Hypocritical Arizona Republicans Pass Bills In Defiance Of Federal Laws

President Obama's message to conservativesEver since the Tea Party grabbed control across the country in 2010, there’s been an ongoing, unspoken competition by conservative lawmakers throughout the United States to see who can pass the most extreme, asinine and downright unconstitutional legislation possible. Ranging from bills meant to end access to abortion to bills aiming at non-existent “no-go zones,” there hasn’t been much Tea Party politicians wouldn’t do shy of voting for outright secession from the United States – but perhaps we shouldn’t count that possibility out just yet.

The one thing that most of these lawmakers and the people who voted them in have in common is that they HATE President Obama and believe that he’s an illegitimate president for a number of reasons, mostly based on conspiracy stories cooked up and circulated in conservative circles. In addition to that, they’ve done anything and everything to block laws like the Affordable Care Act or sabotage peace deals such as the one currently in negotiations with Iran.

As Dana Milbank at the Washington Post stated, it is as if Republicans are “operating their own independent republic.” It isn’t just in Washington, either; it’s also at the state level with legislators pretending as if federal laws, the Constitution and executive orders don’t apply to them. In Arizona, Republicans are outright defying the federal government and the Department of Justice with two laws recently passed by the House:

The Arizona House has given initial approval to two bills blocking state funding for federal policies.

House Bill 2368 would block state funding for executive orders and policy directives from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Republican Rep. Bob Thorpe of Flagstaff says he designed the bill to push back against federal overreach using a state constitutional amendment voters approved in November known as Proposition 122.

House Bill 2643 by Rep. Justin Olson of Mesa would stop state and local governments from using financial resources to enforce and implement the Affordable Care Act. The bill would not affect the more than 200,000 Arizonans enrolled in the program. (Source)

If these bills become law, Arizona Republicans might as well take the United States Constitution, light it on fire, and then piss on it while waving both middle fingers at Washington – because that’s basically what they’re doing. What’s even more ridiculous is that about 35% of the state’s budget comes from the federal government, making them the 10th most dependent state when it comes to funding. Yet,¬†Arizona Republicans have the nerve to say they won’t use any state funds to enforce policies that they don’t like, and then pass the laws to prove that they aren’t joking.

Now, I know that whenever the mention of bad behavior by most conservative states below the Mason-Dixon Line comes up, the usual chorus of “just let them secede already” comes up from a lot of liberals who are just as ignorant as conservatives when it comes to how government functions. Yes, I’m looking at all 16,000+ of you who signed that Change.org petition asking the FCC to cancel Fox News’ broadcasting license, even though they’re a cable channel and do not fall under the oversight of the FCC. This also applies to the nearly 48,000 people who signed a MoveOn.org petition demanding Speaker Boehner be removed from Congress and prosecuted, even though there’s no way in hell his own party would ever consider letting that happen. So, to you liberals who talk about letting states secede, that’s not an option and we’ve already fought one war over this subject already, bless your heart.

However, if Arizona or other conservative welfare states want to refuse to uphold federal policies and executive orders, fine. Simply cut off the federal funding that they so desperately depend on, and see how long their little rebellious stunts last. After all, if they know better than the federal government, then they can also do without Washington’s money.


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