Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert Wants To Drop A Nuclear Bomb On ISIS

Arkansas Sen. Jason Rapert Image via Arkansas Times

Arkansas Sen. Jason Rapert
Image via Arkansas Times

The Republican Party has a very big problem, and it’s not just with racism. The Republican Party has far too many people like Jason Rapert, a state senator from Arkansas who is luckily not in charge of our military. It’s also safe to say that politically, Sen. Rapert shouldn’t be allowed on social media for fear of embarrassing himself or the state of Arkansas, which seems to be doing a fine job on their own with recent votes on legislation making it legal to discriminate against the LGBT community.

Like many Republican politicians, Rapert likes to say things or introduce legislation that appeals to the fringe in his party. Examples include Tennessee politicians wanting to make the Bible the official state book, or Texas state representative Molly White who wanted Muslim visitors to her office to pledge allegiance to the United States and reject terrorism in front of an Israeli flag. While the more moderate and more educated members of the GOP would find these actions bizarre and even hateful, the religious bigots and xenophobes lap this kind of stuff right up.

If you remember back after 9/11 and when we were gearing up for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, a lot of folks made statements that we should just drop nuclear bombs on the Middle East and “turn the whole thing into a glass factory” while being obnoxious about ordering “freedom fries.” The sentiment was idiotic and showed a lack of knowledge of geography or how military operations actually work, as well as a complete disregard of anyone who isn’t a white, heterosexual follower of White Jesus. In other words, the usual “kill ’em all and let God sort them out” mentality that frequently pops up on your local news station’s Facebook comments from keyboard commandos who would probably crap their pants if they were ever actually dropped into a combat zone.

Then there are the politicians like state senator Jason Rapert from Arkansas who go on social media to express the same idiotic callousness that the keyboard warriors do. From his Facebook page, this screenshot that he can’t get rid of now.

isis jason rapert

I wonder how that would actually work? Does Jason Rapert understand that there are tribal militias who are the only thing keeping ISIS at bay in areas across Syria and Iraq? Does Jason Rapert (or the people who voted for him) know the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite Muslim, or understand the complexities of Middle Eastern politics? I’m willing to bet the entire stash of quarters I have for the local laundromat that none of them do.

I’d also bet my dog Peanut’s entire stash of Milkbones that he probably couldn’t tell you the name of the exact spot this “strategically placed nuclear weapon” would be used, but hey, what does that matter in the world of Republican talking points? It just sounds good and by golly, I’ll betcha Jason Rapert’s remarks will make him the newest hero of the Arkansas Republican Party.

Of course, Rapert has tried to “clarify” his comments and said the liberal media paraphrased him to make him look bad. It’s kind of hard to do that when the post is plain as day for all to see, but who cares about the facts, right? It’s all the shady liberal media out to get me!

As I said before, the problem is that Jason Rapert isn’t alone. There are many people out there who think that wiping a few million innocent Muslim civilians off the globe is no big deal, and they vote. Remember that in November.


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