As Debt Ceiling Vote Nears, Republicans Continue to Prove Their Total Incompetence

boehner-disgustingPolitical debate is mostly based on a difference of opinions or philosophical conflicts pertaining to specific events.  That’s why it’s called debate.  It’s the back and forth between two opposing viewpoints, between groups or individuals who believe themselves to be right and the other side wrong.

But then there are those moments when there shouldn’t be any “debate.”  Some facts are simply facts, and no amount of spin can change that which is indisputable.

Case in point, the upcoming vote to increase our debt ceiling.  This is a “no brainer.”  The only requirement, really, is that those with the power to vote on the measure must actually have a brain.

The only thing increasing the debt ceiling does is allow the United States government to pay bills on money it’s already spent and agreed to pay.  It has absolutely nothing to do with new spending.

To put it simply, it’s a credit card bill coming due and the bank saying “press 1 to authorize payment.”  We’ve already spent the money.  We’ve already signed the documents which promised we would pay the money.  We even set up bill pay at our “bank” so that we can pay the money.  The only requirement is that we authorize the “bank” to send the money.

Sure it’s a little more complicated than that, but that’s basically what it comes down to.  The United States agreeing to pay bills it’s already promised to pay on money it’s already spent.

The end. 

Yet, here are Congressional Republicans trying once again to leverage the vote on the debt ceiling into some kind of tool to “get their way.”  The debt ceiling isn’t a bargaining chip. Not voting to increase the debt ceiling should be tantamount to treason.  It would be the Republicans purposely sabotaging our economy.

Because they damn sure know the debt ceiling has nothing to do with spending bills or anything else other than a procedural vote to pay our bills.  But that won’t stop them from trying to get pipelines built, entitlements slashed and, of course, Obamacare defunded.

“Can” Republicans hold the vote on the debt ceiling hostage?  Well, technically—yes.  But the fact that they’ve done it once and are threatening to do it again is simply inexcusable.

Like I said, it should be considered treason because there’s not one single logical reason why someone would vote against raising the debt ceiling.  Well, not unless they were purposely trying to wreck our economy.

So essentially what Republicans have done with the debt ceiling is identify a tool which they hope to leverage to get their way, and by doing so they’re risking ruining not only our economy but the lives of millions of Americans.

And I won’t even get into the stupidity by some Republicans who are pushing for a “government shutdown” in another attempt to defund Obamacare.

It’s basically two sections of the Republican party competing to see which one can prove they know less about how our government is supposed to function.

Republicans—you lost.  It’s the law of the land.  It’s time to get over it.  Now go out and enjoy the benefits of Obamacare while pretending those benefits aren’t brought to you—by Obamacare.

So by continuing to even hint at doing either of these things to try to leverage some kind of political victory, it proves how corrupt, unethical and immoral many of these Republicans truly are.

But most importantly of all, it proves their total incompetence to govern.  When will we ever learn?

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • strayaway

    The President is correct that the Constitution requires Congress to pay for all federal government debt. The Constitution also requires Congress to determine spending. If the President doesn’t like what Congress sends him, he can veto it and shut the government down. Paying for what Congress has agreed to spend is not always the same as paying for whatever a president wants to spend. The latter is not supported by the Constitution.

    Two days ago, the President overrode a law preventing arming Syrian rebels. There was a provision in that law allowing a president to override it if necessary to protect US security. It is unclear how arming Syrian rebels will achieve that end but it was not spending budgeted by Congress. Every dollar worth of military supplies the President provides to Syrian rebels will have to be offset by cutting Meals for Wheels or some other program. Alternatively, we could bill it to our kids since neither party will raise taxes to pay for funding Al-Queda.

    • Cemetery Girl

      Syria will be part of the new excuse. I won’t even say that I agree with becoming involved in Syria, because really I think we need to stop being the world police, but the fact that we have already had them pull this debt ceiling crap before to me says it has nothing to do with Syria. It is a tactic to try to throw a stick in the cogs of our society just to get their way.

    • Pipercat

      I think I’ll let the coffee sink in, maybe then, this will make some sort of sense…

    • redheadedfemme

      Every dollar worth of military supplies the President provides to Syrian rebels will have to be offset by cutting Meals for Wheels or some other program.

      It doesn’t have to be offset. House Republicans, in bowing down to their god Grover Norquist, just refuse to raise taxes in any way, shape or form to pay for anything (even stuff like infrastructure repair that absolutely has to be done).

      This is why I thought President Obama should have let all the Bush tax cuts expire and made no effort whatsoever to mitigate them. Sure, we might have had a rough couple of months, but we’d be in a lot better shape by now (and the debt ceiling fight would be even further down the road).

      • strayaway

        It might have been politically unpopular for the President to have let all of Bush’s tax cuts expire. It would also be unpopular for the President to push for a war surcharge or advocate for other new taxes,. That is why he prefers to put deficits on our children’s tabs. Republicans are no different. Imagine the uproar if the President issued an executive order raising taxes. He has used executive orders to override immigration laws and bomb Libya but Congress would probably turn into a hornets’ nest if President Obama raised taxes. The solution is to elect a Congress that will raise taxes to support all the President’s new programs. There must be some candidates who are honest enough to campaign on raising taxes.

      • Guy_in_Kingston

        Obama brought in RECORD taxes this year……year America is only more in debt. The debt is up $5 TRILLION in the last 5 years alone. Now America has to pump $85 BILLION a month into the economy just to keep America from collapse. In October America has to make another debt payment……since the the US is broke they will have to raise the debt limit AGAIN in october or default…LOL this is what liberalism has done to America…’s nothing more than a slow collapse.

  • Jrisbeck

    I think they all need to go to a fundamentals of government class. No one gets to vote until they actually know what their job is. This is so ridiculous.