Attention Religious Right: Mike Huckabee is Just a Con Man Playing You All for Fools

huckabee-dumb-commentFor quite a while, Sen. Ted Cruz has led my list of Republicans I despise the most. I’ve reached a point where I can’t even stand hearing the sound of his voice without cringing. He’s so predictable and full of crap that I’m completely confident that I could walk on stage right now and give a speech that would sound practically just like the garbage Cruz has been shoveling out for the last few years.

Well, now Cruz has some company atop my list of Republicans I absolutely cannot stand: Mike Huckabee.

In fact, in some ways Huckabee is far worse than Cruz. While Cruz spews forth a lot of really idiotic (and usually dishonest) comments, Huckabee has solidified himself as one of the most ridiculous and despicable people in the entire country – regardless of politics.

While I do feel he’s a religious man, I absolutely believe that he’s exploiting religion for his own ego, fame and ultimately fortune. Make no mistake about it, Huckabee is a millionaire. I’ve always found it difficult to take biblical, Christian advice from someone who’s a millionaire. Call me old fashioned, but I think Jesus spoke out against greed and excess wealth.

Not only that, but when he rushed to Kentucky to stand alongside Kim Davis (in what was clearly nothing more than a photo-op to try to help his presidential campaign) his true nature was completely exposed. I’m sure many of you have heard about the fact that one of his staffers physically blocked Ted Cruz from going on stage and speaking at the event. Now, if that whole circus was really about religion, wouldn’t Huckabee have embraced any Republican who wanted to stand alongside Davis in solidarity with her beliefs? Instead, it seems he cared more about making sure one of his presidential rivals didn’t get the sort of national exposure he did.

The fact is, Mike Huckabee is nothing more than a religious con man. He’s no better than these televangelist crooks who’ve become incredibly wealthy by exploiting the religious beliefs of millions of Americans. The only difference is instead of a mega church he uses politics to con people into supporting his nonsense.

Now I would love to be able to plea with my right-wing counterparts to stop allowing themselves to be suckered in by this charlatan, but I know my words would just fall on deaf ears. That’s the thing about religion; it’s extremely easy for some scam artist to manipulate millions of people into supporting them – but it’s nearly impossible to make those same people realize that they’re being taken for a ride. That’s what makes religion such a great tool to use for manipulation. With religion you can literally get tens of millions of people to support policies and ideas that go completely against their own best interests because they’re too blinded by their cult-like loyalty to their faith.

People like Mike Huckabee (and the rest of the Republican party for that matter) know this. That’s exactly why they use religion so often in their political rhetoric – because they know that if they distract people with a Bible in one hand, they won’t see the middle finger they’re giving them with the other.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Gary Menten

    “Mike Huckabee is Just a Con Man Playing You All for Fools.”

    That statement pretty much applies to all of the GOP candidates.

  • Ed

    A lot of assertions, very few examples or evidence.

    • Richard Hall

      Ed – you must be willfully ignoring Huckabee’s comments to not know the fountain of lies coming from his mouth.

      • Ed

        Not so much defending Huckabee as criticizing this badly researched article. If Huckabee has said so many lies…fact check a few and list them in the article. I’m sort of sick of lazily researched blogs targeted exclusively towards people who already agree with the author. They seem intended less to inform then solicit a chorus of “Hell Yeah!”.

    • Donna Hungate

      The evidence speaks for itself. You are too afraid to look. That ole’ fear tactic has worked forever. Fundamentalists of any kind use it at their core.
      Evidently, it’s working on you.

      • Ed

        You make an awful lot of assumptions. You assume anyone who disagrees with you on anything (ie the quality of this article) disagrees with you about everything. You make ad hominem attacks against people you have never met. My post is about the decline of journalism and “click bait” headlines. I read this article in the hope there would be a list of dumb quotes, anecdotes and scandals I can use to help make my decision and/or use in political debates. I really only got one mixed with a lot of partisan invective. There are simply too many candidates for me to thoroughly research all of them.

        It kind of sows is all you need to do is use a headline that indicates you are on the same politicol “team” and people will “like” it.