Answers to 5 of the Dumbest Arguments Kim Davis Supporters Use to Defend Her

kim-davis-adulteryBeing that I’ve written several articles over the last week or so slamming the absurdity concerning Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis and those who continue to support her, I’ve been inundated with her supporters messaging me to express their feelings about what a godless, certain-to-burn-in-hell demon I apparently am. In fact, just yesterday one of these awesome folks informed me that people like myself are going to bring about the “raft of God.”

Yes – the raft of God. I guess that’s actually a good thing considering if there’s ever another “great flood,” a raft would come in handy. Rafts for everybody!

Needless to say, this circus doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. In fact, her supporters only seem to be growing louder. So I thought I’d lend a helping hand and provide several responses to counter some of the most common pro-Davis rhetoric I’ve encountered over the last few days.

1. She shouldn’t be forced to choose between her career and her faith: Nobody is asking her to choose. She’s the one who chose to become a public servant. As the Supreme Court ruled in 2006 (in a majority conservative decision no less):

We hold that when public employees make statements pursuant to their official duties, the employees are not speaking as citizens for First Amendment purposes, and the Constitution does not insulate their communications from employer discipline. 

In other words, public employees are not given autonomy to say or do whatever they want while carrying out official duties. Not only that, but Davis is an elected official who swore an oath to abide by the laws of the land – which are bound by the Constitution. Her job isn’t to marry people. Her signature is nothing more than her signing off on the fact that two individuals are legally allowed under our laws to get married – she is not the one marrying them.

2. The Supreme Court doesn’t have the power to write laws: That’s right, the Supreme Court doesn’t have that power. And when same-sex marriage was legalized in June, no new laws were created. The only thing that happened were laws that prevented same-sex couples from marrying were challenged in court; these challenges eventually made their way to the Supreme Court; and upon hearing arguments from both sides the Supreme Court ruled that these laws that had been put in place to prevent same-sex couples from marrying were unconstitutional. This is not unprecedented as it’s essentially the same thing that happened in 1967 when interracial marriage bans were struck down. Again, the Supreme Court did not write any laws.

3. This is judicial tyranny run amokActually, this is exactly how our Founding Fathers set up our Constitution to work. They added a judicial branch to ensure that laws could not be passed that would violate the rights of Americans. And, if so, those laws could be overturned by the highest court in our land. The only thing the Supreme Court can’t overrule is a Constitutional Amendment. Their job is quite literally to interpret laws based upon our Constitution – which is exactly what they did back in June.

4. God’s raft wrath is going to come down upon the United States for allowing gay marriage: Now, if that were really the case, then why hasn’t Canada (or the other 18 nations that have legalized same-sex marriage) been wiped off the face of the planet? Canada legalized same-sex marriage a decade ago – the Earth has still kept spinning.

5. What gives you the right to redefine marriage?: Well, in this case, the Constitution. But the fact is, marriage is not exclusive to Christianity. In reality, the legal definition of marriage in the United States has no religious ties whatsoever. Two atheists are perfectly allowed to get married without a single bit of religion being a part of their wedding. And the argument “that’s how it’s always been” doesn’t matter. At one point in time slavery was just “something that had always been” but we did away with that, didn’t we? Besides, no one is “redefining marriage.” Marriage has been, and always will be, a union between two adult people who love each other and want to pledge their lives to one another.

Bonus. Kim Davis being thrown in jail is the first step to criminalizing Christianity: No, it’s not. Her religion plays no part in this from a legal standpoint. The judge ordered her to jail because of the fact that she’s a public official who refused to abide by the laws of our land as supported by the Constitution. Why she’s refusing to do her job is irrelevant. By refusing to do her job as a public servant she’s infringing on the Fourteenth Amendment rights of same-sex couples.

Again, why she’s choosing to infringe upon the rights of gay Americans doesn’t matter. As a public official she’s not protected under the guise of “freedom of religion” to defy our Constitution being that this nation is ruled by Constitutional law – not biblical.

I hope these help to clear up a little of the confusion I’m seeing from these people. Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know what you think.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Paul Julian Gould

    Thank you for this, Allen… These are the same answers I’ve given various supporters, and it’s to no avail… they’re sure about what they’re sure about, and no logic need apply, as logic doesn’t fit the narrative.

    And, yeah, I’m no doubt going to experience the raft of God in the minds of some in my circles of life…

  • Carolina

    Actually, Allen, I disagree with your definition of marriage as always being “a union between two adult people who love each other and want to pledge their lives to one another.”

    Throughout history, women (and probably some men) have gotten married against their wants, and love has never been a requirement (not even in the Bible). Even in today’s society, two people who do not love each other can legally get married. And perhaps you can say that the union has always been between two adults, but remember that “adult” used to mean 12 or 13. The only consistent definition of marriage that I can think of is “the legal union between two people.” (Even when a man is legally allowed to marry multiple women, each legal union is between him and each woman.)

    Of course, religions come up with their own definitions as well, but that doesn’t matter in civil matters.

    • Christine

      Marriage has always been about property. Women and children were part of the property, and still are in many places.

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    • Anthrogirl

      Bear in mind also that in many cultures, multiple marriage is allowed, usually polygyny (one man, multiple wives). So it hasn’t even always been the legal union between only two people.

  • Allan Smith

    I love your answers, people quote the bible as being their life blood and the words are there lifeline, let me make it clear, the originalFiction book was written in Aramaic, not Hebrew, Aramaic has and always will be difficult to translate into English, many have tried and failed abysmally, but the bible was translated into english, and the words were embellished and assumed to be the text of the original document, then was translated again by James 1 version, so the words are no longer 100% correct guaranteed, secondly, most of what is said in the bible is open to translation, and those who are religious use that to their advantage totally. I see no actual thing thtat says same sex is a sin against God, Sodom and Gamora is used as a reason, can we be sure God was against that, there other crimes going on too, such as murder drinking theft adultery, are those not counted and we just pick the crime against God of our choice, thirdly, we can all take what we want from the bible and interpret it as the way we want it, it is said Loosely, if a man lays with another man then he should be stoned, so according to translation, if you want to be a homosexual smoke weed and its aok with god, cos you are stoned ???????

    • ICBM904

      Gee. Is that how we got unicorns and satyrs in the Bible? I know a college-educated man who chooses to believe that they existed because it said so in the KJV.

    • Bymynishus

      The King James Version of the Bible that everyone cites was written in the 17th century to line up with the Church of England’s ideas anyway.

      A much older Bible, The Codex Siniaiticus more than 1600 years old has been found and there are many differences between was was written then and what is published in the KJV.

      There are of course other differing version of the Bible written in between that have been discovered as well. You’d think all these Bible literalists and people trying to adhere to the absolute word of God would attempt to study the original writings and not this relatively recent modified version anyway.

      • Kirk Bruner

        Here, now! THAT would require scholarship and hard WORK! PLUS, it would require critical thinking! EGAD! Religion doesn’t approve of that sort of thing.

  • ICBM904

    I appreciate your efforts … I really do … but facts and rational thought will NEVER help clear up the confusion of the blind and willfully ignorant zealot.

  • Mike S.

    God created man….
    Man created religion!