As Unemployment Hits 5-Year Lows, Republicans Pushing for More Bush-Era Economics


By now many of you might have heard that our economy added 203,000 jobs in November (beating estimates) and unemployment fell to its lowest levels since 2008.

And though our economy still has a ways to go, it’s obvious that it’s heading in the right direction.

This is something that should be good news for pretty much every American, right?  Well, not if you’re a Republican.

See, despite their best propaganda depicting President Obama as being terrible for the economy, it continues to improve.  Even in the face of their unprecedented attempts to sabotage it, our economy continues to head toward levels not seen since before Bush’s economic policies nearly destroyed it.

So you’d think that if the economy continues to grow, you’d want to support those policies which have helped it head in that direction.  Unfortunately for us, congressional Republicans just don’t care.  They continue to call for a return to the economic policies we had that nearly sent our country into another Great Depression.

Following the announcement of the positive economic numbers, Speaker of the House John Boehner said:

“Today’s report includes positive signs that should discourage calls for more emergency government stimulus.  Instead, what our economy needs is more pro-growth solutions that get government out of the way.”

And by “pro-growth” he means the same old Republican ideas of cutting taxes for the rich and deregulating big businesses so they’re free to engage in more of the same unethical business practices that led our economy to the worst economic recession in nearly a century.

I absolutely love how in his statement Boehner basically admits that Obama’s economic policies have worked, then attacks them while calling for a return to the policies we had prior to our economy sinking into a massive recession.

It’s basically saying, “Yeah, what he’s been doing is working, but let’s go back to what we were doing when things weren’t working at all.  Because — well, why the hell not?”

Oh, and what happened to that whole, “Obamacare will kill jobs” thing?  Well, 3 1/2 years after it became law, jobs continue to be created and our economy continues to head toward “healthy unemployment” which is around 4-5%.

I do love seeing these Republicans now finally having to admit that our economy has improved, yet still trying to act as if Obama’s economic policies have hurt our economy.

And the sad part is, their voters still buy into this rhetoric.  Republicans have spent so much time perpetuating this idea that President Obama is the biggest threat to the United States since Nazi Germany that conservative voters will never believe anything positive about him.

But like I’ve said quite a few times before, that’s the funny thing about reality — it’s real whether Republicans want to believe in it or not.

Which goes the same for our economy.  It’s improving whether or not Republicans want to believe it.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Libby

    This is great news that the Republicans will never believe…all they can say is “worst Pres. ever” with no facts to back it up!

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      they have facts—————– tons of them!! courstesy (??) of FOX “news” ———————————— remember: Obama was born in the martian colony of Zanzibar/Kamchatka and he is a radical Christian / muslim who is a socialist/ Nazi coming for your guns ( Ummm; which century will that happen??)

  • itsamom

    “Instead, what our economy needs is more pro-growth solutions that get government out of the way.”
    How about this solution? The GOP needs to get out of the way!

  • Diane Henry

    All I gotta say there is it is insanity that they want to go back to the policies in which proven not to work. We must imagine about how without the hardline obstructionists in our Senate and especially our house, things would be a LOT better. All Obama proposed (before foolishly walking back with compromise with the uncompromise-able) are the same types of things that got the country out of the great depression years ago….. Its insane… I imagine the real hope and change that was promised but not delivered due to obstructionists.

    • FD Brian

      those policies do work, but only for the 1%.

      • strayaway

        The 1% are thriving, as never before, under Obama.

        “Research by University of California economist Emmanuel Saez shows that since the Obama recovery started in June 2009, the average income of the top 1% grew 11.2% in real terms through 2011.

        The bottom 99%, in contrast, saw their incomes shrink by 0.4%.

        As a result, 121% of the gains in real income during Obama’s recovery have gone to the top 1%. By comparison, the top 1% captured 65% of income gains during the Bush expansion of 2002-07, and 45% of the gains under Clinton’s expansion in the 1990s.” -IBD 7/30/13

        Some recovery!

      • Denny W Powers

        The very rich set it up that way during the eight years of Bush

      • strayaway

        Ah, so then after five years, President Obama has no responsibility for the improving good fortunes of the 1% vs. the rest of us. What do those very rich people now plan for the next three years then or is that still determined by how they set it up during the eight years of Bush? I realize that nothing that goes wrong is ever the fault of President Obama. I really do because his supporters keep telling me so. Ditch Mitch!

      • Larry

        Do you expect Obama to Use Executive Magic?

      • strayaway

        Absolutely not. After five years of watching him, my expectations are low. It isn’t like he’s Harding who turned worse downturn around in two year.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        ok!!! lets bring up former presidents: im starting with hoover: and the greatest president ever: FDR

      • strayaway

        I’m partial to Coolidge because I like peace, prosperity, lower taxes, and better working conditions but a lot of people like Roosevelt for perpetual depression, Japanese American prison camps, devaluing the dollar 33%, and developing corporatism. I don’t like Roosevelt for those things but I admire his Hoover and other dams which are still paying us back today. Unfortunately, our present President is tearing down some of Roosevelt’s smaller hydro projects and his biggest contribution to our infrastructure is developing the healthcareDOTcom website and watching the postal service die a slow death.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        still having a tough time acknowledging that our crushed 2008-9 economy is improved well into 2014 (upcoming) and in spite of crybaby obstruction by scum republicans ( most) we are PROGRESSING in so many ways— Obama doesn’t make mistakes??? that’s funnie!! but— as we on the left ( im a centrist liberal actually) know he is as all men: flawed: we supremely know that NO FOX “news” watching sh*tbag ever says anything good about him or his policies. we do ; however enjoy listening and reading the usual crybaby playbook U regressive white trash repubs continue– similar to listening to a gospel preacher: same shit alllll day and night —

      • strayaway

        I so agree with you. Why we have only had unemployment of at least 7% for sixty months now; a post Roosevelt record and President Obama has only had to borrow $7T ($22,292 per American) to put a bandage on the economic cancer. But the 1% continue to thrive on the $85B/month being printed and poured onto the economy. They are creating such a nice bubble in the stock market with all that money getting rich, rich, rich. Some of that money may yet trickle down and our kids can pay back the Fed.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        wow– Im sooooo edified!!! It segues me to ask: where O where were all the “fiscal conservatives” when republican trash such as BOTH bushs and ST Reagan were spending and borrowing>??? ( they were basking in glory of white trash “superiority” in America”)

      • peter

        Obama certainly isn’t perfect but there has been nothing but roadblocks every day since he was in office. Imagine how it could be if both sides worked together. You certainly have the right to ignore all that you have seen in the past several years in regards to blockage. Why should truth get in the way of politics.

      • strayaway

        For two of those years he had a Democratic Senate and House. Whatever happened to “the buck stops here”? I mean, what do you want, a magic wand for the President? You seem to be ignoring the fact that obfuscation by the out of power party is the historical norm.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        perhaps that observation ( obstruction; not obfuscation) is true–we still- as americans—- ask:
        are political grabbings so important that politicians MUST now practice the destruction/slowing of progress within OUR country just to be re-elected by their shrinking crybaby constituents?

      • strayaway

        I meant obfuscation but imagine, if you can, central government getting smaller. there would be fewer political grabbings to be had. The lobbyists might even start drifting away after a time if there was less to be had. The destruction/slowing of the progress of our nation might even reverse itself.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        obstruction is a better fit at least tangibly for what we have witnessed in obamas terms: smaller govt? considering what Reagan and the bushs did I cannot TRUST republicans to shrink government: only eviscerate that part which they don’t make money on: education; etc———– they never want2 shrink our bloated military even as NO ONE is CLOSE to ” invading us” and many of our money grabbing “allies” we should leave on their own. Repubs want nearly NO regulation and I disagree: without regulations big companies continue the “Monsanto” onslaught which kills smaller people and fattens the meglo-wealthy. NO THANK U——-and if the want smaller GOVT; WHYwhyWHY rthey trumpet “JEEEESUS” in GOVERNMENT?????????????

      • strayaway

        I meant obfuscation but otherwise I agree that Reagan and the Bushes were big spenders. You really must do some research though on the relationships between the Obama administration and Monsanto. The Obama administration is every bit as beholden and in bed with Monsanto as W. Bush’s administration.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        no argument there—- whatever happens on any presidents “watch” is his legacy

  • charleo1

    To paraphrase, never in the history of this Nation, has so few, (the T-Party
    faction, empowered by John Boehner,) denied so much, to so many. It is an
    historic blunder of enormous consequence, the corporate astroturf T-Party
    was able to gain control of the U.S. House of Representatives, slowing the
    economic recovery, after the most significant economic upheaval since the
    Great Depression. Illustrating the Federal deficit remains second only, to the
    larger deficit of common sense, lovingly encouraged by what can only be
    described as a wholesale propaganda enterprise put into full tilt, with the
    election of one Barack Obama. Suddenly the spendthrift GOP, turned 180
    degrees without missing so much as a beat. To a reformed Party, preaching
    the gospel of austerity, and the necessity that every bean spent, must be
    offset by taking other beans off the plate of a badly wounded, Middle Class. Without, of course, asking those setting on a silo full of beans to part with a single one of them. At least that part of the GOP remained intact.

    • Kingminnie

      There is not now, nor has there ever been a “spendthrift GOP”. That description is only their own attempt to convince others.

      • Larry

        Oh you’re wrong there, The Gop has never met a War that it didn’t want to finance with public money, so the Haliburtons of this country can make a killing.

      • Kingminnie

        You are so right. My fault, I read quickly and saw the wrong word. I meant that they have no problem spending money, sorry!

  • Kevin Carroll

    Yeah, well done Obama ,drive more and more from the workforce, put them on the dole and that’s your way of lowering unemployment . Great plan. And to think some actually fall for this nonsense.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      hey kev: any republican opportunities in policy? “trickle down???”

  • Taleisin

    Well with more people employed and paying taxes, I guess that means rich people don’t have to pay more tax. That makes good republican sense.

  • Matthew Reece

    “So you’d think that if the economy continues to grow, you’d want to support those policies which have helped it head in that direction.”

    Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. It is quite possible (and I think quite likely) that whatever recovery there has been has occurred in spite of government and Federal Reserve policies, not because of them.