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Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.

It’s Time For Republicans to Admit That There’s Only One Way We Can Fix Our Health Care System

The solution to the “health care debate” in this country couldn’t be any more obvious, yet it’s the answer to a hotly debated topic that almost no Republican will admit is true: We need a single-payer/Medicare-for-all health care system. If we can, for a few minutes, let’s ignore the partisan propaganda, talking points, and fear-mongering. […]

The Incompetence of Donald Trump and the Republican Party is Breathtaking

Throughout most of Barack Obama’s presidency, Republicans blamed his administration and Democrats for the inefficiencies and obstruction in our government. Never mind those accusations were absurd considering the fact that a Democrat was president and for most of Obama’s time in office his party controlled the Senate, too. Republicans, especially those in the House, would […]

A Trumpster Friend Confronted Me for Criticizing Him, Really Didn’t Like My Response

It’s actually rare that someone I personally know who supports Donald Trump confronts me about something political, especially considering most of my Trump-backing friends know exactly how I feel about him and the Republican party. Yet for some inexplicable reason on Thursday I received a message from one of these Trumpster friends of mine who felt […]

GOP Analyst Perfectly Slams ‘Delusional’ Trump’s Childish Response to Health Care Defeat (Video)

While his supporters seem to think he’s some “tough-talking, confident alpha male,” Donald Trump is none of that. He’s a thin-skinned, insecure egomaniac who’s managed to convince them that being an arrogant bully somehow equates to “strong, assertive leadership.” Donald Trump is as much of a “strong leader” as Sean Hannity is a credible, non-partisan […]

Trump’s Ridiculous Excuse for Health Care Bill Failure Left Me in Utter Disbelief

It’s no secret that, on Friday, the vote for Trumpcare being pulled was a massive failure for Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Not only did the GOP fail to do (well, kind of) what they’ve spent years promising they were going to do “on Day 1” (even though we’re well past that), but Trump […]

Donald Trump Retweets Ridiculous Alt-Right Conspiracy Blog to Support His Wiretapping Insanity

“They hate blacks, Jews, Hispanics,” Fox News Radio reporter Jon Decker allegedly said a couple of weeks ago about radical alt-right blog The Gateway Pundit. Like many other members of the media, he’s clearly not too thrilled that this racist, far-right conspiracy blog has been allowed to attend official White House press briefings. Normally I […]

My Thoughts on Several Major Stories that Broke on Wednesday Concerning Trump’s Scandals

Normally I’d write a paragraph or two as an introduction, but not today. There’s so much to talk about that I figured I’d just get right into it. It’s almost overwhelming trying to process everything that we’re currently witnessing. Rep. Devin Nunes visiting Donald Trump at the White House: If he’s not removed from his […]

Dan Rather’s Grim Warning Following Stunning New Trump Report: ‘Never Seen Anything Like This’

As someone who began his career in journalism in 1950, Dan Rather has reported on many of the most important times in our nation’s history. Looking back at the 67 years since he began his career, the list of historic events he’s reported on is seemingly endless. However, despite his career beginning when segregation still existed, […]

Here’s Why I Believe Trump’s Time in Office is Almost Over, and How It Will Most Likely End

I knew Donald Trump’s time in office was going to be an absolute circus, but even I’m surprised by how quickly things have spiraled into unprecedented chaos. Currently, Trump and his entire administration are operating “in the red,” and have been for quite some time. Despite whatever his supporters think, or how the conservative media is […]

One Jaw-Dropping Fox & Friends Tweet Perfectly Sums Up What a Joke the Network Is

While individuals such as Shep Smith and Chris Wallace are usually fairly good at holding Republicans accountable or calling them out on some of their b.s., that can’t be said for the vast majority of the on-air talent at Fox News. Like many people, I don’t even consider it a “news” network. While Fox News […]