Why Aren’t the Duck Dynasty/Phil Robertson Hypocrites Rushing to Donald Sterling’s Defense?

sterling-robertsonIt’s always an interesting time when politics and pop culture mix.  We saw it during the Duck Dynasty/Phil Robertson controversy back in December and when Bill Nye debated Ken Ham in February.  But, of course, the most recent story that’s developed has been Donald Sterling’s incredibly racist comments.

And, as expected, most Republicans have come out and condemned his remarks as incredibly ignorant and insensitive – which they are.

Though I can’t help but notice the total hypocrisy between their condemnation of Sterling, yet overwhelming support for Robertson.   Take Sterling’s comments, change “black” to “gay” and would Republicans find them offensive?  After all, while racism is still a very real issue in our society, can’t it be argued that homosexuals are facing some of the same struggles African-Americans did decades ago in their fight for equal rights?  Let’s not forget that often religion was used to support segregation and bans on interracial marriage, much in the same way conservatives try to use religion to discriminate against homosexuals and deny them their rights.

Phil Robertson compared homosexuality to bestiality and compared homosexuals to terrorists.  But when he said these comments, and ended up getting a (very) brief suspension from A&E, conservatives flocked to his side to defend his rights to “freedom of speech.”  Though his suspension had nothing to do with his First Amendment rights.  Just as Donald Sterling is free to feel however he wants toward African-Americans, Robertson can feel however he wants toward homosexuals.  In neither case can they be prosecuted by the federal or their local governments for their comments.  But that doesn’t mean either of them has the right to say these things without facing some type of repercussions for what they said.

But why isn’t Sarah Palin speaking out in defense of Donald Sterling?  Why aren’t conservative pundits spending numerous hours on prime time television or the morning radio waves defending his “right to free speech”?

Oh, I know why – because it’s still acceptable to a decent percentage of our population to show such ignorance toward homosexuals, but it’s not quite “politically correct” anymore when it comes to racism.  Unless of course you own an NFL football team, then it’s perfectly fine. 

At the core of this, it’s basically the exact same situation we saw during the Phil Robertson controversy.  A public figure saying derogatory comments toward a specific group of people, and how society will/should respond to them.

I can’t see how someone can defend Phil Robertson but condemn Donald Sterling.  They’re two men in the public eye, working for entities that are greater than they are (Phil Robertson for A&E, Donald Sterling for the NBA), who both said completely ignorant and disgusting things about a specific group of people.

And they’ll ultimately have/had to face the consequences for what they’ve said (though Phil Robertson’s suspension was an absolute joke, but the decline in Duck Dynasty’s ratings might be the real consequence for his ignorance).

When these conservatives who rushed to Phil Robertson’s defense when he made disgusting remarks about homosexuals are now bashing Sterling for his comments, all they’re doing is showing off their blatant hypocrisy.  Hate and ignorance is hate and ignorance no matter what specific group of people it targets.

But I still can’t help but wonder, if you replace “black” with “homosexual,” would Republicans be bashing Sterling?  Or would they be rushing to his defense?

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • auntielib

    The greed for trying to take money away from the middle class never ends with this current Progressive-supported Obama Administration, apparently:

    “Ever driven down I-95 in Maryland, or the New Jersey Turnpike, and parted ways with $10, $20 in tolls?

    If the Obama administration has its way, highways across the country could someday be that way.

    In a major shift for how governments fund transportation projects, the administration wants to let states charge tolls on interstate highways. A federal ban currently bars states from doing so in most places, but the latest White House push could change that.

    Tucked into the GROW AMERICA Act, the White House’s $302 billion transportation bill, is a toll provision that calls for eliminating “the prohibition on tolling existing free Interstate highways, subject to the approval of the Secretary, for purposes of reconstruction.” “

  • Sandy Greer

    Author spoke too soon. As can plainly be seen:

    We have our very own Duck (anti-lib) paid troll here: 100+/- posts per day; 23K+ (and counting) to his ‘credit’.

    This is an election year; it’s to be expected The Right sics paid trolls on us: They know they don’t have the backing of the American public, and worry about our numbers. Wish to beat us down – discourage us from voting.

    Others may do as they please. As for me, I no longer read him.

    • Sharon Foley

      You must be kidding, have you ever heard of an approval rating? I seriously suggest you look it up . You certainly don’t have the backing of the American people anymore , the only chance you people have now is if you cheat again.

    • Anne D

      No Sandy. They only wish to discourage you from voting multiple times in multiple states in the same elections.

  • Fanci McGuffin

    Bologna! I call shenanigans. This is in no way the same thing. “Gay” is not a race. You are born male or female. Period. It is in no way devaluing someones worth to say you do not agree with how they choose to express themselves sexually.

    • Bobby

      It IS the exact same thing. No, genius, gay is not a race, but it is something that people are discriminated against for no reason AND its a classification of a group of people, just as race is.

  • baywulf

    Allen, you’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you. I usually never bother myself with libturds but somehow your drivel actually ended up someplace where normal people could experience your waste of air. Nothing to say to you. Someday I’ll be on my deathbed and would want the wasted breaths back.

  • Janette Hewlett

    This is pure ignorance!!!! Please go hide in a cave Mr. Allen Clifton!!!

  • Randy

    Are you asleep? Apples to oranges and a totally different context.

  • KKD

    Even though I think what Sterling said was disgusting, I also think eavesdropping is disgusting so I don’t even touch that. But at least Phil was out in the open about what he felt. Look, Phil Robertson follows the Bible/God’s word, & it says homosexuality (among many OTHER sins, by the way) is wrong. If you got a problem with it, take it up with the Author of the Bible.

  • Sharon

    It’s mind boggling for anyone to think they are remotely close. SAD, writer, very sad.

  • Brad C

    He probably went to college on a grant paid for by the liberals that he supports and he probably is still in college with no intentions of ever working a real job, just like mister community organizer that occupies the White House.

  • Dave hall

    The Bible never called out black people as sins. It does however call out homosexuality as such. THAT is the difference. And if you cannot/will not understand that, you will forever remain in your false equivocation of ignorance.

    • Tigger

      Not black people as such – but anyone who isn’t Jewish is described as lower than an animal. I guess that means you and I, Dave?

  • Nina Hunt

    There are some of us that was raised to follow the laws and rules. Phil follows the rules and laws of the Bible. I try my best also. This situations have nothing to do with Donald Sterling. Liberals are always trying to connect any deviate behavior to Christians. I guess because the people you most admire are someway twisted. Like baywulf nothing you say is worth listening to.

  • Metalmoto

    Are you liberals serious? Forward thinking? How about just try thinking. If you can’t tell the difference between what Phil Robertson said and what Sterling said, there is absolutely no hope for you even trying to comprehend anything.

  • Timmer

    Frankly, I think Sterling got a bit of the short end during ‘racist-gate’. He made a statement to his ‘lover’ in the privacy of his home. Ugly and hateful as the statement was, it was never intended for public consumption. Sterling’s punishment amounts to the policing of thought. I won’t defend Sterling, and I don’t blame the NBA for reacting as they did, but I have to wonder: Have all the folks calling for the punishment he got (and then some), have they actually thought about what this will mean for the rest of us?

    • Greg T

      I agree a lot with Timmer’s comments. What is next? Is now the general population of this country going to have their personal property taken from them due to their personal views not meeting political correctness? If I make a statement that is NOT illegal in terms of the law but does offends 3% of 400 million people – is my property now up for grabs by local, state, or federal government? It appears so !!!! Love how our rights have dwindled to this point under the rein of King Obama and his loving but specially stupid self proclaimed progressive media supporters.

    • Anne D

      Minority Report, inn real time.

  • Carol Cristo

    Phil genuinely doesn’t understand homosexuality, he truly doesn’t “get it.” He believes, in his mind and heart, that it is always a choice. While it’s true that many people choose both male and female partners … and for them it is a choice (which is nobody’s business but their own), I think he believes all homosexuality is a choice that can be turned on or off. Regardless of that belief, he treats everyone with love and respect and does not shun homosexuals.

    Sterling, on the other hand, chooses to dislike, dismiss, and disrespect people of color. He believes he is better than them, they are lesser than he. And, he goes out of his way to encourage others to behave like he does toward people of color. He has shown himself to be hateful toward people of color and has been sued (successfully) for discriminating against people of color.

    I don’t understand how the author can compare the two men, their motivation and actions are totally different from each other.

    • pinewalker

      very well stated, thank you.

  • ג’ון מרטין

    Something said in private between lovers even if it is not PC or considered racist where you expect a level of privacy but are being secretly recorded vs something openly spouted in an open forum is very different.
    However it doesn’t excuse his combination of racism and the actual reality of what he is trying to explain to her about the culture that he is from vs the skanky Instagram culture that she was posting to and putting out there as belonging to. Apparently there was waaaay more to this than this one probably illegally recorded conversation and she was baiting him to get dirt on him because she was aware that daddy moneybags was getting ready to kick her and her Prada bags to the curb. He was trying in a misguided way to explain to her about acting with discretion and class vs acting like the trashy gold-digging whore she is.
    Also from reading the actual transcripts you can tell that she is baiting him into making what can be construed as racist comments. Let us remember that she is a paid for whore in all but name. He’s no innocent by any means but he is also an 80 something easily baited and confused old man probably on his way into senility as he pays for mistresses who themselves are not white or Jewish.
    The wife is within her rights to sue for at least 1/2 of the money and gifts he gave her as all of that swag was paid for with her money as well and without her consent.
    Who’s better? The whore or the whore-monger?

  • anthony

    Because Phil Robertson quoted the Bible, said he himself is not gay, and that he doesn’t judge anyone and loves everyone equally. Donald Sterling told his ex gf to shun Blacks. Phil Robertson didn’t shun anyone. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  • Mike

    Nothing for me to add to this. The author of this story is gettign enough from lip from teh good people below. It’s obvious that this guy has no idea about people. Should spend more time listening, and watching then scribbling down non sence like this. There is no relation between the two. The NBA owner, (telly you how much I can care for this turd) is a rasist. And got what he deserved, but his girl friend, and the NBA are worst. Alone with groups liek the NAACP who was going to give him a “Life Time Achievement Award” and he is known for his rasizum. Get real, they all should be thrown under the bus for thier special kind fo stupid. ALong with this race baiting “Reporter”. their’s no reporting here, no journalisum here. Just ranting about a subject this idiot has no idea about.

  • Carol Skelton

    Well, allen. Really hate to see that you are from Texas. Well, one BLOT on the state is not so bad. Well, take that back. Your bud wendy is another blot. Both of you are liars and cheats. Please, feel free to leave at any time. And, as we say in Texas, don’t let the door hit you in the a## on your way out.

    • DavidD

      I’m a third generation Texan and like old Allen.
      Why don’t you write about the issue instead of personal insults?
      We both represent our own personal positions not the entire state.

  • Ken Sherwood

    I can’t believe you have a writing career. You lost the argument in your first sentence. If you change black to gay, you change the story. Period. You are no longer comparing apples to apples, you’re comparing ignorance to documented religious beliefs.

  • Kyle McMahon, Warren Maine

    Because black people and gay people are two totally different stories.

  • Get a Clue

    big difference, you choose to be gay. you don’t choose what race and color you are

  • Chris Pinkerton

    If you can’t see the difference, then you are a Moron!

  • Vonnie Wilford

    You are blind as a bat! There is NO correlation between “black” and “gay.” It’s not a sin to be black, but the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. You obviously do not read your Bible. Write about something you’re better informed about.

  • Eric Marley

    Allen Clifton is an ignorant libtard. The cuts should run with the veins…

  • Bobby

    Thank you, Allen Clifton….I have been wondering the exact same thing! Crazy that everyone on here is deluded and blinded by their own prejudice and doesn’t see how it is clearly the EXACT SAME THING-bigotry and hate being spewed out by a public figure. End of story.

  • HKD

    Unfortunately, this comment section is full of blind conservatism.