Trump’s Leading a Cult of Millions of Brainwashed Supporters Who Can’t be Reasoned With

A while back I wrote an article calling Trump supporters followers of a deranged cult led by a madman, a statement I sill stand by today. Even though I’ve had more than just a few harsh words to say about those who continue to defend and support this “president,” deep down I really do wish […]

After Stunning Report that Trump’s Lawyer Represents Him, Fox News Must Fire Sean Hannity

On Monday it was revealed that the third client Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen was fighting to keep private is none other than Fox News’ Sean Hannity — one of this “president’s” biggest cheerleaders. Legally there was no requirement for either Cohen or Hannity to disclose this information prior to Monday’s revelation. If Hannity wants Cohen […]

In Profanity-Filled Rant, Alex Jones Comically Weeps, Calls Trump a ‘Fraud’ (Video)

If you’ve heard of Alex Jones then you’re likely well aware that he’s a bottom-feeding, raving lunatic and con artist who’s never met a conspiracy he didn’t like. I don’t hesitate to say that I absolutely believe someone has to be legitimately crazy in order to view Jones as a credible source of information. Jones […]

New Poll is Loaded with Information Donald Trump’s Really Not Going to Like

How anyone can trust Donald Trump still completely baffles me. One of the most obvious frauds I’ve ever witnessed, it’s still mind boggling to sit here and think about the fact that there are tens of millions of people in this country who actually believe Trump’s an honest and trustworthy person. While I know that’s […]

The More Trump Freaks Out About Something, the More Likely It Is That It’s True

To say that Donald Trump is having a complete meltdown over James Comey’s book would be an understatement. And Friday’s Twitter rant is only the beginning. With Comey’s book guaranteed to make headlines over the next few days, get ready for a week of some of the most unhinged, ridiculous rants we’ve ever seen from […]

Jake Tapper’s Response to Trump’s Hypocritical Pardon of Scooter Libby Was Perfect

Early Friday morning, as he does just about every morning, Donald Trump went on a Twitter tantrum ranting and raving about whatever he saw while obsessively watching cable news. As expected, James Comey’s upcoming book drew this “president’s” ire. He called the former FBI director a “slime ball,” “liar,” and said he should be prosecuted […]

Trump’s Response to Syria’s Chemical Weapons Attack Further Proves He’s a Weak, Incompetent Fool

It’s not exactly a secret that Donald Trump has no idea what he’s doing. An incompetent fool who our allies don’t trust and our enemies don’t fear, the United States has never been mocked more, or respected less, than right now. In just over a year in office, Trump’s incompetence has helped strengthen Russia’s influence […]

MSNBC’s Morning Joe Trashes Sean Hannity: Fox News Colleagues Think He’s a Joke (Video)

Fox News’ Sean Hannity has always been a rather pathetic character. Seeing as he’s built most of his career as a conservative entertainer pushing right-wing fan fiction while pretending to be a legitimate source of news, it’s mind boggling how anybody can take him seriously. While Hannity’s always been fairly awful, he’s taken things to […]

Here’s Why Trump’s ‘Bad Blood’ Tweet Was One of the Most Absurd Comments of His Presidency

Considering the litany of ridiculous, awful and completely fictitious comments Donald Trump has made throughout his life, especially since launching his political career in 2015, it’s rather difficult for him to say anything new that leaves me legitimately stunned by its absurdity. Though it did happen on Wednesday when I saw a tweet he sent […]

New Report Reveals How Desperate Trump is to Distract From Stormy Daniels Scandal

Donald J. Trump is someone who seems to live every moment of his life obsessed with making sure everything he says and does (at least in his mind) benefits him in some way. I’ve never seen a more insecure, mentally weak, self-serving lowlife than Trump. For a perfect example of what I mean, look no […]