At What Point Do We Start Arresting Members of Congress for Sedition?

boehner-criminalLet’s establish one thing many Republicans seem unaware of — “Obamacare” is the law of the land.  It’s not a bill and it’s not something that Congress still needs to pass.  It’s the law — period.

In 2010, Congress passed the Affordable Care Act and President Obama signed it, making it law.  Then in 2012, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled it Constitutional.

Republicans not liking the law doesn’t give them the right to damn near sink our entire economy — and hold our government hostage — because they didn’t get their way last November.

So following a government shutdown where the bill proposed by the Senate before the shutdown began was never allowed to be voted on in the House, I just have to ask, “When do we start talking about removing members of Congress for sedition?”

First, let’s look at the definition of seditionthe crime of saying, writing, or doing something that encourages people to disobey their government.

But what would prompt such drastic actions?

Well, let’s take Speaker of the House John Boehner’s assessment that there weren’t enough votes in the House to pass the Senate’s original continuing resolution, which would have avoided a government shutdown altogether.

So you’re telling me, 87 Republicans voted for the latest Senate deal which ended the shutdown (a deal which was nearly identical to the original resolution the Senate proposed to begin with) but there weren’t enough votes from the start to have avoided the shutdown completely?  That is the bullcrap line Boehner and Republicans are clinging to?

There were credible reports from the beginning that there were enough votes to pass the Senate’s original resolution, Boehner simply refused to let them vote.

So isn’t the act of allowing our government to close because Republican leadership willfully kept a vote from occurring that would have avoided a government closure, encouraging people to disobey their government?  Hell, isn’t this what many Republicans have advocated with “Obamacare” from the beginning?

How is it not a crime for Boehner to have known that the whole government shutdown could have easily been avoided by simply letting the House vote?  Yet he still sat there lying to the American people, saying that there weren’t enough votes to pass the Senate’s resolution.

Because I promise you this, if 87 Republicans voted on the last deal the Senate put together, there were damn sure enough Republicans from the start that would have voted with Democrats to have kept the government open without any kind of closure.

Sure, maybe some voted for this latest bill out of pressure after two weeks of bad press—but not that many.

So that’s why I ask, when do we start talking criminal charges against these members of Congress like Ted Cruz and John Boehner who willfully lied to the American people?  They shut down the government for no damn reason and (in the case of Ted Cruz) seemed to go out of his way to do everything he possibly could to keep the shutdown going.  They cost us $24 billion and have inflicted enormous damage to communities and millions of lives all across the country.

All in defiance of the law of the land.  

You know, had Republicans possibly gained power in Congress last November they might have had an argument—but they didn’t.  Not only did President Obama overwhelmingly get re-elected, Democrats gained seats in both the House and Senate.

This government shutdown was nothing but a political stunt.  They knew going into it their goals weren’t obtainable—yet they did it anyway.

Then they had the nerve to sit there and lie to the American people about why the government was shut down.  Boehner stood there in front of the nation and said, “There aren’t enough votes in the House to pass the Senate’s resolution.”  Which was a blatant lie.

So, how is that not some kind of crime?   And if it isn’t, shouldn’t it be?   Shouldn’t it be illegal for one man, and one party, to block a vote in the House of Representatives that would keep our government open—just because they wouldn’t like the outcome of the vote?

Because that’s exactly what happened.  And that’s exactly what caused the shutdown to begin with.

So while Republicans like to throw the word “impeachment” out anytime President Obama does anything, I think it’s time the American people start asking the question, “At what point do we start the process of removing members of Congress for sedition?”

And the first two that should face that scrutiny are John Boehner and Ted Cruz.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • USMC

    John Boehner soon to be the most hated American in recent History.

    • JulieRN

      Right after Ted Cruz.

      • coldfusion167

        I hate that bastard! Just seeing his face makes me want to punch him!

      • Pipercat

        It would be like punching jello…

      • Femfelis

        Cruz reminds me of Greg Stillson, the self-serving, narcissistic and ultimately delusional politician that Stephen King created in “Dead Zone”.

    • Katiki

      And considering George W. Bush is still recent history, that’s saying a lot.

    • Rose Adkins

      Right behind obama

      • Mitchell Davis

        Well, no. Mathematical fact: more people like Obama than Republicans and Boehner.

      • thirdwaver

        Sad, but true. The parasites now outnumber the hosts.

      • Teena Smith

        OMGosh, what a stupid thing to say. There are more Republican benefitting from “taking” than Dems. Look it up. That Fox News approach is old.

      • Mitchell Davis

        Another mathematical fact: there are more conservatives benefiting from the ACA (“Obamacare”) than there are liberals. In fact, more conservatives benefit from ALL OTHER FORMS of individual/family welfare, and that’s not including corporate welfare, which is a heavily conservative affair.

        If you want to call them parasites, that’s your thing, but even hypocritical shitheads are people.

      • thirdwaver

        Parasites are parasite, regardless of their party affiliation. By the way, can back your assertion? I see you claiming a lot but not citing sources. Corporate welfare is an equal opportunity scam.

      • Rick Hitchings

        and you, being a woman, if in fact you are, should fucking know better.

      • Mitchell Davis

        Oh, sexism. Fuck you, asshole.

      • Rose Adkins

        Oh hun all woman here,independent thinker and voter..and you unfortunately are still you.

      • Daniel D. Motes

        Please ignore the statement made by Rick Hitchings. A man would never talk to a lady like that. Just shows his up bringing and level of intelligence.

      • Suzie

        Then you are certainly not a man based on your posts to me, and others on here. Such a loser hypocrite you are.

      • Mitchell Davis

        So, on top of all the inane blather, you’re also a sexist piece of shit?


    • Daniel D. Motes

      Its all George Bush’s fault. Blame the IRS, Benghazi, Fast & Furious and all the other criminal activity carried out by this socialist government on G.W.

      • Mitchell Davis

        By definition, being opposed to socialist systems in the US means being opposed to the FDA, the national defense, public roads and parks, waste treatment, libraries, etc.

        Come back when you’re capable of more than just parroting Yellow Journalism.

      • Daniel D. Motes

        Providing necessary infrastructure is not socialism. Requiring people to pay for the lazy to have insurance is definitely socialism.
        Come back when you have something that makes sense to say.

      • Mitchell Davis

        Socialist systems are not suddenly not socialist simply because you don’t want them to be.

        You really can’t have a logical discourse with someone that is hell-bent on re-defining a word they don’t know the meaning of.

        “a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”

        Any governmental system that utilizes a from of democracy (yes, a republic is a type of democracy) is at least somewhat socialist by definition.

      • Greg

        You are an ignorant insensitive moron. I bet more of your immediate family than not will participate in the Affordable Care Act. I bet you will ALL damned sure take the government subsidies seeing as how EVERY credible poll shows that FAR more Republicans receive government assistance than do Democrats. This, of course, only stands to reason as you all MUST be uneducated and ignorant to be voting Republican in the first place. Anyone who is not rich and votes Republican cuts his/her own throat…PERIOD. Your racism, sexism, homophobia and ignorance would be your own downfall if not for the intelligence of the democrats saving you from yourselves (DESPITE THE KOCH BROTHERS MONEY AND YOUR WORSHIPING OF IT…something you will NEVER touch).

      • Daniel D. Motes

        You have to be the stupidest bastard on this site. I am not affiliated with either party unlike you ignorant piece of shit. I have no control nor do I want any control over what anyone participates in nor do I care. I am not rich but i have worked all my life to live comfortable without depending on anyone.
        Unlike you I pay taxes that probably total more than you get from welfare and all the government giveaways.
        However I know all you Democrats with your head up King Hussein Obama’s ass can not see for shit. I also see how intelligent the democrats are what you don’t lie about has not been thought of yet.

      • Mitchell Davis

        ” I am not rich but i have worked all my life to live comfortable without depending on anyone.”

        That means you do not use roads, do not consume any medications, do not eat food, do not drink water, shit into a dirt hole…

        Unless you utilize none of the above services, you are both dependent upon the rest of the country and a recipient of welfare. Congratulations: while being ignorant of both socioeconomic and governmental realities (I mean holy shit: I even went to the length of copying the definition of socialism for you and you cannot understand it) and sexist douche nozzle, you are also heartless wretch, in that you so wish to feel superior that you deny the reality that people would rather work their asses off for a good living than not work and starve themselves and their children on government supplements. You really are a callous fuck.

      • thirdwaver

        Simply not true. Just google welfare by party affiliation.

      • a mouse

        Why do idiots think socialism means lazy people get shit for free? You think you could just get free shit cause you didn’t feel like working in the Soviet Union, North Korea, Mao’s China, or East Germany? You are a fucking moron. Welfare is a creation of capitalism, not socialism.

      • Adam

        Most people would contend that basic hospital care is part of the necessary infrastructure to support our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That’s not socialist. By the way, you’re already paying for those who skip their bill in unnecessarily inflated medical costs.

      • Becker

        The IRS scandal had nothing to do with the Obama administration. Obama had nothing to do with the Benghazi attack (Republicans cut funding) and Fast and Furious was started under W. Bush. You have a lot of false information. And you also have zero understanding of socialism, but I think the other responder refuted all of you claims properly, though you are too blinded by politics to see facts for actual facts.

      • Daniel D. Motes

        Hello Becker,
        I know you are right about all the scandals. It is all G.W.’s fault. I know you also understand socialism to the fullest because you have all the facts. Unlike you I am not a socialist so I do have a lot to learn about socialism.
        I rather like being a follower of Thomas Jefferson than like you with the black ring around your mouth.

      • Rick Hitchings

        says you with the orange ring around his mouth

  • Suzie

    Totally agree with you, Allen Clifton. Why any one person should have the kind of power that Boehner did/still does, and then totally abuse it, like he did, surely seems like a criminal offense to me. The fact that what he did affected so many Americans, and cost our country 24 billion dollars, should be enough to strip him of his position, at the very least.

    • Daniel D. Motes

      Suzie..Wake up. We have 3 branches of government to help keep the country free from dictatorships like the Democrats had the first 2 years of Obama. Thank God that got taken care of in the mid term elections. I know the democrats think their way is the only way but there is many more ways than that road to travel.

      • Suzie

        No, you wake up, Daniel! If you think Obama is a dictator, you need to have your head examined! Boehner and the Republican Tea Party group were holding us hostage for over 2 weeks, when the shutdown could have been completely prevented had they done the right thing. Not to mention they cost us 24 BILLION dollars with the seriously sick games they were playing with Obama and our lives. Talk about a “their way or the highway” bunch of arrogant clowns. Obama is a peach compared to that bunch! If you don’t like the Dems, get off of the Forward Progressive website and converse with your own kind!!!

      • Rick Hitchings


      • Daniel D. Motes

        I have nothing against Democrats. Unlike you I am not affiliated with any party and I believe in your right to have an opinion even if I don’t agree with it. But i think the shutdown was a mistake for the reasons they shut it down. They should have never opposed Obama care just let it die on its own. Unlike you I can converse with anyone even if their belief is the direct opposite to mine.
        I worked for 25 years in the Middle east and found many minds like yours. I even became friends with a lot of them. They were thick headed but unlike you some had an ability to think outside the box.
        I will get off this site when I am ready.

      • Suzie

        Such a tough guy you are, DD Motes. I read some of your other posts, and I think most on here can figure out what type of person you are. I can assure you, you and I would never be friends because you are an ignorant asshole. 🙂

      • Mitchell Davis

        “I have nothing against Democrats.” Riiiight… That’s why you have the conspiracy about Democrats creating a dictatorship (which both has not happened and cannot happen) and assume people that disagree with you are Democrats.

        “Unlike you I can converse with anyone even if their belief is the direct opposite to mine.” Converse with? You want point for trying? Until you can have a discussion without using logical fallacies nigh every post and without being a sexist asshole and without ignoring the meaning of words, your simple lack of give-a-damn for facts will always prevent you from benefiting from or participating in a two-sided logical discussion.

  • cooldem

    Lets not start sounding like republicans with their “impeachment” talk. Lets just let them burn their party down on their own.

    • PennyJ Thomas

      Considering that Cruz used the shutdown to line his coffers to the tune of over $750,000. Considering that the Tea Party wants to impeach Obama for being black. Charging Boehner, Cantor, Cruz w/sedition is surely appropriate. There is a petition on MoveOn Petitions for that very thing.

      • Daniel D. Motes

        I really do not think it has anything to do with him being black. It has everything to do with saving the future for America. As far as his lining his coffers, did he send you a financial statement of his coffers or where did you get your figures? Although I am sure no politician does any thing without financial gain I am interested where the figures came from.

      • Daniel,

        I have read your posts and responses in full here and I must say that while not approaching you with a combative spirit, but humility, I wonder how you have arrived at the conclusions you seem to make?

        First, you argue it has absolutely nothing to do with his race. Tell me this: Why is it that currently, three out of four Republicans DO NOT BELIEVE this President was born in our Nation, nor has the right to be in the White House. That is, they believe his presidency should be null and void. I just read a Focus Group Research Report, which anyone can easily find on Google titled; A Look Inside the Republican Party Focus Group Research Results. I highly encourage you or anyone else who has not read the document to do so as it provides a clear look into the party from an objective view. So, how many Republican supporters (self-identified) actually DO believe this President was born in the United States and is legitimately serving as the US President? Only eight percent. That alone is a staggering figure, and while I know the next counter point to be made will be it is due to his name, I do not agree. Why?

        Well before this man was elected into office, demands surfaced, with their etiology admittedly coming from the Clinton camp during the Primary season, but the demands once they were lifted of the table by the Clinton’s took off with these very people. Despite the man providing his Birth Certificate, they continue on. But, here is the real question: why?

        Make no mistake: We have had other politicians who could be considered questionable, such as McCain, or Rubio, or even Cruz, but in fact, with the latter case, Cruz, these people have absolutely NO issues with the man being born in Canada, with their concomitant justification that he renounced his citizenship. Despite this though, Cruz IS a United States citizen, by the standard of the law, and so is this President, but yet they continue, leading me back to the “why” question. When we look critically at the statements made by those comprising this group, we persistently hear code words, or “dog whistle” politics engaged in. Newt Gingrich is not the only individual to be using these terms, referring to minorities as “those” people, but Romney invoked the lexicon himself when arguing he lost the election because the “President gave away free things to ‘those” people.” The evidence by their own actions is just too overwhelming to ignore. In a similar vein, in my discipline of social psychology, I never have heard one single individual embracing racial animus come right out and say so. They cloak their language in terms that are considered acceptable to the normal public, always with the intended meaning of reaching out to those hungry for the red meat.

        You also allude to the coffers this President supposedly has, in contrast to those from the Republican party as though he is lining his coffers in a much more successful manner than they are. But is he really? Case in point: Cruz as has been pointed out by Penny J Thomas above, raised 750,000 dollars, an enormous sum by any standards. The President, through his Organizing for Action committee had 136,000 donations, (in sum) through the entire previous mess created by Cruz, and in addition, his average donation received was $59.00. Now, if you are referring to his electoral bid, he still has been outperformed by outside lobbyist groups, such as The Koch Brothers, Freedom Works, The K Street Crowd, and an entire litany of groups. The Koch Brothers alone donated more than all the others combined and it is also no secret that the President’s third party outside groups were out-done by Romney. If you need links for ANY of the information I provide in this response, please just ask for it. The sole reason I did not provide it here is due to the length of the response, and adding these links would only add to that length.

        In sum Daniel, I would not dismiss this issue of race so easily, and often I find in my work that those who go out of their way to say race “isn’t involved” in a matter, such as the Trayvon Martin shooting incident, simply are reinforcing the points being made. I hope this provides you a lucid enough argument and also hope my response is received in the manner I sent it; with no level of being combative, and civility. Be well and have a great Tuesday!

      • Daniel D. Motes

        Sir you have a great day. As always I may not agree with what people say but I will defend the right to say it with my life.
        I just finished a couple tours in Afghanistan for just that reason.

      • Thank you for your service to our Country!

  • xxnostradamusxx

    President Obama said it from the jump. If the clean CR was allowed a simple up-down vote it would pass. But Boehner having no spine to stand up to the Tea Party members refused to let the vote happened. So they kept the gov’t closed for 16 days for no reason. smh

  • Linda Pacheco

    as much as i would love to see it…is there realistically a possibilty?

    • PennyJ Thomas

      There’s a petition available on MoveOn Petitions asking for the Cantor, Boehner, other leading republicans to be charged w/sedition. I tried to post a link, but it wouldn’t let me post it.

  • Q

    Ok, so how do you all feel about the following?
    The President of the US has a kill list that includes US citizens. He has killed at least 2 Americans on this list as terrorists, with no due process.
    ACA as written is not being enforced. The Executive does not have the authority to issue waivers to the law. This is unequal enforcement of law by the current administration. There are waivers for, congress to get subsidies to purchase health care via the exchanges, there are waivers for corporations on mandated employer provided insurance, there are waivers to taxes to be levied on certain groups.
    Benghazi, anybody know what happened there yet? Still waiting for SOMETHING to come out of the FBI investigation. Anybody know what the President was doing the night of Sept 11 when Americans lost their lives in Libya?
    Fast and Furious. Eric Holder has been caught several times lying to congress and contradicting himself in official testimony. Anybody care about that? Allowing guns to walk to gun buyers over the objection of gun store owners. Then those guns being used to kill hundreds of Mexican citizens and at least 1 federal agent.
    If you want Boehner to be removed for shutting the government down, which is legal, how do you feel about the Obama administration and its illegal actions?

    • Fu

      It would take a year to list out Bush woes. Your list of woes is not knew to the presidency with Obama. Get over it already! You miss the point, of course… you may not like how things are run, but they are run forward not shut down for political agenda.

      • Daniel D. Motes


    • JoeBS

      “Benghazi, anybody know what happened there yet?”

      A line repeated so often it has become a joke. We DO know what happened. Just because you wish something MORE happened so that you could have something to complain about, does not alter the reality. Just accept that this is not a scandal and there is nothing to see here.

      • JulieRN

        I wouldn’t go there about Benghazi. Did you expect “Super President” to fly in and prevent that? Yeah, right. Well, while you’re on the subject, how about all the people who died on 9/11 because W and his cohorts ignored warnings about an impending attack? I think that far outweighs anything that happened in Benghazi.

      • strayaway

        Behghazi is only a symptom. The larger problem was President Obama’s elective executive order war on Libya and his refusal to abide by the War Powers Act. Dennis Kucinich called it an impeachable offense. Obama’s attack on Mali not only inadvertently contributed to a resulting weak Libyan government which couldn’t control events at Benghazi. There were racist attacks on sub-Saharan blacks in Libya, Al-Queda made of with hundreds of state of the art US surface to air missiles, Mali was invaded by Islamists supported by some of Khaddafi’s loyalists acting as mercenaries, and the economy and social structure were decimated. Mali was the disaster. Behghazi was just an incident tracing back to a very bad and unconstitutional presidential decision to overthrow a legitimate government. It doesn’t make sense to take Benghazi out of its larger context. I never read why all those US missiles were stored in Libya. Some think they were what Al-Queda was after when the Benghazi incident was staged. If ever Al-Queda uses them to bring down US planes, President Obama will have a lot more to explain away than the one dead border patrol agent killed with a loose Fast and Furious automatic rifle.

    • Oldfart

      Let’s see. If Obama had given over the execution of American Terrorists who were a direct threat to America to a Seal team, would that have been OK?
      Who said the Executive does not have the authority to delay implementation of a portion of the ACA? You? As for Congress, Vitter is an asshole. Obama always said that anyone who had health insurance that met the ACA requirements could keep that health insurance and that’s what the ACA says. So why penalize Congressmen for following the ACA and forcing them to buy in the Exchanges when the ACA clearly says they (and people like me and 85% of Americans) DON’T HAVE TO?
      But…..Benghazi! Yes, we know what happened there. You would too if you didn’t watch Faux Noise instead of a real news source.
      And…I’m reasonably sure that if the Republican terrorists in the House could prove what you say about Eric Holder, they would have filed a lawsuit against him. Which they haven’t. Which means they are just posturing and don’t have any proof. But you don’t know that because you actually listen to them.

      • Daniel D. Motes

        You are full of s—!

      • Oldfart

        What an intelligent reply! You must be a Limberger listener. One of the few left.

    • Femfelis

      Ah, Tea Party: (paraphrasing) “(Noun) (verb) Benghazi”, the constant refrain.

  • Sue Roediger

    So …. how about a committee to look into pressing charges????

    • Daniel D. Motes

      That is just what is needed is another useless committee or better yet why not a Czar.

      • Mitchell Davis

        Way to fly off the handle.

      • Daniel D. Motes

        Not flying off the handle but stating facts. Try to comeback with something beside Democrat rhetoric.

      • Mitchell Davis

        Only, I’m not a Democrat. Way to go, dipshit.

      • Daniel D. Motes

        Asshole! I never said you were a democrat. If you had enough brains to comprehend anything that does not agree with your stupid opinion you could have understood what I wrote.

      • Mitchell Davis

        So I’m an asshole and stupid for calling you on utilizing the genetic fallacy… And then you deny you’re using it.

        Mmkay. While we’re at it, could tell me how a committee (even a highly inefficient one) is at all related to a czar (and it’s lower case unless you’re referring to a specific one, like ‘queen’ and ’emperor’ and so on), except via hyperbole (noted utility of: ‘flying off the handle’)?

      • Daniel D. Motes

        I really did not think you could understand. You need not be a Democrat to have the same mindset.

        Before you start something you can not finish you should just shut your pie hole and go back to sleep.
        Ask your King how to spell Czar or which case he uses when he is appointing them. If you can get your mouth free from his back side.

      • Mitchell Davis

        Actually, you don’t understand: a fallacy is a fallacy irrespective of your intent to be fallacious.

        “Before you start something you can not finish….” Are your positions so thoroughly week, your mind so pathetically feeble that you have to resort to primary-school threats in a discussion? What’s more, a good demonstration of ignorance is the latter person in any argument going like this:

        ‘Well, these are some errors.’
        ‘You’re too thick to understand how I’m right *ignoring errors*! Go away or * not even thinly-veiled threat*.’

        And no matter how you whine, I won’t be supporting monarchies or monarchs or any form of dictatorship. To whom were you referring when you said, ‘your King’?

      • Rick Hitchings

        not useless

      • Sue Roediger

        OR it could be a grassroots campaign to write letters to our Congresspeople and demand an investigation. The would be the “democratic” process.. I said committee because it could be partisan to have just one person. But it IS the Attorney General’s job to investigate and prosecute treasonous acts.

      • Rose Adkins

        You want us to trust holder!?

  • Skyhollower

    I agree with Mr. Clifton here. The fact that Boehner would allow over 40 + votes in the House to try and repeal the ACA, knowing full well the Senate would never vote for a repeal, but he would not send a clean CR to the house to vote on even once is, in my new favorite term, political malpractice, (thank you to whichever congressperson said that). He knows and the American People know it probably would have passed, he should be held accountable for something. Plus Cruz stating he was only upholding and speaking up for what the American People wanted is crap as well. I live in Texas and he does not speak for me. In fact the Tea Party nut cases are a very small percentage of the American populace. Texas may be the 2nd largest state in the union, but that still does not constitute an all inclusive “American People” statement. In fact there a bunch of blue cities and counties in Texas. I really think something should be done, maybe it is done in the up coming elections. I agree with Sedition, but I also think that it is a dangerous road to travel when we start charging our politicians with this. Other politicians will charge each other with this on a continuous basis as soon as they don’t get their way, to the point of being ridiculous.

    I still feel the American people need freeze the personal assets of Tea Party members and other members of congress that voted against opening government and thereby holding the American People hostage. They should be billed for the estimated 24 billion dollars lost / wasted on useless temper tantrums. The problem is that they aren’t playing Russion Roulette with their own money, so there is no personal consequence for their actions. So they don’t get re-elected BFD, most of these yahoo’s are wealthy enough they don’t need to work. Make them poor again and then let’s see how they respond to this kind of crap. They claim they want to reduce the Federal Deficit but they keep adding billions and billions of dollars to it. Well done!

    • Nathan Edward Seaver

      I am so happy to see I am not the only American that feels this way!

      • Skyhollower

        Somehow I feel congress would feel they would have to vote on that, and I bet you can guess how far it will go :-).

    • magnusadder

      i would happily charge every member of congress currently in office republican or democrat, they have all sold their vote and have acted contrary to the wishes of the people they are superposed to serve.

    • Daniel D. Motes

      I think Ted Cruz was wrong to try to DE-fund Obama care. He should not have tried to save the democrats ass by making any attempt to stop this ridiculous law. I think all Americans should support this socialist agenda. Your kids and grand kids will be paying for this for centuries to come. Lets also not forget to raise the debt ceiling so this socialist government can continue to create debt until the whole country collapses. I understand the people eating from the government table want this and think it will never end but i have a news flash it will end and Uncle Sam’s Plantation will run out of other peoples money and not be able to borrow money to keep this type of people fed.
      One day soon the democrats will wake up and find reality. There is no free meals, someone has to pay. I know it is a bad thought but it is true. The free meal providers are growing less and less every day. What are you going to do when the well runs dry.
      I am a Texan also. I live in the most heavily populated area in Texas of welfare recipients.

      • Rick Hitchings

        you’re a complete asshole

      • Daniel D. Motes

        Thank you for using your complete vocabulary.

      • Skyhollower

        Yes but at least he spelled you’re correctly!

      • Skyhollower

        Sorry to hear you live in such a poor area. I have looked online and am unable to find a statistic where they name specifically the most heavily populated city/area of welfare recipients. The State Of Texas and the State and California seem to be the front runners with the statistics I have been able to find.

        As far as the ACA is concerned no one has presented anything better. Romney passed an almost identical bill in his state and it seems to be working just fine and for those states that have enacted it, it seems to be doing what it was intended to do. Is it perfect? No. Again, no one has presented anything better. I am curious who you think pays the medical for people who don’t have insurance and aren’t on government program? I understand many people are going to opt out of the ACA for various reasons and pay the fine. They are young and feel they don’t need it, the feel they can’t afford it etc. etc. What happens when that young person is in a car accident and they are rushed to the nearest hospital? Do we stop treatment when it is discovered they don’t have insurance and just let them die on the table? No…they treat and bill them later. Now that young person has racked up a $50,000 medical bill, ( and that is very conservative), They have that debt lingering over their head, if they are young they will probably feel it will be OK to default, they didn’t pay for insurance so why should they pay for the medial bills. Sure it screws up their credit for awhile, but who cares they are young. What happens when the hospital has to write that $50,000 off. I’ll tell you, hospital fees go up. Pretty soon you are paying $100.00 for a 1 inch tube that connects your I.V. to a port so they can give you meds via a needle without having to stick you each time.

        So if you have something better that would work please share…The rest of us are dying to know. If it is good enough share with your state congressperson. Make them the hero of the day.

        Instead of trying to destroy the only thing we have on the table our congress should do what we elect them for and they should govern. They should put their big boy and big big girl pants on, work together and make it a strong program for American’s, even those who live in the highest density of welfare recipients in Texas.

  • Rick Turnbow

    The Sedition Act can only be brought forward by a prosecutor of competent authority. This would probably be someone in the DOJ, that would more than likely push it into political theater. It might happen again, the legal scrutiny may pose itself, at that point John of Orange better get it all in 1 sock.

    • JulieRN

      So how do we petition said prosecutor to pursue this? That would be GREAT!

  • Donald Meinshausen

    It has been part of the Progressive mindset since Woodrow Wilson to arrest and confine people who disagree with them. Suffragettes, anti-war activist such Debs, socialists and anarchists were rounded up during his administration.. I see by the title of this article that it continues

    • Lorlz

      You seem confused.

      • strayaway

        Donald is correct. Woodrow Wilson put some of his vocal enemies in jail as this article promotes doing again. President Warren Harding came along with a greater degree of tolerance and let W.B. DuBois and other Wilson enemies out of jail to once again enjoy their 1st Amendment right of free speech.

    • Pat

      And if the Tea Party politicians come to full power, they would want to have us controlled like Hitler and the Nazis in the 1940’s. I will take my chances with a progressive any day over this bunch of sociopaths.

      • Michael Blake

        are you fucking insane?you must be a liberal

      • Pat

        I’m a highly educated, very intelligent, human being, which is probably a lot better than what they could say about you, asswipe. You’re probably a “Tea Party” loving, gun toting, uneducated, redneck Republican. In other words, a loser.

  • Mike Williams

    147 House republicans had an opportunity to vote no on the PPACA when it was a bill.

    John Boehner, Michelle Bachmann, and 145 other House republicans voted YEA for the PPACA back when it was still a bill.

  • Former Educator

    Unfortunately, this will probably never happen, even though it should!! For one, our Government is in enough trouble, we have (actually) bigger fish to fry. If we charge any with sedition, it will drag our country down & further divide us. It will make martyrs out of Boehner & Cruz, & their like, giving them more power than they should have. It could lead to a civil war.
    No, Democratic leadership is aware of all of this. I believe this is why we haven’t charged Bush & Cheney….or why we don’t impeach Antonin Scalia & Clarence Thomas. Republicans do stuff like this to cause major conflict & with no regard to our country or it’s people, but we tend to consider all the ramifications on the Democratic side.

  • MoodyCreator

    I’m actually thinking maybe those ready to hang Boehner for this
    one…I would like to suggest thinking this over first: The truth is,
    there is a methodology of the actual crime of sedition that must INCLUDE
    every element you are looking at..along with a sort of “check off” list
    that also applies, that I believe includes the breaking of House rules,
    for example.

    Weighing in on something I’m no
    expert on isn’t my point anyway. It’s this: Suppose you are correct –
    Sedition. Suppose even if that doesn’t stick, enough of his supporters
    are angry and mad enough to vote him out, but coming from the districts
    they do, who do you think would replace these Republicans, where voters
    do NOT vote for Democrats? I think that answer is an easy one – you’d
    get more Ted Cruz’s.

    Unlike TP and many GOP members, I
    study things in a more serious way if I take extra interest in them, and
    I also have a REALLY good memory. I also keep track of my source
    information, and I know that blogs, youtube videos, magazine articles,
    etc are NOT “primary” sources (ie mostly useless as a form of “proof”,
    if “proof” even exists. If not, then your primary source is found by
    following the trail of “sources” offered all the way back to the
    original and/or most universally accepted to serve as an “authroity” or
    the “official” source.

    It needs to be understood,
    by both Democrats and Republicans that reject the antics and actions of
    the TP. Like them all or not, we probably at least can agree that for
    the most part, we CAN trust even our least favorite member of the NORMAL
    member of the “other” party to NEVER lead a charge down the road we’ve
    just barely escaped before the crisis turned into global devastation.
    I’m a Leftie. A big one. But I also have great respect for certain
    Republicans, and being from Arizona, where we have a really BIG gaggle
    of creeps and crooks in politics, John McCain really IS, in his heart of
    hearts, a true gentleman and a man of his word. Yes, he has his
    moments. No, I’m almost never reading from the same libretto that he is,
    but he IS sincere, and has taken the floor MANY times to defend
    targeted Dems that the TP has gone after. Huma Abedin. John Kerry.
    Hilary Clinton (not the Benghazi part, but other times. I agree – he
    went WAY off there, but I can forgive and forget because he’s been
    better at hs best than he’s been terrible at his worst. He’s been a
    sincere friend to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband
    Capt. Kelly, unlike our other Senator Jeff Flake. He stabbed Gabby in
    the back during her recovery, but had at one time been considered a
    “close family friend”. He and McCain promised Gabby and Mark, face to
    face, that they would support the background check bill. Only one of
    them kept that promise, but it wasn’t the guy who REITERATED that
    promise just days before voting “no”. It was the one who months earlier
    gave his word.

    Please understand – the gun and
    2A issues have nothing to do with this. My point has to do with who I
    believe we can trust the most to NEVER do that to us again. McCain
    wont. He didn’t go along with the stunt that just happened, yet he
    didn’t point fingers and accuse anyone specific, not until he made some
    remarks after he was attacked and called a “friend of Al Qaida by one of
    the pissed off TP congressmen who was extra mad like the rest for
    re-opening the gov’t.

    For now, keep who we can trust
    while we figure out how to dig out the parasites who are actually
    dangerous. I’m actually preparing an article that if I feel satisfied
    with when I’m done with my facts, points, etc. I intend to post it
    several places, showing sort of a timeline that includes MANY examples
    of the TP’s mob-style methods and the “prisononers” already taken, and a
    fairly decent account of who’s still on the hit list, who has been
    added – and the “how come?” answers that anyone who hasn’t been living
    in a cave or stuck under something heavy for a few months or more will
    probalby easily recall.

    So this whole long, and
    probably horribly worded, and painfully “loose” usage in “proper”
    grammar, spelling and punctuation rules I don’t feel like editing at the moment, please -, if you’ve read this, and sorta
    see what I mean and agree, please don’t go after someone we are better
    off helping to save right now. We do not want to HELP the TP in their “cause”, Ousting someone they’re only using for as long as they can only helps them. 100% of THIS group would have our gov’t under lockdown as I type this, with no SIGN of what’s next until we were already living it.

  • MoodyCreator

    *why does my formatting, along with editing actually DID do, ALWAYS get screwed up just as my post “posts”?

  • Lorlz

    How do we get this started?

  • earthman48

    I’m all for arrresting the blackmailers.

  • Adam

    so this kind of talk worries me. I’m all for the whole holding political figures criminally liable for their criminal actions, and this has just been absolutely reprehensible. There needs to be repercussions for intentionally lying to the American public. but sedition has been historically used for all kinds of very very shady practices so the practice of arresting political rivals is a bad precedent. As much as I wish this would happen, this is a bad idea, especially the accusation of sedition.

    another troubling talking point that has arisen is the idea that the Affordable Care Act is the “law of the land” and thus is impervious to coercive demands. There are unjust laws, and things that need to be changed and/or repealed. I do NOT oppose the ACA at all, I am a fan of the president’s, I just want that nuance to not be included in the dialogue. Laws can be changed, and legislators are supposed to create and change laws. Taking on the ACA is their job. How the republicans did it was reprehensible, disgusting, childish, dangerous, and could have possibly damaged the whole world economy, not just America. But categorizing certain legislative actions as illegal is a dangerous thing looking towards the future.

    but this is where our media is falling down on their job to hold our political figures accountable. they do these things to keep their jobs, and without the media holding them all accountable, the political figures simply get away with it. this creates and preserves the demographic of the low information voter.

  • Nathan Edward Seaver

    That’s almost exactly what I have been saying, since the day of the shut down. Well to be more accurate I said that the members that were pulling this stunt (Tea Party Republicans) should be tried for treason and held to the time honored punishment. Though my solution may have been rash, I was angry that the situation was so out of control from a minority vote. No I didn’t know for a fact that the votes were not there but I had a feeling that with the amount of democrats and the amount of sane Republicans in office that there had to be a way to avoid the shut down. After reading your article, I admit treason may be a little dated, sedition is a perfect term for what the Tea Party members did. I think that their positions should be taken away and their families assets and perks should be stripped, Why should they be receiving money for being a “Public Elected Official” when they are attacking and hurting the country they claim to love…. No, I think I am right. I stand by my statement they should be tried for treason.

    • Daniel D. Motes

      If anyone should be tried for treason it should be the crap that pushed the so-called affordable care act though. Shutting down the government over it was not a wise thing. It will be crushed under its own weight. The Supreme Court Justice that reworded it from a fine to a tax so they could declare it constitutional should also be tried.
      The government should have been shutdown because of the debt ceiling being reached if Obama wanted to shut it down, All he wants to do is borrow, waste and steal from America’s future. He has fundamentally changed America as he promised he would to a third world nation, a nation of dependents.

      • Eric McLean

        Hey jackass, do you even know your history? Do you know the basis for the ACA? I’m just wondering because with each comment thread you become dumber and dumber, spewing the same tired, rhetoric.
        The ACA was based on a system that was implemented by Mitt Romney in 2002 in my home state of Massachusetts. At first, a lot of people hated the law and it also nearly bankrupted our state. If you did not have health insurance through the state (through MassHealth) or a private insurance company, you would not receive your state refund or you would be taxed, thus the same exact thing that is now happening with the ACA. HOWEVER, by 2006, nearly 98% of all Massachusetts were covered by some sort of health coverage and the state was beginning to show signs of economic improvement, well until W plunged the nation into even more BS!

      • Daniel D. Motes

        Hey intellengence, I find yor comments very objective and brilliant. You are the smartest person I have had the displeasure to encounter. I know the people from your home stat are the smartest and perfect people in all the world. You elected your idol Mit Romney.
        Thank you for taking your precious time and lowering your self to comment on what I wrote.

  • RandyJohnstone

    I think these guys are guilty of a seditious conspiracy but the guys I want the Justice Department to go after first are the Koch brothers (who funded the campaign to defund Obamacare), Edwin Meese (who organized the effort and wrote the letter to Boehner telling him to shutdown the goverment to defund ACA) and Jim DeMint( who threatened Boehner and the rest of the Republicans that if they didn’t go along they would face attack ads against them in the next election). These people cannot be allowed to get away with setting this up.

    • Daniel D. Motes

      In which case who do we get to go after the Justice Dept.? Fast & Furious?

      • Rick Hitchings

        there you go again, exhaling our of your open mouth….tsk tsk tsk

      • Daniel D. Motes

        That is better than you blowing smoke out your ass.

    • Sue Roediger

      Oh yes – those guys too!

  • Betty Fleming-ostberg

    Allen Clifton has been drinking Obama Kool-Aid too….

  • Wayne Bassett

    A petition should be set for all Americans; republican, democrat, independent, to sign asking for those involved in the shutdown be prosecuted for sedition.

  • strayaway

    The sequester was also the law of the land. Using the logic found in the first paragraph, senators voting against the sequester are also subject of sedition. The idea of sending elected representatives to prison for trying to reverse either law though is more appropriate in thoise autocracies where free speech and political opposition are made illegal. All laws are all subject to revision and being reversed. Even the Constitution has provisions for being amended. Sedition “does not include peaceful protest against a government, nor of attempting to change the government by democratic means.” -wikipedia. As far as I can tell, Boehner was operating within the rules of the House which establishes its own rules. Get rid of Boehner and you are more likely to wind up with speaker Cruz. Be careful what you wish for. The Senate had every right to vote against the House bill to not fund the (un)Affordable Care Act. Doing so, however, made Senate Democrats also responsible for shutting down the government. I blame both sides for shutting down the government.

    • So, by your logic, any political faction, party, or group, if they so choose to do so, can USE the “full faith and credit of our United States,” as a political bargaining chip, in order to meet their own political ends? Is that really what you want to say?

      I’ll tell you why: this group here touted how it was a proverbial joke that “anything would occur,” if we defaulted on our debt. In addition, it sounds quite clear to me when they signed that letter to the Speaker telling him to “use ANY AND ALL legislative measures in order to defund ‘Obamacare,’ including using appropriations,” it mirrors those who wanted to “bring America to its knees,” while “bringing economic calamity upon the Nation.” Yep! Only ONE other group had that as an agenda. And yet, you agree with this strategy for political reasons?

      Perhaps this is why this movement cannot seem to get any kind of reasonable legislators to represent their constituents; that is, their constituents are ignorant!

      • strayaway

        Debts have to be paid. I did not suggest otherwise. We had a sequester in place put there to allow both factions to work out a more eloquent budget bill. Except for President Obama raising taxes on the rich a bit while making some of Bush’s tax cuts for the rich permanent and tax increases associated with the unACA I can’t remember any other cuts. Both parties are at fault. If a family or business was overspending, they would cut back on their spending. Government can do the same and will eventually have to. There was never any threat of a default once it is recognized that government could have at any time cut its spending. Why do we need to have troops in 130 countries including Afghanistan for instance. Why does the government have to have the capacity to spy on Americans? All these things cost money. Why is there a redundant federal department of education when every state already has a department of education? Why do members of Congress receive such large pensions? So let’s not feign ignorance by pretending to ignore these things.

        If the unACA does not perform as promised, and so far it hasn’t, Senator Cruz is going to look like the only person that had the nerve to say the Emperor has no clothes.

      • Forgive me here, however I respectfully disagree with you regarding your analysis. First, this budget happens to be one which is the direct result of the Republicans refusing to compromise. How many non-discretionary funds do the Republicans want to cut away? In fact, while social security should not even be part of the debate, the reality is 82% of Americans, even with 71% of Tea Party followers want no cuts made to social security. To listen to some of these Republicans, this President is responsible for all of this debt, but wait; They too, as you seem ready to admit have some dog in this fight, even more so due to the Congress being the only entity in Washington DC who can spend, that is, they hold the purse.

        Second, I do not know whether you realize this or not, but most economists proclaim that should we make further cuts, we will be headed to a scenario similar to Greece, or any nation who has adopted such austerity measures.

        Third, while I fully understand the analogy of the family needing to cut back if they are over-spending, and while true on the surface, the reality is government is not a family unit. It never has been, and it never will be. Case in point, if we do use that analogy; What kind of family would continue to beef up their security for their respective homes, despite the Owners of such security company telling said family they don’t even want their business, nor need it? That is what happens when we apply the family analogy, because if we apply it to one singular aspect of the family we ought to be applying it to the other aspects. It has been clear that even the leaders of the defense department have been on record TELLING Congress they “have no need whatsoever for the extra tanks, and weapons Republicans in Congress persist on providing.

        The entire matter can best be summed up as follows: Comparing our United States Government to a family unit, while advancing one’s political ideology, along with giving one some semblance of confidence, simply doesn’t pass muster in my opinion. Here is one last example: What family when they have extra resources because they cut from specific aspects of their budget would not utilize said resources to fulfill or strengthen other areas of their budgetary needs? Not a one that I know of, but yet we keep hearing the family analogy repeated by those in the Republican ranks. Yet, let Hillary Clinton imply that it takes more than just a few folks to raise a child and oh my word, she has violated a sacred core principle.

        In sum, these Republicans persist on cuts, cuts, cuts, while a Democratic leader is in the White House – under normal circumstances – in order to accumulate savings for when their representative leader inherits the White House so they can spend, spend, spend. Take a look back at what George H, Bush inherited and what he left behind to the current President. While there most certainly has been some embellishing on behalf of Democratic members with regards to what Bush was left with, the fact of the matter is he WAS in fact, left with a surplus, only to trash the entire global economy through his spending binges.

        I just think we as progressives (if you are one, as I do not know you personally) are putting out a red herring making this argument, however I thank you for the kind and civil exchange. Be well and have a great Sunday! I hope your NFL Team wins today, whomever that may be!

      • strayaway

        Whether we agree or not, Republicans have the right to object to a specific law even if they support similar laws. Most economists also supported policies that wound us up with a $17T debt to hang around our children’s necks. Maybe those are policies which please corporatist interests and otherwise secure their place in academia but not so much our kids.

        Germany adopted austerity measures which cost PM Schroeder his job but positioned Germany to thrive, relative to other EU members, when the recession hit. German voters diod not appreciate his effort to cool down their hot economy. You are confusing austerity with bankruptcy in the case of Greece. Austerity is possible when a nation has choices to head off bankruptcy. Beggars are not austere. They are broke.

        I agree with your point about families spending too much on security when they are broke. My larger point though was that such a family should be cutting back on spending period and that would include security spending . My set was all spending. If a family cannot make ends meet, it cuts hack on its spending or faces unkind realities. Households, businesses, and governments all share the same fate if they overspend. Our federal government, including the Bush administration, has overspent.

        I have progressive in some very broad concepts but am too much constrained by my understanding of what the Constitution actually says to be a “progressive’ as understood here. No, the Emperor really doesn’t have clothes. For instance, I oppose the (un)ACA but would be fine with a state run single payer health care plan, vote for better schools and higher local school taxes but want to shut down the federal Department of Education, support federal EV funding but as a defense measure. Hope that makes sense.

        Go Pack! but, nearer and dearer, Go Badgers!

      • Hi strayaway,

        Yes, we agree when you state that “Republicans have the right to object to a specific law even if they support similar laws.” What I believe they don’t have a right to do, is to leverage the “full faith and credit of our United States,” as a bargaining chip. Even George Washington (forgive me for using a Democratic Talking point which was used during the past fiasco) discussed how we needed to remain vigilant against factions within parties, parties themselves, etc.

        My sense is this: We agree more than it appears, but somehow due to our convictions, we are seemingly coming across as disagreeable (maybe not you, but I). Case in point: The entire law regarding Health Care should have, in fact, been a single payer system. But then again: How could this have been accomplished when so much dis-information was being placed out in the public? Admittedly, the president left the messaging of this law up to the House of Representatives, and this in itself was problematic, because these very representatives went out using two key words that did not resonate with the American people, heck wouldn’t resonate well with anyone; “Government takeover.” But it isn’t and these people know this.

        Oddly, I find myself in more debates about issues such as follows: Not lying about specific laws, engaging in hyperbole in order to make a point about one’s political view, lying about the President of the United States (his birth certificate, his legally being in office as President, people accusing the man of being a socialist, people accusing him of being a communist, those accusing him of trying to give things away for free, with the implicit implication that these free things are being provided to minorities or “those” people, showing no modicum of respect to the President, acting paternalistic towards the President sans the recent dialogue engaged in by several Republican leaders arguing “immigration reform will not take place now, as a direct result of the President’s inappropriate behavior engaged in these past three weeks, their silence over folks like Cruz who proudly waved a confederate flag in front of the White House providing the illusion once again, that THIS issue is all about the south losing the war, a guy standing in front of the White House from Freedom Works, arguing “We want the President to get up from his kneeling position, put down the Koran, and come out with his hands out; up [sic], and leave Washington DC.”

        While I fully realize you might tend to believe these issues are ancillary to the key problems in Washington, the one issue I point to is how these very tactics have marginalized or even de-legitimatized the President’s mandate he duly earned in the previous two elections. It is no secret that the opposing party has taken every strident measure to ensure he does not legislate, and further the accusations that he is so liberal is beyond pale as I see him as closer to a moderate politician than anything else. As long as this drum beats, these people will continue to gin up their base, and we will have problems that simply cannot be fixed. Why? They view him as someone other than us, someone who is falsely in that White House, and THAT is problematic to all.

        One last example of how these tactics have affected this presidency: When Snowden, no matter what one’s opinion is of the guy, was over in two foreign countries, and this President issued an extradition order to those countries, they simply flipped him the proverbial finger. Once again: It is not relevant as to whether Snowden is or is not a hero! What is relevant is how two large foreign nations simply ignored this President’s request, and I see that as a direct result not of anything this President did to those two countries as much as what this demographic of people have done to him.

        Finally, I still find myself struggling with the analogy of family being like government. I just don’t see it that way. The family is supposed to be much more simpler as a system per se, and I do not think government is that easy. That is, tough decisions do need to be made, but once again, how can the President make these decisions when (1) Nothing is acceptable to this group of people, and (2) Even progressives begin to assail him when he has brought forth much progressive change?

        Thanks again for the civility, and I hope I explained myself a bit better this time. Be well!

      • Daniel D. Motes

        “full faith and credit of our United States,” does not mean allowing the administration to continue to borrow and spend like there is no tomorrow. Or a drunk sailor.

        Default on the debt was never in question except to the extremely ignorant. If we need to continue borrowing and increasing the national debt then it means we have government officials that are incompetent. Not raising the debt ceiling does not constitute default. It only means we don’t need to borrow more money to put the country in further debt.

        Few people know the difference between government and government officials. Most think the handful of crap elected and sent to Washington are the entire composition of government.
        Unfortunately the people are the government according to the constitution of the United States of America.

      • “does not mean allowing the administration to continue to borrow and spend like there is no tomorrow.” You obviously do not have a basic grasp on civics and how politics work.

        Congress spends my friend. Go back to school if you cannot figure that much out. I would not have been this strong with you had you not implied I was ignorant. Go tell your theory about default never in question to the hundreds of established economists, Warren Buffet, or Finch who was prepared to downgrade our credit once again!

        Or, go tell that theory to the Chinese who were telling the rest of the world to de Americanize their economies due to the vitriolic political environment caused by a faction within our government!

    • Daniel D. Motes

      I would like to have seen it stay shutdown for 3 more years. The 800,000 that was sent home make little difference in the day to day life of Americans except taking a few billion in tax dollars to pay their useless asses.

      • Suzie

        Why are you even living in this country, with all of your hate for the President and the rest of us Americans? If you hate it here that much, you should really move your useless self out of here. Please hurry up while you’re at it.

      • Daniel D. Motes

        Sweetheart I live here because I am a true American. I don’t hate anyone. I find you with the black ring around your mouth to be as Un American as your idol, His majesty King Hussein Obama from Kenya.
        I guess in your little mind your belief is the only one that exist. I am as diverse as anyone in the world. I respect your right to have any opinion you like. I firmly believe in the constitution of the United States of America unlike you and your idol.
        You must be either on the government payroll or welfare to be so worried about what I think.
        Insofar as my leaving this country its not going to happen. You people with the black ring around your mouth need to take your Kenyan idol and go to Kenya.
        The sooner the better.

      • Suzie

        Once again you prove to all here that you are nothing but an ignorant, sexist, racist asshole. Why don’t you go cry with the Tea Party over their latest loss to President Obama and the Democrats!

  • Susan

    It makes no sense unless you realize the Tea Baggers have a separate agenda…it’s not upholding the “law of the land”,but biblical law. Their actions leading to and during the shut down are part of a long-term plan to erode our government and replace it with a theocracy.

    • Daniel D. Motes

      That would be better than the socialist state it has become.

      • Brett Tulloss

        Daniel D. Motes: Do you even know what socialist means? Please define socialist for me. Then I’ll correct you with the factual definition.

      • Keith

        Brett: Don’t even bother with this jerk, his middle initial stands for “d*uchebag.

      • Daniel D. Motes

        At least I am not afraid to put my full name here. Your middle initial probably stands for shit head.

      • Keith

        Lol, wow, impressive comeback, NOT.

      • Mitchell Davis

        No, he doesn’t, and he’s absolutely unwilling to learn. I even copy/pasted the definition in a comment so he couldn’t avoid reading it, and later to another person claimed he didn’t know what it meant because he wasn’t a socialist. Seeing that, I know there’s no point. You cannot reason with an individual that has forsaken reason.

      • Skyhollower

        Mitchell, by reading many of Daniel’s posts, I have come to the conclusion he is not a fully realized adult yet and therefore has never had reason. He sounds like someone probably in their early to mid teens. His rhetoric simply does not support a fully functional adult brain. He must still be completely hormonal waiting for his balls to drop which makes him irrational. It is the only explanation I can come up with, that, or he is a Tea Bagger…but to be a tea bagger your balls have to drop. Ok so I will go with my first assumption.

      • Rick Hitchings

        this country is socialist in so many ways and has been for some many years, and you accept and use it gladly, yet you keep yapping and yapping that you don’t want a socialist state. Wake up moron.

      • Daniel D. Motes

        You have no idea what I accept or use. I have an idea what you use and it is not chewing gum.

  • emmasgrandma

    Obama broke the law by postponing a portion of the ACA. ACA was passed without being read & only now are we finding out it is a terrible piece of legislation. President & congress need to get back to following the constitution. So sad that people cannot see us slowly loosing our freedoms. I hope people wake up before it is not too late. Tea Party on one side of the scale Democrats on the other both just as bad, get rid of them all & replace with smart middle of the road representatives that follows the Constitution.

    • Angel Rivera

      the delay is within his power falls more in the fixing problems. Obama is trying to make the law work as he is supposed to. so the delay is to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed” as article II, section 3 of the constitution demands. He is not refusing to enforce the law. The fact that the ACA was not read is irrelevant since that was the job of congress representatives. Calling it a terrible is non-sense since the key provisions came into effect on October 1st. We have lost is privacy not freedom. When people loose freedom means that they can’t do what they want and people still do what they want. It has even increased with gay marriage becoming legal. The constitution is still in effect. It curbs the powers of governments it does not mean that it prevents the government from doing what its necessary. If you have a problem with government, take them to court. the ACLU does it every time they think that people’s rights are violated.

      • strayaway

        Congress is given the power to make and change laws. presidents are duty bound to execute them. I can’t find the place in the Constitution you believe says a president can pick and choose which laws to enforce and then select the parts he chooses to enforce. Such behavior is in violation with his oath of office. Article II, section 3 says nothing of the sort. It does, however, say that a president “may recommend to (Congress) consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient”. That’s what he should have done when it was obvious that the unACA wasn’t working so defects could be corrected. Instead, he acted as a dictator picking and choosing what he wanted to implement and offering waivers to important political constituencies.

      • Daniel D. Motes

        He violates the law when he likes and no one in Washington has enough in their pants to stop him.
        They cower down to him just because he’s black.

      • Angel Rivera

        Well “take care that the laws be faithfully executed” is there. Obama does has the power to delay a part if it lets him carry out the law faithfully as his duty mandates. If a law needs more time to be implemented efficiently, then he can delay parts of it as long as the law is being implemented. If he was dragging his feet then the courts can force him to implement the law. Other sections of the laws are being put into effect so he is not breaking the law. I would say more, but I doubt that you care…

      • strayaway

        No, presidents do not have the power to pick and choose laws and only enforce part of laws. You are making that up. You are confusing presidents with dictators or crooks. I already quoted the remedy as found in Article II Section 3, a president “may recommend to (Congress) consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient”. It’s Congress’ job to remedy deficiencies. According to ‘theHill”, “1,040 organizations that have been granted a one-year exemption from a new coverage requirement included in the healthcare reform law enacted almost a year ago (by HHS).” This includes restaurants in Nancy Pelosi’s home district. Any court would laugh at criminals who come into court claiming that they only observed part of a law so that they could faithfully carry our the other parts of the law that worked out better.that’s not how contract law works. The rest of us have to faithfully execute all parts of laws. Presidents are not above the law. That is a privilege of dictators. Congress is supposed to fix the law so the President can execute it without taking the Country down. Is the unACA really so important to you that you want the President to twist the Constitution to ignore parts of the law to make it sort of work?

      • Daniel D. Motes

        The peoples rights were violated by both the government officials who passed it and the Supreme Court that rewrote it to suit themselves and called it all a tax.
        The Supreme Court should be held accountable as well.

  • Marty Zonkoski

    18 USC § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy
    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

    Note: “or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States,…..”

    I think 144 Congressmen and 18 Senators equals 2 or more……

    • Daniel D. Motes

      We need to start with the present administration. I think over 2 million criminals grouped together equals more than 2.

      • Rick Hitchings

        and once again with the stupidity flowing out of your pie hole

      • Daniel D. Motes

        Your stupidity only flows out your ass. your pie hole is locked on the Obama’s ass.

      • Mitchell Davis

        Explain precisely what the Obama administration is doing that is seditious. (Fully prepared for the canned, ‘You’re too stupid to understand,’ gambit to avoid answering the question while trying to hold face.)

  • Maxie Ellison

    Bush and Cheney should have been tried for war crimes

  • Cerdiwen

    MAYBE – JUST MAYBE if people QUIT referring to it as “Obamacare” and called it by it’s legitimate name of “AFFORDABLE CARE ACT” more people would pull their heads from their ass and stop fighting it so badly. The Republicans are the ones who renamed it to “obamacare” as a snide sarcasm of the Act itself!

  • Flint

    I was just curious, and really don’t have time to research this at the current time, but which Sedition Act would you prosecute under? The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 expired in 1801 and the Sedition Act of 1918 which was part of the Espionage Act of 1917 to cover a broader range of offences, to include speech, was repealed in 1920. If we are going to go after a few congressman for sedition in the original context of these acts, how many citizens would be imprisoned for the same? Is there anybody with a law degree out there that would like to explain that?

  • harviele

    I strongly disagree with any action against those who speak out against the government. I believe that is one of our fundamental rights as citizens of the United States. All the Congressmen and the President were doing exactly what their constituents elected them to do. The Tea Part ran with the promise to end Obamacare though most of the people who hate Obamacare are all for the Affordable Care Act. Most of their support comes from the unfounded hatred for the President either because he was black or because he isn’t a republican or both. Probably both. The last time these people hated a president so much was with John F. Kennedy and they hated him primarily because he was Catholic. If Obama were assassinated they would cheer just like they did when Kennedy was assassinated. Though they deny that they cheered then.

  • Amelia

    I always just ask the simple question, what if it had been the other way around, THEN what would they have done? These TantrumPublicans would have been building a scaffolding for a public hanging if the Dems had done this. You know it. I think the Reds should take responsibility and deal w/their own seditionists as they would have if the situation were reversed. However that would require INTEGRITY.

  • John Sams

    For a change in my thinking about members of congress, it is the time to pay the few cents to buy a few bullets and put them into bonehead and cruz. More than willing to put them there myself!!

  • Mister_Mean

    Time to put them all in jail.

  • Daniel D. Motes

    I agree that we should bring sedition charges against all the
    government officials who blatantly lie to the American people. Lets
    start with the lie about “you can keep your doctor if you like”. “You
    can keep you present health care plan if you like”. and the thousand
    other lies told by Obama and the Democrats in both houses.

    Lying is not reserved to just Republicans. Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are as guilty as sin. Insofar as bills not being brought to the floor
    for vote, There are dozens of bills passed with overwhelming majority in
    the house sent to the senate and dog face Reid never brought to the
    floor. I can’t call him one man because a man is a human being and Reid
    does not qualify.

    Obama care is the abortion of an after birth. I do agree the Republicans should have never tried to intervene with because when it fails as it surely will I wouldn’t want to have tried to save the democrats ass when all goes to hell like the easy user friendly website the tax payers laid out over 1/2 billion dollars for.

    I agree that Obama care is the law of the land; however King Obama has
    decided who is exempt from this law and who gets it paid for by the
    taxpayers. I understand that Government should not have to live with
    the laws that is imposes on the Civil population because they are so
    much superior to the peasants that voted their ass into office.

    To sum it up lets prosecute all in Washington, DC who has lied to the
    American people about any agenda they support or supported to impose
    their will on the public.I understand even though you may be the Muslim President of the USA when you approach the Muslim King of Saudi Arabia you must bow and kiss the hand of your Muslim superior.

  • Guest

    The Sedition act was repealed in 1920.

  • Patrick Hefner

    Don’t forget Rep Mark Meadows!

  • cathylz

    The repeal of a bad law is not only not sedition, it is what representatives are sent to Washington to do. Just because an “alleged majority” of American voters decide that jumping off a cliff is the right thing to do, not going along them with is not a crime. When are you guys going to get it that the productive class is sick and tired of footing the bill for a bunch of corrupt politicians and their layabout clients?

  • Daniel D. Motes

    I have heard a lot about the default on the debt by not raising the ceiling. This all hog wash. Here is my take on it.

    “full faith and credit of our United States,” does not mean allowing
    the administration to continue to borrow and spend like there is no
    tomorrow. Or a drunk sailor.

    Default on the debt was never in
    question except to the extremely ignorant. If we need to continue
    borrowing and increasing the national debt then it means we have
    government officials that are incompetent. Not raising the debt ceiling
    does not constitute default. It only means we don’t need to borrow more
    money to put the country in further debt.

    Few people know the difference between government and government
    officials. Most think the handful of crap elected and sent to Washington
    are the entire composition of government.

    Unfortunately the people are the government according to the constitution of the United States of America.

  • Greg

    Well…I hate the GOP (I used to be Republican until the tea party sent my party over a cliff), but I think constituents should start recalls when their reps. damage the country (financially, in reputation, or otherwise when it is as devastating as what we have witnessed since the last 3 presidential elections).

  • paulsilvan

    Time for a mass impeachment of teaparty representatives. Sedition is surely an impeachable offense.

  • Sue Hobart

    All I want to know is if Obamacare is law now… Why can they be granted expemptions? That is illegal..Right?

    Seriously… how can the president get away with all the exemptions… and how come the ones getting them made a law that the are unwilling to abide by themselves. That is creation of a new corrupt class structure. The elite government that is above the law.

    THAT, I am quite sure is not what America is supposed to be about.

    • Informer

      Sue, the Senate and Congress come off their federal insurance plan on Dec 31. They either have to get their insurance via the ACA website or through their own chosen private insurance company just like the rest of yes. Yes, they will get a subsidy in the form of a tax credit to offset some of the cost, just as any employer who provides insurance for their employees and pay part of the cost. The only “exemption” the President has made is to delay the mandate that companies with more than 50 employees has to provide insurance to his/her employees til Jan 2015 due to pressure/negotiations with Congress in order to get other things passed in the House.

  • Micah__Taylor

    It is not a crime to lie in a press conference. It is not illegal for a party to wield their legislative power as they see fit. There’s nothing seditious about trying to repeal a law you don’t like through the legislative process. What the Republicans did was colossally stupid, but not illegal. Rhetoric like this from both sides only makes the dysfunction in D.C. worse.

  • JC

    Scratch a “progressive” and find a fascist. Engaging in cultural Marxism is what should be a crime.

  • Socialmedic

    I wonder who will do Boehner in first, his corporate big money mafia for him failing to pull off this stunt, or the American people at the polls.

  • oicu812a

    1920s speakeasies, Rosa Parks, and runaway slaves = “guilty” of sedition.

  • thirdwaver

    So, does that mean y’all going to stop trying to repeal the 2nd amendment? After all, it’s the law of the land, right? What about DOMA? That was the law of the land, should it be re-instated? Liberalism = hypocrisy. You want proof? Just read your vile posts below, full of hatred from the preachers of love and tolerance.

  • prettymeadow

    I call it sedition and I’ve written to Eric Holder and I hope others will do the same. I’ve also contacted my local ACLU and asked them to file charges of sedition on the republican representatives of my state and I hope others will do that as well.

    To Attorney Gen. Eric Holder

    Dept of Justice

    It is time to enforce

    18 USC § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy against the republicans in the

    house of representatives by having them arrested for conspiring to

    threaten the sovereignty of the United States. This law states the


    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place

    subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow,

    put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States,

    or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority

    thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any

    law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any

    property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they

    shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than

    twenty years, or both.

    There are numerous videos and statements to be found on line as well

    as in the congressional record of these people asking for the

    government to shutdown and default on its debts. You have everything

    you need to start making arrests of these people.



    —to contact Eric Holder and the dept of Justice.

    Correspondence to the Department, including the Attorney General,

    may be sent to:

    U.S. Department of Justice

    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    By Phone

    Department of Justice Main Switchboard – 202-514-2000

    Office of the Attorney General Public Comment Line – 202-353-1555

    To call component officials, see the Directory of Department Officials

    By E-Mail

    E-mails to the Department of Justice, including the Attorney General,

    may be sent to [email protected]. E-mails will be forwarded to the

    responsible Department of Justice component for appropriate


  • Roger Cotton

    The Constitution is THE Law of the Land, and yet seditious people are trying to get rid of it and the Bill of Rights (specifically, the 2nd Amendment).


  • Eric

    Lots of hate on this site from supposedly tolerant liberals…lol. Law of the land? Pffft. Then quit trying to change the second amendment and suppressing the first. “Agree with us or be arrested.” Progressivism showing its true colors.

  • Chuck

    Do you misguided, history-forgetting libs know what you have unleashed?
    Do you have any idea how many tens of millions of Americans are going to break this “law” they didn’t want in the first place, that they had no say in, that wasn’t read by those who “passed” it and was written by the interested corporations that are laughing all the way to the bank?
    This most recent form of “legal” extortion is going to make disregard for drug laws look tame in comparison.
    You wanted it. You got it.

  • Carleen Hinsley

    …it’ll prolly be the same day they arrest anyone in the banks for laundering drug money….

  • Jacqueline Jones

    Yesterday, wouldn’t be soon enough. They need to be outta there ASAP, before they do anymore damage. I tell you this if they continue to mess with our country’s wellbeing, the future of the gop will not be pretty. This anyone can see coming.

  • thirdwaver

    Really? You won’t let me post links that prove that those arguing with me are lying and/or mistaken? Typical.

  • thirdwaver

    What a bunch of hypocrites! The “bastion” of tolerance and love yet you spew more hatred, lies and judgmentalism than cons do on their sites. You want proof? Just read your own bile posted below.

  • Fred Wilder

    I have to give Cuba a lot of credit, imagine the foresight, planning, actions, funding and patience it took them to infiltrate Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz into taking over the GOP, usurping the power of the speaker of the house, shutting down the government, almost destroying the last 5 years of economic recovery, while making $24 billion disappear. Only better long range plan was Osama bin Laden’s plan to use a terror attack to get the USA to drive itself into 3rd world status by starting two unfunded wars of choice, enacting a huge tax cut at the same time, while increasing overall spending. The enemies of the USA have figured out their greatest ally is the GOP.

  • GeeOPee

    I will make it my life’s work to see to it that every Republican, conservative think tank and donor involved in this shut down gets thrown in jail for seditious conspiracy.

    • Kara

      WHAT about your muslim obama giving our money to the enemy while our troops are still fighting for their lives against them?
      You would probably rip the food right from your kids mouth to feed that dirtbag if he asked you to.


  • GeeOPee

    Not only should we be arresting Republicans for sedition at the national level, but also at the state level for not implementing Obamacare.

    • Kara



  • ronp123

    Would supporting a candidate like Ted Cruz with money or support – making speeches etc. qualify that individual for sedition as well?

  • Kara

    So what is this lunatic authors take on obama not like our immigration laws…bypassing our constitution and BREAKING OUR LAWS REPEATEDLY???????????