Anti-Gay Activist to Face Charges of “Crimes Against Humanity” for Helping Orchestrate Ugandan Anti-Gay Laws

scott-livelyWhile most people probably have probably never heard of anti-gay activist Scott Lively, I’m certain many who have been continually fighting for equal rights for the LGBT community have heard about the strict laws against homosexuals that have been passed in countries like Uganda and Russia. The Constitutional Court of Uganda did deem that country’s law invalid back in August, but lawmakers have begun drafting a new anti-gay law that’s expected to be introduced next year.

Well, Lively has been one of the leading activists who’s been traveling the globe promoting his anti-gay agenda in many of these countries that have passed anti-gay legislation stripping homosexuals of their humanity and basic human rights. And since our Constitution continues to grant members of the LGBT community in the United States their rightful freedoms, Lively decided to take his special brand of hate abroad in an attempt to spread his anti-gay propaganda in countries where the rights of citizens are not as clearly defined.

But these laws haven’t just been simply aimed at keeping same-sex couples from being allowed to wed, like many conservatives continue to try to do here in the United States. Initially Uganda tried to make a same-sex relationship punishable by death (though it was later reduced to life in prison before the law was invalidated), and Russia has also passed laws so pathetically written that they have essentially banned any and all expression of LGBT culture and flat-out criminalized talking to minors about “nontraditional relationships.”

All of this eventually led to LGBT rights organizations Sexual Minorities of Uganda and the Center for Constitutional Rights to file a lawsuit against Lively in 2012 for “crimes against humanity.” A lawsuit that a federal appeals court just upheld after Lively’s attempt to get it dismissed was rejected by a three-judge panel. The lawsuit claims that Lively has been a key figure in promoting government-backed acts of intolerance, hatred and violence towards homosexuals in places like Uganda, which has seen attacks against homosexuals skyrocket in recent years.

How will this story ultimately end? That’s anybody’s guess. Though this does mark a fairly significant move for gay rights to see someone who’s traveled the globe trying to encourage violence against the LGBT community facing charges for willfully trying to encourage other nations to strip homosexuals of their basic human rights and dignity.

And while I’m sure this battle still has a long way to go, this is a huge win for the LGBT community and anyone who proudly stands for equal rights for homosexuals all around the world.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Sparks13

    No doubt this murder promoting ass considers himself a Christian. ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ nimrod. That’s pretty plain.

    • rbjinx

      But “I did it in the name of GAWD”!

    • chrisgogh

      It’s like he follows the Old Testament and has never read the New Testament, kind of like Westboro.

    • Roshanda Mills

      Search yourself pervert for your own crimes against humanity. Dr. Lively has a lot of support including the black community against deviants like you.

      • Sparks13

        Have fun explaining your stance to Jesus you hate filled freak. There is nothing deviant in my life, even to a bigoted hate monger like yourself, but there are obviously some gaping holes in your heart and soul. None of the black people I know would spit on your sorry ass if you were on fire.

      • Roshanda Mills

        Talk to my hand deviant. LOL

  • DavidD

    Good,I hope the courts inflict serious consequences for his actions.This is not free speech but an international criminal enterprise that he actively conspired with to cause physical harm and death..

    • Little Iodine

      blah blah blah, he will win this because the tide is turning against perverted fags.

    • David Girard

      Such DRAMA, typical of queers.

      • DavidD

        If you think you are insulting me by calling me gay then you are as foolish as you present.
        There is nothing wrong with being gay and homosexuality is a normal aspect of the human condition.
        You two need to stop playing with yourself so much and instead get out more

  • chrisgogh

    Oh, I’ve heard of him. Just go to fstdt dot com, go to the search page, and type his name into the ‘Fundy’ box. You’ll currently find four pages of quotes from him.

  • Victor Chung

    Scott never advocated violence against homosexuals and pedophiles. He promotes laws that protect children from homosexuals, like the law in Russia. NAMBLA would never be allowed to exist in Russia, and yet here in the USA they have a headquarters in the Castro District of San Francisco and another office in the Chelsea district of Manhattan.

    • Donald Williams

      Homosexuals, pedophiles…all the same thing. Support for these people is waning. Scott Lively needed be worried at all. Merry Christmas homos!