The United States of Trump: A Nation Being Led by a Legitimate Moron

In day-to-day political rhetoric, it’s not uncommon for one side to accuse the politicians from the other of being “stupid,” “idiots,” or “morons.” Though in most instances, these insults have more to do with an opposition to political ideology rather than a factual assessment of a politician’s actual intelligence. The truth is, no matter what […]

Real Reason the GOP Wants Moore to Step Down Has Little to do with the Accusations Against Him

When the Republican Party decided to embrace Donald Trump, it lost any real ability to claim a “moral high ground” on much of anything. Remarkably, backing a self-admitted sexual predator on his third marriage who’s said some Nazis are “fine people” hasn’t stopped these Republican hypocrites from continuing to proclaim they’re the “party of Christian […]

Most Republicans Don’t Seem to Understand the Meanings of the Words and Phrases They Use

If there’s one thing I’ll give Republicans credit for, it’s that they are masters at pushing a message, talking point, or piece of propaganda once it’s been established. From the top of the party, through the conservative media, all the way out to their millions of supporters, like drones programmed to repeated what they’re told, […]

Hannity’s Latest Attempt to Defend Roy Moore is One of His Most Pathetic Yet

On Monday, Fox News’ Sean Hannity took his desperate attempts to defend an accused child sexual predator to another pathetic level when, instead of actually trying to defend Moore, he did what he usually does — he attacked the “other side.” This time he tried to slander liberal website Media Matters. The headline on his […]

Hannity Fans Embarrass Themselves, Destroy Expensive Appliances After Company Pulls Ads From Show

When it comes to politics, we’re in unprecedented territory. While I’ve never viewed most Republican voters as rational, logical, or even factually-driven people, I’ve never seen the type of hypocrisy or outright insanity like I have over the past few years. Especially the last two since Trump’s rise to the top of the GOP. As […]

10 Horrific Things Republicans Have Defended Since the Rise of Donald Trump

Even before Donald Trump launched his campaign over two years ago, the Republican Party was already well on its way to becoming the train wreck we’re all witnessing today. While I thought it might take a few more years, Trump’s unexpected rise expedited things just a bit. That said, as much as I realized how […]

Trump Just Told Reporters One of the Most Ridiculous Things He’s Ever Said

With as many terrible things as Donald Trump’s said and done, it’s incredibly difficult to say that one particular moment was the “worst.” However, I will say that what Trump told reporters on Air Force One today is by far one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard him say. Here’s the tweet NBC […]

GOP Lawmaker Downplays Moore Accusations, Says ‘Foolish’ Women ‘Should be Prosecuted’

Just when you think Republicans can’t stoop any lower, just wait — because they will. Only this time, instead of voting for and defending a self-admitted sexual predator who had been accused by at least 15 women of sexual harassment and/or assault, they’re defending someone who’s literally being accused of sexually assaulting a child. While […]

Roy Moore Can’t Seem to Get His Story Straight During Softball Sean Hannity Interview (Audio)

If you’re a Republican in need of a safe place to push lies and be propped up by a soulless fraud who’s willing to defend anything just as long as he feels it will benefit his own interests, you go to Fox News’ Sean Hannity. That’s exactly what Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore did […]

There’s a Big Reason Why Trump’s Dangerous That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

When it comes to the dangers Donald Trump poses to this country — and the world, for that matter —┬áthe list is extensive. That said, even with as much attention as Trump receives in the media, there are still aspects to why he’s so dangerous for this country that I don’t feel get nearly enough […]