Republicans vs Democrats: What A Difference One Letter Can Make

Words have power. Anyone with sense knows that. They can communicate a wide range of ideas, intentions, and abuses, and they’re only limited by our creativity and imagination in that capacity. Furthermore, their ability to define or categorize can shape the fate of individuals or whole communities. For example, calling black people “thugs” when they […]

Debunking 8 Conservative Talking Points About Abortion

Since we have a new Republican/Tea Party majority in Congress and new conservative dominance in state governments, we can expect to see more and more anti-abortion legislation bubbling up like stinking gas bubbles from the dank mire we call the American right. Indeed, we have already had some, in the form of Tennessee’s new amendment, […]

American Conservatives Are More Interested In Controversy Than Sane Policy

Kevin Williamson is a conservative correspondent for National Review noted for, frankly, making an ass of himself. Williamson was the writer who wrote a passage in a piece he wrote that described an African-American boy (who Williamson estimated to be about 9 years old) making the “gesture of primate territorial challenge.” He’s also against voting, […]

The Hypocrisy Of The GOP Regarding The Military Reaches New Heights

We’re all familiar with the insanity of the modern GOP; the statements and attitudes that regularly grace our newspapers and media outlets are a seemingly endless flow of whatever piece of reality-starved drivel which has meandered its way out of a Republican mouth. We, of course, have the usual offenders: Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Ted […]

“Officer-Involved Shooting” And Other Self-Serving Police Double-Speak

The killing of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, and the various incidents that have come to light since, have brought to the national attention an ugly side of our American policing community. However, there is a more insidious trend hiding behind the militarization of police forces and casual violation and dismissal […]

Losing Liberal Lockstep, or Why Stealing From The GOP Playbook Is Bad

I sure as heck am a liberal. Politically, ideologically, and definitely socially. It’s that last part that gives me trouble these days, though. Not because of my opponents; most of those can’t debate their way out of a wet paper bag, and depend on sites like Drudge and Fox News for their slanted data. Anyone […]

John Boehner Publishes Video Telling The Truth About His Job Performance

Anyone who knows me, or who has read my articles to date, probably already knows my opinion of John Boehner. If you don’t, it’s pretty easy to infer. But what the heck, I’ll just state it plainly: John Boehner is one of the most useless Speakers of the House we’ve ever had. Beyond the partisan […]

Racial Inequality Is Alive And Kicking, No Matter What Fox News Says

If all you listened to was right-wing pundits, you could be forgiven for thinking that the civil rights movement was hundreds of years ago, instead of less than fifty. You could easily assume that racial inequality doesn’t exist, and that people are poor simply because they’re lazy. You would believe that America is a land […]

God Strikes Back At The Westboro Baptist Church, And You Can Help (Video)

God is good, and he keeps proving it on a regular basis. Now, that line may look wrong to some people, for various reasons. “Jason, aren’t you an agnostic?” Yes I am, despite being baptized into the Episcopal church and being confirmed in my younger days. I have since thought my way out of it […]

The Confrontation In Ferguson, Missouri Is A Symptom, Not The Disease

There are few metropolitan areas in America more burdened by racial tension and suspicion than the St. Louis area. The racial and economic problems that have beset America‚Äôs cities are particularly intense there. Most white affluent denizens’ only contact with their black fellow citizens are through service industry interactions. St. Louis is the city that […]