Anti-Abortion Activist Admits Planned Parenthood Videos Were Designed To Destroy Organization

Rally Held In Support Of Cutting Planned Parenthood Funding - DCIt shouldn’t come as any surprise to us that the videos created by the Center for Medical Progress were intended to destroy Planned Parenthood. After the dubious and heavily-edited footage was released, conservatives pounced on these videos as part of their campaign to defund Planned Parenthood.

Republicans in Congress are advancing a bill to end federal funding to the healthcare organization, and they’ve launched hearings based on the videos. GOP candidates like Carly Fiorina have also cited this footage about “baby parts,” something the Colorado shooter is alleged to have ranted about after being arrested.

It was pretty obvious that these videos that were designed to turn the public against Planned Parenthood, and now an anti-abortion activist has come out and admitted what we already knew.

Via Right Wing Watch:

“We mapped out this plan, he was going to get up inside [Planned Parenthood] and we talked about how we were going to do it and what the end result was,” Newman said.

Their goal, he explained, was not simply publicity for their anti-choice views, but the total destruction of Planned Parenthood: “We said, ‘Look, if we just get on Fox News’ — and we were on Fox News, we were on there a couple weeks ago — ‘if we just got a bunch of YouTube video hits or something, if, you know, people are talking about – we would consider it a failure.’ The first and foremost thing is we wanted prosecutions. We want prosecutions, want to defund them, and, finally, we want to completely destroy the entity called Planned Parenthood. And we’re well on our way.” (Source)

Planned Parenthood has long been a target, both literally and figuratively, of the anti-choice right. These videos were cited by a number of Republican governors across the country in cutting off Medicaid funds in their states for Planned Parenthood, even though their orders were in violation of federal law.

The attacks are brazen, and they are part of the campaign anti-abortion activists have embarked on since Roe v. Wade became the law of the land. While this movement has been around for decades, it’s been renewed by the Tea Party takeover of Congress and the relentless GOP consolidation of power in state legislatures across the country.

Anti-abortion groups like the Center for Medical Progress are counting on the radicalized GOP to further their agenda of ending access to women’s healthcare. They pretend to condemn violent incidents like the one we saw in Colorado last week, but the movement has a history of tacitly winking at extremists who have targeted healthcare professionals like Dr. George Tiller and others.

The 2016 election is incredibly important in turning the tide against these groups. Emboldened by anti-choice candidates like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, the far-right is more motivated than they have been in years. If Republicans take the White House and maintain control of Congress, we could see the end of reproductive rights across this country.

These extremists are poised and ready. They’re motivated to set this country back to a time of back alley abortions. I just hope we’re ready to mobilize like never before and vote in record numbers next November.


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