Michele Bachmann’s Glare Will Literally Turn People to Stone (VIDEO)

bachmannliterallyThere, I said it. See how easy that is? Anybody can make stuff up for the sake of shock and scare value–the difference is, my lie is more believable than most of the ones which come out of Michele Bachmann’s mouth.

If you haven’t heard by now, her latest embarrassing case of oral subterfuge occurred today on the House floor, when she said “Let’s repeal (Obamacare) before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens! Let’s not do that. Let’s love people!”

Here’s the full clip for context, courtesy of Talking Points Memo via C-SPAN:

So there you have it. Michele Bachmann wants to “love people” by taking away the health care reform which has already had a positive impact on countless families and saved many lives. Forget the fact that President Obama solidly won reelection last year, while Bachmann herself had to wait until around 5 AM the morning of November 7th to find out she had barely eked out a victory over Democratic challenger Jim Graves. That would explain why she’s been eerily silent in the months since, up until she made a total fool out of herself at CPAC this past weekend. But now she’s a new person, all about the virtues of love–as long as you’re loving a member of the opposite sex, and you don’t expect to have access to a decent health care plan in what’s supposed to be the greatest nation in the world.

Somebody needs to remind Michele that you can’t preach about “love” when you don’t have a heart to begin with.

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr is a writer, editor and activist who's passionate about progressive ideals, with extra attention given to the fight for universal health care, medical marijuana, and saving our nation from decades of devastating trickle-down policies. Thomas is also a dedicated advocate for Type 1 diabetes research and education.
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Thomas Barr


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  • Lyola

    With her it’s not about “love.” It’s about money added to the empty space where her brain should be

    • don’t really know her ,not going to judge her words that come from her month,but what is the real reason why human speak before they think ,it is because they don’t understand what real change is in a humans life it does’nt come from a human at all ,it comes from God who is the true leader of this
      earthly planet we all live on ,not the humans that we vote for to get in a political group that they don’t
      even know why they are in this group then selves and that is very sad ,we keep God first not human government won’t a bee’s who ever they might be ,Jesus will judge them just like he will judge us
      we will all someday soon unite as one blessed family soon take care

  • Reese

    This lady is an idiot….She has NO IDEA what Obamacare is doing for the people…Take the stick out of yur @ss and get over it! Obama is still the president and your still a [email protected] loser in denial of the truth!

  • Linda

    Was it my imagination or was she trying out to be an NFL ref–practicing her signals?

    Oh and let’s take away Congress Care–you know all that FREE medical insurance she gets.

  • Timothy Roesch

    Liberals and progressives want less mean spirited discussions, less hate speech and less name calling THEN are mean spirited, spew hate speech and call people names.
    Progressives and Liberals are all about do as I tell you not as I, your better, do.

    • Randell

      I think you have it backwards. It is the GOP and their indoctrinated slaves that are all about hate speech. Perhaps if you watched less Faux news, Beck, CNN and Limbaugh you would know what the REAL truth is.

    • Bill

      We don’t call people names, asshole. ps: I’m better than you.

    • Media Mark

      Well, I eagerly await 2014 and insurance exchanges. My employer-provided insurance costs so much , I have to buy it on my own, at more than 5 times what my last job charged me. Let’s take away Bachmann’s taxpayer-provided health care, and make HER pay like the rest of us- that will change her sour tune!

  • This bimbette is an embarassment to the female gender. It’s a sad & deeply troubling testimony to our country that someone this stupid was elected to a political office. While she receives thousands in Agriculture pork and the benefits & entitlements her office affords her – she rails & wails against a health care reform system that helps families across this country, including mine. She does NOTHING worthwhile with her position. All she does is bash Obama. Psychotic on the loose.

  • Joel Scartucci

    If my cat was that rabid I would put it out of its misery.

  • Cravin Moorehead

    Sure, she’s a little stupid. We can all see that. Now, let’s talk about the mental degenerates that actually voted for this tumor with a mouth.

    Exactly how mentally challenged is her constituency? In her congressional district consist of only the inhabitants of mental institutions?

    They must be PROUD!

  • Linda England

    I was actually in the house gallery yesterday and heard this crap in person. They have strict rules about yelling and/or throwing things so I had to leave.

  • Media Mark

    Well, I eagerly await 2014 and insurance exchanges. My employer-provided insurance costs so much , I have to buy it on my own, at more than 5 times what my last job charged me. Let’s take away Bachmann’s taxpayer-provided health care, and make HER pay like the rest of us- that will change her sour tune!

  • We must remember that Bachmann was elected, even, if by a small majority! It is a commentary on the intelligence of that small majority! There must be something in her district that has addled the minds of those folk! Could it be that she was “prayed” into office? After all, one of her colleagues has claimed that GOD is responsible for the character of the look- alike [our president] devil, in the upcoming HBO fantasy called “the bible”! The sounds coming out of these mouths, is more like the devils work!

    • Susan Malia

      You people make me laugh but it’s sad. First of all I do not like Bachman. Not at all. but Obamacare WILL have a deleterious affect upon our healthcare and it will be too late. Thanks a lot. What a bunch you are. As for the look alike in the HBO Bible ………………..you are blaming a conservative ? I don’t attend church but I do believe in God as much as you believe in Obama. If the actor was made to look like Obama blame the director not the rest of us conservatives. Methinks you see things that are not there.

  • Kerry Keown

    You know I don’t know how affordable health care will work but in my mind you can get your own insurance and go see any doctor you want. The act may even drive the cost of insurance down you know like make it affordable. The women and children she speaks about has to be the ones without insurance and no hope of getting any.Really wish we could question what she said but a rant is not a debate.In closing asked my doctor about affordable health care and she said the problem will be not enough doctors to see the people who will now be able to go……….think about that