Attempting to Terrify Americans, Marco Rubio Continues to Blatantly Lie About “Obamacare”

rubio1In more of the same from the Republican party, Marco Rubio continued the stream of lies from conservatives as it relates to the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”).

This time his rhetoric is centered around the availability for Americans to continue to see their same doctors.  Knowing that for many Americans, the relationship with their doctor is extremely personal and often very loyal.

Which is understandable.  It makes sense that someone who’s treated you most of your life would know your health better than anyone.

So in his most recent lie, Rubio claimed that Americans won’t be able to continue to see their same doctor under “Obamacare.”

“Just think about the people that have health insurance now, and they’re happy with it.  They’re going to lose that health insurance. They have a doctor they’ve been seeing for the last 15 or 20 years, they won’t be able to keep going to that doctor.”

You know what I’d like to think about for a moment?  The dream that more people would use common sense so people like Rubio wouldn’t say such outlandish comments knowing that millions of people will believe them to be true.

So just for the record, are his statements accurate?  Well, no.  Politifact rated his comments as “Mostly False.”

They note that Americans won’t face anything different than they currently do now as it relates to heath care and the doctors that are covered under their plans.

See, some Americans already face this current situation of a change in health care through their employer causing them to have to switch doctors.  This is nothing new, though Rubio wants Americans to believe that it’s an event that’s caused directly by “Obamacare.”

His statements are a clear distortion of the truth aimed to scare Americans into believing that the Affordable Care Act is going to take away their choices and control their health care.

But I’ll repeat what I’ve said countless times—the Affordable Care Act is not socialized health care.  It’s not a government takeover of your health coverage.

What the law really breaks down to is health insurance reform—and that’s it.  It’s a law which changed the laws for which health insurance providers had to follow, requires Americans to have health insurance (you know, the whole “personal responsibility” thing) and offers subsidies for Americans who might not be able to afford health insurance.

So Americans won’t face any different situation when it comes to the availability of their current doctor than they faced before “Obamacare,” and Rubio knows that.

Which continues to beg the question I constantly ask, yet never get an answer to.  “If “Obamacare is so terrible, why is nearly everything Republicans perpetuate about the law an outright lie?  Shouldn’t the simple truth be enough?”

The truth is, Republicans can’t answer that question.  They’re driving harder than ever before to try and stop the law from being fully enacted, some even threatening to shutdown the government, because they’re terrified that the law will work and their blatant lies of the last 3+ years will be exposed.

It’s why many of these Republican controlled states have gone out of their way to sabotage the law.  They’ve done anything and everything in their power to ensure that the law fails in their states, while states which support the law have reported premiums lower than expected.

And like the comments from Senator Marco Rubio show, Republicans have and will continue to blatantly lie to slander the law.  Even knowing that their comments aren’t based at all on reality.

But then again, for many Republicans (especially tea party Republicans) “truth” and “reality” have become “just your opinion.”

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • openlyblack

    The Rubio Mantra:

    “No one in this world has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office …”

    H. L. Mencken

  • JanL

    Has he even read the ACA … what a blatant liar!!

    • bailey78

      I’m sure he has or has had others do it for him and report back on the matter. He is just doing what the right has been doing. He is useing scare tatics and the ignorance of his followers to get his way. Fear & Ignorance are very powerful weapons.

      • dylan

        They sure are—the church have used them for centuries to control the masses.


    How the hell do you know what is and is not in the bill. Congress didnt even know, but now that they are finding out, they have exempted themselves. That tells the story,
    The bill is garbled and unclear and will take years to sort out. More red tape than life raft.

    • JamesInCA

      Another lie. They haven’t exempted themselves.

    • James E Lockwood

      Is what you say true or did you hear it on Fox News?

    • Brent Slensker

      I READ it!

      • LateNightLarry

        Read it on a mailer full of that and other lies, provided by the Teanderthal RePEALiCLOWNS, no doubt.

    • Greg Weaver

      I read the bill, why haven’t you? If you had read it, you would understand that Congress has not “exempted” themselves, as there’s no such thing as an “exemption” since it’s not a government healthcare “system”, it’s state-run nonprofit insurers being set up to compete with private insurers–to introduce REAL competition in the marketplace, instead of the colluding cartels we had previously.

      No, Congress is not exempt. They still have the mandate to have insurance.

      You’ve been lied to. I’m sorry.

  • bailey78

    “while states which support the law have reported premiums lower than expected”

    That in it’s self is a problem. That means that those that are getting rich off the high cost of health care are going to see their profits shrink. They will either have to offer a program that is equal to or better than the competition. The pwers that be don’t want folks to live longer or to be healthy that cuts into their profits.

  • louis

    More BS from republicans, big surprise. that party should change their name to “enemies of the state”. Because that what they truly are.

    • clari szeplaki

      Those who fight for us, for our life and for our freedom: 90% of them republicans……….and those are “ememies of the country?????”shame on the democrats……..I hate this. 10 years ago we didn’t what party someone belonged to.What counts is what kind of person you are!

      • Kathryn

        Wait – Let’s reverse the order of the statements in your last paragraph – you say …”10 years ago we didn’t (care) what party someone belonged to”…… But you also say, “shame on the democrats…” Apparently it DOES matter to you to what party someone belongs.

  • gavin johnston

    One of the things I find interesting in the GOP argument is that it’s predicated on the idea that having seen the same doctor “for the last 15 – 20 years” is realistic. Most people change jobs every 4-5 years now, meaning they switch insurance carriers. Or, just as common, their employers are forced to switch insurance providers every few year. In either case, the decision to stay with a doctor or move to another is already dictated by your insurance provider. The 15-20 year model is rooted in the economic realities of the 1950s. The entire argument in fundamentally wrong.

    • Brent Slensker

      I stopped seeing my old family Dr. My health has improved!

    • R Wing

      I think that’s a generalization. Many of use continue to use the same doctors. I just joined the medicare system this year and some of my doctors are not part of the insurance plan. I’m still able to see the same doctors but I have to pay for it. The same thing will happen with Obamacare and that adds to the cost. Seeing different doctors every year is not beneficial to your health, particularly if you have long term health issues. While I’m in favor of a better health care system in the US, I’m not convinced ACA is it. Several insuance companies have pulled out of state plans or pools, so people who had those plans will need to look for something different, so they may have to change doctors. In that respect, Rubio is correct. If Obama made good on his word, we could continue to see our present doctors, regardless of what insurance we have.

  • Dave McCormick

    I find it interesting that, yet again, stories about “obamacare” have to repeat that this is not “socialized” medicine. Here in Canada, we have what I suppose is “socialized” medicine, although I’m not sure what that really means. Just to be clear – what we have here is a single payer system. The medical system mostly runs on a fee for service basis paid by the government with money taken from the tax system and medical premiums that we all pay (unless your income is too low). Many doctors are independent businesspeople. When I need medical services, I’m free to go see whatever doctor will take me. Nobody tells me who I can go see. My level of care doesn’t depend on my income and if I need a procedure, it won’t bankrupt me. I won’t be refused insurance coverage just because I get sick. I find it puzzling why so many Americans are afraid of implementing a decent system of health insurance coverage for everyone. Really, it won’t turn you into communists.

    • Brent Slensker

      B-b-but you Canadians are half-dead and lined up at American MRI machines if you believe American tea partiers…

    • meatwad_SSuppet

      The smart ones here wanted “one payer” too, but we got shafted with the ‘involuntary servitude’ to a for profit insurance company.

      Why are “they so afraid”? The unmentioned profiteers will lose it all under one payer.

  • Jeanette Le

    he’s an embarrassment to Florida, I hope they we can vote him out, out, out

  • Nathan Buchanan

    I am jealous of the Canadian single payer system. I would be in full support of something like that. I don’t care if you want to call it socialized medicine or whatever you want to call it. I want it. Also like the education model Sweden,Norway,Denmark have going as well. Socialized education. Yes, taxes will go up, but number of stupid people will go down. Sounds like a fair trade to me. Sign me up.

  • rick dalton

    People need to read about Obamacare for them self instead of listening to the conservative party or tea party they will fine it working already and coming in at a way lower cost. He doing what his backers telling him to do bad part is people believe his shit and the lies he tells them. They need to research for them self and not from conservative or tea party or even liberal sites. They states that has it started already loves it and costing a whole lot less

  • alex

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