Attacking Obama Because of an Umbrella, Republicans Reach New Lows

patheticrepubsI thought I had seen every possible kind of ridiculousness when it came to the desperation of Republicans attacking President Obama—but then just yesterday I logged onto Facebook.  There, I saw a picture posted by some of my Republican friends of Obama giving a speech with an umbrella being held over his head by a Marine.

And at that moment I lost all hope for these people.  Not that I had much to begin with, but when you’re reaching so far as to attack the President for something as meaningless as a Marine holding an umbrella for him (and the Turkish prime minister) while he gave a speech in the rain—it’s just sad.

Attention all Republicans: This is not something new.  Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush all had somebody hold umbrellas over their heads at one point or another.  It’s a pretty safe bet previous presidents did as well.

When you become “outraged” over an image of a Marine holding an umbrella for the President (implying he’s some elitist who refuses to even hold his own umbrella) you simply prove how desperately pathetic your party has become.

It isn’t enough you’ve tried recklessly for months to create some kind of Benghazi conspiracy that’s only proven to be absolutely nothing.  Or that I know you’ll blow this IRS situation up into “evidence” of the corruption of our tax system, and dig until you can find someone at that department that might have watched Obama on television once to use as concrete proof that the President had something to do with it.

No, that wasn’t enough.  Now they’re pushing “umbrellagate.”

How dare a proud Marine stand in the rain and hold an umbrella for the President of the United States?  You people do realize serving the President is an honor, right?  Just because you cretins don’t like him doesn’t negate the fact that he is the President (and a damn good one at that) and it’s an honor to be a Marine standing beside him.

Conservative blowhards and websites like The Daily Caller are trying to spin it as a violation of Marine Corps regulations regarding umbrellas.  Oh no!  Impeach!!

First of all, the regulation in question states that a male marine cannot carry an umbrella while in uniform.  The marines in question weren’t carrying the umbrellas, they were holding them in place. Secondly, even if under normal circumstances that would have been questionable behavior (it’s not, but let’s play along), it becomes an obsolete point considering it was the President of the United States making the request.  

It’s attacks like this which make me lose any amount of respect I had for 95% of Republicans.

Because when you’re so desperate that these are the depths at which your party will sink to attack a President, it shows a couple of things:

  1. He’s winning
  2. You’re running out of options

And Republicans have become pathetically sad.

What’s next?

BREAKING FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE: President Obama refuses to drive his own motorcade and forces trained pilots to fly Air Force One.

Wouldn’t shock me…

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • I do not believe George Washington used an umbrella.

    • It said “Every other”…so probably John Adams then.

    • Oh no, every other valid point in this article has been rendered completely irrelevant by your oh so clever comment.

      *sigh* sarcasm doesn’t work over the internet.

    • Glad you used the word “believe” means your opinion a silly one at that.

  • Wait, your giving a liberal left website as proof that Benghazi is a conspiracy and the IRS didn’t target conservatives? I think your as bad as the guy who created that photo.

    • Your/You’re

      The correct usage is “you’re”, not “your”.

      • montreatgrad

        Your/You’re that’s the best one of the night. I can’t stand people who make those mistakes. Same as There or Their, Want or Won’t., etc.

      • Victoria Lamb

        its, it’s there, their, and they’re poll and pole

    • Me Notyou

      As opposed to giving right wing rags for proof that Benghazi is a conspiracy?

      You doofuses are jokes.

  • Anastasia Kitelinger

    He said Bush not Washington and previous presidents, not all previous presidents. Do you guys think it’s funny to nit pick about nothing and make yourselves look stupid by never having an intelligent argument? Cause I sure do! But that doesn’t change the fact that you’re just making yourselves look like you need a full time care giver due to your intense incompetence.

    • That’s what they are good at!!! Exactly their whole goal…just keep spewing nonsense, that way NOTHING gets done! Too effin busy defending the office for this stupid shit! It is time we start treating their rants as the stupidity that it is!

  • Defend him all you want, it only makes you look that much MORE ignorant! WAKE UP! It is time that WE THE PEOPLE take our country back!!!!!!!!!!

    • what are you talking about?

      • Diana Bauer

        She has forgotten that We, The People ELECTED President Obama into office, as opposed to Bush who lost the election and was APPOINTED president by a rightwing majority on the Supreme Court. Sorry, Chey, but you are the ignorant one.

      • The People

        Actually if you forget. Obama didnt even have enough signatures to run for president in the first place. so if you wan to be technical Obama shouldnt be president at all. And oh hmmmmm you know who had majority in supeme court when that happened with Bush? Oh yea the liberals held more supreme court seats than republicans. Sorry Diana but you are ignorant

      • polliwogg

        “Obama didn’t even have enough signatures to run for president in the first place”
        Got any legitimate source to back up that BS?

      • Legitimate source? I’m sure there is not. My guess would be Breitbart.

      • no “The People” you are a ignorant Liar. Obama didn’t have enough signatures? um, dumbass, he was the Democratic Party’s nominee not a a write in or independent( as in non-party affiliated person) trying to get on the ballot so what signatures did he need? and again you lie when you say “liberals” were in the majority on the USSC when in fact no it was “conservatives” that were in the majority, lie all you want the rest of us are able to both remember reality as well as look it up. How about we talk about the 9/11 commission and how that body of investigation was formed MONTHS before 9/11 not as the 9/11 commission but with the job of investigating possible fraud in the appointment of Bush as well as Katherine Harris’s role in vote tampering, then 9/11 happened and suddenly no one wanted to talk about Bush and the GOP stealing the white house and suddenly the commission’s job was now to investigate 9/11. You are not even a “real” person, just a online dumby account ran by GOP staffers. You are not going to win, even if you keep pushing and pushing all you will end up doing is tanking it all to the point where your bosses’ billions will be worthless because we won’t accept that they are worth anything. Tell me, what would your bosses do if suddenly a group or groups like Anonymous were to simply Zero out every bank account over $100,000? Or do you forget that their massive fortunes exist solely on paper which now a days means on a computer hard drive somewhere? What happens then, when they have no money with which to pay you for your propaganda? What are they going to do when they go so far that millions of Americans march on Washington and physically remove them from office like they did in Iceland? As Tyler Durden said best “We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Do not… fuck with us.”

      • AlCum

        What on earth have you been smoking, son? Wow.

      • The People

        The people have nothing to do with the elections. In 46 of the 50 states the official in the Electoral college does not have to vote for the winner of the popular vote. In summary The People HAVE NOT ELECTED ANYONE since the electoral college started.

      • Obama won both the popular AND Electorate. Please, try harder next time.

      • Except he DID win with numbers

      • Diana,

        Technically you are right. The President is and has always been elected according to STATES. That is why we never went by the popular vote in the first place but a system in which members of the electoral collage are elected by the population of each STATE. This system is rigged to favor small states and one result is the kind of “battleground state” electioneering that occurs with almost all the money and attention spent in less than 10 “swing” states. However your statement “since the electoral college started” is perplexing. The US has ALWAYS had an electoral college. So what is your point?

      • Sorry Diana, my comment was responding to “The People” whoever that is. Must be a big time schizophrenic.

      • Diana Bauer

        Funny thing, tho; Obama won the Electoral College as well. Facts are an inconvenient thing when you’re a Republican.

      • very true 🙁

    • Hey big guy, this president was VOTED in, not once, but twice. If you ‘take the country back’, you’d be going against everything this country stands for and hand the presidency to the guy who got less votes – you know, where most people doesn’t want the other guy to be president. You know what that makes you? Yeah, not an American.

      • Real American

        You guys also voted bush in twice and he I the butt of a lot of jokes. also I am not a yank

      • Chris

        If you look at the statistics – Obama won by the VOTED majority — not the AMERICAN population majority. A very, very large number of voters DID NOT VOTE because they didn’t like either candidate. I don’t like Obama because he is fiscally irresponsible, does not take responsibility for his own actions, and passes the buck. “I didn’t know” is not an acceptable answer from the leader of our country. What if there’s another humongous oil spill – and the CEO of ..Exxon, Mobile, (whichever company) has other people say it’s someone else’s fault, and then after a few days the CEO goes on National TV and says that “he didn’t know” – would that be acceptable??? Would the media say it’s okay? Or – would the media sit on the story until the CEO has his “talking points” !?!?!?!??! Would the American people say it’s okay? Nobody does nothing without Obama’s approval. Period. Why do you think the UN rep. went on TV and said Benghazi was a video? because noone else would touch it because they all knew it wasn’t. and hillary saying what does it matter? Okay – then the violence that happens here in the states doesn’t matter; it doesn’t matter that the Boston Marathon got bombed. (I mean, really – does it matter? Yes it does – violence is never okay. and not defending people who are overseas representing us? disgusting…why would i want to defend/represent you if i know that you are going to throw me under the bus??? This act alone shows that there will be many, many more to follow…just wait!) And the IRS scandal? I would bet my house that Obama knew about what was going on. And the person who unofficially orchestrated it is now head of the Obamacare division in the IRS. Hah – let’s see how much more the registered conservatives pay in THAT tax. Do you honestly believe that some little peon in the IRS thought – “hmmm…let’s go after the conservative groups” – but here’s what the media is NOT telling you – that they TURNED OVER THAT INFORMATION TO A LIBERAL GROUP THAT USED THE INFORMATION TO MAKE ADS DURING THE CAMPAIGN. Yeah – that’s a huge nugget of information that is not being shared to the public. And, lastly, I have a question for you – do you REALLY want a one-party system in the United States?????? Go look at your history books and find what happens to one-party system countries.

      • Victoria Lamb

        Obama won the popular vote by a margin of over a million, in addition to winning the electoral college by a margin of 126. .

      • Not to mention all the cheating on the right by gerrymandering. All that and he still won and won big. Imagine all the lost votes he would have gotten if not for that.

      • Really Chris, this is a lot of BS. Being President doesn’t make you god, the all knowing all seeing clairvoyant. He puts people he can trust in these positions to handle these government offices. He in no way can know all and see all. He has taken the responsibility for everything he felt he should. The right wing media keeps finding these none issues and making an issue out of them even tho they are unfounded. It’s freaking outrageous what’s going on. Anything to try to break this man for no good reason. Well, know this he has shown us through his strength and courage that he can butt heads with these imbeciles and walk away a proud man, even tho the right has him tied to the bumper of their truck dragging him. I am proud that he’s our leader and wish all this hate and bigotry would go away so we don’t go around hating each other because of our party affiliations. It’s time to get this country on track and the right needs to stop derailing it. They lost the election. Get over it.

      • Do excuse me if I’m not impressed or particularly moved by people whining that they didn’t vote because they didn’t like the choices. They had the opportunity to influence those choices every step of the way, but were too lazy, apathetic, and uninformed to do so.

        Call me cold, but for some reason, that doesn’t spark much sympathy in me (much in the same way that I have zero sympathy for conservative “nonprofits” who put a million red flags that they had every intention of circumventing the rules for their own political benefit in their very names and acted shocked and feigned persecution when that gave the IRS pause).

      • Chris

        I’m not whining about them not voting – I agree with you whole-heatedly..I know a few people who did not vote – and when they complain about something I tell them they could have “fixed” it by voting….and about “nonprofits” – whether you agree with their opinions or not, if they are run as a non-profit then they have a right to be listed as a nonprofit — and what about the “progressive” (moving forward is not the same as being progressive BTW) nonprofits – propaganda during the election that the GOP wanted “to throw Granny off the cliff” among many, many wrong ideals – is that okay??? I guess it is because there are a lot of liberal non-profits that have ugly agenda’s that got approved because they are listed as democrats. But let me ask you again — do you TRULY believe that the US should be a one-party system!?!??!?!??????????????????

      • not at all..but any and all party’s should not spend ALL their time trying to undermine whoever was elected. This is just stupid!

      • You speak LIKE YOU KNOW…which you know nothing! I sure don’t remember “your guy” taking responsibility for ANYTHING so eff off! And for you to say “Nobody does nothing without Obama’s approval. Period.” You are either high or an idiot, either way a waste of breath.

    • “Wake up” is really the short form for ”wake up, white people”. “take our country back” is another buzz phrase for taking it back to a more whiter country. Face it Chey, the country and the world itself is changing. Like the others say here, ‘we the people’ elected him twice! Get over it and deal with it. Stop your hate!

      • YammerHammer

        True. These bigots are too cowardly to even own that bigotry and their very un-American attitudes.

      • Mick

        White man doesnt like seeing other white man hold umbrella for black man….THAT’s WHAT HE MEANS

      • Bub

        Wow, that’s sad that you think that. You’re a bad part of this country. You perpetuate racism. There’s no room to accuse everyone of racism when you’re doing it too.

      • Al Cleverdon

        Someone calling others out for being racist isn’t racist.He’s speaking out about a problem.Some people are racist in their dislike for this “situation” while those that simply disagree with a marine holding an umbrella for a president in the rain are not racist….Mick, hopefully, is calling out the racist portion of the group , which in itself is not racist.

    • We need to take it back from assholes like YOU!

    • You, my friend are beyond ignorant, and bordering on Treason.

    • Licentia

      To when,1695? I’m pretty sure the country you speak of is not the United States of America.

    • I’m pretty sure that “We the People” took our country back when we all voted and re-elected President Obama…Now who looks ignorant?

      • rockum

        Nixon was also re-elected.

      • AND?

      • Big deal! Nixon resigned…Obama has no need to.

      • rockum

        Perhaps I was a bit terse; I’ll connect the dots. The president’s election and re-election do not establish the fact that this administration is firmly within the hands of the American people.

        Nixon was also both elected and re-elected, but his illicit activities which ultimately resulted in his resignation sought to subvert the democratic process. Likewise this president is currently the head of an administration with three serious, valid breaches of trust being investigated (none of which are related to this liberal straw-man Umbrella Gate which no Republican I know considers a scandal).

        To say Obama has no need to resign may prove true, but it is certainly a premature statement. At this point it is hard to tell if he has been insulated and unaware of all that has been going on around him, or if he has been an active participant in one or more of these actual scandals.

    • Shouting at people to wake up when you make yourself look like an idiot doesn’t help.

    • YammerHammer

      Take it back from what? Folks of color and women getting a level playing field and an equal right to serve in power?

    • We did, by voting for President Obama

    • Ringo Juna

      You’ve made three posts, this one, and two others about soap operas. That speaks for itself.

      Oh, she’s a paulbot, as well, so she’s double the crazy.

    • dshim

      Are you as stupid as you look and sound? I guess you don’t consider people who voted for Obama a part of your so called “we the people”, right? From whom are you going to take the country back; the majority of Americans who voted for the president, or do you think they were all illegal aliens who crossed the border to give the democrats a political advantage?

      You racist republicans are the ones who needs to wake up. You can’t get over the fact that Obama kicked your asses twice. And believe me, you are going to lose the next presidential election because you are so out of touch with reality (and the American people) that they have no choice but to kick your worthless asses to the curb again.

    • Victoria Lamb

      You are destroying the country with your ignorance, gullibility and yes, your racism.

    • Back from…? We haven’t been taken over by another country. None of our constitutional rights have been taken away. So you don’t like the fact that half of the country wants something different than you do? That we want everyone to have the same rights and the same shot at life that everyone else has? That we don’t worship your God to the point to where we are willing to destroy anyone who believes differently? That is the country that you want ‘back’? Well, bad news. It never existed. The rest of us have been fighting to make this a better country from day one and we are winning. Gays are going to be allowed to marry whether you like it or not. African Americans will get the same rights as whites whether you like it or not. Women will be able to work and grow and make their own decisions whether you like it or not. People will be free to worship how they believe, or to not believe, whether you like it or not.

    • Johnny Rotten

      Back from who??? Me? It’s my country!!

    • Take it back from what, exactly? Your ignorant set of politicians control a disturbing amount of state legislatures (often with supermajorities). You’re more than represented on the national level. You uninformed mouthbreathers have managed to control political discourse to the point where women’s health care is suddenly considered immoral and politicians on both sides of the aisle rush to soothe your wounded sensibilities every time you’re offended by a non-event.

      If anything, I’d be happy to have this country back out of the stranglehold of people like you.

    • We have OUR country and WE have elected OUR President…but you are welcome to get you another of BOTH! Maybe you should git on down to Texas where you can be appreciated, AND who knows maybe they will git you another President too. Maybe Wayne La Pierre!

  • RJH

    If it had been a black Marine hold an umbrella over a white President, even if it was a white Democratic President, they wouldn’t have complained.

    • Pucker

      That’s true.
      The picture is almost the perfect litmus test for Southern Strategy stupidity. Most people look at it and see nothing – the President talking. It will only hits a button with people who vote on racist patterns — those affected by the Southern Strategy,
      These are people who fear that black or any ‘other type’ of people have a say in, or will get something for ‘free’ from the government. These are people that will vote in politicians that will cut Social Security/Medicare — programs they themselves need to stay out of poverty, out of fear that ‘other people’ will get those benefits too. That’s how sick they are.

    • Correct.

    • Margaret Redmon

      Of course not, it is all about color. And because the repubs can’t stand it, this congress is going down in history as the least productive ever in this country.

      • Living Right on the left coast

        Its so sad that your ignorance shows through! When all else fails you liberal idiots try and play the race card. Thats right – it has nothing to do with Benghazi, The AP Scandal, The IRS scandal, all of the failed so called Green Companies etc etc etc.

      • Frunobulax

        Wait, are you saying the umbrellas have something to do with Benghazi?! This plot obviously runs pretty deep.

      • and whenever someone calls out racist behavior…the response is always….’libtards’ or ‘ its not his skin color, its his policies’….or ‘Im not a racist, I have black friends’… When you have no argument…call them libtards….lmao

      • You are so right … see Tabatha below, right on cue.

      • Keep trying, darling. Keep trying. None of it has legs.

    • Kevin

      When are you going to get it, that it has NOTHING to do with the color of his skin, and EVERYTHING to do with his policies as president. Republicans didnt like Clinton, or Carter as president, either.

      • The Race Card is the “I win” for any argument or debate.

      • Not so much, but racism is a quick way to lose a debate.

      • It’s true that they didn’t like Clinton or Carter; but the attitude towards Obama is a different level of disrespect and I think it’s clear as to why.

      • Exactly. They didn’t call Clinton or Carter, “Boy,” or suggest that either of them should be lynched on the White House lawn – both of which I’ve heard said about our current president.

      • It’s about being competent and honest. Carter was honest and a great guy, but incompetent, Clinton was very competent, but a little dishonest, while is both incompetent and dishonest. Not just dishonest, but Michael Jordan hall of fame level dishonest. Be honest and you’ll get respect.

      • Pat

        But you say he’s those things…
        without ever quite getting to saying why you think them.

      • You’ll never convince those of us that follow and watch this congress, and their blatant outrageous disrespect for this President, and the sheep that follow this new GOP platform, that they are nothing but pure racists a bigots. You can disagree with him, but this raging hate for him is way, way, way, beyond the norm. That you can’t deny.

    • Racist much. I find it funny how libtards say the republicans are racist. Let me say this loud and clear. WE DON’T CARE WHAT COLOR HIS SKIN IS!!!!!!! But obviously YOU DO. NOW, direct me towards ANY picture of a Marine in FULL Dress holding an umbrella for ANY OTHER President. YOU CAN’T!!!! BTW do some reading, I’ll assume you know how to read, right? Marine Corp Regulations MCO P1020.34F. ALL of you are completely BLIND and do not see what that man showed America that day. I’m sure glad you are all enjoying your KING!!

      • Sorry, you DO care about the color of the President’s skin… we have read the postings on right-wing websites, we have seen the photos.
        And Obama is the President of the United States, not a KING!

      • DQ2002

        Yeah, ummmmm… there are plenty of pics like you’re requesting floating around out on the interwebz right now. Your random capitalization does not make you right.

      • Isn’t he the commander and chief?

      • MMM

        Yes you are right – They are Army Rangers holding umbrellas of GB 1 and 2 – google is your friend – use images.

      • Were you in the military? The regulations state a “marine” may not carry an umbrella while in dress uniform. It applies to carrying items not part of the uniform. Since he was not carrying it and was in fact performing his duties as an honor guard and security escort the umbrella did not violate military laws. Grow up people. Why are people not screaming about the marine holding an umbrella for a foreign dignitary?

      • My husband is an old marine and said exactly the same thing. It was an honor for him to do this.

      • Leigha7

        Then why were there so many tweets (not to mention T-shirts and bumper stickers) saying things like, “It’s called the White House for a reason!” before the election? Not all Republicans are racist, probably not even most, and disliking Obama does not make you racist, but I have seen a huge number of racist comments directed toward the president. You can’t claim no Republicans are racist, or even that only a very small few are, because there are a large number who are openly vocal about it.

  • Regardless of your political views, marines carrying umbrellas is a direct violation of military uniform code. Not even the president can negate that, regardless of if he bats for The Red Team or The Blue Team!

    • polliwogg

      You never served, did you?

      • Victoria Lamb

        It doesn’t sound like Franklin ever served.

    • Actually, since POTUS is Commander In Chief, a Marine HAS to obey his orders, or face court martial, and discharge. Marines, regardless of whether they voted for him or not, find it an honor to be at POTUS’ side. As should any American. You don’t have to like the man in it, but you MUST respect the Office of The Presidency.

    • Laurie

      He wasn’t carrying it, he was holding it. See the difference?

    • Hmm, the president can order a marine to kill, but not to hold an umbrella? Do you know how stupid you make yourself sound?

    • Get a life

    • Well, he obviously could.

  • fed-up

    I’ll sure be glad when these racist die off. Anybody with a brain should know that the hate being shown this president will backfire in more ways than one. I don’t know about the rest of America but I’m sick of this hatred. Do you realize it’s destroying the country. When the other races go down the whites go down too but they will land the hardest. I love all people, it feels so much better.

    • Not an idiot

      It must be nice to have a preprogrammed response. It’s easy, if your opinion differs from the president you are racist. What a prejudice thing to say. You are sinking to the level that you are accusing others of. Of that group there will be racists, but not them all. There are racist people on both sides of each debate. To make that assumption only shows your stubbornness to use your brain and actually think things through. It can’t be that he is fiscally irresponsible, or failed to meet nearly all of his promises… Much like every president in the past 50 years. I’m pretty sure every president has gotten flack. Are you saying that anytime Bush or Clinton were attacked by non-white Americans they were incapable of making their own opinion up? It was merely racism? I think you one of the problems of America, perpetuating racism and dragging down this country. There’s no room for racism in a great America, but there’s no room for those that propagate it or that hide behind it either! Include yourself in that group of people who need to die off and make America great.

      • God bless you!

      • Rick

        “It’s easy, if your opinion differs from the president you are racist”

        No, the problem is the long string of complaints about Obama that we know that were not made when Bush was President.

        The hypocrisy is evident. And there’s also plenty of evidence of racist commentary regarding the President. It’s not “having a different opinion”. It’s the unceasing need to disrespect the man, including, but not limited to, years of allegations that he was born outside the United States.

        How can we not interpret that as racism?

      • So the “allegations that he was born outside the United States” is racism? So then when the allegations that John McCain was born outside the United States came about, that would have been racism as well?

      • Ummm….McCain actually was born outside of the country…albeit on a military base making him a citizen. But no Democrat leader seriously suggested that McCain was ineligible (unlike several GOP leaders who questioned Obama’s eligibility). But I do believe it was the Republican party that once railed around Trump to run for president….after be replaced Orly Taitz as America’s favorite birther.

      • GirlWithTheShamrockTattoo

        Actually Senator McCain was born in a hospital in the “canal zone” which at the time did not fall under US territory at the time. It was a year later that 8 U.S.C. § 1403,
        which became law in 1937, retroactively conferred citizenship on
        individuals born within the Canal Zone on or after February 26, 1904,
        and on individuals born in the Republic of Panama on or after that date
        who had at least one U.S. citizen parent employed by the U.S. government.

      • It was Hillary who first brought that up.

      • JEFF

        Well if we are not idiots,then we could interpret it as conflicting political view points, which is what it really is. Not the umbrella thing,but the complaints about Obama. I hate his politics,not his race. When Lynn Swan ran for governor of Pa. against superwhiteman Ed Rendell,, I voted for Swan and my black neighbor had a Rendell sign in her front yard. So I guess in this case , she was the racist????

      • It’s how he’s treated as oppose to his policies. When has congress ever been this openly hostile to any other President. They flatly refuse to work on anything with him weather they agree or not. Just like with the back ground check legislation for guns, common sense laws. Many don’t even disagree with him. Don’t tell me it’s not racism, because it is.

      • Racism with a side order of bigotry.

    • You are a moron & Obama is destroying our country not racism!

      • Chicpants

        no Ashley its not racism, its hate thats destroying this country. And it appears that your in that category as well, calling people names like ( moron ) doesn’t make you any better then the rest.

    • Rieley

      I believe we’re ALL the same race~~human. Some of us know this & unfortunately some don’t.

      • Margaret Redmon

        The sad truth is that we are hardwired to distinguish “ours” from “not ours” from the days of hunting gathering, when it was essential to survival. That being said, we also have the brain capacity to overcome prejudices and other wiring that is no longer useful.

    • Margaret Redmon

      I just wish we could prevent the conception of new ones! Oh yeah, they are outlawing birth control in the red states. Oh boy, here comes a flood of ignorance into the gene pool.

  • Serving the President is one of the most honored duties of those chosen to serve there. Only the best mare chosen to serve there. The way it has been in recent history. Those who have spouted their UN-Amercan BS are only showing their ignorance.

    • mick

      I hold the damn umbrella for him ANYTIME! Would be my honor… Typical here let;s make a big deal about nothing wrong.

  • Skip

    Clinton, bushes and Reagan held their own umbrellas or went without, go try and be a marine and then talk shit.
    Not a republican btw.

    • Carol Maclaskey

      Uhhhh…. Have you not seen all the pictures that are going around now of all of those presidents with people holding umbrellas for them?? Of course, my personal favorite is one of a man holding an umbrella for Sarah Palin (who made this ignorant statement in the first place) and the sun is shining!! Pot meet kettle. Jesus… Just google “president with umbrella” and look at the images before you make yourself look like an idiot with a stament like this… Duh.

      • Laurie

        Shhhhhh! Don’t tell them the truth. It goes against everything their Republican mouth pieces have taught them.

      • YammerHammer

        Palin was trying to get some attention with this is all. She does not fear looking and being ignorant if need be to do so. Drama whore she is. As soon as her daughter shuts her legs mom opens her mouth. Like clockwork. And Todd is out stroking moose.

      • Mick

        Well done!

    • AlCum

      Ooops, you’re wrong!

    • Victoria Lamb

      So are you saying that the FB graphic for the whole thread, which clearly shows Marines holding umbrellas over Ronald Reagan, Bush I and Bush II, is bogus?

  • I hate republicans

    Did you know that the U.S. Marine Corps has a policy on umbrella holding? Uniform regulations state that a male Marine can’t hold an umbrella (ella, ella) while wearing his uniform, presumably because he can’t salute at the same time. President Obama probably didn’t know this when he asked two Marines to hold bumbershoots over him and Turkey’s prime minister during a press conference Thursday. See…ing a Marine with this particular accessory is “extremely rare,” Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Greg Wolf explained, but because the president’s the commander in chief of the Armed Forces, if he says “hold my umbrella,” it’s permissible. Some people weren’t happy, including Sarah Palin, who tweeted, “Mr. President … most Americans hold their own umbrellas.”
    I bet that Marine was proud as hell to do it and listen, WTF GAF what Sarah useless Palin says anymore anyway I don’t lol.

    • Sarah Palin just showed once again that she has no concept of the office of the President of the United States, and her lack of knowledge makes her unfit to serve in that capacity, and likely any capacity on the federal level. Maybe if she had paid attention in her high school Civics class.

      • PFL1982

        Sarah who? Oh yeah, the failed VP candidate, failed TV pundit, failed reality show host, half term governor of Alaska. And she has credibility because…?

      • Palin has to keep on getting publicity with these type of stupid comments so she continue her role as Queen of the Rubes and get idiots to send cash to SarahPac. She has to make a living somehow…

    • you obviously

    • as commander and chief I think they do not apply here.

    • Victoria Lamb

      Palin is never happy unless she is complaining about something.

      • lillibird

        No, Sarah makes her money complaining about Obama..she has to keep her P-bots happy so they will send in the money to Sarah-Pac!!

    • Just Sayin’

      Google “marine holds umbrella for president”, and then click on “images”. As you scroll through the pictures, you’ll see Republican presidents with someone holding their umbrellas, too. Wait…what’s that?…it’s a picture of SARAH PALIN deplaning WITH SOMEONE HOLDING AN UMBRELLA FOR HER!
      (Some people need to get a life.)

      • Dallas

        Its against the rules for a Marine to hold one. Those pictures that you looked up show the Army holding them since its allowed. Read his full post before you say anything and learn what the difference is in the uniforms. Stupid.

      • who fucking cares? this isn’t something worthy of debate. what’s stupid is talking about it in the first place. the GOP shows their petty stupidity by trying to make every single little thing into a “scandal” of some kind. it’s pathetic.

      • John

        Actually…Army regulations (AR 670-1) states that a Soldier cannot hold an umbrella UNLESS the Solider is a) in dress uniform and b) a woman Soldier.

        I do enjoy the “and doing a fine job” statement, though. How so? Attacking six nations to Bush’s four? Adding zeros to the deficit? How is he doing a “fine” job?

      • I believe that the deficit has actually shrunk under Obama. And please let us know which six nations Obama has attacked – I can’t think of them all. Besides aren’t the Republican warhawks in the Senate (John McCain and company) pushing the president to invade Syria?

      • Mr. Smith

        The deficit is down by 200 billion dollars, next fake complaint please.

      • That suggests that there’s no revenue problem and therefore no need to raise taxes, right? I would point out that the deficit shrank by about $300 billion under Bush and yet Pelosi and liberals still called it “record deficits”.

      • It’s interesting how you tack on an extra hundred billion to try to make Bush look great. In reality-land, the deficit went up during Bush’s time in office, due to two wars, cutting taxes, and deregulation….

      • Yea and look at the mess he got us into. We all need enough money to balance our budgets, if not you need a second job. This country is not bringing in enough revenue to balance this huge deficit. Bush cut the taxes to low to pay for the 2 wars he charged on top of it.

      • Actually, I found one today with a marine in full dress uniform holding an umbrella for Bush 1.0. Its is a stupid made up ‘controversy’ for the republithugs to busy themselves with while the corporate owned congress lead by boehner tries to do away with overtime pay

      • Nobody’s trying to do away with overtime pay and I triple-dog dare you to prove otherwise. The bill in question is designed to make it legal for employers to offer Comp Time, if employees want it. The unions don’t want regular folks taking advantage of a benefit they enjoy. Naturally, liberals won’t present any facts. They have to rely on their standard fear mongering of claims of doing away with overtime pay.

      • *eyeroll* Nothing in the rules says anything about holding an umbrella over the POTUS. Nothing. Try again.

      • SOMEONE, yes… a MARINE, no! The outrage is not about someone holding an umbrella over his head. The outrage is over him ordering a Marine to do it rather than one of the White House staff.

    • rj

      Did you see the photo posted of Palin coming off a plane and the guy in front of her holding an umbrella over her head. I don’t understand why anyone cares what Palin says she’s an idiot!!

      • Oh noes! A man holding an umbrella for a lady. GASP!!

        So that’s what brain dead lemmings flailing about looks like.

      • She’s definitely not a lady!

    • That whole “See…ing a Marine with this particular accessory is “extremely rare,” Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Greg Wolf explained, but because the president’s the commander in chief of the Armed Forces, if he says “hold my umbrella,” it’s permissible.” didn’t happen. That’s not a thing, and a quick Google image search will show that.

    • Margaret Redmon

      The marines have always pulled that duty to the President. Get your facts straight!

      • Dallas

        No, the Army has, look it up. Get your facts strait.

      • Amused

        Strait? LOL

      • Army, Marines, sailor, what’s the difference.

      • sillypeopletalkaboutsillything

        Maybe you should look it up. All military has. There ARE pictures of Marines holding umbrellas for other Presidents. Why is this a big deal anyway?

    • “most americans hold their own umbrella” … she continues to amaze with her stupidity. he doesn’t drive his own car either. what a scandal! (these right wing loons really don’t seem to understand that he’s the President of the United States)

      • Frunobulax

        I am still surprised nobody has suggested that he make WELFARE RECIPIENTS hold the umbrellas.

      • you mean the president
        doesn’t drive his own car

  • hgeyer

    You still had some respect for republicans before this?

  • I’m sure that Obama study this style from China…..

    • YammerHammer

      SHHH….GB is still smarting from China and the rest of the world trying to get their money back his bankster cronies cheated them out of. Say what you like about Obama and Clinton, but at least they can visit foreign countries to do american business without being arrested. Many of the neocon repubs can’t. Poor GB.

    • Victoria Lamb

      I think that President Obama didn’t want his guest to get wet, so he requested umbrellas for both of them.

  • loganrollo

    The fact that he ordered the Marine to violate the Marine Corps Manual is the problem. According to Marine Corps regulation MCO P1020.34F of the Marine Corps Uniform Regulations chapter 3, a male Marine is not allowed to carry an umbrella while in uniform.

    Male Marines are informed never to carry an umbrella from the earliest phases of training. Not even the President of the United States can request a Marine to carry an umbrella without the express consent of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, according to the Marine Corps Manual.

    The Marine Corps Manual, the guidebook that defines protocol for
    officers and enlisted Marines, in section 2806 paragraph 2, specifically
    states: “The Marine Corps Uniform Regulations, published by the
    Commandant of the Marine Corps, shall be binding on all Marines. No
    officer or official shall issue instructions which conflict with, alter,
    or amend any provision without the approval of the Commandant of the
    Marine Corps.”

    It has nothing to do with race.

    • Can you please explain to me who the Marine Corp Commandant’s boss is? There is nothing in the protocol about the President needing to ask anyone’s permission to give an order. Yes, the umbrella issue is listed in the Marine manual so it is a protocol, a regulation would be listed in the UCMJ. Please note there is a major difference.

      • loganrollo

        Chief of Naval Operations
        Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert

      • BigWhiteDog

        And who is his boss oh bright one? I will give you a hint, his title is COMMANDER IN CHIEF.

      • loganrollo

        1. President of the United States
        Barack Obama

        2. Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden

        3. Secretary of State John Kerry

        4. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel

        5. Director of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano

        6. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus

        7. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin E. Dempsey

        8. Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral James A. Winnefeld, Jr.

        That’s a lot of steps to get to the Pres. A lot of people that have to approve of it first.

      • BigWhiteDog

        Wrong on so many counts. #’s 2,3,4 and 8 are not in the chain of command for 1 and secondly a superior officer doesn’t have to go through the chain to give a direct order to a subordinate. You’ve obviously never been in the military, law enforcement or the fire service. General walks by a private and says “pick that up”, he doesn’t have to go through every officer above the private for the order to be carried out, the private better be picking whatever it is up and fast.

        On top of that, there is another government code that you missed and it’s a big one covering the entire corps. Title 10 USC § 5063 say in part “and shall perform such other duties as the President may direct”. Sorry friend but that trumps a lousy uniform protocol.

    • Laurie

      Marines VOLUNTEER for this duty. And he is not the only president this has been done for. The point is: quit complaining about what the Democratic President does when every Republican President has done the SAME THING!

    • loganrollo yo teabagger! when are you going to move to the moon.

    • YammerHammer

      That is bullshit. You do not have the facts there bro. It has everything to do with race. Not a one of these bigots said anything when GB and every other white prez in recent history got the umbrella courtesy treatment. Own your bigotry at least .And your MIL reg ignorance.

    • This is simple illogical. A boss has to ask his underling for permission? Pure nonsense.

    • Regulations exist for the guidence of the unit commander. Commanders and service members are expected to exercise judgement in the application of regulations, and if their judgement is wrong in a manner that creates real problems, then there is the UCMJ to deal with that.

      This Marine is following in a 200 year old tradition of being in service to the Commander In Chief.

      The regulation broken is about the equivalent of a driver crossing the white line on the right side of the road, not leaving the pavement and correcting back into your lane.

    • dshim

      Of course it has everything to do with race. Barack Obama is NOT an officer in the Marine Core, He’s the president of the United States. The Marine was not carrying the umbrella; he was holding it.

    • Yup, I think Commander in Chief trumps Commandant of the Marine Corps… But I guess I’m just a stupid American who believes in his country and doesn’t try to drag it into the mud (literally in this case) on every single occasion. T-baggers, get a life…

    • Johnny Rotten

      The president is the boss of the commandant of the us marine corps. Commander in chief is the presidents title. If the president request a marine (hold) an umbrella then the marine best fucking do it.

    • loganrollo

      I love all the replies about there being a race issue. Obama isn’t black folks. Please get over it.

    • Rocket

      He wasn’t CARRYING it! He was protecting the President with it. You’re an idiot.

      • loganrollo

        Says the idiot who doesn’t realize that in order to use it, it must be carried.

      • BigWhiteDog

        technically no.

    • GirlWithTheShamrockTattoo

      Totally understand the regulation but there’s a difference between a Marine carrying an umbrella while in uniform as in he can’t walk around with an umbrella while in uniform. But to hold one over the head of the President isn’t really the Marine “carrying” it. Maybe it’s time the Chief of Naval Operations come on the news talk shows and put an end to this “outrage”…

  • This is only a thing in the ‘internet-o-sphere’, it was a nothing moment in the continuum of work being done in the world. The POV of the article was right. More then right, it points to a bigger issue within the GOP. Foolishness like this made-up umbrella nonsense weaken the party. It pulls into to sharp focus the depths the party has allowed itself to fall. It’s as if party leadership has allowed that nut in the back to run it’s voice. And to some extent it has. Conservative radio has destroyed the party. Make no mistake, radio call-in shows and their ilk now run a once proud political juggernaut. Sure it’s fun to listen to but their not running for office, their not having to balance the ship, steer the nation, as-such they can say whatever they want without fear of cause or effect. Nobody runs their life/nation/job like after work ‘barstool’ spout-offs, why has the GOP allowed itself to be run as if it is?

    • Redblue

      Like the NPR that had a Democrat woman call in and talk about ‘Obama Money’ and how that it was not tax collections merely money he had to give out to people that needed it to buy stuff. I’m pretty sure neither party can claim anything these days, they are pretty much exactly the same… Just red and blue.

  • anyone going to ask those Marines how they feel about it?

    I mean, how many Good Conduct Medals did they have to earn?

    • Laurie

      Since they volunteer for this duty we already know how they feel about it!

  • I love you.

  • jnik

    I’ll be expecting a Fox News Special Report on this “outrage” this weekend!

    • Victoria Lamb

      I’m sure FOX will be able to drag it out well beyond this weekend.

  • My rebuttal is this…with the economy the way it is, don’t you think these HIGHLY TRAINED MARINES have better things to do? I’m neither a dem or rep, I’m just a man trying to make ends meet, just like everyone else. All this pomp and circumstance costs federal money. And training a MARINE costs over a million dollars, so, in a nutshell, we paid a million dollars for a man to hold an umbrella for a man that has two able hands. Wake up, democrats and republicans both! Our country is dead. And ALL POLITICIANS continue to RAPE US ALL. It is time we all stopped pointing fingers and actually DID something about it.

    • What a load of malarkey… maybe he should layoff the secret services guys and carry his own for self protection…bet the NRA would that… also, I hate to tell you but unless that jarhead was a VMFA F/A pilot, he didn’t cost $1M to train.

    • YammerHammer

      You’d be better off talking about the banksters costing us billions, but that requires too much deep thinking for you I’m sure.

    • Victoria Lamb

      I come from a Marine Corps family. Do you? You don’t seem to be very well-informed. A Marine who HAS THE HONOR of serving at the White House has already been well-trained and is not robbing the taxpayer. “It is time we all stopped pointing fingers and actually DID something about it.” Really? You could start by refraining from commenting on subjects about which you know little..

    • They use the Marines for a lot of things other than fighting. They’re trained for just this type of event. Did you know that they stood erect at a golf game a couple of weeks ago?

  • Nekbbew

    I love reading these comments. I had no idea people were this stupid. Its weird that it is acceptable for the potus to start a war on lies – and set in motion the deaths of thousands of people,…. Bush,…anyone? No? Just crickets?!

    But a Marine holding an umbrella for heads of state is the BIG issue? Of course Marines do NOT march or carry (note the verb carry) the umbrella. There is nothing – to prohibit a Marine from performing requested duties by HIS/HER/THEIR Commander in Chief. of all the dumb arse lazy,..stupid minded idiot brain farting toe jam pea brained idiotic numb scullery baloney,….. I wish families would stop inbreeding – all these seriously mentally warped non-ethical [email protected] are a complete lack of oxygen. An UMBRELLA?!?! Of all the important issues at bay,… They choose an umbrella being used in the rain. Good lord almighty,…some are a mighty special kind of stupid.

    • The dude

      I love reading dumb comments like yours that condemn people for voicing their opinion attached to a picture of a publicly elected official, but it’s perfectly acceptable for you to do EXACTLY the same thing to those private citizens on this page. Hippocracy… That takes ‘a special kind of stupid.’ Why would you let this craziness even get you worked up? I don’t have a problem with the meme, or your response… That’s the great part of America. I just wanted to point out that you are perpetuating a double standard.

      • Pat

        Nekbbew didn’t condemn people for voicing their opinions.
        He/She condemned people for hypocrisy and stupidity.

        Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that nobody is allowed to respond to what you say–it means that you can not prevent anybody from responding to it.

      • Michael H.

        Yep, you are right – Nekbbew – no cure for stupid.

      • YoYoPedro

        Hippocracy? Is that something related to Hippocrates? Or the Hippocratic oath? That DOES take a special kind of stupid.

      • It’s when morbidly obese American couch potatoes make a scandal out of nothing because it distracts them from the crap in their own lives which might require some effort to fix.

      • You libs seem to ignore the REAL scandals that Barry is responsible for.

      • Not true! I’m scandalized that he hasn’t done more to support regulatory agencies such as OSHA as they attempt to get some of their standards out of the third world and into the first (where standards are often developed based on US research that has been available and accepted by professionals for decades). I’m scandalized that last year he kicked the EPA when it was down so he could make a cute joke and suck up to the people who forget why environmental protection is important (answer? It’s nice when our air is breathable and our water drinkable, and also not combustible). I’m scandalized that Gitmo remains open, and the US remains a model of arbitrary suspension of basic human rights and liberties.

        I’m just not scandalized that, with both Marines and umbrellas available, he opted to combine the two in a precedented manner to avoid getting wet while speechifying.

      • Michael H.

        Thank you Rain Mist.

      • sugarstaker

        President Obama for you Carol. Now go lick a stamp at the bottom of a pool.

      • Michael H.

        thank you, Carol!

      • papabear1789

        Thanks for what???

      • Grumpy

        Please give us your list, waiting…..

      • papabear1789

        What?? Specifics!?!?! They don’t NEED no stinkin’ specifics!!…CRICKETS!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and Grumpy, don’t hold your breath.

      • April J-M, RN

        You mean like having the gall to breathe, right? That horrible Obama using molecules of oxygen, how dare he!

      • AlCum

        Like what? Rescuing the US economy from the crap pile that your policies put it in?

      • Now that’s just plain funny. Barry “rescuing the US economy”! hahaha! Rescuing it from 7.8% unemploymnet to 7.8%. That’s right, dear heart, the unemployment rate hasn’t dropped 1% under Barry. It’s still in the crapper. Hilarious!

      • AlCum

        Wow, you are one really confused rightloon, but that’s natural for you Kool Aid drinkers. I guess you have no memory of the Bush-GOP Great Recession, which sent the unemployment rate to 10 percent. Not as high, I grant you, as the Reagan-GOP Recession of 1982 when it nearly hit 11 percent and stayed over 10 for longer than Bush’s Recession, but still a longer collapse due to the impacts of 30 years of GOP upside-down economic policies.

      • You have a very bad memory. Reagan came into his Presidency with the worst ever economy under Carter and Reagan completely turned it around. How old are you, 10? Unemployment NEVER hit 10% under Bush. I guess if you think you lie enough, people believe you. Go research dear and stop the lies!

      • AlCum

        Holy cow, the stupid is strong in you! Do some research instead of unquestioningly swallowing the talking points of your corporate masters, dearie. The economy was not the “worst ever” when Reagan came in, but his tax cuts sure sank us two years later into the worst recession until Bush’s came along. Reagan didn’t “turn” anything around,m unless you mean how he tanked the economy and pushed unemployment to 10.8 percent until he raised taxes and started all his deficit spending. And yes, unemployment in the Bush-GOP Great Recession most certainly did hit 10 percent — not as bad as Reagan’s but a much more serious recession from which the Dems are still pulling us out. You need to get some treatment for your Obama Derangement Syndrome and open up your eyes. There may be hope for you yet.

      • alec

        actually if you do this funny thing called “research” you’ll see that ol jimmy carter gave reagan the worst economy, much worse than the one bush gave to obama.

      • AlCum

        Wow, you have to be the most ignorant conservative around. First. conservatives know nothing about research because you merely swallow what your masters demand you believe.

        Now, chum, if YOU would actually do the research you would be so embarrassed by your ludicrous claim that you’d run away. The economy was in recovery when Reagan took over, but two years later his tax cuts had nearly destroyed the economy and put us into the 1982-83 Reagan-GOP Recession, during which unemployment reached nearly 11 percent/ The Bush GOP Great Recession, of course, was much deeper due to the damage caused by conservative economic policies. Thank God Obama and the Dems have been victorious.

      • Michael H.

        Thank you Carol. It amazes me that these liberals can mislead and outright lie in an attempt to win an argument. It is scary and that is how they won the election with low-information voters and a little voter fraud..

      • AlCum

        What’s amazing is that you can manage to eat with a fork without stabbing yourself in the face. It’s simply a fact Republicans are low-information voters, stuck in their bubble without reality intruding. GOP policies tanked the economy. Why do you think Obama won twice? The American voter has wised up to GOP fraud. Now, I challenge you to go ahead and just TRY to name one lie I have said. You can’t and you won’t because you have nothing but hatred and made-up lies.

      • hzane

        Reagan quadrupled the national debt and pioneered the modern practice of hyper-deficit spending. Massive savings and loan scandal – and was THE President to create the USA’s imperialist reputation around the world. Carter on the other hand was actually the most Libertarian President we have ever had. Balanced budgets, no foreign entanglements, combined government offices and reduced the overall size of federal government. While setting up consumer protections. Also the only President to publicly support legalizing marijuana. The biggest complaint about Carter was interest rates rising. Which is exactly what Ron Paul centers his entire campaign on. Removing the artificial controls on interest rates. That’s why the neo-con movement in America so vehemently hates Ron Paul and Jimmy Carter… As for the Bush – Obama comparison. Well, Bush ran us up to a 1.8 trillion dollar a year deficit. And added a very literal 2+ trillion onto the overall debt in 2008. Republicans refuse to take any responsibility for any bailouts or stimulus. Because they live in a world of propagandized fiction. Oh well. You guys have always been here. And the minority of progressives have always persevered regardless. No reason that would change.

      • Michael H.

        Thank you Carol!

      • Michael H.

        Holy Crap – it has been 4 1/2 years since BO took office the first time and you are still blaming BUSH? For God sakes, grow up, get some better arguments, and just get over it. What babies! BO has been US President for entire term and starting a second term while him and you are still blaming his own blatant failures and nonsense on others and a previous President? Give me a break, BO has done absolutely nothing good for this country and Americans from day one but he has seriously harmed this nation and all Americans with a corruption administration and is blaming others for his own incompetence and sinister actions – LOL! How lame and what a fool BO has been and still is today. Funny how liberals attacked Bush daily during his Presidency but they sure cannot take the criticism today and whine like babies when they support and vote-in an incompetent fool who is a liar and a fraud like BO (or Barry as he called himself early in his life). Wake up and embrace conservative ideas – you will be a much better person for it.

      • AlCum

        Oh my, calm down and stop hyperventilating. Your irrational right wing rage has your reading comprehension all tied up in knots, First of all, prescribing “embrace” of “conservative ideas,” which are in fact responsible for the economic mess we’re in.would not make anyone a “better person” but in fact a worse one, as you clearly demonstrate. Conservatives today have nothing but personal attacks, hatred and bitterness at the fact that they screwed the nation royally. You have no intellectual capacity because your cognitive dissonance blocks reality from your world view.

        Now, let me educate you. First, it is indisputable historical FACT that Obama inherited the worst economic crisis since the Great Republican Depression. It is logical then that the recovery from the Bush-GOP Great Recession would be the slowest since the Great Republican Depression. However, as good as we’re doing now — check out the Dow lately, sport? — it would be much better if Republicans were not such traitors and had not been trying at all turns to undermine the recovery effort. We’re not blaming Bush for anything other than what he did, and we’re still climbing out of the Republican hole. Embracing “conservative ideas” is like advocating throwing gasoline on a fire you’re just putting out.

        Second, Obama has done enormous good for the country starting with health care reform. How has he harmed the country? You’re delusional. We’re repairing the country. How silly of you to complain that we still bring up the massive Republican failure of the last 30 years culminating in your Messiah W, while you’re actually trying to pin YOUR failures on Obama! If you think it’s illegitimate to still be blaming Bush for what he actually did, imagine how massively stupid YOU sound trying to pretend it’s all Obama’s fault!

      • Michael H.

        ^ what a laugh! BO, or your Barry Soetoro, is a liar, thief, and a fraud. He has created more division among more Americans than any US President in history with his divisive rhetoric, disrespect for our military, spend crazy large government, $17 billion massive debt, high unemployment, attacks on our constitution, and corrupt administration pulling all of us toward socialism and communism which he has embraced all his life with associations. BO, or Barry, was only elected by a majority low-information and low-IQ voters plus voter fraud – just look around to his base. His scandals will catch-up with him eventually – hopefully. Hillary resigned in disgrace over the Benghazi affair and hopefully BO (Barry) will be impeached later (soon if we are lucky) and then jailed for treason hopefully. Good luck with all your praise for an incompetent fool – just shows that you are either stupid or drinking too much cool-aide. How is that really working for you? Just ask yourself, are we better-off worth BO or the previous president – the simple addition and easy answer is simple – the economy and the US was way better off before BO became POTUS.

      • AlCum

        You must be smoking dope or something to be as stupid as your post betrays. Conservaloons are the liars, thieves and frauds. You can’t name one such instance involving your president. I mean a real one, not a fabricated Fox News-Rush Limpballs-Sarah Paliban type of claim. Republicans are the ones with divisive rhetoric, while Obama has only sought to bring people together. You must either be brain dead or a paid liar for the Republicans to write the nonsense you do. Obama respects the military, he’s not sending them into bogus wars like you chickenhawk draft dodging Bush-Cheeney worshipers do. He takes care of veterans while you and your traitorous ilk cut their benefits, a fitting observation on this Memorial Day. The $16 trillion national deby was rung up mostly under your messiah republicans, starting with that spendaholic Reagan. Obama is CUTTING the deficit at a faster rate than any Republican could ever imagine. He has upheld the Constitution. Hillary announced long ago she was stepping down. She’s gonna run for prez, doncha know, and she’s gonna win in a runaway in 2016. Your impeachment fantasies are as impotent as your policies. GOP voters were the low-information morans, since they voted for Messiah Mitt who favored the same policies that decimated the middle class.

        Only an America hating traitor like you and all other republicans would call 10 percent unemployment and the Dow at 6,500 “better off” than the growth we now have thanks to Obama. Your delusional phony view of America was rejected by loyal Americans, in spite of all the Republican voter fraud and suppression last year. You can’t steal elections anymore. Too bad for you, since that was the only way you won the last ones you won.

      • Michael H.

        ^ WOW! What a totally outrageous angry rant, Mr. “Alcum”. It shows to all here what you are really all about – thank you. It is just that very same anger, arrogance, and hatred for your well meaning educated, true, hardworking, and loyal conservative Americans – the conservative opposition – that you, BO, the BO administration, and your far left misguided liberal party show toward us and the world with your BO IRS scandal, your BO Benghazi scandal, and your BO AP scandal while dragging us all down the very low de-grading path, with misleading information and outright lies, into socialism and communism just so your lazy good-for-nothing low-lifer voters do not have to work for a living – yea, just let others pay for them not to work and commit crimes, sell drugs, and get a free cell phone. Yea that’s the ticket for a good and responsible America! Give me a break, and let’s face it – everyone knows, BO was only elected by a majority of “low information voters” and low IQ voters” along with voter fraud. And your Hillary is directly responsible for the four murders of very brave, loyal, and dedicated Americans. Like Rand Paul said, she should be fired!!!!! Instead, Hillary resigned in absolute disgrace and is probably home now drunk as a skunk with guilt. How she and BO can even sleep at night after the incompetence and sinister actions at Benghazi just boggles my mind. Hillary could not even protect the lives of four Americans in Libya – and she wants to be US President? Hillary did not have the four Americans safety, welfare, or lives at heart – so how, in God’s name, could she have the safety, welfare, and lives of the rest of us Americans at heart. Hillary – an exceptionally bad choice for President. Romney was so much more qualified to be President and does not have the lies and fraud baggage that you BO (or Barry Soetoro) has with him.

      • hzane

        Thanks for that rational and level-headed observation.

      • AlCum

        You’re welcome, and you left out “accurate.”

      • hzane

        No. That’s untrue. Barry has sharply reduced the deficit and kept the nation from engaging in another war. Two things Mccain was unwilling to do.

      • hzane

        Annual deficit under Bush – 1.8 trillion. Annual deficit under Obama, 950 billion. Not to mention over two trillion dollars in bailouts to Wall Street on Bush’s way out the door. Too bad Republicans aren’t allowed to take history into account when forming their conclusions.

      • hzane

        Nobody is blaming Bush! Please stop being so dense. We are blaming Republican economic policy. Furthermore every Republican President since Nixon has outspent Democrat Presidents by a huge margin. Apparently in your world, nobody is allowed to actually take history into consideration. In order to accept right wing propaganda one must stay absolutely fixated on the illusionary world carefully crafted by right wing publicity experts.

      • Victoria Lamb

        You must be aware that debt grows with time, n’est pas? According to the Congressional Budget Office, Bushe’s policies will continue to drive the deficit for years to come, a situation that PRESIDENT Obama is attempting to correct.

      • Carabella1

        You mean your party’s scandals du jour? Those “scandals”?
        Thought so.

      • Michael H.

        Thank you Carol!

      • AlCum

        You’re thanking Carol for being as stupidly incorrect as you were? Hint: The unemployment rate of the Bush-GOP Great Recession hit 10 percent. That is a FACT that you cannot deny. No, it wasn’t as high as the Reagan-GOP Recession of 1982-83 when it nearly hit 11 percent, but it’s still 25 percent higher than what it is today.

      • Victoria Lamb

        Have you anything intelligent to say?

      • Dan

        1.HippocracyWhat Democracy turns into when all of the politicians in your country are Hippos.
        After my trip to Hungry Hungry Island, I was impressed by the sophistication of the constitutional Hippocracy there.

      • Victoria Lamb

        Only if you spell it incorrectly.

      • living right on the left coast


      • These aren’t opinions. This kind of vulgar, slanderous slams against our President is pure hateful. Why don’t you people get that? Why just him? Bush was far far worse and much less intelligent. Just saying. To get caught up in this type of idiocy and outright mean accusations is just plain wrong. You don’t like his policies, I get that. The rest is just down right bulling to the tenth degree. If you see it any other way, then your a fool too.

      • He got where he is by means exactly like IRS-gate (if you will). He’s accomplished nothing except winning elections the Chicago (read: dirty) way. He can’t win on ideas and couldn’t win on accomplishments, so he has to set out to destroy any and all opposition. That’s where the lemming liberals with their fake “dog whistles” and screams of “RACIST!” come in to help. This is what you wanted. You threw a half competent woman under the bus for a stuttering idiot based on the color of his skin to alleviate your White Guilt. You wanted it, you voted for it and you defend it.

      • So doubling the stock market and reforming health care don’t count? Talk about a lemming.

      • What, exactly, has he done to double the stock market? Isn’t it actually being propped up by the Fed? How long do you suppose they can maintain that? Is health care really reformed when it costs people more than it did in the first place? AARP, being the good tools that they are, are exempt from the preexisting condition mandate. Therefore, any seniors who want to get AARP insurance can be denied coverage. How about the budget? Where’s that? Are we really better off than we were five years ago?

      • hzane

        Congress controls the budget fyi. And yes, there has been considerably more deficit reduction legislation. Conservatives are still riding the deficit propaganda since FDR. It’s seriously that old. And why not? You guys are also still riding 1950’s Mccarthyism and 1890’s Constitutionality propaganda. While in the real world – Republican Presidents have outspent Democrats by a huge margin since Nixon. Whatever though. The majority has always been ignorant. So I don’t blame ya.

      • Victoria Lamb

        How can you pretend to quote financials on Obamacare when it hasn’t even been fully implemented? Have you really done your own research, or are you just relying on right-wing talk radio for your information? Ignorance is the enemy of truth.

      • Easy, Victoria. Costs are going up, My insurance premium doubled. A lot of patients have told me their premiums have gone up. My PCP that the SCOAMF promised me I could keep quit medicine not long after ObamaCareless was rammed through. He said he wanted nothing to do with it.

        “Ignorance is the enemy of truth.”

        True and liberals = colossal, shameful ignorance.

      • Victoria Lamb

        Costs are going up because insurance companies know that they will have to drop them when the Insurance Exchanges begin competing for customers. The ACA has created a level playing field for all other variables. Cost is the only variable left upon which they can compete. .

      • I think maybe you should research your claim. He has passed more legislation than any president has in an 8 years. For the good of everyone. If those idiots in congress would do their jobs a lot more could get done. For what ever reason people like you want the GOP’s version of status quo. They brought us to the brink of disaster, steal money from the middle class to give to the wealthy, and still think trickle down is the way to go, started 2 wars, and privatized the prison system. They’re trying to take away women’s rights, choose which religion people should follow, kill off our senior’s by taking away their entitlements, don’t care that people are dying by the hundreds from gun violence, blocked all the, and choose who can get married. If that doesn’t sound like fascism then what is. Presidents nominees, and obstruct every single piece of legislation in congress. They blame and accuse the President, for anything, even an umbrella. If that’s not bad enough they even try to smear his wife and attacks his young children. Which is way over the line. What normal person picks on a man’s family? That’s right no normal person would. Ours is a two party system, they lost and now they’re trying to turn Americans against each other. When in history have you ever seen this happen? Wake up these tea baggers and extremists are really bad people.

      • “If that doesn’t sound like fascism then what is.”

        Wow. How many Straw men is that?

        “What normal person picks on a man’s family?”

        The folks you voted for.

        “and now they’re trying to turn Americans against each other. When in history have you ever seen this happen?”

        Over the past five years by the current regime. Who calls Americans “RACIST!” for expressing their opinion of disagreement? Using the IRS to intimidate opponents, leaking private tax records to the media etc. Hoping and praying that terrorist bombers are white Republicans. Who’s trying to turn Americans against each other? YOU ARE, sweetheart:

        “Wake up these tea baggers and extremists are really bad people.”

      • “I think maybe you should research your claim. He has passed more
        legislation than any president has in an 8 years. For the good of

        Are you sure they’re all “for the good of everyone”? How does ObamaCareless costing double than originally estimated and raising insurance premiums by up to 400% equal “for the good of everyone”? How about gutting the STOCK Act eliminating financial disclosures by congressional staffers? Is that “for the good of everyone”? Bailing out the UAW to the tune of tens of billions we’ll never get back. Was that “good for everyone”? Solyndra? The “Monsanto Protection Act”? FAA furloughs (while they give themselves raises DoT told them not to)? Shall I go on?

      • Victoria Lamb

        There is no such thing as “Obamacareless.” There is the Affordable Care Act, and it is already having a positive impact on people’s lives. You are uninformed and callous.

      • Victoria Lamb

        If you are unhappy with the current situation, I’m sure your Congresscritter will be happy to listen to your pleas.

      • They are racists and bigots, you can’t deny a truth, ignore it maybe, but not deny.

      • Oh right. They’re racists based on ZERO evidence says the party of slavery, secession, segregation and the KKK. That’s projection, Dianne. You can’t lie about the truth.

      • AlCum

        Perhaps you should grab a newspaper or something and check the date. The 1860s are over. The KKK are Republicans since Democrats split their party over civil rights and pushed it through to law. It’s GOP politicians now talking secession, sport. Wake up.

      • Victoria Lamb

        Secession sounds like a good idea. Those are the “taker” Red states. Imagine the boost to the economy if they follow through.

      • Victoria Lamb

        Shame on you.

      • What’s your point?

      • Victoria Lamb

        Let’s see. How do you say “Full of bull” in whatever language it is that you are speaking?

      • Former Marine Cretin

        If your boy has done such a good job with all the liberal thieving legislation he’s passed, then why is our economy circling the bowl?

      • AlCum

        You must be on drugs or something. Checked the Dow lately? You must think it’s still 2008 and your puke of a prez is still in office flushing the economy. Obama rescued it and brought unemployment down, job creation up, reducing the deficit more than any president in history. Please do yourself a favor and grab yourself a few actual facts for a change.

      • Thank you, I knew I forgot something unemployment and deficit.

      • AlCum

        Correct. Thanks to positive action by Obama, unemployment is down substantially from its Bush-GOP Great Recession high of 10 percent,plus Obama is reducing the deficit at the fastest rate of any previous president.

      • hzane

        Deficit under Bush 1.8 trillion. Deficit under Obama 900 billion. Math is not a matter of opinion.

      • really? Been watching the news? It’s starting to look a lot better from here. Housing market up, jobs up, stock market up, gas is a bit lower, easier to borrow money, car sales way up. what did I miss? That’s while being blocked by congress on all sides. Nope, no help from those good old boys either. Still you complain and deny.

      • papabear1789

        You obviously don’t get out much and you’re TOTALLY isolated from any newscasts. Didn’t you know that unemployment has been steadily sinking, the Dow and the S&P are breaking records, U.S. corporate profits are higher than at any other time in history and the nation’s debt is being reduced at a record pace.

        Go crawl back under that rock you’ve been under for so long; That IS the comfort zone that shields you from all the economic reality happening in the real world.

        Plus, we’ll all just listen to these crickets while you and your ilk specify what “…liberal thieving legislation he’s passed” (considering the fact that presidents do NOT pass legislation; Congress does).

        You might be a FORMER marine; but you’re STILL a cretin.

      • hzane

        Well I will tell ya this, it ain’t because of nutritious school lunches… Of course, the economy isn’t going down the toilet at all. We have outsources our manufacturing. But we lead in management, tech, entertainment and finance. Enjoy your big talk radio brainwashing pal.

      • Victoria Lamb

        It isn’t.

      • Michael H.

        No Dianne, the silly misguided far left wing morons, which you seem to identify with, are the bad people. They mislead, confuse, misrepresent, cover-up, and flat-out lie to get their ways! We had a nice country going here until you guys starting populating like rabbits. Now we have (or will soon have) a majority of low information voters and/or low IQ voters that will vote in our US Presidents and be swayed by those just giving them a free cell phone. Yea thanks a lot for the most incompetent President in history, BO (or Barry Soetoro) and his sinister covert socialist and communist ideas and plans to destroy the US Constitution and America. Just look around at the mess BO (or Barry) has created and what you all have got us into. It will be a lot of hard work to dig ourselves out of this massive hole of debt and government mistrust just to put our nation back on-track and back together after BO and his evil administration get’s through with it. Wonder what the next liberal and BO scandal to break will be?

      • AlCum

        There is no scandal, sport. They are “nontroversies” and will help lead to the election of Hillary after Obama’s triumphant second term. Sorry you don’t like it that we liberals had to save the country again from your side’s screwing it up, but don’t take it too hard.

      • Victoria Lamb

        Populating like rabbits? Isn’t that thanks to the conservative right wing attempts to overturn Roe v. Wade via jihad against women’s health clinics?

      • He didn’t do much of the destroying on the campaign trail – his opponents did that for him during their own primary season.

      • Victoria Lamb

        Amen! They cut their own party’s throat.

      • Michael H.

        Thank you, Strangelove.

      • Victoria Lamb

        Your ignorant and unsubstantiated post is not worthy of my time to answer. Go and do some research yourself on something other than red news sites. You might learn something.

      • Michael H.

        DIANE, your posts reveals that you are part of the problem.

      • No, on the contrary, you have every right to voice whatever opinion you want, while everyone else has the right to voice theirs.

        It just so happens that conservatives express idiotic opinions that approach lunacy, and everyone else laughs at them because of it.

        It’s funny that a person talking about * hypocrisy* would somehow miss that…

      • Victoria Lamb


    • some true crocodile tears. it makes me wonder what would happen if they actually had something worth complaining about.

    • You mean all the important issues that you liberals seem to think have nothing to do with Barry? Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, etc.

      • Frunobulax

        Fast and Furious (!!!)… Yeah, that story is gonna grow legs any day now; keep holding onto that one.

      • doughnuts64

        None of those are important issues. I know you’d like them to be, but they really aren’t.

      • GirlWithTheShamrockTattoo

        What happened in Benghazi should have never happened it was a very tragic event. But where was your outrage when these events happened? Why weren’t you demanding for congressional hearings?

        June 14, 2002, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan:

        Suicide bomber kills 12 and injures 51.

        February 20, 2003, international diplomatic compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:

        Truck bomb kills 17.

        February 28, 2003, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan:

        Gunmen on motorcycles killed two consulate guards.

        July 30, 2004, U.S. embassy in Taskkent, Uzbekistan:

        Suicide bomber kills two.

        December 6, 2004, U.S. consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:

        Militants stormed and occupied perimeter wall. Five killed, 10 wounded.

        March 2, 2006, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan:

        Suicide car bomber killed four, including a U.S. diplomat directly targeted by the assailants:

        September 12, 2006, U.S. embassy in Damascus, Syria:

        Gunmen attacked embassy with grenades, automatic weapons, and a car bomb
        (though second truck bomb failed to detonate). One killed and 13

        January 12, 2007, U.S. embassy in Athens, Greece :

        A rocket-propelled grenade was fired at the embassy building. No one was injured.

        July 9, 2008, U.S. consulate in Istanbul, Turkey:

        Armed men attacked consulate with pistols and shotguns. Three policemen killed.

        March 18, 2008, U.S. embassy in Sana’a, Yemen:

        Mortar attack misses embassy, hits nearby girls’ school instead.:

        September 17, 2008, U.S. embassy in Sana’a, Yemen:

        Militants dressed as policemen attacked the embassy with RPGs, rifles,
        grenades and car bombs. Six Yemeni soldiers and seven civilians were
        killed. Sixteen more were injured.

      • I love these facts, because that’s what they are. I hate that the right just doesn’t get that or why they refuse to listen to the truth about the President, shameful. At least give credit where credit is due. How ashamed they’re going to feel when history is written and all the real facts are there for all the future to read.

      • Wrong, none of those attacked were taken over….next!

      • What’s the difference, they still happened on Bush’s watch people died, period.

      • It’s just easier for you to keep that head buried while chaos is all around us, isn’t it?

      • Carabella1

        And you have plenty of company, dear. Shake the sand out of your own bleached head.

      • April J-M, RN

        So the standard changes when you’re proven wrong, first it was dead Amercans at an outpost, not embassy,btw, now it is they took it over. Make up your mind!

      • Michael H.

        When the “facts” come out on “BO” or Barry as his former name come out – he will be impeached and embarrassed as the worst US President elected of all – that is the BO legacy! BO was elected only by a margin of low-information voters who just wanted a free cell phone and other entitlements because they are too lazy and do not want to work. BO is a liar and a fraud. He was a Muslim and not a natural born citizen of the US – He is a communist/socialist trying to change and destroy our country from within from what her former greatness as a republic. BO, you, and all of his supporters should be ashamed of their stupidity for electing such an evil man. Now we all have to live with the harm this man has caused. God help us all!

      • There’s nothing to come out. Can’t you see it’s just witch hunting? Just like Benghazi it will all be proved otherwise. Also People aren’t poor by choice and seniors and battered women ect, need phones to call for help. They get a cheesy little phone with a couple hundred minutes, christ what’s wrong with you people, don’t you believe in helping anyone? How can you be so lacking in empathy. You really need to read up on the facts of what our President has accomplished all mostly for the middle class and stop watching FOX and listening to Limbaugh. The GOP has not got your interest at heart, trust me. There fleecing you of all your hard earned money by giving to the wealthy. Mr Obama has done nothing wrong and definitely no reason to be impeached. Wake up and smell the coffee,

      • April J-M, RN

        The free phone started under Ray-gun

      • thanks someone mentioned that, I had no idea when it started and honestly don’t care. I care about people being able to survive with the level of real poverty in this country.

      • Victoria Lamb

        What are you doing about it???

      • How do you know there is nothing more to come out? Watch we have only seen the beginning of Benghazi, IRS and AP issues. As more come forward, we will learn more. I say you are not willing to accept the truth, you have made up your mind already.

      • Benghazi is done. The right’s accusations had no merit, or facts to back them. That’s 1 down 2 to go.

      • papabear1789

        The IRS 501(c) 4 stuff is pretty much done, too. Plus the discovery of the White House mole who has been passing national security secrets to the AP is being fast-tracked. The baggers KNOW that, and that’s why they have jumped the gun and started grasping at straws with “umbrella-gate”. They’ll be back to “birtherism” shortly. Stay tuned.

      • Michael H.

        Diane you are a total idiot. Stop drinking the kool-aid. Benghazi was the fault of Hillary and BO – Bo should resign and both should be prosecuted and jailed for their incompetence and/o sinister actions or inaction. BO does not have your interests a heat. He is a liar, a fraud, and is totally incompetent. BO has fooled you and many other low-information voters out there. Liberalism is a social disease and you must have it. Cure yourself with conservative ideas. You will be a better person for it.

      • AlCum

        LOLZ!! Cure? hat a wha-wha-wha-whacko!! Conservative ideas are what tanked our economy and decimated the middle class. Of course it’s taking liberals once again to rescue the nation from the depths of yet another GOP economic disaster.

      • hzane

        The Republican party is a two-faced beast. But when you look past the pundits at the actual legislation, the GOP’s consituents are multi-national corporations. Without question. Which actually isn’t such a bad thing. I mean, I’d love to live in a cooperative utopia too – but that’s not reality. Corporate oligarchy is however. So we may as well have strong allies. But the symphony of lies of falsehoods the GOP has crafted to disguise their agenda and build populace support is what’s so disheartening. And it creates people like the ones on this board that you and I are arguing with.

      • Victoria Lamb

        Really? You, yourself should take your own advice. Stop drinking the Koolaid.

      • papabear1789

        Keep hope alive!!!!!!!!!! …Oh, but DON’T hold your breath…OKAAAY?

      • Carabella1

        Does your tinfoil hat need an adjustment?

      • Victoria Lamb

        Do you need a brain transplant?

      • AlCum

        LOLZ!! And *I* say that YOU are the one who has made up your mind based on smoke and mirrors and nothing else. Without any evidence, you’re ready to hate this president. It’s only because you want to, not based on any actual facts, As more has come out, we’ve continued to learn there is no “there” there, and that it is nothing more than phony outrage over false charges. If you’re this outraged over Obama, you must have been 1,000 times more outraged over the acts of Bush, but you weren’t.

      • Victoria Lamb


      • papabear1789

        …or more succinctly, crawl out from under your rock and smell that coffee. Oh, and stop thinking that people who earn over $25 million (Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Rove) would EVER lower themselves to having a beer with the likes of you. They DO provide you tea baggers with scapegoats (that cellphone crap) and boogeymen (presidential gun round-ups) to distract you while they are dishing out huge corporate subsidies and tax breaks to their corporate masters.

      • Kill yourself.

      • Michael H.

        Nice talk from a child, Jake M. Gresoski! I hear your mommy calling. You need some serious growing up to do before you put your big boy pants on. Talk to me when you become an adult and can think for yourself, and have something legit to say – fool. Jake M. Gresoski

      • hzane

        Do you consider this comment you have just made to be mature or substantive? *shakes head.

      • Carabella1

        Are you even in jr. high, little boy? Is that a nice thing to say to an adult? Do you torture small animals?

      • The most that can be proven is incompetence – incompetence is not impeachable grounds (frankly if it was, there goes 2/3 of Congress on both sides).

      • Michael H.

        Robert, you may be right – at least I hope you are right.

      • Carabella1

        Let’s start with the worst SOTH in history.

      • April J-M, RN

        You’ve clearly been Limbaugh-tomized

      • Michael H.

        There are a few low-information trash talking liberal voters on here. You guys have been drinking (and it looks like still are drinking) the kool-aid about BO even after all the scandals. BO – THE worst US President since the beginning and who has done absolutely nothing right but who is still arrogant, parties in Vegas, and caused the death of four brave Americans in Libya – then tries to cover it up. Had the public known now what Hillary and BO did and did not do at the time to help save these courses men we would have another US President, not BO. BO is a liar and a fraud and should be impeached, thrown out-of-office, and jailed for treason at the very least. It is coming – no thanks to low-information voters who put him in office in the first place. God help us all.

      • Carabella1

        That’s bull and you know it.

      • You’ve freaking got to be kidding! Are you people for real? Blue states don’t have any where near the low information low intellect and intelligent people that the red states have. We’re educated up here, it’s a priority for our kids. Just look at what you wrote about him, what do you people need for proof, and why should he even have to prove it? No other president had to go through it. You just can’t fix stupid, and that scares the rest of us. It’s the GOP that’s taking away everyone’s rights and that’s a fact, not fiction.

      • Carabella1

        Rethuglicans truly believe they’re more intelligent. I find that hilarious given their disdain for education.

      • Victoria Lamb

        Me too.

      • Victoria Lamb

        No need for convincing here!

      • papabear1789

        As Republican strategy legend Lee Atwater said when referring to the conservative base, “You can fool some of the people ALL of the time, and THOSE are the ones to concentrate on”.

        YOU are one of THOSE people, sir.

        And as for those “low-information voters who just wanted a free cell phone and other
        entitlements because they are too lazy and do not want to work”?? That is a moot point since you OR your ilk would NEVER hire even ONE of them (even if fully qualified) solely because you don’t like their skin color.

      • Michael H.

        Give me a break, only a total idiot, low information voter, or someone who does not ant to work or wants something for nothing would vote for BO. BO is a liar, a fraud, and he has no honor while he is driving this good country into the ground. If you cannot see it, then you are part of the problem.

      • Victoria Lamb

        PRESIDENT Obama is NONE of those things, which makes you a low-information voter.

      • Carabella1

        Do people call you Mike, Mikey, Mickey, Mick or Michael. Do you people understand how silly your imagined insult to the president is by calling him by a nickname he hasn’t used in decades? Really?
        And, honey, you obviously have no idea what the definition of “socialism” is. I suggest you move over to “The Blade” dot com. You’ll find so many more like you than here.
        Stay classy.

      • Michael H.

        Carabella – you are a total idiot and a fool!!!!! Barry or BO is a liar and a fraud. I know you are embarrassed and ashamed for supporting BO and voting for him but no need to take it out on me and conservatives. All we have to say is, “We told you so!” LOL Now we all have to live with your ignorance. God help us all.

      • Carabella1

        You either need a hug or help for your anger issues. Don’t worry… The next POTUS will be white. I’m sure that will go a long way toward your healing… unless you have an issue with women named Hillary… in which case you should just do us all a favor and end it all.

      • Michael H.

        No anger – just disappointment and disgust in BO with a total amazement that there are still supporters of an idiot as US President after all BO has done with arrogance, lies, fraud, incompetence, corruption, cover-ups, and perhaps sinister intentions. I know you do not like to be wrong but look what you and low-information voters have reaped – BO, a Presdient who has significantly harmed this country and the American people, day-in and day-out since he first took office. Color and sex do not matter to me – there goes the race card again when you cannot get your way and you know you are wrong – I see that often. Integrity, honor, valor, honesty, competence, intelligence, respect for our country’s traditions, and respect for our military matter, Ms. Carabella! BO (or Barry Soetoro has he called himself before) has none of these traits. And as for Hillary, she and BO are both directly responsible the “MURDERS” of four brave courageous loyal Americans in Benghazi who thought that they would never be abandoned by our government. That poor ambassador begged for help thirteen times and he was turned down each time before he was tortured and murdered – BO ordered all to stand down and let all of them be brutally tortured and murdered when it was possible to save them! What kind of evil person(s) does that? Both BO and Hillary have blood-on-their-hands and they have done nothing but divert blame, avoid responsibility, place blame on others, and cover-up the whole matter. Impeachment for BO (or Barry) and jail for both are what is deserved for this incident alone. If they could not protect four Americans in Libya then how do you think they can protect you? You are a total fool if you think that BO and Hillary have your best interests at heart. Now if you think BO is still a good President after that and if you think Hillary would make a good President after that then you really are part of the problem. Wake up and realize that America has declined under BO and his corrupt administration and liberalism is a social disease – embrace conservative ideas and cure yourself. You will be a better person.

      • Carabella1

        Oh, take a pill, Mikey, and get over your pompous, stupid self.
        Think about the thousands of murdered soldiers under Bush and Cheney and the tens of thousands who have been maimed physically and mentally in those wars they started based on lies… (I’ll bet you have never thought about that, you moron). Those two Nazi’s can’t travel out if this country without the fear they’ll be arrested for war crimes. Got that, genius? You people started this.
        I have a niece who is in Afghanistan and a brother who is an Air Force pilot, you jackass. Do they feel your support? Hell, no! They wonder how you people can be such hypocrites. They blame you people for this mess and so do most of our soldiers.
        Low information voters? Nice job of projecting, Darlin’. We’re your saviors and you’re too stupid to see it.

      • Michael H.

        so much anger Carabella, it looks like you need anger management, not me – 4 1/2 years now and BO still has not brought back our dedicated, well trained, hero soldiers from Afghanistan! BO, you, and the low-information voters are the idiots and you are just so angry and beside yourself that you cannot admit that your votes for BO were such a really big fat failure! BO has done nothing good but plenty of harm to this country, we all see it – BO will go down in history as the worst US President ever. LOL!!!! Sure Bush and other Presidents made mistakes, even GW and Lincoln – no one is perfect. But BO is literally a joke – Americans see it and citizens from other countries see it – but somehow you silly far left liberal morons keep groaning that nothing is wrong when there is a great deal wrong. Wake up – when will you be happy? Will you be happy when BO drags this country and us all done to the bottom when there is nothing left? Embrace conservative values – and reject the liberalism disease.

      • hzane

        This has nothing to do with Obama. NOTHING. Depending on how old you are, you have been repeating this exact same canned propaganda since Clinton, maybe Carter – hell maybe Mcgovern. Because right wingers used this same type of language since pre-civil war. Read a history book.

      • hzane

        i think it’s theblaze dot com.

      • Victoria

        I usually do not respond to comments like this because of the idiocy and well over all asshole-ness they are in nature. However, yours is disrespectful to me. I voted for Obama twice. I am NOT a low-information voter. I am a Political science and psychology double major. I finished this semester with a 3.8 GPA. I am a community volunteer, teach pre-school in my spare time and instead of watching the “Real Housewives like most youngsters; you can find me on CNN and NPR”. I am a first generation student who got to college with no help from my parents. I am a non-traditional student as I was not able to start until I was 23. I am not stupid. I am more than likely quite a bit smarter than you and MANY of the posters on this thread. You are rude and were clearly raised with no manners. Learn about the people you are disrespecting before you open your mouth. Clearly you know nothing about us.

      • AlCum

        Actually, it is clear that Michael knows nothing at all. After he’s been fooled for years into supporting the very policies that put our economy into the crapper in the first place, he has the nerve to call the people who are rolling up their sleeves and solving the problem “low information!” It would be hilarious if the stakes weren’t so high.

      • Victoria Lamb

        Don’t hold your breath, and try to broaden your network. You are woefully misinformed.

      • Victoria Lamb

        They can read?

      • How many Americans died and how many were an Ambassoder. How many were left unprotected and how many were burned and looted………next!

      • GirlWithTheShamrockTattoo

        The total number of deaths from attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities was 60 during the Bush
        administration and 13 under President Obama. The greatest number of deaths occurred during Clinton’s presidency, though all 223 of these deaths occurred on a single day in 1998, the result of in coordinated al Qaeda attacks on the U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya.

        Ah, but perhaps Benghazi marks the first time a U.S. diplomat was killed at one of our facilities? Also, no. In 2006, a suicide bomber targeted and killed U.S. diplomat David Foy outside the U.S. Consulate in Karachi. The attack marked the third terrorist incident at that particular Consulate in under four years.


      • “Ambassoder” Spelling level: Conservative

      • Ghostrider57

        “How many Americans died and how many were an Ambassoder”

        How many? Well why don’t you total it up & tell us.

        how many were an Ambassoder(sic) So it only counts if you are special? All those American lives lost are meaningless because they were just the rank & file?

      • Does it really matter what his title was? They were all Americans with the same value of life.

      • Ghostrider57

        That was kind of my point.

      • Guest

        Sorry that was for Malcolm.

      • SavMom

        Total American citizens out of the 60 cited, 1 and that was the Diplomat in question. Unbelievably, 16 of the 60 were the attackers themselves. Research people research.

      • Ghostrider57

        I am still doing the research.

        But your whole argument is 1 US citizen & 16 of the 60 were the attackers themselves?

        So the other 43 victims are meaningless? They don’t count?

        The point is that all of these attacks occurred on or outside US embassies.

        If you are going to call out Obama on Benghazi, then you need to be ready to explain why you didn’t do it in all the other cases.

      • fuc hue

        Gee and he was obama’s appointee. .if this is how he treats his friends. . .

      • Why aren’t you people blaming the terrorist?

      • Carabella1

        Because we all know how much Rethuglicans love their guns and hate the black man in the White House.

      • A) Benghazi wasn’t left unprotected – there was a 40 man detail of locals defending the facility and 2 US military on site (before the two retired military came over voluntarily to add themselves). That is a larger detail than most consulates have on a day to day basis.

        B) During the previous administration we had three ambassadors killed, during Clinton we had five, during Bush Sr we had two, during Reagan we had eight.

      • Carabella1

        And how much did the Rethuglicans cut from embassy budgets that might have provided more security?

      • ICareAboutMyCountry

        It’s not that this was a terrorist attack…it is the SHIT leading up to it and afterward that is in Question! Were all of the above watched in REAL TIME, back up told to stand down? Oh, and LIES LIES LIES told by too many to count for weeks afterward, and 12 talking points removed from the CIA information???? I could go on and on….just realize YOUR POTUS and his lying cronies are RESPONSIBLE and should be held accountable for the deaths of 4 Americans….AND THEY WATCHED THEM DIE, and Obama left the next freaking day to party and politic. This is what is pathetically UGLY. And you that defend this infection in the WH are an insult to our great country!

      • Paul

        Who do you think was filming this as it was happening? Are you really that ignorant that you would believe that garbage about them watching the attack! I think you are mistaking the special ops forces that went in after Osama Bin Laden with what happened here. They did send people in to help, They did not send in all the troops guarding the embassy in Tripoli, because of the obvious reason, that it would then leave that asset unprotected (which Republican’s really would have had a field day with, had they left it unprotected and it was attacked). You are the infection and a big wart on society and this country, and the only thing you care about is your racist beliefs and lies.

      • April J-M, RN

        He’s your POTUS too dipshit, if you’re renouncing your citizenship, great!

      • catdaddy

        How many years of military service have you given Mr. ICareAboutMyCountry?

      • WOW, An insult to our great country? Obama left next day to party and politic? It shows by your stupid comment(party) that you conservatives will do and say anything adding lies and fictional stories trying to convince the citizens for your own political agenda. Where was George W.Bush when the levees breached New Orleans, even when numerous Meteorologists and weather experts warned what could and most likely would happen once Katrina made landfall 2 days before Katrina even made landfall. HMM, I think he was vacationing., When it did make landfall. Dick Cheney (Fly Fishing).. Karl Rove(Nowhere Around) Condoleezza Rice (Shopping), a patron even commented on how disgusting it was that she was shopping, while us citizens were drowning and dying.. And if you watched Spike Lee’s When the Levee’s Broke, You will see George W 1st comments on what he was doing as far as responding He said as he chuckled “I know, I know,, somebody always needs or wants something by yesterday”, before he even assessed the damage., How many AMERICANS DIED FROM KATRINA? And still you will deny or play deaf and blind about the way Bush handled it, even when he was on film, from his own mouth, and you conservatives play stupid, or you just think the rest of America is stupid and will believe your made up version of the real truth. Then their is the Iraq War that was based on a lie, that GEORGE W knew was a lie and he kept saying our soldiers over their were dying for a noble cause, but yet that noble cause never existed. How many AMERICAN BOYS AND GIRLS LOST THEIR LIVES BASED ON THAT NOBLE CAUSE LIE? I mean really, if you are going to point fingers, At least have the integrity and honesty to admit what George Bush did, and quit slamming Obama for anything and everything he does especially while adding lie upon lie to an original story. All you are showing the rest of the American people is how you lack integrity, morals, and ethics. If you can’t be truthful and factual in all aspects. Not just judge and slam on 1 president, and what you think he is guilty of(made up by conservatives). Then really, opinions are one thing, but lies are just that, and you all should keep your idiotic dishonest Obama smearing to yourselves.

      • Hon, we aren’t talking about Bush, now are we? We’re talking about the incompetent narcissist sitting in the WH right now.

      • AlCum

        LLOLZ! You are funny! Saving the country from the Second Great Republican Depression must be criticized at any cost, eh?

      • Oh, yea, he saved it alright! hahahahahahaha!

      • AlCum

        You’re laughing at the rescue of the US economy from the Bush-GOP Great Recession? Why do you hate America? Maybe you’re just to stupid to understand economic matters, a trait that is inherent in all conservatives. But when Bush left office, he handed Obama a sinking ship. We stopped it from sinking and, in case you haven’t noticed, private sector employment growth is the best since Clinton, deficit reduction — something Republicans talk about but then they blow up the deficit (Reagan, Bush) — is the fastest under any president, the stock market has more than doubled, corporate profits are skyrocketing and unemployment is dropping, slowly due to GOP obstructionism of course, but dropping. If republican traitors would get over the fact that Americans don’t want them any more, and cooperated, we’d be in even better shape. But we’ll get rid of you in 2014 so it’s OK.

      • Carabella1

        Rethuglicans despise this country. Their goal is to tear it down and rebuild it in their image. This is why they must never be permitted to do so at any cost.

      • Carabella1

        Um… Yes, hon. He did.

      • Carabella1

        “Incompetent narcissist” – Rethuglican lexicon for the uppity black man.
        You stay classy, hon.

      • AlCum

        Do you know your assertions are lies or are you simply a dupe for your masters?

      • Carabella1

        You do know the Rethuglicans cut embassy budgets which seriously curtailed security… Right? Of course you do.

      • That’s a logical fallacy, is it not?

      • Because there was no need for a hearing, no one lied and said a video caused it. The Entire US media covered it.

      • Guys – what everyone is failing to understand with the Benghazi event is very different from these other events where Americans died is that in the case of Benghazi our president, his SS, his spokesperson, all his administration – lied to the American people for weeks after the event. Not only did he lie about the reasons why, he went out of his way to somehow blame our intuitional rights of free speech as the reason for the attack. Think about this for a moment. Obama seems to want blame us, our values, our beliefs as the reasons for the Islamists wanting to kill us. This is so sad that we have a president that seemingly wants to blame us as his default position. And this is not unique for him. He went to Mexico and blamed us for their murder rates in their county, he spoke to the UN and blamed the video for the attack against our embassy. He blamed the PM of turkey for the reason why he needed the marine to hold an umbrella for him, it never stops – Obama takes no responsibility for any of his actions weather they be dealing with lives, freedoms or getting his suit wet.

      • No one lied! They reported to us what was being reported to them, period. It took awhile to actually investigate it. When they had all the facts they reported it. period, period, period! How long after 9/11 did it take to get those facts? The actual investigations take time. What is so hard to understand? How can you blame someone when they didn’t have all the facts.

      • Carabella1

        Nice spin. Stay classy.

      • Koalas

        It’s people like you that I don’t understand. Why is it now that this Bengazi incident is such a huge blowup? It can’t be because it’s the first terrorist attack ever? We’ve had tons and tons and tons under other presidents in the past, and never had anyone like you on here complaining about it, and crying for congressional hearings. I already know what this is about, and it’s pretty superficial. You dislike the fact that we have a half-black democratic president in office, a president who will be in for two terms. It has nothing to do with his policies, at all. It is about skin color, it HAS always been about skin color. Racist pieces of misguided filth like you shows everyone what is wrong with America today. Nobody cares about our future, all they care about is money, power, and ‘keeping minorities in their place.’ Idiotic on so many different levels.

      • Chris

        OMG. Why do you have to be like that? A conservative will say specifically what is wrong with an Obama policy, and because you don’t like it you say “oh, it’s because he’s black.” No – it has nothing to do with skin color. You want it to be. It has to do with his policies. Obama wants to go after capital gains. Do you know what that means? You are thinking – yeah, stick it to the rich people. It’s not fair that they have money – take it from them. Do you know what it really means? that no one can save money. poor, middle, everyone. and stick it to the rich? like buffett? who hasn’t paid taxes in 15 years and is battling the IRS in court? yeah – what a role model. obama wants to go after medicare. yes he does. he has you drinking the coolaid. he wants everyone on obamacare. and guess what needs to fund obamacare? medicare! it’s already been gouged at, and will be by 2016 when all of obamacare is pretty much rolled out. and you’re thinking that obamacare is awesome, and your just PROUD of what he’s done. well – go read your precious CNN – even they are admitting that obamacare is/will be an albatross to the american people. the wonderful liberal propaganda team and obama’s henchmen (media) did a great job of tricking (yes, tricking) the public that obamacare is good; that everything he does is good. Well – he can’t blame no gun control laws on the GOP because of the dem’s he was unable to please. don’t say it was the NRA. the left has made the public believe that there aren’t enough republicans to fill a phone booth, and as we both know – only republicans would join the NRA. ergo – there is not enough of a GOP majority to stop it alone. And this IRS scandal? that the media is really pushing as a “nothing” ? and that the president didn’t know anything about? so it’s okay for the president to say “I don’t know”? so can my kids rob you and I say “I don’t know” when you ask me where your stuff is? what’s going on overseas in embassies around the world, Mr. President? and he’s going to say “i don’t know” What’s going on in the US economy, Mr. President? and he’s going to say “I don’t know” but that’s okay, because if we ask more detailed questions it’s because he’s black, right? we should just accept him saying “i don’t know” because he’s black, right? or better yet, we should accept that the first 4 years was Bush’s fault and the second 4 years is the GOP’s fault, right? because, it’s NEVER his fault, right? the complaints against him have nothing to do with skin-tone. It’s not his color, but his policies that many people are angry about.

      • White space. Learn it. Live it. Love it. (And that hasn’t got a *thing* to do with race.) Also? Look up “begging the question.” Also, look up “rambling, nonsensical, run-on sentences.”

      • Chris

        Responding to my writing instead of my substance? Really? You’re deep. It’s a blog, and I wrote for simpletons like you to understand…but I guess that’s still too complicated for you. How’s this: Obama is going to take all your savings in the name of “helping the poor.” Obama is going to take away your rights in the name of “I know what’s the best for you.” Do you understand that? If you think I’m wrong, well then, let’s come back for a chat in two years.

      • Mo Hanson

        It’s been 6 years already, and the rich are richer, Wall Street is breaking records. Sure, I love to see where were at in 2 more years of this awful trend.

      • “I love to see where were at in 2 more years of this awful trend.”

        Will your fellow liberals attack you for your mistakes there? Do you suppose Wall Street will be able to continue being propped up by the Fed? When do you suppose THAT bubble will burst?

      • April J-M, RN

        Want some cheese with that whine? You jokers were silent when Wya did worse if not the same shit.

      • “Why is it now that this Bengazi incident is such a huge blowup?”

        The hearings have recently started, It’s been snowballing for months now. The regime and the media lapdogs had to keep it under wraps so the SCOAMF could get reelected though.

        “We’ve had tons and tons and tons under other presidents in the past, and never had anyone like you on here complaining about it,”

        How many were covered up so the President could win?

        ” Racist pieces of misguided filth like you shows everyone what is wrong
        with America today. Nobody cares about our future, all they care about
        is money, power, and ‘keeping minorities in their place.”


      • Pat

        Do you know the difference between an incident and an issue?

        We’ll work on “important” next…

        Maybe someday we’ll get to why your response is “Bash Obama!” rather than “Do something about ‘important’ incident/issue.”

      • Have you been watching the news? Most of this is contrived gossip that the right wing keeps jumping into without getting the facts. No , wait, let me guess; FOX. Am I right?

      • We’re finding out that the regime’s claims were false. Last week, we were told that the IRS fiasco was confined to a few low-level employees and the regime knew nothing about the whole kerfuffle. This week, we know the regime knew what was going on as early as last June. That info is the results of the hearings, not “contrived gossip”.

        Why liberals are circling the wagons around the regime on this is beyond me. Liberal groups could’ve been targeted (and some claim that they were) just as easily. And no, I don’t watch Fox or any other news networks.

      • I watch the news daily and haven’t heard anything like that. It was contained within the IRS. they’ve already established that. Next

      • Maybe you should watch some news, you’d be more informed.

      • Steven

        Miss Howard, the fact that you refer to him as Barry in every comment that you’re trolling this page with, I think is a sign that you have no respect for the man or the office. The fact that you can’t actually come up with a decent accusation against the President that is backed by facts and not lies is enough to show me that you’re losing, badly.

      • callahan

        Barry Soetero was his name to everyone at the Muslim grade school he went to. Barry was what his group of chronic dope smoking friends called him at the elite prep school he went to. Its been his nickname his whole life, but only racists who read biographical materials would know that. Go back to sleep…

      • Michael H.

        thank you again, Carol!

      • A F&F FYI started under a different administration – it’s sad he didn’t find out enough about it to shut it down beforehand, but there’s decent odds he knew absolutely nothing before the blowback already started.

        When the operation actually started it was greenlit KNOWINGLY by the previous administration.

        (And note: President’s not knowing everything the previous administration left running is hardly an odd thing – there’s examples in every presidency I’ve been alive for)

      • Victoria Lamb

        To begin with, we have enough class to call the PRESIDENT of the United States by his proper name, to refrain from passing judgement on trumped up scandals until all the facts are in, and to make an effort to do our own research. You??

    • That was great!

    • PCAT

      No problem with the umbrella incident, but I do have a problem with your first comment. A war on lies??? Did we find WMD? Apparently no nukes or illegal chemical weapons…but that was just one of the 20+ UN violations that was the reason for war. What about all the others? Are we supposed to sit idly by while he illegally continues to attack our aircraft flying over no fly zones? I know if someone kept shooting at me or my family, I would not just sit idly by…maybe you would.

      • The liberals were the authors of said “lies”. The Clinton administration spent years warning about WMDs, long before Bush even thought of running. That’s why regime change was made official US policy in 1997.

    • “Bush,…anyone? No? Just crickets?!”

      You mean Clinton, or were you intentionally lying to rewrite history?

    • Rockum

      I am a Republican, and I assure you umbrella etiquette is the last of my concerns. In fact I can’t find any articles calling it a scandal on any conservative websites. Some people have found it tacky and have noted that it is a breach or Marine protocol, but that hardly amounts to a scandal.

      Classic straw man case.

    • Sam

      Apparently you missed the intelligence reports of every other nation during the time before we invaded Iraq.

      Iraq had WMDs. Iraq already had used them, and was SUPPOSED to have them tagged in a secure storage location, but almost a year after we demanded to inspect, they were all gone. Including the tagged ones.

      Also, President Obama called the bombs used in Boston weapons of mass destruction.

      So that whole starting a war on lies thing is pretty childish. Especially since Obama has tripled U.S. military presence in the Middle East.

      And tripled casualties. Read a book.

      This is not a big deal to you because you are devoid of respect and standards, and appropriately belong in the Democrat party.

      • AlCum

        LOLZ!! You might be the last rightloon in the nation to still be defending that lie. No, chum, Iraq did not have WMD. Even Bush has conceded the point, and he’s a moron. What’s that make you?

    • BlueCornmoon

      It’s called grasping at straws. It’s what stupid people do when their defective brains stop working. They start out at the level of the villains in Deliverance & from there it’s all downhill. Dumb never dies.

    • Michael H.

      Nekbbew – you are a total idiot. Marines are not personal attendants for the whim of BO – they are there to protect him. The umbrella incident was a disgusting display of arrogance on the part of BO. BO should be totally ashamed. US Marines are exceptionally well trained professionals, as well as honorable men with valor, courage, honesty, and empathy – all adjectives BO lacks. If anything, BO should be holding the umbrella for the Marine!

      • AlCum

        What a sad little man you are! Your impotent rantings, by the way, are typical of those that helped American voters wake up to the irrational hatred on the right wing. We are now a center-left country thanks to the nutbaggery of people like you.

    • Alec

      Even the President is not allowed to brake Marine Regulations. This could only be sanctioned by the commandant of the marines.

      • AlCum

        You are incorrect and misinformed. Typical of a Republican or conservative.

  • Republicans are the dumbest lowest low blow on earth. The President was having a guest, a foreign leader guest! they think it’s ok to let a foreign leader getting wet under the rain. Wtf is wrong with you republicans? why don’t you all move to the moon with newt for good!

    • Dumb republican

      Thanks man I appreciate the insult. I think the meme is funny, I don’t think he’s a monster for it. I’d probably just do it inside, but whatever. Since I’m a republican, that loops me in with every retard that claims the same. I would never use such a broad claim that democrats were idiots. I believe it’s just some are idiots, both sides have them, and you qualify for that title.

  • The picture was cropped. There were two people at podiums and Marines were holding umbrellas over EACH of them. Get the full picture and understand the full picture. Marines also serve who stand and wait – with umbrellas.

    • It is always an honor when I hold the umbrella for my wife. People complaining about this are literally being stupid.

      • Victoria Lamb

        Your wife is a fortunate woman.

    • I may be one of the very few who saw the video clip (audio included, of course) of what President Obama said prior to this photo being taken. When it started to rain, he asked that an umbrella be provided for the Turkish Prime Minister. He said very clearly that he had a change of suits, but respectfully and politely asked that one be provided for his honored guest. Because that’s what kind of leader he is. Thanks for your insight, James M. Keane.

  • jim Thompson.

    Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) went on the Hugh Hewitt Show tonight and dropped this bombshell. The Holder-Obama Justice Department tapped the House of Representatives Cloak Room.HH: The idea that this might be a Geithner-Axelrod plan, and by that, the sort of intimation, Henry II style, will no one rid me of this turbulent priest, will no one rid me of these turbulent Tea Parties, that might have just been a hint, a shift of an eyebrow, a change in the tone of voice. That’s going to take a long time to get to. I don’t trust the Department of Justice on this. Do you, Congressman Nunes?DN: No, I absolutely do not, especially after this wiretapping incident, essentially, of the House of Representative. I don’t think people are focusing on the right thing when they talk about going after the AP reporters. The big problem that I see is that they actually tapped right where I’m sitting right now, the Cloak Room.

    • Victoria Lamb

      Your post rambles and is quite confusing, given that you don’t separate narrative from quotes, you don’t identify which individuals are being quoted, and your writing style seems to be “stream of consciousness.

  • The President of the United States is also the Commander in Chief of the military, and is accorded all respect that goes with that position…

    even if he ducked out of Vietnam like Bush II did.

    • Victoria Lamb

      The war in Vietnam ended when Barack Obama was 11.

    • He’s not old enough for Vietnam, better check your facts.

      • I meant to say “even if the President in question had ducked out of Vietnam like Bush II did.” referring to the office of the President and not Obama. Sorry that I was not clear on that.

  • Maybe you missed the facebook page “It’s NOT Racism Stupid! We Don’t Like His White Half Either”…
    Your comment ” he is the President (and a damn good one at that)”
    what has he done for our country? & playing golf w/Tiger Woods doesn’t make him a good president.

    • Are you just jealous that you didn’t get to play with Tiger? Do you even realize how little time he has taken off compared to other Presidents. Why shouldn’t he get to have a day to kick back and relax like the rest of the country. He deserves it more than anyone.

  • ROA

    These critics aren’t primarily Republicans, they are HATERS who can’t live by the tenets of democracy. They block, delay, and obfuscate the issues of this country. Democracy delayed is not democracy, it is dictatorship.

  • If I was 20 years old again, I wouldn’t volunteer to serve in the military. Why would I put my life on the line for a country of haters, bigots, gay hating, gun toting idiots? This country is regressing. No, I don’t love this country as much as I did in the past. Being an American meant something in the past. Instead of worrying about global warming and serious issues, it’s the President’s umbrella. How pathetic.

    • We’re now a country of spoiled rotten children and adults who have no manners or morals. People who hide behind their religion while screwing their neighbor. People that only care about themselves and no one else or even consider another’s beliefs or happiness or needs. They try to force feed others to accept their way or the highway and make laws based on religious beliefs, not for the people by the people. What ever happened to kindness, empathy and selflessness. Peoples blatant disrespect and hatred toward our CIC is just plain unAmerican, and unpatriotic, plain and simple. Grow a heart for christ sake.

  • Stephen Smith

    Funny, I cannot find a pic of a Marine holding an umbrella for Reagan of Bush of Clinton…

    • Victoria Lamb

      It is on the FB page from which this thread originates. How did you get here if you didn’t see the graphic?

  • Next thing you know they will vilify him for quitting smoking after taking such a stressful job.

  • PFL1982

    grasping at straws

  • Margaret Redmon

    Nancy Reagan had an umbrella held over her, when making speeches, so as not to get her designer original clothes wet. Do I hear anyone complaining about that? NOPE.

  • now that you have had a hard on for more than 4hrs about this you republicans need to go c your doctor.

  • rockum

    As a Republican, I can assure you this is the last of my concerns. I find the photos a bit silly looking, but there are far more troubling issues with this administration than umbrella etiquette. If you can’t come to grips with that, you’re in denial. I think most democrats are smart enough to know recent revelations have raised serious and valid concerns. This article is simply an attempt at damage control.

  • johnny rotten

    I have a problem with Obama continuing rendition and droan strikes. These are (real) problems. The question is , why do Republicans choose to make shit up when they can use (real) reasons?

    4year old Johnny is malnourished because his parents can’t get a job.

    President is an evil man because he forces a white marine to hold an umbrella for him.

    Which deserves ours and the medias attention?

    Things are really fucked up when they let their naked hatred of a black president get in the way of a starving child.

  • disgusted

    I was just as disgusted with Busch as I am with Obama. How dare you call someone a racist just because we have e the nerve to say he is a disgrace & he happens to be black. And to lump southerners in with truely racist people is no better. Its not just the umbrella & its ridiculous that you would defend him JUST because hes black lol Please tell me what he has done to have such loyalty besides just being black!!!

  • “Why don’t we get a couple of marines, they’re gonna look good next to us…” President Obama, 5/17/2013

  • BLMBaH

    seen the picture of US Marines doing this for Presidents Bush and
    Reagan. Hot Air ran a great article the other day and said that there
    was certainly precedent for this, but that as a note to future
    Presidents, Don’t Do This Ever Again. But then I realized that we’re
    all wrong. This isn’t about the Marine. This is about President Obama.
    Want to know why there is outrage? I’ll tell you. It’s because we
    don’t respect the man. In our mind’s eye, after Fast &Furious,
    Benghazi, Solyndra, Lightspeed, the IRS scandal, and the AP records
    seizures, we know in our hearts that this man does not deserve the
    respect or accolades that his office entitles him to. And THAT is why
    we are outraged.

    • Well so far he isn’t linked to any of it. No proof, just empty accusations and people aren’t looking into the facts either. Perfect no, who is? But he’s still our President and in no way deserves all this BS either.

  • Tony

    I’m more republican than democrat and I could not care less. You’re right. He IS the President and deserves respect. In fact, I VOTED for Obama his first term. So does this mean I’m still “pathetic” or a “cretin”, or that I suddenly don’t deserve your respect? Or maybe it means when you say “Republicans” you’re really referring to “a specific group of assholes who like to cause trouble and post ignorant bullshit online because the Internet makes them feel invincible.”

    I don’t talk trash about you or other Democrats because you side more or entirely with one party. (And neither do I stick solely to voting for or agreeing with just republican party members because that would be another form of ignorance) Maybe you could extend the same courtesy to others like me instead of grouping other logical republicans with the idiots who do nothing but try to cause trouble.

    Or are you no better than them?

  • SpaceTripper

    “It’s attacks like this which make me lose any amount of respect I had for 95% of Republicans.”

    You still had respect for Republicans? You die-hard, you.

    • I have republican friends so I try not to take it out on the non politicians. But damn, those people make it so hard to live by this rule. It never ceases to amaze me the level of sheep there really are, and their not even smart enough to realize what’s actually going on. It’s racism at it’s very worst. We’ve never seen this before because he’s our first black President.

  • Um…Allen? Not only did your messiah compel 2 Marines, actual MEN (as opposed to the VERY effeminate Barry Soetoro) to breach the regulations of the USMC, but he also kept members of YOUR PROFESSION, the MEDIA, out in the rain for 47 minutes. Why? To show his utter disdain for you and your ilk; this on top of the DOJ’s seizure of AP phone records for no good reason. And yet you continue to carry Obama’s water for him.

    You’re not very bright, are you?

  • Marines do not hold umbrellas in uniform, it’s against regs. Know what you are talking about before you speak.

    • BigWhiteDog

      Do your homework before shooting off your mouth. Try reading the other comments here along the same line oh bright one.

  • JEFF

    I wonder if you were just as outraged at the media attention to Marco Rubio taking a drink of water during his response to the state of the union address. Don’t just say other presidents have done this. I’m not from Missouri, but SHOW ME!!

  • You don’t expect to change traditions. Marines do NOT EVER carry umbrellas in uniform. For him to expect the Marines to do this for him disgusts me. But simply, you fucking idiots don’t give a flying shit about regulations.

    • Why don’t you just go ask a marine. I did. It would have made him proud to have that honor, because they live by a code of honor. Don’t speak for one unless you are one. This is idiocy at it’s finest. Go find something honorable to do like help in a soup kitchen or a senior center.

  • ForeverKnight

    Obama could have chosen to tell the Marines to stand down like he did the military rescue missions at Benghazi but he didn’t

  • So all of you Democrats/progressives/liberals defended Marco Rubio for taking a drink of water during his state of the union rebuttal right? No jokes were made by you, no “liking” captained pictures making fun of rubios sip of water right?

    • for me, a republican, i thought it looked awkward and unprofessional, but it made it interesting! lol

    • GirlWithTheShamrockTattoo

      I just thought it was a little weird that he did that but I didn’t make fun of him. I make fun of him for some of his dumb ass statements.


      Here’s the difference: those attacking Obama are way what he did was wrong, that it proves he hates the country, the Armed Forces, etc.

      Those “attacking” Rubio thought it was funny. Which it was.

    • Well, come on, he had it coming. Seriously all the GOP does. There mean and hateful and should be treated the same. That’s the republican way, right?

  • Hipocrasy, racism and the stupid umbrella.

    hipocrasy. the same people that criticized bush’s policies are backing it when obama does it, or continues to do it, or further makes bush’s policies even worse.

    racism. i dont hate obama cuz he’s black (and white), i hate him because he’s a fn idiot, an anti-american arrogant pos. it’s also racist to assume that i, white, dont like obama because of his skin color(s).

    umbrella. liberals and democrats always like to play the race card and whatever else they have to do in order to get away from the facts. the whole uproar and rage isn’t about the stupid umbrella, it’s about calling on a marine to hold the umbrella for him because he might get a little wet (such a p*ssy) but he couldn’t call a marine (etc) to go help the people that were murdered by terrorists at benghazi.

    • Spoken like a true racist bigot. So you don’t like his policies, why the hate? He’s a very good man and he’s not proven other wise. I didn’t like Bushes policies either, but I didn’t hate him, I just didn’t care enough to waste my energy to store up that kind if vile hate.

  • Awww. Somebody’s jealous the SCOAMF didn’t ask HIM to provide fawning cover so he provides it after the fact. Feel sorry for you, Allen. You mad, bro?

  • ekbelladona16

    This is my humble observation about our government.If republican would work as hard as they criticize and stop hating, our economy would be 1000 percent. The people are so ignorant they vote for people in government without reading and evaluating their resume,background,history in government. The people need to know what they have done and what they are going to contribute for the better of everyone in America.This information should be public knowledge. We the people demand that our government show this information on television and computer when they are campaigning.It’s ashamed that use the media to degrade each while the world is watching. I believe Education start in the home and respect,principal and values starts in the home. Trust me I’m not trying to throw my pearls to the pigs. This is my observation I know how if feels for someone to hate me and someone to love me. I know the difference between love and hate looks, I could even it smell.I’m very familiar with the hater and why they hate.The Hater is subculture within a culture. People that hate are the only one allow within that culture. That is how they maintain their strength other wise they are weak. Hater are above everyone and don’t like dealing with peasants.Some people work in government to help. Others work with and agenda to line their pockets and help their cronies. Wake up America and smell the coffee. The haters love the economy the way it is. They’re laughing all the way to the bank. They control the job by hiring limited amount of employee and increasing the prices of everything. They control everything to their advantage. “Remember when you have money it is power” Reaching your goals and working hard is not a bad thing. It’s how you reach the ladder. Greed and hate are parallel it take you into area that you never dreamt of. Greed and hate distract for fear that someone is going to see their vision or what they are doing. I’m dreadful that they been part of our government for many yearssssssss. Obama stay focus on the goal don’t allow anyone to distract you. We back you up 1000 percent or more. Clean house the devil doesn’t sleep.
    Oh I forgot, Remember the world live by example and they are a poor excuse. I’m throwing this article to the universe run with the ball. Please excuse my grammar I’m one of the peasant. Peace, love, blessing and happiness. Stand for right!

    • speaking of resume, obama didnt have one… as far as his education and whatnot, we never got to see any transcripts… i did however see a fake birth certificate, but that’s a whole ‘nother story… 😛

      • Really! Is it any of our business? Did Romney show his birth certificate, or tax returns? No! Was that ok? Obama is an American, christian and intelligent man. Right now there’s no one else capable. He can make a difference if this idiot, freaking, congress would stop blocking him and do their jobs! They have done nothing this year except stir the pot of gossip and miss leading their citizens.

  • Josh

    This writer doesnt get it- its not that a marine was holding an umbrella over hitler. Its the dact that the very person his is sworn to protect, would most definitely not do the same had roles been recovered.
    Label republicans as party of “no”?

  • lol i just noticed: ABOUT ALLEN CLIFTON. featured on CurrentTV (a waste of a station, formerly owned by Al Gore the Bore and now owned by Al Qaeda – i mean Al Jazeera, same thing… and The Young Turks? You mean The Young Jerks.

  • Isaac

    Liberal logic: It is OK to talk about southern white men, but it is not OK to talk about minorities. Do unto others, isn’t that the democratic party motto?

  • Ako1pinoy

    the $ht needs to stay dry

  • JayStewy

    Ok so I have read most of these comments and most of them are just…not worth a time in the world to read honestly. Now to the topic at hand, I have been looking all over the internet for “A” picture of a Marine holding an Umbrella for “A” president and still have turned up with nothing. The most I have seen was a Marine holding an umbrella and handed it to George W Bush Jr when he got out of a car and walked to Air Force One.

    Next comes to the fact of the comment you made ” he is the President (and a damn good one at that) and it’s an honor to be a Marine standing beside him.” Now as a Marine, you should just keep comments like that to yourself. It is an Honor to be a Marine…duty is duty, if you over in Afghanistan doing grunt work or standing beside the President, either or you are doing your duty as a Marine and that right there is being a Marine. Don’t put the president on a pedestal and think it is an honor to be in his presence…

  • The last 13 years have been hell, with war criminals like Bush, Obama, Cheney, Clinton and Rumsfeld and Rove and Holder and C. Rice and S. Rice. The unbelievable thing thru it all is how can people be such brainwashed zombies? Both on the left and right. Foreign policy wise Obama is just an extension of Bush policy. People on the left were outraged when Bush was doing these things and the right was just as guilty when Bush was in office. Hopefully America wakes up before it’s too late.

  • lalala

    Attacking Rubio Because of a sip of Water, Democrats & Progessives Reach New Lows

  • The U.S. Marines are the back bone of our nation showing respect for not only our president ,but the Turkey prime minister too. I guess the republicans forgot about working on real issues. Sarah Palin thank God you are where you should be and not running the country. News Flash Republicans please find a real issue, please. oh no umbrella gate we need hearing!!!!

  • Me

    You know, I know conservatives who publicly call Obama a “f**king n****r”. They have ever right to dislike the man, but I’ve never heard a liberal make a racial crack about a president they disliked.

  • Just sayin’

    This debate must be important to both liberal conservatives, because both are on here wasting their time calling names, naming Bush and using the race card, all of you will tire and find something else to occupy your time.

  • The target in this site is make grow.And issue is “how to do it.” But the other issue is also “kind of site that look”.

    By the use of texts written in first person, the use of vulgarities in your content on occasion, epidermal and sensational handling of the news and similar resources, assume they do not mind that the place becomes a garbage dump more.

    I think yours is in time to change course and keep the keel of his ship does not move in waste and lumpen.And, instead, be directed to where the waves break and the light filters through tiny drops of water and no of stinking excrescences of that great cesspool into which inhabit the shadows that erode civilized nation

    Forget the first person Allen.You Ego is betraying you and” Foward …. not is grow.Remenber hardly with humility, you’re not known .And, if one day achieve assure you open will be,.You learned that ideas and talent that have featured journalists, Fautua stood on the first-person stance.

  • Mr. Smith

    It boils down to this. Right wing agent provocateurs like FOX news contrive these idiocies for talking points but when a thinking person examines the facts it all falls apart. If you Google search the issue there are pictures all over the internet of marines holding umbrellas for past presidents (and holding them for Mrs. Palin as well). This is just the kind of thing that cost republican elections because when the time is right the main stream media and election officials show the truth and hypocrisy causing the house of cards to fall. The die hard right wing no matter what will vote against Democrats, that is actually a small and ever shrinking population of the electorate, making things like this useless propaganda. They seem to think they can get support and votes with this kind of nonsense, it doesn’t work that way. People that stick to this kind of rhetoric at election time will lose all credibility ergo votes.

  • rand

    You see it as nothing? well just think of what middle east terrorists think of see a Marine doing this. It’s disrespectful period. And no other presidents have not had soldiers hold umbrellas for them.

  • DeeBeeCooper

    ok so where are the photos of a marine holding an umbrella for Bush… for Bush 41… for Reagan? Why wasn’t such a photo pasted into this article? I’m still waiting…

  • PCAT

    Have no problem with a Marine holding an umbrella over the President but with everything else that is going on. You all keep looking at what they show you in their left hand while their right hand reaches in your pocket and steals your wallet and your freedoms. It’s not about what they are telling you, it’s about what they are not. If none of these things are a big deal, then why does it take so long to say its not a big deal…Why can’t they be the transparent government they claimed they were going to be? When a question is raised, answer it fully and provide everything asked for. Why should they have to? Because Congress is supposed to be there to represent the people, so when they ask for something and the President and his people blow them off, it’s the same as them blowing the people off. Not the kind of Executive branch I feel should be running the country. Not that Bush’s was perfect either, but this one always has something to hide about everything. Anytime a controversial event happens, it’s “here’s a little bit of info, and you don’t need the rest” until it blows up even bigger months down the road.

  • Donna

    SOMEBODY did hold umbrellas for them…and they held their own many times. But it’s against the Marine dress code for them to hold an umbrella, or carry which is the same thing. I believe what you are reading is indignation at the lack of respect for the uniform. As the Commander in Chief, he’s SUPPOSED to hold those codes and those men above reproach. That’s what called respect…I can tell you this…those men disobeyed their code which can cost them. Obama has aids who can hold umbrellas…he has MARINES TO PROTECT HIM. Kinda hard to pull your sidearm or sword to protect the prez when your hand is holding a stupid umbrella.

    I’m not a republican…but these TRADITIONS are what has made America the place where people seek refuge ..those traditions are the very reason men run for the office of prez…because they mean something to this country AND TO THE WORLD.
    Who do you think he still has serving in the war in Afghanistan? The very men he dishonored….
    And as an aside, why is he such a “damn good” president? I’m just curious by nature since he’s so unpopular…

    • Me

      If he were so unpopular, he wouldn’t have won two elections.

  • Cp

    So you read something on a bathroom wall and that then represents the views of all republicans!?

  • Michael H.

    BO should hold an umbrella for the two Marines instead for the US Marines who only have honor, integrity, exemplary training, bravery, courage, honesty, culture, valor, and empathy for others. BO does not have any of those traits for his is a liar and a fraud – that is why it is so upsetting for us to see these photos. So far, I have never seen a US Marine hold an umbrella for a former US President like this. Our US Marines are there for his protection only – not his valet or servant.

  • It was common courtesy to have someone hold an umbrella for a foreign head of state. Should the POTUS be treated to less, particularly at the same ceremony?

  • Wow, and this is why I try to stay away from speaking about Religion and Politics, because in polite society neither is spoken about. Well they aren’t unless both sides agree to behave like rational adults. Unfortunately both the left and right (liberal and conservative) refuse to speak rationally. Instead it’s picking apart the small mistakes the current party has made, and yes Obama has made mistakes. I know, gasp, he’s human and not the chosen one! And the other side has to poke fun at beliefs, religion, and degrade the conservative side all together as a group of hicks. Sorry to say my friends, but such a stereotype isn’t helping anyone.

    In truth I find there are more progressive conservatives than there are the fanatic conservatives; however, talking to progressive conservatives doesn’t really help paint a picture of a hate filled, angry, bigoted, fear mongering conservative does it? Nope, it’s far easier to pick out the worst of the conservatives, such as Fred Phelps, and say that’s the face of conservatives everywhere.

    Of course the conservatives aren’t doing much better. The real ‘winners’ of the liberal community are being chosen as the face of the liberals. You know, demeaning assholes who like to think everyone is beneath them, and say that talking to an invisible man in the sky indicates barbaric tendencies which should be put away.

    Also… Someone mentioned history, or rather how the facts would come out in history. Unfortunately that isn’t so. Much of history is told by the victors. Which means several other facts, good, bad, and indifferent, about the victors which may show a slightly off, or plain bad, image are often lost to the winds.

    No history at all is pure. There is no straight story, and unfortunately there never will be.

    • SavMom

      Three cheers to one of the first rational comments I have read on here. Most people are not stereotypes, this holds true for liberals and conservatives. The “us” against “them” mentality is a well documented and researched phenomenon in psychological literature. Anytime a group of people “Americans” for example are divided along an arbitrary line say “liberal” and “conservative” an in-group attitude takes hold and if you are not “us” then you are “them” and therefore not worthy of being “us” so logically all of the worst sort of people are “thems”.

  • It is incredible beyond belief to think there EXISTS even a single American citizen who doesn’t think that it is a Marine’s duty to do what the President of the United States tells him to do, even if it results in the Marine’s death. That is the goddam job description! The rest is just commentary.

  • ZJO

    No one gives a damn:

    about Obama having a marine hold an umbrella. The only reason this shitty article is on display is because it got so much attention on reddit memes.

    Us repubs just have better shit to do.

  • Peace-Seeker

    I do not live in the United States, vote in your elections, or follow your politics closely. I must say, though, that the entertainment value of your politics is unsurpassed.
    I am very happy for Americans that your lives are so trouble-free that a Marine holding the President’s umbrella is a topic of heated discussion.

  • Allen Clifton, don’t give Fox News any new ideas, please. If I end up reading about what an outrage it is for President Obama to force a pilot to fly him around in Air Force One, I’m blaming you. 😉

  • Who was the dumb ass that scheduled the press conference/speech in the rain, I guess they did not want the rugs in the White house to get dirty….LMAO

  • Would Allen Clifton please support his claims about umbrellas without edited trademarks of PHOTOSHOP photos?

  • 3rd grade teacher

    Wun thinge I knowe is thet Republicns aer bad spelers

  • It was dumb to complain about an umbrella. Let’s discuss the 4 dead in Benghazi, the GunRunning, The IRS Scandal, the Phone Tapping, The Vote Fraud, The Faked Birth Certificate or any number of Joe Biden’s Racist Comments.

  • bob dole

    Let the record show that the republicans were pissing down from the roof of the white house…. this is why we’re so pissed off about the marine shading him from our urine.

  • Sunshine

    When you don’t understand the outrage I know you’ve never served. My son’s a Marine, trained to be a warrior, not a butler. You go hold his umbrella.

  • April J-M, RN

    Waaa waaa waaa all this Republican and Tealiban whining is tiresome. You all didn’t say a word when Wya did far worse, but now that a Democratic president does something so insignificant you get your panties in a wad. Quit your bitchin and moanin, all you can do is complain yet offer no solutions.

  • GMB

    Point is, He should have had an Aid hold the umbrella not one of the Marine Security Battalion officers. This is disrespectful and he should know better… but obviously he does not. This i s not a left or right issues! It is about respect for the US Marines!

  • Roger Stine

    You’re just defending Obama because he is a pussy, why does he need an umbrella at all? Suck it up, be a man and get wet.

  • Danny

    Liberals aren’t completely innocent either. You guys made a HUGE deal about Marco Rubio drinking water during his speech.

  • How is this news?

  • Trying to find where other presidents have had umbrella holders for their public appearances…. Have yet to find one except for Obama. Nice job guys supporting this narcissist.

  • mrkeys1962

    This is obviously contrived. First, Republicans don’t give a crap about anyone holding an umbrella for a President. Secondly, the blip of the mention regarding this was about a Marine being required to break one of his most strictest of codes and that is…he is to always keep his right hand free. The code’s purpose is that a Marine is to be ready to salute at all times. However, it was acknowledged from the onset that the President is commander and chief and has the power to require a Marine to do anything regardless of any code he has been trained to follow. But again, it was not even a blip on the radar and no Republican that I have heard hardly gave it a second thought. It appears to be very disingenuous at best that the “author” of this criticism is not only lumping all Republicans as supposedly inventing this umbrella gate (which is b.s.), but is also completely misstating what was actually the point of topic. I’m really surprised that Democrats are so willing to accept this alleged “post” as factual. I, personally, am always suspect of anything anyone writes regardless if it’s a left wing post or right wing post. I would hope all American’s would put truth over loyalty and verify things for themselves before believing any random posts that makes claims such as this.

    • AlCum

      No republican you ever heard of, eh? You must not get around much then since you never heard of Sarah Palin. You’re the one whose writing we should regard as suspect. There were numerous America haters, by which I mean republicans, who were ginning up more of their phony outrage over Obama having Marines hold umbrellas over him and the PM of Turkey. Never mind that Reagan, Bush and Bush the Lesser did the same thing. Your phony denials are pathetic.

  • Former Marine Cretin

    You really can’t imagine how insane you liberals sound to any right thinking person. You’re fucking nuts. You embrace evil, and shit on the good, and will be the downfall of this once great nation.

    • AlCum

      Sorry but you’re wrong. It is right wing policies that tanked the US economy and decimated the middle class. this is not even remotely subject to dispute. Liberals once again had to be called upon to rescue the nation from this mess. And we did, despite your ankle-biting obstruction and your America-hating obstructionism. Conservatives are the biggest bunch of irrational haters I’ve ever seen. They hate their own policies, like Romneycare, once Obama compromised and supported it. You people make no sense.

  • Fuck Liberals

    Whoever wrote this is a faggot

  • The Republicans are SO stuck on stupid, looking for a scandal where there IS none. Therefore, they are NOT fit to govern, and must NEVER get back into power.

  • Michael H.

    Excuse me, – but “YOU” have got to be a VERY, VERY special kind of stupid to still support this president after all the bad and negative he has done and/or is responsible for over he last 4 1/2 years or so starting with the Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal, the AP Press scandal, the Fast and Furious scandal, the bad economy, the high unemployment, the high national debt, the lower US credit rating, the attacks on our 2A and other rights, etc. – not to mention the enormous disrespect for this country, our traditions, and our brave hard working well trained military (most heroes btw) by both BO and his wife, not to mention the unbelievable personal arrogance and personal spendthrift nature of BO on himself and his family in the WH at a time when most of the rest of this country is suffering so bad financially. Ms. BO especially with her “let them eat cake” attitude is especially obnoxious and disgusting too. It is all way too much, over-the-top, shameful, embarrassing, and totally obnoxious especially when you consider that BO (or Barry as he was known for most of his life) was not even born in the US, changed his name from Barry Soetoro, took drugs, likes + promotes socialize/communism, lied to us all, is a total fraud, and worse. Wake up America! This is not Ward and June Clever times any more – this is reality. Your future and your loved one’s futures are definitely in peril with BO, his wife, and his liberal socialistic/communistic leaning administration. Impeach BO now and let’s begin the road back in recovery from the devastating failures caused by BO and this silly misguided, sinister, ultra left wing voted-in by mostly low-information voters who sold-out for a free cell pone and free entitlements, and free health care without working. God help us all.

  • Why should a marine hold an umbrella to protect the president and the Turkish Prime Minister from raindrops rather from other very real threats? Could it be that both Obama and the Turkish Prime Minister know that they have nothing to fear from the terrorists who would be the only ones to pose a real threat to them? Besides, isn’t Obama surrounded by hoards of worshiping sycophants who would die to be able to hold an umbrella for him?

  • My comment is awaiting moderation, HUH? Are you not going to post it because it is too true?:

  • It should be noted, not even the Commander-in-Chief has the authority to order a Marine to hold an umbrella over his head. However, President Obama did just that! Section 2806 paragraph 2 of the Marine Corps Manual very clearly states that “no officer or official shall issue instructions which conflict with, alter, or amend any provision without the approval of the Commandant of the Marine Corps.”Male Marines are informed from the first day of basic training that Marine Corps regulation MCO P1020.34F of the Marine Corps Uniform Regulations chapter 3 forbids them to carry an umbrella while in uniform. Also, no where in the Marine Corps uniform regulation guidelines does it state any circumstances where a Male Marine would be allowed to carry an umbrella while in uniform. It’s not a new low for republicans? It’s a NEW LOW for Obama to use a Marine to hold his umbrella. What the heck is wrong w/ this man. It’s a NEW LOW that our national debt, unemployment and jobs report it the worst it has ever been.That Bengazi even happened and he was fund raising while American’s were being attacked under his watch and he did NOTHING to prevent it! That’s the LOWEST OF THE LOW! Not to mention for his own gain! It’s a NEW LOW that Obama abused his power as president to use the IRS to bully anyone who didn’t agree w/ his policies. No one did this to him, he did it all to himself! Obama is a snake in the grass, you can’t get any LOWER!

    • Your facts are all freaking wrong, everyone of them. Turn on the nightly news and check out our jobs numbers, stock market, housing market, deficit reduction, new truth on Benghazi, The IRS and AP. Spoken like a true uninformed FOXer. Accusations based on nothing, Absolutely no evidence or proof to substantiate any wrong doing on the part of the POTUS.

  • ragething

    america is doomed #umbrellagate. remember that meme with Patrick Stewart with his hand out and that expression of exhaustion and disbelief? yeah, america….we’re looking at you. no, you are not #1 #facepalm2013merica

  • Sam

    “something that was done for every other President”

    Just another example of a liberal assuming what he thinks is fact. The only picture we can find of a different President having an umbrella held for them isn’t a Marine, nor US military.

    That’s a trained killer that regularly gets shot at so your dumb ass can post lies on-line to feel special. He’s not an umbrella stand.

    • AlCum

      Bzzzzt! Wrong. Every president has had someone hold an umbrella for him, even St. Reagan. There are pictures of them, not just one. Get over it. The president isn’t going to hold an umbrella while giving a news conference. Think about how stupid you sound.

  • Douglas_Einer


    I now want to call all of the persons who pull these types of things “Balonists”-! LOL

  • Lizhasherheadonstraight

    When you watch the clip, the President asks for some protection for “our guest”. If a Marine held an umbrella over the head of another Head of State how foolish would that leader look if our guy stood in the rain? Honestly EVERY president has had an umbrella held over his head, a door opened for him, food served to him. What would we look like to other countries if we just allowed our armed forces to treat our LEADER disrespectfully? GROW the F*** UP!! I am a former Marine. The Marines have an elite detail to protect our elected (stress word elected) President.

  • twinters

    It’s actually against Marine regulation for a male Marine to ever carry an umbrella while in uniform. That’s why everyone is irritated. Our previous presidents never asked a Marine (keyword: Marine) to hold an umbrella for them.

  • Bob’s Kid

    If he had remained in the rain without an umbrella, they would have accused him of being too dumb to come in out of the rain.

  • Alec

    You do realize that it is against regulations for a male marine to hold an umbrella coorect?

    • AlCum

      Incorrect, of course. It is against regulations for a male Marine to CARRY an umbrella but it is not against regulations for him to HOLD one over the head of the commander in chief if so ordered. Please try to get over your Obama Derangement Syndrome.

  • Alec

    Actually, a point on the argument that it was the President asking, even Mr. Obama can’t brake Marine Regulations without going through the commandant of the Marines

    • AlCum


  • Freedom

    It’s is against the law/ military code of conduct for a member of the military to hold an umbrella while in uniform… But of course liberals don’t care about the real law of the land.. They just want more for their welfare paychecks

    • AlCum

      You are entirely incorrect. It is not against the law or code to hold an umbrella when so ordered by the CIC. Please seek treatment for your Obama Derangement Syndrome.