Another Protester Assaulted At A Donald Trump Rally

awkward-moment-donald-trumpDonald Trump’s presidential campaign has devolved from a ridiculous promotional stunt into a rabble-rousing flirtation with xenophobia and fascism that evokes memories of Mussolini and Franco in 1930’s Europe. Even in the United States at that time, fascism was seen as a bulwark against the policies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the country tried to climb its way out of the Great Depression.

In Raleigh, North Carolina on Friday night, a woman who was protesting Donald Trump was apparently assaulted by a Trump supporter. A number of protesters interrupted his speech, but Jes Holland Cronmiller was punched in the face by a member of the crowd.


Jes Holland Cronmiller is the Raleigh woman who got whacked in the jaw Friday night at the Donald Trump rally in Dorton Arena. A total sucker punch, she says, landed by an as-yet-unidentified Trump supporter who went ballistic when Cronmiller and other protesters dared to disrupt the Dear Leader.

On Sunday, Jes said her face still hurt, and her mouth wasn’t opening all the way. But the loose tooth she’d been worried about seemed to be firmly back in place. Had she seen a doctor? No, because she doesn’t have health insurance.

“I’ll survive,” she told me in the no-nonsense voice she uses to ward off sympathy. “It’s not my first rodeo.” (Source)

This isn’t the first time that someone protesting a Donald Trump event has been assaulted. Last month in Birmingham, Alabama, a Black Lives Matter protester¬†was roughed up by members of the audience before being forcibly ejected from the rally by security.

The media has had a field day with the partisan insanity that is the Donald Trump campaign phenomenon. Unfortunately, this isn’t some cruel joke that he has exploited simply for personal gain, Trump has brought out the underlying racism and proud ignorance of 21st century America which was supposed to be post-racial.

I don’t care if you’re a conservative, a liberal, or something else – nobody should be physically attacked for their political beliefs. The sad fact is that in our hyper-partisan political atmosphere which has been raised to an all new level in recent years, ideological disagreements are no longer the uncomfortable turd in the family holiday gathering punch bowl, they’re now the justification for physical violence.

This is the new landscape of American politics, a place where ideas and discourse are trumped by violence and physical intimidation. The leading GOP presidential candidate has been endorsed by Neo-Nazis and a Grand Dragon of the KKK, David Duke.

Just a few months ago, I was hopeful for the future of this country. I believed that America could move beyond the grasp of the radical right and embrace the message of Bernie Sanders, and the change we need for future generations.

All of that has changed now. Donald Trump has reignited the ugliest hatred of our past, and has taken us down a path we’re going to have a hard time recovering from.


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