be made is these people are toxic and dangerous to our society and for humanity in general. If that is the country they want, they should find their own island.

      • purplewings

        I have seen that same suggestion many times applied to Liberals.

      • Sunnysmom

        Save for the fact that generally, Liberals on the far left end of the spectrum would likely the hug and kumbaya the kids to death instead of starving and dehumanizing them. Big difference. Society might suffer financially, but a freaking person would be loved and cared for. Hell, I’d be glad to go to my own island country full of people that had morals like that.

      • Yes, but that’s complete bullshit – and I can prove it. Can you?

  • yellowdoggie

    The comments to Cruz were all remarkably mean-spirited and ignorant. All because he showed a teeny little bit of compassion. Heh.


      Agreed. But that is one part of the Bible that they ignore. Actually, I am not sure any of them know anything about the Bible except what the right wing politicians and Fox tell them.


    Such Christian remarks.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      And I suspect they would stone you if you quoted Matthew 25:40.

  • Lee Lamberts

    I thought America WAS God’s country, but now He is mad at us for being compassionate? I have to laugh when citizens say the evidence is there to arrest our President for “high treason,” but they don’t tell us what the evidence is. Then when you call them on it, they start rambling on and on, echoing what they hear on the radio. No proof, just “evidence.”

  • I Send a Plagne

    I’m especially interested in Evelyn Johnson’s comment. Particularly I’d like to know, who are the Plagnes and when will they be coming? Should I bake them a cake when they move into my neighborhood? Or are they more the fruit basket type?

    • Dental Plagne

      Crest…extra fluoride.

    • Beau West

      Perhaps she is speaking of airplagnes. The g is silent…..

    • ShelleysLeg

      Hey, I kinda favored her ‘what are you WAKING for”? beginning salvo myself.

      The Plagnes were just icing on the proverbial cake.

  • gordo

    I looked up Evelyn Johnson and we have one mutual friend. hahahaha

  • Scott Jamieson

    Often, the monsters turn on those who created them.

  • Jim Bean

    I understand the Left’s nervousness. I too, thought promising sweet treats in exchange for votes (in this case future votes) was the exclusive domain of the Left. In fact, didn’t Obama issue an executive order or something to that effect?

    • ShelleysLeg

      Considering that Obama ISN’T running for anything in the future, don’t you feel the least bit ridiculous?

      • Jim Bean

        He’s not the last President. There will be more and I heard Hillary Clinton is going to try to get the position by promising the simple minded that she’s going to eliminate income inequality for those who vote for her.

      • ShelleysLeg

        You ‘heard’? Wow, that’s some irrefutable source right there.

        The simple minded vote GOP, so that will be SOME trick to get them to flip.

        We’re not the nervous ones hon, never have been.

      • pt6970

        Oh wow “you heard” well that explains everything.

      • Cemetery Girl

        While I would not be surprised if pay equality would be one of her platforms, if elected it isn’t like it would apply only to those that vote for her. And what is wrong with pay equality anyway? Why is the thought of paying a female the same as a man performing the same job such a crazy idea. Women have been part of the workforce since before you were born. The excuse that women do not deserve to be paid the same because they should have a husband or father providing for them is antiquated. Equal pay helps many families, and not just single parent families.

      • Sweetie? Your teabagger candidates promise all kinds of “sweet treats” themselves: tax cuts, deporting every single undocumented immigrant, closing the border, building a giant fence, imprisoning atheists, killing Muslims, bombing the snot out of (insert country name here), suppressing votes, etc.

        Excuse me, but your hypocrisy is showing…

      • Jim Bean

        Imprisoning atheists? Care to identify the news source you’re relying upon?

  • emery

    Pretty sure “John” is John Cornyn, the other senator from Texas.

  • Ladyurb

    Sigh…..With every word, every story I read, I wonder more and more about this country, and its many people. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, in a neighborhood consisting of multicultural folks, Catholics, Presbyterians,, Lutherans,Baptists,Jewish, and as the old lady, Mrs, Arberthuth, put it “just plain Heathens.” Their ancestry and ways stemmed from Romania, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Scotland, and the far reaches of the world. We all got along, we all helped one another, we all lived together each day, we never thought a thing about it, it was America, and we were Americans. We though nothing of that. Now……well….skin color and background, and the amount of wealth you have is how you are judged. I miss the days when everyone could call themselves an American. By the way, please excuse my grammar, I am out of practice in my writing skills.

    • FreeSpeechIsntCrime

      You describe a very ‘Liberal’ community…and the majority of the change you reference happened after the stolen election/selection of 2000 through to the financial heist of 2008. Since then- nothing has been the same. It may have been brewing for years or even decades- but the change since 2000 has been increasingly pungent.

  • txdem

    Note to the editor, the “John” referred to is the other Senator from Texas, John Cornyn.

  • Jaina

    When the GOP goes batshit crazy about Christie shaking Obama’s hand do you REALLY think their reaction would be better to this? I look forward to the day these nutjobs declare they’re starting a revolution. I just want to know what the tag limit will be for culling their insanity.

  • Sunnysmom

    This what happens when a propaganda machine like Fox etc and those who go on that show like Tea Partiers spends time convincing their ilk that these people are somehow not human. Then all of a sudden little kids don’t deserve food, clothing and shelter while we figure out how to get them back to their country of origin..because why would you treat a sub-human criminal with dignity and compassion, right?

  • mike

    I hope the main stream Republicans see who their followers truly are. It’s disgusting to the rest of us… Can you see it now?

  • FreeSpeechIsntCrime

    These hateful commenters are merely the fruits of Cruz’s own garden which he tends daily. I would check those toys, teddy bears and water for disease contamination, by the way.

  • Caser

    One of the pitfalls of courting the scum of the Earth as your political supporters is that they tend to get angry when you do something nice. I guess.

  • WrongJohn

    “Then we have Joe Mumford who seems to have run into a caps lock malfunction halfway through his rant against Ted Cruz and “John”, who I assume to be Speaker John Boehner. ”

    The John the OP is refering to is the Senior Senator from Texas, John Cornyn.

  • Stephen Barlow

    THE Lone Star VOice: “Onama SHUTDOWN the Government!!!”

  • Stephen Barlow

    THAT guy???????????????????

    THAT pissant?

  • David

    I never liked a word he said up until today. He hasn’t changed his stance on laws, but he is showing REAL Christian compassion and regard for these HUMAN BEINGS. Little children who have no say, idea, or even sensible thought to share because they are CHILDREN. These people are NOT Christian plain and simple. I don’t care how many days they go to church, how much they memorized from the Bible, any of it. These very important common sense details that come with Jesus Christ’s teaching says love thy neighbor, the meek shall inherit the earth, and the best one of all… cannot worship both Money and God…

  • Wow. So courageous!! Giving toys and food to refugee children – that takes an incredible amount of courage.

    In what fucking universe???

  • Francine Anoia Price

    Wow some of these folks could benefit from and English education. Their writing is horrendous. What a bunch of hicks.

  • disqusser10157

    Wow, I was unaware that God had commanded that we close our border with Mexico, and notified us that we would be visited with plagues if we fail to follow this command. Is anyone aware of the book, chapter and verse upon which this guano-crazy claim is based?

  • Jennifer Elisabeth

    What in the hell is wrong with these people when even Ted Cruz isn’t awful enough for them?

  • Gordon Taylor

    love it!