GOP’s Twitter Account Tries Attacking Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All Plan, Fails Miserably

It’s no secret that most Republicans oppose any mention of a single-payer/Medicare-for-All health care plan. Despite the fact that nearly every other major country on Earth has some form of universal health care system in place for its citizens, the vast majority of the GOP is staunchly against ending the for-profit model we have here […]

Dear Republicans: Whether You Like It or Not, You’re All Huge Fans of Socialism

I find it slightly comical that Republicans (and even some Democrats) scoff at the idea of socialism in any form, especially considering this country has been partially driven by socialism for decades. In fact, most Americans absolutely┬álove┬ásocialism. If you doubt me, go ask any state that’s been decimated by some sort of natural/man-made disaster how […]

Here’s Why People Shouldn’t Buy Ted Cruz’s Excuse About ‘Liking’ Explicit Tweet

Normally I wouldn’t waste my time writing an article such as this because there are more important issues going on in the world other than a senator “liking” a tweet from an adult website, and because I simply don’t care. However, seeing as this is “ultra evangelical Christian” Senator Ted Cruz we’re talking about here, […]

Alex Jones’ Latest Conspiracy is So Nuts It Probably Deserves Law Enforcement Attention

Seeing as I’m not a doctor or any sort of mental health professional, I don’t like to throw out the words “crazy” and “insane” that often when describing someone. So when I say that a person has to be insane/crazy to believe anything that InfoWars’ Alex Jones says, I’m not using hyperbole. To believe that, […]

Republicans Could Now be Facing an Entirely Different Crisis with Donald Trump

There’s been a lot of debate following Donald Trump’s debt ceiling deal he struck with Democrats that left many members within his own party seething. While many have speculated as to why Trump made the surprising move (my own personal thoughts on that can be found here), the success of such a deal, and the […]

Here are 5 Republicans Who are Just as Terrible, If Not Worse, Than Donald Trump

While Donald Trump makes most of the headlines nowadays, I’ve spent the last few months reminding folks to remember that, even though he’s absolutely terrible, there are plenty of other Republicans who are just as bad, and┬ámaybe even worse. One of my biggest concerns with the rise of Trump was that his special blend of […]

Steve Bannon’s CBS Interview Provides New Insight Which Could Prove Damaging to Trump

For those who haven’t heard, CBS’s 60 Minutes is set to air an interview Charlie Rose conducted with alt-right hero Steve Bannon. While the full interview won’t air until Sunday night, the network has been hyping it by airing several clips, hoping to entice people to tune in. Well, something Bannon said in one of […]

Mike Pence’s Press Secretary Pushes Ridiculous Conspiracy About Voter Fraud

Since Republicans realize they can’t win elections based on their outdated (and often inhumane) policies, over the last few years they’ve taken to pushing the myth that “rampant voter fraud is a threat to our democracy.” That’s been the absurd argument Republican-controlled legislatures all over the country have used to support the strict voter ID […]

Here’s How Rush Limbaugh Just Proved One of My Main Points About Republican Hypocrisy

Normally I probably wouldn’t write this article, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mock conservative blowhard Rush Limbaugh after a week that I feel has provided another great example (much like Caitlyn Jenner did a few weeks ago) of what happens when right-wing ignorance/propaganda meets undeniable reality. Most people reading this probably heard […]

Trump’s True Motive for Working with Democrats Possibly Revealed in Twitter Rant

When Donald Trump worked with Democrats on a deal to provide hurricane relief and raise the debt ceiling, it took many people by surprise. Especially members of his own party, many of whom reports claimed were furious with a deal they felt gave Democrats exactly what they wanted. When the news broke, I cautioned people […]