Paul Ryan Announces ‘Fix’ for Trumpcare, Further Proving How Much He Hates Poor People

Anyone who follows me knows I have a strong disdain for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI). He’s nothing but a hypocrite who used government money to help pay for his college education at a publicly-funded university on his way to a career funded by the taxpayers — yet has the gall to champion himself […]

9 Takeaways From Monday Surrounding Trump’s Lies, Scandals, and His Worst Day in Office

While newsworthy stories have been plentiful over the last few months, Monday was exceptionally noteworthy. It was the first time the country (and the world, for that matter), was presented with public comments from FBI Director James Comey concerning a litany of scandals and controversies surrounding Donald Trump and his possible ties to Russia. After […]

Trump’s Monday Twitter Meltdown Was an Unhinged Word Salad of Easily Debunked Stupidity

On Monday, as many of us expected after FBI Director James Comey testified to Congress about Donald Trump’s wiretapping conspiracy and whether or not there are any Russia-related investigations taking place, Trump went on one of his most absurd social media tantrums to date. I’ll go through all of these moronic tweets one-by-one: James Clapper and others […]

Stephen Hawking Slams Trump’s Bigotry & the Ignorance of His Supporters (Video)

Last summer one of the smartest people who’s ever lived, Stephen Hawking, didn’t say a whole lot about Donald Trump, but I found what he did say to be profoundly important. After all, while he’s incredibly brilliant, Hawking isn’t exactly known for (at least not in the United States) discussing political issues that often. During […]

3 Things That Infuriate Me Concerning How the Media Covers Trump’s Mental Instability

I’m sure everyone reading this has been faced with a question where the answer turned out to be so obvious that you felt foolish for not seeing it right away. These are often conundrums where you actually knew the answer all along, however, because it seemed so simple, the ease of it all caused you to […]

Human Beings: The Smartest and Dumbest Species to Have Ever Roamed the Earth

Without a doubt, human beings are the most dominant and intelligent species to have ever existed on this little blue planet we call Earth. However, even though we are, by far, the most advanced species Earth has ever produced — we’re also the dumbest. We have unlimited healthy, free methods of supplying ourselves with the energy […]

10 Questions Trump Supporters Lack the Cojones to Answer

It’s easy for Donald Trump supporters to parrot talking points that have been fed to them, but when you ask these folks to actually defend this nonsense, as I’ve written before, the results can sometimes be rather interesting. So in the spirit of the raging dumpster fire that is the Trump administration, I thought I’d […]

The Two Words Republicans Will Never Admit are the Cause of Our Health Care Issues

The only people who seem to like the Republican Trumpcare bill are the people who helped write it, Donald Trump, and the people who are naive enough to trust them. When far-right Republicans criticized it as “Obamacare Lite,” they weren’t kidding. What Republicans did was take a flawed law in the Affordable Care Act, kept […]

Washington Post Story Perfectly Exposes the Delusional ‘Reality’ of Trump Supporters

Donald Trump is a joke, but the dumpster fire he calls an administration isn’t. He’s risking our national security by potentially weakening our relationships with key allies, and their intelligence gathering which we use to help protect us from terrorism, because he won’t admit that he was wrong and apologize for pushing the ridiculous conspiracy […]

There’s Another Huge Trump Controversy That Needs Far More Attention Than It’s Getting

I’ll be the first to admit that keeping up with all of the controversies and scandals that surround Donald Trump is quite difficult to do. On what seems like a daily basis, there’s a new scandal, or a twist on an existing one, that deserves to be highlighted and understood. So please forgive me for […]