Jake Tapper Slams Trump’s Hypocritical ‘Buy American’ Executive Order (Video)

One of the traits all con artists share is that they’re almost always going to tell those they’re scamming what they want to hear. They do this to manipulate people into lowering their defenses so that they’ll trust them, hoping that doing so will blind them to the fact that they’re being screwed over and […]

Trump Makes a Fool Out of Himself, Brags About Poll that Shows How Awful He Is

It’s not really a secret that Donald Trump isn’t a very bright person. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that he just bragged about a poll from very conservative-leaning Rasmussen showing him with an approval rating at 50 percent. He did so by retweeting an article from Drudge (a joke in its own right) that […]

Donald Trump’s Latest Twitter Meltdown Was One Hell of an Epic Disaster

In case you were a little preoccupied with the holiday weekend, and the usually hectic Mondays that follow them, you might have missed several tweets sent out by Donald Trump that were as ridiculous as they were flat-out stupid. One would think that the orange buffoon might have taken Easter Sunday off, but he didn’t. […]

5 Reasons Why Trump Supporters Don’t Care if He Committed Treason by Colluding with Russia

The other day I told one of my editors that I felt Donald Trump could come out tomorrow and fully admit that he colluded with Vladimir Putin and the Russian government in a direct attempt to undermine the 2016 election to help him defeat Hillary Clinton, and his approval rating probably wouldn’t drop a significant […]

New Report is One of the Best Summaries of Trump’s Ignorance I’ve Seen Yet

While I definitely opposed Donald Trump’s campaign’s platform, my biggest fear was always what his incompetence might cause on accident. When you give someone who’s clearly mentally unfit and totally unqualified a massively important job such as President of the United States — that’s extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, my fears have been confirmed as Trump’s repeatedly […]

Democratic Rep.: Kushner Likely Committed Perjury, Could Face 5 Years in Prison (Video)

While there’s still uncertainty over when we’ll come to any sort of definitive conclusion concerning the on-going investigations into whether or not Donald Trump committed treason by colluding with Russian officials during the 2016 election, things aren’t looking good for supporters of “The Donald.” This strikes me as one of those situations that once it’s […]

I Don’t Often Praise Don Lemon, but His Schooling of Jeffrey Lord Was Fantastic (Video)

I have no idea why CNN continues to allow Jeffrey Lord on air. I’d describe Lord as a more sane, coherent version of Kellyanne Conway. By that I mean he’s a master at avoiding answering direct questions, the “pivot,” and saying asinine things that sound good to people who don’t like to think for themselves […]

Wednesday Was an Exceptionally Humiliating Day for Trump and His Administration

Without a doubt, in his short time in office, Donald Trump has repeatedly proven that those of us who knew he was too incompetent and totally unqualified to be president were absolutely right. Unfortunately, being right about how terrible Trump was going to be for this country isn’t a good thing. Whether any of us […]

While Many Focused on Sean Spicer, Here are 4 Other Important Stories that Broke on Tuesday

The biggest political story on Tuesday centered around Sean Spicer’s comments about chemical weapons, Adolf Hitler, and the Holocaust, but several big stories broke yesterday that are really bad news for Donald Trump and his administration. 1. It was revealed that last summer the FBI and Justice Department obtained a FISA warrant targeting the communications […]

During Fox Interview, Trump Proves How Ignorant His Supporters are to Trust Him (Video)

Donald Trump lies so often, I’ve joked that it’s actually more “newsworthy” when he’s honest about something. He’s also someone who seems to believe the rules he feels other people should follow don’t apply to him, and that anyone who accuses him of anything better provide pile after pile of indisputable proof of whatever they […]