Ann Coulter Blasts Incoherent Sarah Palin During Shocking Fox News Appearance (Video)

rsz_collage82014fpI guess you’re wondering where the video of this verbal altercation is. Don’t worry, we’ll get to it. To be honest with you, I wrote the title as a joke, only to figure out that Ann Coulter has publicly criticized Sarah Palin at least a couple of times. So there goes that whole gag. The fact remains, they’re both attention trolls and every time you react to them, their relevance in the Fox News bubble is extended by another 15 minutes. At the rate y’all are going, we’re going to be stuck with them forever.

Gather around everyone, we need to have a little talk. I know how people keep saying that we need more journalism that focuses on the real issues. Some get upset every time a website publishes yet another story talking about the most recent barely coherent remark by Sarah Palin, or the professional trolls like Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh. I’m sure that some people will only read the headline of this story and leave some comment on our page like “WHY DO YOU KEEP GIVING THESE PEOPLE ATTENTION??!!! IF YOU STOP COVERING THEM, THEY WILL GO AWAY,” along with a couple other folks leaving the usual sexist or transphobic remark toward one of the two mentioned.

Here’s the deal: If you want real stories, you’re going to have to do more than ask for them. You’re going to have to actually read them and share them – on a regular basis – while ignoring the clickbait.

In the world of journalism, whether print or digital, there’s an old saying: “If it bleeds, it leads.” In other words, use the shocking stuff on the front page to sell a paper or click on a link. Just look at the cover of today’s New York Post for proof of exactly that (I’ll warn you, it’s graphic and there’s already outrage being expressed over it – you can view it here).

Now, let’s be honest, how many of you clicked on this headline simply because I mentioned the names of Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, and Fox News along with the dirty temptation of seeing Sarah make a drunken fool of herself?

This is why TMZ exists, or why Fox has so many viewers. This is why a story about the latest dumb thing a Kardashian did gets 100,000 times more traffic than an investigative journalism bit on net neutrality or something else that actually matters. Sure, there’s some non-profit or privately funded organizations and blogs that don’t rely on web traffic and advertising to stay afloat, but can you name any off the top of your head?  Traffic equals profits, thereby the phrase “if it bleeds, it leads” and the need to be first on the story, accuracy be damned.

In previous decades, the journalistic mission was to report the news as it actually happened, with fairness, balance, and integrity. However, capitalistic motives associated with journalism have forced much of today’s television news to look to the spectacular, the stirring, and the controversial as news stories. It’s no longer a race to break the story first or get the facts right. Instead, it’s to acquire good ratings in order to get advertisers, so that profits soar. (Source)

Want examples? How about this website which incorrectly reported the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson based off an unverified report through an unverified account allegedly connected to Anonymous? The disclaimer “however, they may be wrong!” was only added after it was revealed that Bryan Willman was not the officer involved. They weren’t the only site that did it – here’s another one with an added disclaimer after the fact, instead of removing the story entirely and issuing a retraction. And another one – same deal. Why not remove the stories and update with a retraction and an apology? Because then any searches for the story would be less likely to drive traffic to their websites. Now, whenever someone Googles Bryan Willman’s name, he will forever be inappropriately associated with shooting Michael Brown – all because SEO and profits first, accuracy last.

Want another example? How about one from our site? I published an article yesterday using Bobby Jindal’s horrific budget issues here in Louisiana as proof that trickle-down economics is nothing more than a scam and that red states are usually the biggest dependents on federal money. If people were really that concerned about stories that matter, a couple of 3 or 4 day old links about someone embarrassing themselves on Fox News wouldn’t have about 7 or 8 times more views than something that took apart a state budget, and broke it down for everyone to understand. Is that annoying? Yes. Am I shocked? Not at all.

Publishers see what articles get traffic and which ones do not. Anyone who wants to continue to remain in business, whether in news or anywhere else, adjusts based off what the consumer wants. If I were to set up a food truck selling beer and pork chops in Saudi Arabia, how successful do you think that business would be? The same thing holds true in media. If you want news that matters, as I said before, you can’t just demand it. You have to give time to the real issues, you have to read the stories about important things and share them while ignoring the “You Won’t Believe What SHOCKING Thing Ann Coulter Said About Michelle Obama” clickbait. That’s the only way to change the news cycle as we know it – it’s that simple.

Now here’s a video since I promised you one:


Facebook comments

  • Pipercat

    Stop rolling your bloody eyes!

  • Eg Kbbs

    Isn’t one of the classical arguments about whether (or how long it would take) a room full of chimpanzees with typewritters, locked into a room, could, by typing random keys, produce Shakespeare – or even something coherrent.

  • mickey

    fiddely dee, fiddely dumb, and just plain stupid

  • RAF

    Well Done Manny! I used to work at WDSU New Orleans. Louisiana has more than its share of real news stories. Yet we often did flash stories to get ratings. I love what you did here.

  • Jim Bean

    Ann is a rich troll. Got rich by breaking down and writing eloquently about the hypocrisy of the Left. Not surprisingly, she is near the top of the Left’s hate list.

    • Chris Isner

      So, a rich pig is good. You must be a con.

      • Jim Bean

        I’m pretty much middle of the road, actually. Agnostic. Don’t care if gays get married. Don’t care if people get abortions. My passion is being a foot soldier in the crusade against the false narrative and liberal-land is the battlefield because that’s where the bulk of it takes place. War on women, war on guns, war on successful people, war on whites, war on Christians, etc.

      • congero

        No you’re not. You’re a right wing authoritarian bigot. Who regurgitates Fox and Bill O’reily nonsense. You can’t stand reasoned debate and facts.

      • Jim Bean

        You can’t stand a debate that confronts you with arguments you can’t conquer. That’s why you hate Fox and O’Reilly.

      • congero

        I refuted all your lies and I think for myself. I don’t need Fox or O’Reily to think for me. Anyway just wanted to let you know bigot that I’m still around despite your attempts to shut me up over at MMfA. I don’t need to flag and complain to moderators like you did racist. Smell you later.

      • Jim Bean

        I assure you, I have never flagged anyone’s comment nor have I ever complained to a moderator about anyone’s comments. Not ever.

      • Andy_Kreiss

        It thinks Coulter’s Jr. High school rantings are “eloquent”, and doesn’t understand that she makes up most of what she calls “hypocrisy”. Anybody that dumb must be a con.

      • JON B.

        Coulter has got to be one of the most bigoted, clueless, stupid puppets on and in the Repuklican/Far Reich propaganda monster machine. A machine that seems to be dying at a phenomenally meteoric pace. God, but every time she opensher mouth, as with Sarah Palin, the far right seems to die a little bit more each die. Please!!! Let’s hope she keeps her mouth WIDE open right up to the very tragic, violent and all-consuming end.

        A good riddance to bad rubbish.

      • Andy_Kreiss

        She excites the most ignorant, racist, angry base, but drives away anybody who calls themselves conservative, but is remotely reasonable.

        Sad that predictions are for the GOP to actually have some successes in the mid-terms, but hopefully a good number of those will be dead or not sane enough to vote after that.

      • JON B.

        HA! HA! HA! Tell’em, Andy. ;–) I’m with you, buddy!

        And yes, the political atmosphere and polling-politic predictions are for as much, however, I don’t believe that that is how it’s actually going to play out.

        Instead, I believe that most of the voters are still going to go over en mass to the Democratic side at the last minute, as they see more and more of the endless squabbling, hopeless stupidity, senseless smarmy-squirmy repetition of factless dreams and absolutely ridiculous, childlike, insane rhetoric that these gaffing giraffes have planned for the nation as a whole.

        That combined with the neverending fashionably predictable contrariety, lies, ignorance, homophobia, racebating and warmongering, along with sufficient infighting amongst even the most staunch-minded Repuklicans, Far Reich baboons, and Teabagger Teahadist Fascists clowns, all of whom are clearly living in the politics of the mid 20th century simply because they cannot and will not adapt to what the hell is going on in the present 21st century.

        How they make their father Lucifer proud!!!

        Watch, wait and see if I’m correct. I believe and sense that I am, Andy. These self-destructive, microdotting time bombs and clueless saps usually blow it big time by saying something truly insane and self-undoing just prior to election time, thus doubling down on their very own stupidity and self-destructive ignorance just before the votes are cast, atypically, with the resultant impact being that they blow themselves to kingdom come by setting off a fucking HUGE mushroom cloud above their OWN party! Goodnight, assholes.

        “Gee, Sarah and Ann. How harebrained, parched, clueless and cuntsy you both look today. Drink much or what?” – Jon B.

  • Danni Smith

    Misleading headlines are annoying. It’s a good and valid point but being tricked feels a little patronizy.

  • mojones1

    What was the point of this article. In the first line you admitted to writing a false headline, which finally led to a very bland discussion about Palin between The twin sisters Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter. They were both afraid to say anything of substance good bad or indifferent about Palin, so they just paid her vague praise as being “bright”, but not willing to dig into the issues with anything substantive. Both must fear losing their Fox News money by openly discussing Palin’s increasingly incoherent rants and indications that she is abusing some kind of substance.

    • Labgramma

      Yeah, you missed the point entirely. It’s not about the women, it’s about real vs. BS journalism. Did you even really read it in its entirety?
      I used to work for the St. Petersburg (now Tampa Bay) Times, one of the most respected newspapers in the world. Nelson Poynter would be spinning in his grave! I hunger for real journalism, not just “clickbait”. Manny’s example is perfect. And you missed it.

      • mojones1

        Yes I did. The bland discussion I referred to that was lacking in any substantive points illustrates the point you make about real vs. BS journalism. Perhaps you should re-read my comment.

    • sd_woodturner

      did i see Palin and “bright” in the same sentence???
      Tell I did not, please.

      • mojones1

        I regret not using quotation marks!

  • evelyn

    Two hate-filled women. Wah wah wah

  • mizzy

    I’m so ashamed :'(


  • Ethan


  • Bud Carlson

    Ann Coulter gave us Mitt. And she wants to do that again. She damn near had a stroke over the polls when Mitt was not leading in the primary’s. She thinks the sun sets and rises on Karl Rove. She loves the RINO’s. Sorry I don’t care for her and said so many times ever since she jumped on the John McCain band wagon. McCain has never been for the conservatives, nor has MItt. Time for this washed up RINO lover to STFU and sit down. I am and always will be a conservative ( not Republican). I don’t need fake journalism from the likes of this poor excuse of a conservative columnist. Yes I understand what she is doing and I don’t approve of it coming from either side of the isle.

  • Rhonda Oliver

    Actually I only clicked on it because you said to do myself a favor and not just react to the headline (which I expected to be bs of some sort).

  • Colton Gannon

    You lied to get clicks to an article where you are boo hooing about clicks? You suck. Want better clicks give us better articles without the side of castigation. People read what they want to read. Your idea of what a person should read is of no consequence you patronizing jackwad.

  • Roger Wilco

    So your “progressive” rant has to do with a misleading title in order to lecture the world on the dangers of false reporting and reading such news outlets? Did I get you correctly, knucklehead?

  • Stephen Barlow

    THIS is IMPLOSION defined by example.

  • Stephen Barlow



  • Stephen Barlow

    I Could joke about the blind typing for the blind…

  • Alex

    I never ever click on any article about either of these two ‘people’ for the exact reason you’ve provided. I made my first exception in years because I thought the beast was beginning to feed on itself. What a grand disappointment.

  • Donna

    You don’t have to search for or turn on any news headlines re: Sarah Palin. Every time she opens her mouth she makes a fool of herself. No need to hunt for stories about her. Ann C. is not worth the time of day. So self serving & egotistical. Her Sarah & Michelle belong together along with Mitt The Twitt. Wish they would all go away. & leave room for those who really know & care.

  • MLR

    Manny I honestly don’t often agree with you but on this one I agree 100%.

  • Dennis Wallace

    Incoherent Sarah Palin Shocking Fox News Appearance! This proves Palin is Batshit Crazy. She said, “God told her to run for president..” I bet she was shocked he didn’t tell her Obama-Biden will kick their royal butts. Anyway don’t be shocked, if lying bullshit was music Sarah Palin would be a brass band. I am sorry if I offend any the brass bands.
    FOX NEWS…Where the truth doesn’t really matter.”

  • Mainah

    Well, I actually use to go on MMfA but they don’t have real mods now. So, if a troll dislikes you … they just flag every comment you make, even if all your posts are relevant to the actual article, cogent to a valid debate, didn’t seem to matter and I think I got kicked. Since all my posts disappear after with “mark as spam” on my profile feed. So, I thought I would take a rundown to see what you all had.
    I do agree about click bait but not everyone is reading all your trending stories because of the title. Just sayin’. (Although, an occasional video of someone like Palin trashed … I will watch. I’m only human!!!) Love your point and it’s true. I would like to hear more about … why we’re fracking, why is the Keystone project pushing commercials on line saying the oil is staying here, why aren’t we doing more clean renewables, can someone tell me why is Foley any different than the poor guy beheaded during Bush Jr, Nick Berg …. I could go on. So, do you want submittals? I would like to see something like that.

    • congero

      “Well, I actually use to go on MMfA but they don’t have real mods now. So, if a troll dislikes you … they just flag every comment you make, even if all your posts are relevant to the actual article, cogent to a valid debate, didn’t seem to matter and I think I got kicked…”

      So you had that experience too? I was blocked after a long dialogue with a poster I see here named Jim Bean.

      Jim Bean Chris Isner • 4 hours ago

      I’m pretty much middle of the road, actually. Agnostic. Don’t care if gays get married. Don’t care if people get abortions. My passion is being a foot soldier in the crusade against the false narrative and liberal-land is the battlefield because that’s where the bulk of it takes place. War on women, war on guns, war on successful people, war on whites, war on Christians, etc.

      Watch out for him.

      • Bronwyn1

        That is a shame! It’s MMFA’s loss. They better wake up, they have lost quite a few great posters. I’ve stopped my donations to them. It’s good to see you here and to know you haven’t lost your fire to keep fighting the good fight. Love ya,, Cee!

      • congero

        Wow! Prayers are answered . You are here! So very glad to here from you Ms. Bronwyn I’ve thought about you often and wondered how you were. I sincerely missed you.
        I’ll never lose my fire and fight. My only regret is that MMfA has allowed posters to remain who have called me n###er, linked me to sites of lynchings and bragged about it while all I’ve done is counter their bigotry and racism with reasoned arguments while pointing out their hatred. This poster Jim Bean is one.
        I love you more Ms. Bronwyn and please,please stay in touch.

      • Bronwyn1

        It was a fluke or fate my brother was on my tablet & left it on this site. I just happened to scan it and took a double take when I saw your name. I haven’t been to MM in 5-6 months. I had left my profile open but hadn’t removed the message & they sent me an email that so & so was now following me, like it was great news when they could see his name with the most filthy profile. I was livid and closed it again.

        Damn, I just checked and they have removed all of your posts! That makes me furious! I wish I had copied & saved a lot more of them. My god you spent so much time including links I wanted to get back to there was a a wealth of information in your posts. MM will get another lecture from me! What is wrong with them!?!

        Aw, we are friends for life! I have to tell ya it is really hard for me to give the trolls the satisfaction of a back and forth argument, they really have no intention of a
        discussion, however, before I quit going to MMFA I sent MM several notices about who you are referring to and the racist name calling. I also pointed out that you took the time in your exchanges to try to educate the ignorant bigot, including links to back up your information, that everyone good or bad could learn from and about the repulsiveness of the trolls responding to you. And the thanks you get, that we all get, is them removing YOUR posts! All that work down the drain. I’m pissed! (In a not very lady like way) We all benefited from your information, even those that were aware could still learn new info at times. You put a lot into it. Plus the discussions with me and others you added so much to, that is now gone, damn it, damn them! Why the hell didn’t they remove the bigot’s posts and leave yours?

      • congero

        You are a angel. Thank you . Yes, friends for life.

      • Bronwyn1

        Cee, my friend, I have to tell you that my disappointment in MMFA isn’t the only reason I’ve lost interest in posting, in politics and most every thing. In 2013 we lost my two nephews and my son. I think I went into denial survival mode with my son. Then in March my daughter died. It was such a shock and magnified everything! It all still seems so surreal. That I think I will wake from a bad dream, much of the past few months is a blank to me. The pain I can’t describe, the never ending gnawing at my gut, lump in my chest and the effort it takes to breath.

        It is history repeating itself, 27 years ago my mom & her two sisters each lost a son within weeks of each other, again all unrelated. And for Mom & one sister it was the second son they lost. My family has been blessed in so many ways but has also been fraught with tragedy. That Kennedy clan ain’t got nothing’ on us in that department. During all this my brother had an engine blow up on him (he worked in the oil fields) burnt his entire body he was life lifted to the burn center in Utah, where he was for 5 months. He left early to attend my baby’s funeral, she adored him. Two weeks after my daughters funeral my oldest brother had the top lobe of his lung removed, he’s in the VA hospital still, doing better though…. I’ve already lost 3 brothers & 2 stepbrothers. Sorry to dump all that on ya but ya see why I haven’t been around. But it was SO good to see your name, was it fate?

      • congero

        Oh my God Ms. Bronwyn I am so sorry for the pain I know you are going through and the losses you have suffered. Please accept my deep felt condolences and my prayers for you and your family. Your pain hurts me also and I understand the hole that your lost has left in your heart. I lost my brother last Jan. to colon cancer and although life goes on it seems it will never be the same without him and I miss him dearly. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and know that I think of you and wish you peace of mind and all the love this world has to offer. Your friend always Congero.

      • Bronwyn1

        Congero, thank you so much for your kind words thoughts and prayers. I sincerely appreciate your concern, your support! Please add my remaining son to your prayers. I think he is suffering survival guilt. I’m so worried about him and so afraid of losing him, too.

        I rremembered you lost a love one in Jan. My heart goes out to you. Oh the irony, you survive cc and then lose your brother to cc. I’m so sorry for all of you. Was the new baby girl his grand daughter? She will be cherished. The new babies help fill the void of those we ‘ve lost.

        Sorry I’m late getting back here. A strangers picture was printed with my daughters obituary, the newspaper blames the mortuary & the mortuary blames the newspaper. Plus her boyfriends sister placed the obituary (I was 4 states away) she was trying to help, but got so much wrong & never ran it past me first. We just want it removed and I had to get an attorney to work on that, really ticks me off. I’ve been dealing with them, again the past two days.

        Thank you again for everything, Congero, love you.

      • Gidawdah


      • congero

        And also to you and yours. Have fun and safe workers holiday weekend.

      • Gidawdah

        you, too!

      • Gidawdah

        Greetings, B
        Please know that what you have gone thru is in my heart.
        Please hang in there.
        Have had similar challenges with great loss.
        Sending you and your family all the love I can muster.
        Warm regards,

      • Bronwyn1

        It is amazing how much the love and concern of friends we’ve never met in person can be so coomforting. Thank you so much, G!

        You being a vet I know you will appreciate hearing that my brother has been getting excellent care from VA hospital he has been in & out off, theses past few months. I know not every state is so blessed & they have been getting a bad rap in the news lately. But this particular facility also gave my father & stepfather excellent care. My bro’s only complaint. “The beds are TOO damn short, everyone of them!”

        The sad part is that it is a 6 1/2 hour drive from the Reservation to the VA hospital and mostly two lane highway. A miserable long ride after having a rib removed to get to his lung to remove the entire top lobe, he doesn’t complain about that, but I do for him and the many other vets on the Rez that have to make that long trip when not well.

        MMFA is messed up now but we are a tight little community that really does care about are fellow posters. Thanks again, G, and I’m sending my love and regards back to you and your family, Bron

      • Bronwyn1

        O’siyo Oginalii,

        That code 18, you are posting to, right now, everyone should photo his avatar, name, before he changes them and all his messages before he has a chance to edit them. Send them to disqus, not mmfa. And as often as possible.

        It will get disqus to go after mmmfa for not monitoring their site, not honouring their agreement to monitor their site and for giving disqus a bad name.

        OW tried to get us to do this a year ago & I think most have forgotten (as I had). Read my latest msgs on here to Congero, Andy and Mary to find where to get those instructions from OW. I’m on vacation & only have my phone to type on (shouldn’t even be on the web he he)

        Also, I want you to know again how much I appreciated your heartfelt condolences. I will never forget that and I send mine back to you, Oginalii. I knew you were a soul that has known great sorrow. Be well, be strong, B

      • Luskus_Delph

        Hi Bron. Please accept my condolences and know that such heartbreak as you have suffered can affect those who know you. I second Gidawsah’s sentiments. Take care.

      • Bronwyn1

        Thank you so much, my dear man! What a nice surprise to hear from my other friends with my profile closed & congero not being on MMFA & all. I forgot about followers.

        Oh my, oh my, I read your posts. How is your son doing? Believe me you will be in my thoughts & well wishes, as well. Actually you are a lot, I did think of you in April & wondered if you got a granddaughter or grandson? Any chance it was on the 24th, 21, 29, or 7th? You take care. I wish your son many years of good health. I’m so sorry he has to deal with all that.

      • Luskus_Delph

        Thank you for the thoughts.

        First grandson born Valentines day…10 weeks [email protected] pounds. Currently thriving and so beautiful.

        Younger son doing so well and exceptional spirits never betray his affliction. Scans 3 weeks ago show excellent progress with minimum two more chemo cycles left.
        Celebrated Ninja Turtle themed birthday last weekend with musician friends and a jam session with cheesecake and a gas grill from his girlfriend who arranged it all as a surprise.

        If you liked the wafer story, you would love the follow-up featuring the confessional and this sinner 😉

      • Bronwyn1

        Wow, that was one tiny valentine! I’m glad he is thriving. Oh they grow up so fast no matter how tiny they start out. Hey, my grandma was born 2/14/1900. She was a beautiful person.

        That is good news about your son. Attitude plays a big part in recovery. I wish him well. What a scare, eh?

        Oh do share the follow up. Take care

      • Gidawdah


      • Bronwyn1

        Blessings!?! You just gave me chills and hair stand out on me body – not that I have much hair on my body 😉

        I was trying to send you a msg & that dang new msg bar kept getting in the way. It was you sending me a message.

        I had just noticed you on MMFA posting to that bigot code18, I’m now banned there so came here to send you a msg & you followed me – spooky -:-)

        I better get off here & pretend I give a sh!t about vacationing… I’m in the deepest funk of my life… I know you know how that is. Take care!

      • montanabuddha

        code 18 will disappear if you refresh…..he keeps trying but he can’t get through…..

        I’m stil trying to figure out how you folks got banned.

        Now once when they were clearing out some of the rubbish there I tried to post and couldn’t but it works just fine now…..

        Have you tried lately?

        Miss you …….take care

      • Bronwyn1

        Monty, I only got banned last wed. I hadn’t been on mmfa for almost 7 months. In my case it appears to be one of our own with a personal petty vendetta against me. In Congero’s case I’m sure it is those bigots he tries to educate flagging him.

        I’m sure those gangs, in consintrated clusters, still down thumb everyone (we just can’t see it) and then fIag. It would be nice if MMFA would wakeup & fix their site. We are a community and have formed bonds with each other.
        I can’t post but I can still up thumb or so it appears so on my end. I always look for your posts.

        You are very kind, thanks, be well, Bron

      • montanabuddha

        I’d try to post again Bron…..

        We sure could use the good people……

      • Gidawdah


      • Andy_Kreiss

        Hi “Brownie”, nice to see you, but sorry to hear about recent events. I’d been wondering about you.

        I’m still kicking around the trogs at MM, until they gather their sock-puppet armies and get me banned, too.

      • Bronwyn1

        Thanks Andy, it has been awhile, almost 7 months since I was on MMFA.

        You keep kickin’, you have more energy than I do & skill, in dealing with those trogs.

        BTW, no one, I mean no one, can say “Brownie” like you can, ya sexy brute! I bet you get a sweet chocolatey taste in your mouth just typing that, don’tcha? 😉

        I wonder what happened to the old fart that started that? Hey, that old SOB had “hopes” for me, and you, Andy, had to go and run him off.

      • Bronwyn1

        Hi Andy, well I’ve been banned!

        Wednesday I tried to reply to JB bigot and couldn’t . I thought it might have something to do with him, So I tried else where, that one had a msg about being monitored or such, after a long delay got posted. My next one a simple “Amen” is still pending since wed.

        I’m a few days short of 7 months since my last post on there. I was not in a debate with anyone. Why would I get banned? Plus with my profile closed it would be really difficult to find enough of my posts to flag. It had to be someone that knew where to look.

        I’ve asked MMFA for an explanation and I forwarded the information the FBI sent me (explanation above) to see if the flagging and “digging” is coming from the same locations. If MMFA doesn’t give me an explanation on why they banned me when I haven’t been on their site in months, I’m going to get the authorities to contact them to see if it is the same person stalking me.

        I hpoe you never get banned, you contribute so much to that site. Take care

      • Andy_Kreiss

        Hi! Yeah, it is sort of pathetic that the mods will just look at the quantity of “flags”. Which means that any butthurt FoxBot with multiple identities can get a normal human bounced.

        I guess it’s the low level equivalent of the right wing companies buying up any radio stations that stray from the crporate line.They know they can’t stay in the game, so they try to eliminate.

      • Bronwyn1

        Hey Andy, I hate posting from my phone so to save time, please check out my post to Mary above. If enough posters start doing to JB Bigot & the likes, what OW instructed us to do nearly a year ago MMFA may fix the problem.

        Hope life is treating you well. It was nice to hear from you. Take care

      • Andy_Kreiss

        10-4, Brownie!

      • congero

        You too!?! I have written MM asking for the reason or reasons I’ve been blocked. My e-mails were returned. They have even blocked me from doing that. What is going on? What did the FBI say?

      • congero

        Thanks again for the warning and info. I will take heed. My post reappearing at MM? Hmmmmmm. I don’t see them.

      • Bronwyn1

        Please don’t interrupt me! I’m busy pleading your case on mmfa with up thumbs. I found a very long thread, gabby. I’m very tired & have calloused thumb. They will look so stupid banning such a popular guy, that just keeps getting more popular, those idiots.. 😉

        Actually that was a couple of days ago. Did they shhow up? I’m not sure if my up votes still show while being banned?

        I will be reinstated today or soon . But I’m not sure if I will return. Right now I have a bad taste in my mouth for the place.

        Even so I’m asking my contacts the same questions about you, that have you bewildered about your situation with them. And why you don’t even deserve an explanation.
        Also what Andy Kreiss has pointed out, about them only county the number of flags & not considering who is getting them & who is doing the flagging. They are only going by the quantity of flags.

        I see I have another msg from you above to reply to. I hope you had a nice holiday.

      • Bronwyn1

        Hey Mr. Congero, I’m in a hurry or would check your profile to see where you have been more recently. When I finally had a chance to reply to your posts to me on this thread, awhile back, I replied to three at the same time, so don’t know if you saw them all..

        Anyway I was wondering if you took my advice and contacted disqus with everyone of your concerns about what happened to you at MMFA? I’m sure disqus will get back to you. Did you see how I was pleading your case for you at MMFA? 🙂

        I will try to check back later. Hope all is well with you, my friend,

      • congero

        Hey , good to see you. Yes, I saw how you were pleading my case and I think that is probably how you got blocked by MMFA. Did you know that Gidawaah was also blocked but has since gotten back on by creating another account. Both of you were blocked after pleading my case. Hmmmm. I will try contacting disqus because I do need a reason but haven’t yet. ;-(. I’ll let you know the results of my inquiry next time I see you. Please hit me up when you see me. Always.

        PS: I hope all is well with you and think of you always.

      • Bronwyn1

        No,no, dear one, I was already banned but reinstated when I asked about your situation. I knew your situation was completely different than mine was.

        MMFA has an agreement with disqus to monitor their own site regarding racial posts & porn. When they don’t or worse ban people that complain about it they are making disqus look bad, as well. That’s why I think disqus will be more concerned about your concerns…. MMFA looks really bad right now. The peoppple they ban & the scum they don’t ban and then don’t think you even deserve an explanation.

        I haven’t heard back from MMFA yet, regarding my concerns about you etc., & haven’t had a chance to contact disqus yet. They were a big help in my situation (disqus– that is). I’m not sure if I will return to MM I miss folks but have a bad taste in my mouth for the place.

        I think about you too. I try to keep busy & honestly haven’t had much desire to post anywhere. Thanks again for your support & friendship. Keep my oldest son in your prayers. I’m so worried about him. Survivor’s guilt is eating him alive. You are always in my thoughts & prayers. Be well!

      • Mainah

        Hey! I remember you! I changed my avatar but my profile is open. I was shocked that in one week all my comments started showing up “marked as spam” yet that Andy guy ran amok. I’m not going to sit there and make sock puppets just to have a discussion, which MM’s seems not to really care about anymore. Troll Hunter got the hammer too. If they don’t care about their community … then why should I bother with them? Shame but I’m finding other sites that have real mods and fairly decent discussions!
        Glad to see you again!

      • Gidawdah

        What is occurring @ MMfA is so sad.
        You are missed.

      • Mainah

        Oh! Hey G! I miss you guys too but I can’t make sock puppets. I was surprised that I didn’t even get so much as an email stating I was. Just every comment suddenly says “marked as spam”. So, either someone is jumping all over every comment or I’m banned.

      • Gidawdah

        Am sorry to hear that.
        Good folks are being bounced, and Andy The Pornographer is still running amok. Go figure….
        Countless folks have contacted MMfA, and they dont seem to care.
        Sad. Sad. Sad.
        All the best to you and yours!
        Warmest regards,

      • Mainah

        I sent an email. Heard nothing. It is indeed sad. But happy to see you! Thanks and happiness for you and yours as well G!

      • mary5920

        Just a thought to you and congero–I once got a comment marked as spam even though it was on topic and I don’t think it insulted anyone. It doesn’t mean someone is banned, though. Perhaps there’s an automatic ban after a certain number of comments are marked as spam.
        This is a disqus problem which shows the brainless aspect of how this works. If you make your comments private for a time and then try posting again, they might go through.

      • congero

        So good to hear from you mary. You are one of the posters I can call my friend. I enjoy your comments and compassion. I share many of your views.

        I’ll tell you it does get very frustrating trying to brush off some of the names I’ve been called at MMFA and how they allow posters who show up with avatars and tags obviously meant to insult is beyond me. it’s almost like they are oblivious to the fact that they have a target on their back. They get attacked and instead of defending those who stand with them they block them while allowing those who wish to destroy what they are doing to remain. Doh!?!

        When I was blocked I was in a long dialogue with resident bigot and Bill O’Reily/Foxbot right wing authoritarian Jim Bean and the poster Tiny Guitar, a white guy who has been there before as Michael,project21 and proudblackman(sic). He attacks posters attempting to “bully” them by calling them racist because , you guessed it, they are democrats and you know the rest. In his sick mind he feels pretending he is black gives him more leverage. He then proceeds to attack Afro-Americans as sheep,takers and on the plantation blah,blah,blah. Straight out of Fox. He was outed a while back and actually admitted he wasn’t black and was playing the game to show how racist liberals are. He thought the posters who knew wouldn’t be around or would forget. His style is unmistakable just ask Mix Julia.

        I forget the other posters name but because I was refuting his attacks on Afro-Americans and his take on the murder of Michael Brown and others at the hands of the police I was called racial slur after racial slur and my only responses was to call him a bigot and thank him for helping to prove my point. His post remained and mine were deleted. Another Neo-Nazi posted this link to me and bragged that rape had consequences:it was a site of lynchings

      • mary5920

        Thanks, congero. I appreciate your taking the time to explain this. About MMFA’s comment “moderation” all I can say is OY!!!
        Other progressive web sites understand that their comments’ section merits a bit of scrutiny from time to time. It’s a mystery why they think that tweaking some disqus settings can allow them to cruise on autopilot and ignore obvious racism and bigotry, sexism and repeated hate speech.

        Anyway I’ll see you in Shangri-La and all the best to you and yours, my friend.

      • congero

        Thank you and wishing you the same. ;-))

      • Bronwyn1

        Mary, I’m now banned, go figure, it was just days shy of 7 months since my last post, so I can’t do it, but what might help (I’m not asking for me) but for Congero & other posters in the future. Is to go back to the site I listed in my edit to Congero (I’m on my wee mobile & can’t get the link to post). Anyway follow OW’s instructions, he also left a how to link there, to take pictures of racist avatars, monikers, and messages, before the jerks have time to edit them, and send them to disqus, NOT MMFA, as many and as often as possible.

        OW explained how that will make disqus get after MMFA for not monitoring there site, not honouring their agreement with disqus to do so, and for giving disqus a bad name.

        I had forgotten about all about that, plus I haven’t been on the site in months or I would have been doing it all along. Please spread the reminder to as many others as possible.

        Also read the OW, Black in Alabam, & LD posts. Read the sites left regarding the Gang Of 7 and their sock puppets and the Our Streets and their motives to destroy everyone at MMFA, their MO, and their plan to get MMFA posters to turn on each other blaming each other for the thumbs down and how they would target certain individuals. Mainly those that obsessed or complained about the thumbs down and those that had many posts on the same thread.

        At the time that was pointed out repeatedly yet it flew right over someone’s head, and he/she played right into their hands, turning on a fellow poster & blamed both me & OW. It really hurt I spent a lot of times coping posts and links to convince someone it was not a personal attack on them, even after I was accused! But some folks when they get a notion in their head there is no changing it. OW was devastated, all the work, time, energy, he put into solving the problem, to then be accused of being the cause. I tried my best to prove to someone that he was not doing that, but his lists & links I passed on to that person were ignored, he/she could not get past that concept of it being personal and all about them. It hurts to be accused of something you couldn’t conceive of doing, even if you had the time, energy, or no how. And then to constantly be blamed for that person to “having” to change their name , which int it’s self is bloody ridiculous and a lie. No name change a new account was added and the other profiles closed, to be retrieved at any time. Only a paranoid bully constantly repeats an accusation about someone, knowing they have no way of proving they didn’t do it! But it serves their sick purpose of putting a negative notion about someone out there. That old enemy trick of “tell a lie, keep it simple and repeat it often.”

        Anyway, if folks go back to OW’s instructions regarding the JB Bigot it might get disqus to go after MMFA to hold up their agreement with disqus. To monitor their own site.

        It is there and or in the many other posts by OW & his helpers.

      • congero

        Oh, now I see it. Thanks! I’ve always thought there is an organized effort to destroy MM and appreciate any other info you have about this. Do you know how OW is doing?

      • montanabuddha

        Hey congero……try posting at MMfA again…….

        They were running filters for a couple days and I had a few go down but it’s a bit better now……

        ‘cuz we miss ya……..

      • congero

        Hey mb glad to hear from you. I’ve tried to ask them why I was blocked and they sent my e-mail back as undeliverable as spam. I’ve been blocked but thanks anyway. I enjoy your post and will keep reading them even if unable to reply. keep the faith.

      • mary5920

        Hi Bronwyn,
        I remember that OW posted instructions to take screen shots and contact disqus with the information, which several people did, as I recall.

        I’d be glad to post this info, maybe later today. As we all have said, MMFA for some reason is ignoring much of what goes on in their threads. They have managed to cut down on some of the trolling but there’s no rhyme nor reason to why they have banned perfectly reasonable posters. Except as has been said, they made some auto settings which catch both good & bad posts and treat them the same.
        For some reason didn’t see your post on my disqus feed. I’m not very tech savvy. Just went back on here and saw your post.
        All the best to you and yours.

      • Bronwyn1

        Thanks for taking the time to do that. I saw your posts. I don’t know if my thumbs up show up though?

        I enjoy reading those old threads. Some of them. 🙂

        Thank you Mary, you are a treasure. Take care

      • Bronwyn1

        Sorry, I’m on this little thing & can’t see well or edit my many typos & misspellings that are now glaring at me.

      • congero

        I agree. I’ve watched too many right wing kooks come back after being blocked and I won’t stoop to that level. If MMfA doesn’t care about what is taking place on their site why should I? Anyway I’m tired of getting called the n-word there and the amazing thing is those post were still up while mine were deleted. I just wish they would give an explanation as to why. Oh well. Good to see you as well.

      • mary5920

        Just found out about this from Miz Julia.
        It’s obvious that MMFA doesn’t have a clue what’s going on with their comment section. I’ve been posting, mostly ignoring the trash talkers–but being called racist names would want me to shake the dust off my shoes!
        Sending you and yours Much Light, Life & Love

        p.s. After saying this, I still wish you’d reinstate yourself with a new account. There is a community (now shrinking!) that drew me to the place. Since MMFA isn’t serious about the integrity of its rules I don’t feel any moral authority in their “bans”.
        If we all find a place to migrate to, that would be fine too.

      • congero

        Wishing you all the best my friend. ;-))

      • Bronwyn1

        Congero quote ” I agree. I’ve watched too many right wing kooks comeback after being blocked and I won’t stoop to that level. If MMFA doesn’t care about what is taking place on their site why should I?”

        I understand your sentiment completely. The total disregard they have shown makes me not want to give their site any hits.

        Remember last year when trolls were hitting nearly everyone with fifty plus down thumbs? They started with the most prolific posters and moved on to the rest of us. Oedipus wrecked, Black _in_Alabama, and Luskus_Delph and many others I shamefully can’t recall right now, spent endless hours and exhausting effort to get to the bottom of it. They were using their extensive computer knowledge and contacts with MMFA it was frustratingly exhausting for Oedipus and it may have taken a toll on his already serious health problems. At the time it seemed to fall on deaf ears but eventually they got it taken care of. I for one will never forget their efforts and will always admire their tenasity.

        Many of those discussions between the posters that knew where the problem was are still on here. Black_In_Alabama discovered at one point that at least
        one of MM own employees was responsible for some of
        it. Fortunately most of us didn’t take it personally but I
        lost respect for MMFA for ignoring everyone’s concern. And again for ignoring the racist name calling. I know you can’t help but take that personally, but as far as MMFA it’s not, it wouldn’t matter what it was they just aren’t concerned about the posters concerns, period! So I understand where you are coming from. But you can see how many friend you have at that site and how much you will be missed.

      • congero

        Thank you for the info and warning. MMFA employee in on it? Tell me more..

      • Bronwyn1

        Congero, please see my edit above, my message to Andy,, and mainly my message to Mary. I’ve been banned from MMFA so I can’t do it but will asks others to pass the word.

        I’m on my phone, can’t get links to post etc., plus I hate typing long lists on it.

      • congero

        I saw your reply to Andy but I don’t see the one to mary. What is going on over at MM? They have even blocked me from asking them why I was blocked. WTF!?! My e-mails were returned as undelivered with no explanation as to why they were undeliverable.

      • Bronwyn1

        You are welcome. I think I know what you are thanking me for. It was deleted?

        And did you see my thank you to you 7 days ago, above? I’ve been so sad and can’t tell you enough just how your unexpected greeting & condolences from you & the others brightened my day. Short lived brighter day. Someone had to deliberately throw a monkey wrench into it.

        Okay, Cee, I know you don’t know what that’s about, sorry, but he/she does. It’s what I’m dealing with behind the scenes. Please excuse me while address him/her.

        For obvious reasons my heartache these days is beyond measure. I’m at the lowest point of my life. But that wasn’t enough for you! But I don’t hate you. I PITY you!
        I don’t even wanted you banned. I don’t want the nice people that believe in you hurt or disappointed. And you maybe worth saving. (Don’t prove me wrong. If you have thoughts of donning a diaper & driving a great distance…). See that’s the difference between you & I. You would never be that generous. Never!

      • Gidawdah

        Brother C,
        Now I understand why I havent seen you lately.
        Warmest regards to you and your family.
        best always,

      • congero

        Hey Brother G,
        Yea, someone had me blocked. Say hi to my friends there and you know I always have warm thoughts for you and wish you and yours well. Peace brother!

      • Gidawdah

        Right on back atcha, brother!

      • Miz Julia

        Hi sweetie, I’ve been on vacation for a skosh and decided to look you up since I hadn’t seen you around and I couldn’t Google you. Last time that happened I think it was because you had your profile locked.

        Anyway, please come back as congero1 or with Congero (capital C) and the same pic. There’s no harm in it. If I get banned I’ve always said I’d come back as Juliajayne. Anyway, it’s not the same without you and we (I) need you. This is an order. I have spoken. Besos. 😉

      • congero

        Hope you are well rested and ready for battle. lol. It seems the odds are against us though when even our friends(MMFA) turn against us.

      • Andy_Kreiss

        Hey congero, yeah that happened even under the old format at MMFA, the right wing nuts would obsessively flag reasonable replies to their filthy, ridiculous comments, and the mods seemed to only be bean counters.Smart people would get banned, while flaming racists would benefit from the more liberal posters’ not being such censorship fanatics.

        I’ve run into Jim Bean, he’s a Foxbot moron who gets his feelings hurt easily when he gets clowned, and probably has nothing else to do but flag coments from the same bedroom he’s lived in since he was six..

      • congero

        You got it Andy my friend. JB is a moron and still able to post his bs refuted so many times before. Be careful .

      • Andy_Kreiss

        And he’ll deny that he’s doing all of that flagging… Just like all of the right wing fascist cowards.

      • congero

        Of course he will while saying the most vile things about minorities and liberals of course politely(sic).

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