Bachmann’s Appalling Shutdown Comment: “This Is About the Happiest” the GOP Has Been in a While

Michele-BachmannWhile Ted Cruz has ratcheted up the ranks in my category of “Republicans I loathe the most,” Michele Bachmann still holds a top spot on that list.

Now I don’t use the term “batshit crazy” very often, but this women is certifiable.  She’s as loony as they come and how she ever got elected to public office, then re-elected, is beyond me.  She’s by far one of the most repulsive individuals I’ve ever witnessed and the sooner she’s gone from public office, the better we’ll all be.

Though I’m sure she’ll end up as yet another “Fox news paid contributor” who just “happens to be” another former Republican politician.  Because we all know Fox News is “fair and balanced,” right?  The day that I see her and Sarah Palin both babbling their buffoonery at the same time is the day my head might just explode.  I don’t think I can handle that level of ignorance all at once.

So while I was disgusted, it was not at all shocking to hear Michele Bachmann saying that “this is about the happiest” she’s seen Republicans. Of course she’s alluding to the “happiness” surrounding the recent Republican-forced shutdown of our government.

Comments which continue to support the widely held belief by many liberals that this shutdown is exactly what some Republicans wanted.  Some of these conservatives are just so far out to the right that they seriously lack the mental aptitude to understand the ramifications of their actions.

That and many of them simply don’t care.  For them, this is about their next campaign and solidifying themselves as the next face of the tea party Republican push.

They couldn’t care less about who they hurt or the over 800,000 Americans facing furloughs.  It’s all about them and their pathetic, and pointless, attempt to defund or delay a 3 1/2 year old law.

But for Bachmann to say that this is the happiest she’s seen some Republicans, that only goes to show the utterly disgusting behavior these right-wing radicals thrive upon.  This is a sad and embarrassing time for our nation.  We’re a laughing stock to much of the world, yet some Republicans are happier than they’ve possibly ever been?


Our national parks are closed, monuments are shut down and hundreds of thousands of Americans are facing uncertainty about their paychecks—but Republicans are happy?  There aren’t enough words to fully describe my disdain for these people.  They’re an absolute disgrace to this country and our government.

So the next time a Republican tries to say this shutdown is “what Obama wants,” just point them to comments like those made by Michele Bachmann saying Republicans are “happy” because the government is shut down.

Because there’s one thing that’s certain — no tea party Republican in this country is ever going to be happy with anything that President Obama supports.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pamsharp

    only are the House Republicans to blame for all these public servants
    being out of work but now they’re trying to convince the American
    people that they should be able to decide which ones can return to
    work and which ones can’t. If Cantor and his cronies are so
    concerned about these people returning to their jobs then let them
    ALL return not just those they choose that fit their agendas.

    find it very strange that the republications want to open National
    Parks before feeding WIC, Women, infants, and children and they
    voted down the GI bill. It
    is sad that these heroes were USED as props by the
    Republicans…….shameless! We cannot reopen the government in bits
    and pieces. REPUBLICANS are only for Veterans when they are in the
    field FIGHTING, but come home wounded (physically or mentally) and
    the GOP wants NOTHING to do with them. The MAJORITY of homeless in
    this country are VETERANS. THAT is a CRIME.

  • Suzie

    Michelle Bachmann is not only a disgrace to our country and government, she is an embarrassment to women. She and Sarah Palin make me cringe with everything that comes out of their mouths. Who could possibly be happy that our government is shutdown with thousands out of work????? Once again she proves just what a crazy moron she really is.

    • Mau

      while you’re at it, throw Michele Malkin and Anne Coulter in the mix…

      • weissman

        at least Michelle Malkin is cute

  • buddy

    I’ve always called them clueless ‘bumbling idiots’ – especially when they use phrases like ‘the American People’ – keep wondering what they are smoking. They continuing to fail in understanding changing demographics, global economics, and worst of all they have no common sense.

    • ziggywiggy

      part of the issue is that they’re not smoking, a little weed might free their minds and loosen whatever’s too tight, think a bit deeper and use creativity to solve problems

      • Joseph

        Creativity is prohibited by the right-wing. It can lead to independent thought, which is completely against their doctrine of groupthink in which demagogues pass down pre-determined talking points and a media echo chamber continuously reinforces an illusion of universal agreement with party doctrine.

  • Gary Menten

    The saddest thing about Bachmann leaving Congress is that the GOP has no shortage whatsoever of equally bat shit-crazy lunatics out there to take her place.

  • Dave

    She says this and then runs to the WWII Memorial to say what a terrible and unpatriotic thing it is to have it closed…HEY BACHMANN YOU BUILT THAT!

    • KROAD

      THANK YOU! I LOVE that she then said “we will be here everyday” to get them into the memorials. THEN GO BACK TO CONGRESS AND RE-OPEN THE GOVERNMENT! DO YOUR JOB! Standing outside isn’t going to do a damn thing. *MASSIVE eyeroll*


    As a Minnesotan, and on behalf of all Minnesotans, I’m sorry. I live right outside Crazy Face’s district and every election I wish I moved to hers specifically to vote against her. She is nuts and the vast majority of MN knows it, but her district has not yet seen the light. Luckily she is not running again so we will soon be rid of her. However, she still has time left and her replacement may not be much better.

    • Taiga

      I do live in her district, and even I don’t know how she was re-elected. It was by a narrow margin, but her winning at all surprised many here. I’ll be throwing a day-long party when she’s finally gone, personally.

      • Brian Frang

        Well, if it’s any consolation, my district had to deal with Mary Bono-Mack for 14 years before we finally got rid of her. I celebrated for a week.

  • richard

    I hope Bachmann crawls into her own cooch and disappears.

    • Dave

      Ha ha….you know her “husband” will NEVER find her in there….if you know what I mean.

  • Sean

    Of course they’re happy they’re getting paid, while I am now without a paycheck since my non-profit job is in a National Park and I have to look for yet another job to make rent and bills since I have no way of knowing how long this will last.

    • Ann Parker Crawford

      Dept of Navy employee here, Sean. I feel your pain. I really figured it was going to happen, but thought for maybe a day… or 2? Day 3 now and not much sign of the end.

      Good luck!

      • PaulJmsn

        I wish you both the best.

      • Sean

        Well the real shittiness is that it’s a new job. So my benefits haven’t kicked in, and one of those benefits is to still get paid while a shutdown or natural disaster effects the operations of the park. As for length I’m pragmatic, they’ll drag this out near to the point of default at best. Worst, is anyone’s guess given how clueless they are to their own idiocy.

  • Kevin Mulligan

    We just need to stop electing psychopaths.

  • PaulJmsn

    Oh, Lord, I hope they televise her ethics violation trial.

  • spookiewon

    I guess I’d expect a person with a conscience to be very sad about the shutdown, even if they considered it necessary to achieve a goal they thought important enough to warrant it. To be “the happiest they’ve been in a while” that hundreds of thousands are out of work and none of us can enjoy our national treasures really shows a lack of empathy. It’s certainly possible to believe this shutdown is necessary if you feel strongly about the ACA–I’d argue you’re still wrong, but it’s certainly possible–and still be profoundly sad that many of your fellow citizens are suffering as a result. Bachmann’s comments betray her lack of caring for the people she represents.

    • Sean

      Arguably she is representing her backers/people, just not “We the people” as the job description original entails.

    • DrMeToo

      WHY do we need to pay people to hang out in our national parks? Just take down the gates *they* put up and make you stop at. The nerve of some people, I’ll tell yuh.

      When it comes to the “Repulsivicants”, they have always worked to sabotage any democrats efforts if they hold the office of the President, Always. Who knows that the repulsivicants were working with those that over threw the Shaw of Iran, wave your arm. Four hundred and fourty four days in captivity, who plays with mystic numbers like that, muslims or those western mystrey cult types?

      Each and every Good Plan that comes to the minds of congress when the repulsivicants are up in numbers, are high jacked by them and flipped one hundred and eighty degrees out from what we the People asked for them to do, like the one payer plan now, and the closing of all foreign lands USA military bases while that Newt was in control of the floors speakers. They closed domestic bases instead of the foreign ones and built them up.


  • AW

    Allen Clifton, you’re part of the problem. All the media are focusing on the National Parks and monuments, feeding into the idea that government spends its money on luxuries we can live without. Okay, I am one of those furloughed National Park employees, sitting in my quarters between walks through empty campgrounds, and I’m here to say that the NPS is the last agency that should get its funding back. We can’t function fully anyway; we need river level reports from USGS and weather watch info from NOAA and drinking water quality testing from EPA before we can operate safely.

    If the GOP tries to push through piecemeal funding, inundate your reps’ offices with phone calls demanding that NPS be dead last. They want to pay for Little Debbie snacks and Cool Ranch Doritos and then chortle about how THEY know how to feed the family for half what YOU would spend on stupid stuff like milk and vegetables.

    Don’t let them do it. I probably speak for almost all NPS employees when I say I want NASA back on the asteroid watch before I start worrying about my $13.41 an hour.

    • Herb Blake

      You, are a very wise person, AW. You demonstrate compassion and understanding. Your views are real and honest. These are the character traits that we need to get established in Washington as well as our own communities. It is; however, important to get all furloughed employees back to work before we have to give the banks another massive bailout on the backs of working class families that struggle every day. It is my opinion that both parties have overplayed the power struggle to the point that all Americans will (once again) pay the price. I do not know what the ultimate solution is, but I do know that our currently selfish and childish leadership will never come close to finding the answer.

    • Mase

      In all fairness to Allen Clifton even though he talked about park employees in this article in others he talked abt wic families and low level federal employees(janitors at federal buildings)getting their pay before opening up the monuments.

  • Michael Doyle

    They will also blame Our President for the rise in the unemployment rate due to government non-essential personnel furloughs.

  • Ann

    Sociopathy 101

  • Derek Pryor

    I wish there was a way for Obama to make an executive order to have the GOP’s assets frozen and their paychecks stopped until the shutdown’s called off. Then we’d see how happy they’d be.

  • DrMeToo

    Their track record is very clear over the decades. B.S.Crazy, is the result of years of laughable, well brainwshing. That’s all you can label it, brainwashing.

    When it comes to the “Repulsivicants”, they have always worked to sabotage any democrats efforts if the democrat holds the office of the President, Always and without exception. Of course the demo, usually signed along with the altered intent of what we the people asked to be done.

    Who out there knows that the repulsivicants were working with those that over threw the Shaw of Iran, wave your arm. Four hundred and fourty four days in captivity, who plays with mystic numbers like that, muslims or those western mystrey cult types? Who followed through with their *deals* they made with them under the Reagan IRAN/Contra thing? They made the deal, plus keeping the previous deal under Carter while the Shaw was their Dood.

    Each and every Good Plan that comes to the minds of congress, when they were listening to We The People, the repulsivicants high jack them and flip the asked for intent one hundred and eighty degrees out from what We The People asked them to do. Like the one payer Medical plan now was high jacked to reward the middle Man insurance field. And then recall the closing of all foreign land USA military bases while that Newt was in control of the floors speakers. They closed domestic bases instead of the foreign ones and built them up.

    Why I Call Them Repulsivicants.

    • DrMeToo

      I meant to include,,, the manner in which the repulsivicant congress behaves, is treason. Intentionally harming the nation for pety political blocks they have imposed all by themselves.

      Treason it is. With malace of fore thought.

  • Td Jordan

    So you want to solve the impasse by trash talking fellow citizens? Right….

  • Charles Meserve

    Wait, did I just see someone who, as part of his biographical information, is writing with political bias, criticize another organization for political bias. THIS, is what is wrong with politics in this country. Both sides need to stop playing the, “The other side is stupid, crazy, or ” and actually find some middle ground so that all citizens actually are represented, not just the majority, not just the view points of the corporate bought political parties. Publications like Huffington Post, Drudge Report, Forward Progressives, and Faux News is the cancer that is infecting this country.

  • Andre Dufour

    This article is nothing but opinionated drivel. It refuses, as so many deluded Americans do, to acknowledge the fact that neither Republicans or Democrats are the problem, but the binary party system that is so tyrannical and indoctrinating that it never fails to astound how many citizens it fools. Do you truly believe that the Federal Government is shut down? Look at your paychecks tomorrow, see that the Federal tax still has a place on your earnings, and then tell me that you still believe in the fictitious bullshit about a “government shutdown” you’ve seen on CNN and NBC. Then tell me that all of this isn’t a complete fantasy that keeps the ridiculous party to party bickering going on as an easily orchestrated distraction while your precious “democratic” President Obama orders the deaths of children in Pakistan and Syria.

    • Jerilynn Brady

      Fool It is mandated that taxes will be taken no matter what. Employers are the ones that deduct this amount from the pay, then sends it to the Treasury. I along with many others aren’t getting paid our promised pensions, WIC benefits, or earned pay. The deaths of children are an overused excuse from jihadists that in turn without a single regret, stone, beat and mutilate defenseless females for some trumped up “sin”. Go back under the rock you crawled out from!

  • xnerd

    The most disturbing thing that I have seen in all of this mess is how the republicans point to the tragedy of closing parts and monuments?
    Are you KIDDING ME?

    There are women and children that are not going to get food because of this.

  • Ughhhh


  • Kojo

    Thank you Allen. Couldn’t have been said any better.

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    It’s amusing to watch Sean Hannity try to say this is the “liberal shutdown” and other FOX commentators complaining that “kids don’t get to go to the national parks.” How about the kids that DON’T GET TO EAT, you morons.

    • Claudia Nixon Fauver

      Another area most are not even thinking about is all the cancer patients who are in clinical trials and can’t get their chemo treatments. Some of them are going to die because of this shutdown. I am appalled that anyone could be happy about the shutdown. Shame, shame!!

  • djhbutler

    Michelle Bachmann is a disgrace to humanity and if she isn’t imprisoned for fraud, when she winds up a Fox, may be they will team her with George Will!

  • Jason_L

    Sure, screw this about for a deaf and numb sector of society.

    The thing is, the Republicans on Capital Hill wanted to fund these things…..every single one of them…..except the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act. They wanted to fund WIC; they wanted to fund the GI Bill; they wanted to see to it that military personnel and government scientific and medical researchers and research be paid and be funded………but because Mr. “I Won” won’t listen to the American People, isn’t willing to negotiate with Americans (but is ready to sit down and talk it out with America’s enemies), we are stuck in this quagmire.

    Sure, blame all the Republicans, but don’t forget it was DEMOCRAT Harry Reid who blew off a question from a CNN Reporter concerning the funding of research and the giving of aid to children with cancer.

    Try again………

    • Rick Catdaddy Blankenship

      Well Jason many of us, about 5 million more than people of your view point think he is listening. The totally asinine statement that he isn’t listening to the “American People” is typical of those of the Tea Party. You Do not represent ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE. You are a minority, you lose, you get nothing, good day sir!

      • Jason_L

        Well, Rick “Catdaddy” Blankenship, major polls show that most Americans do not want the ACA. But keep telling yourself that they do, sir. You are in the minority, you lose, you get nothing, good day, sir!

    • bencassel

      The Affordable Care Law is no longer a bill; it is law. The Republican Party, terrified of the whims of a minority within its own party, have shut down the federal government. This development, according to Michele Bachmann, has absolutely delighted Republicans. Even in push polls, which are unscientific and biased, showing a slightly higher number of people opposing than supporting the Affordable Care law, the difference falls within the margin of error.

      But polling aside, the law was passed by both houses, signed by the President, vetted and found Constitutional by the Supreme Court. The Constitutional practice is to introduce a bill to repeal a law that is objectionable. The House did that, more than 40 times, and the bills failed every time. The Act has become law, and people who love and respect the Constitution accept it as such. Those who don’t, which is the reactionary minority faction of the GOP, throw national temper tantrums that hurt a huge number of Americans. After the debt ceiling deadline passes, their actions will have hurt all Americans.

      • Jason_L

        So were the Nuremberg Laws of `34 in Germany. They were voted on in both chambers of the German parliament, signed into law by Germany’s then-president, vetted by the German High Court, and dutifully followed and accepted by German constitution loving citizens. The minority also in Germany tried numerous times to get these laws repealed and changed, and the German majority party that saw these laws also cried that opposers were “throwing national temper tantrums” and that the dissenters were “reactionary”………and the Nuremberg Laws became the law of the land for Germany in 1934.

        We all know what happened next.

        Am I likening the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act to the Nuremberg Laws? Yes, I am. *Bencassel*, your words make it look like this was a fair-and-square deal, when in reality Mr. Obama rushed this through a lame duck congress that had yet to seat the Conservative Majority in the House and the 41st Senator in the U.S. Senate, ramming it through before January 3rd, 2011, despite the fact that 86% of Americans then (and a large majority of Americans now, according to Rassmussen, Pew, RCP, and other reputable polling services) not wanting it.

        And I am amazed that this minority in the U.S. House has so much power. I thought the Tea Party was dead, according to CNN, HLN, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, Fox News, MSNBC, and all the rest of the major media outlets? I thought, according to the New York Times and the Washington Post and the L.A. Times that conservative thought was waning and powerless? How is it that, suddenly when the President can’t get his way and is being told “NO!”, that the Tea Party and Conservative Minorities in Congress suddenly have all this sway and national power when they were supposed to be dead or dying?

        And per our government method, don’t minority parties get voted down and their voices pushed out of the way? Isn’t that how it is in the congress? How, then, does this minority party, this splinter faction, this reactionary group in the GOP have so much power? Since you, *bencassel*, seem to have all the civics answers, p’raps you could explain how the Tea Party — supposedly DOA — has so much power when, just weeks ago, they were declared dead?

      • bencassel

        Generally speaking, when one has little else, he compares the opposition to Nazi Germany. I can answer your last question quite easily, though: that faction has gained leadership positions from Republicans who know that they will get “primaries” if they compromise with the enemy. Eric Cantor is the only person who can make a motion to vote on the Continuing Resolution, thanks to a change in House rules. One side can make motions in the body; the other cannot. That is not how a Representative government is supposed to work, and would appear to be the work of people who hate the way governments work. Those are the worst possible representatives, as Boehner’s House has proved.

  • prairiewildflower

    it occurred to me some time ago that Republicans simply don’t care about people–any people. it didn’t surprise me at the time, but it left me feeling very cold inside. this is not going to end well for them.