More Bad News for Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson Fans, Show Ratings in Massive Free Fall

duck-dynasty-ratingsIn the grand scheme of things, the A&E show Duck Dynasty doesn’t really matter.  It’s a fake reality show based on the premise of watching the Robertson family, and some of their friends, doing random silly things.  It’s clearly staged, but you can’t discount the popularity of the show and the family.

Until Phil Robertson gave an interview with GQ magazine in December comparing homosexuals to terrorists and implied that homosexuality could lead to bestiality, nobody (outside of Duck Dynasty fans) really cared about the show.

His comments, however, changed everything.  That interview threw Duck Dynasty, Duck Commander and the entire Robertson family into national headlines for Phil Robertson’s disgusting comments.

Following this controversy the belief by most was that hoards of conservatives would flock to A&E to show their support for Robertson’s comments and the show would experience record setting ratings.

But that’s not what happened.

The latest episode of the show hit a 16-month low for ratings, falling below 5 million viewers.  To put that in some recent perspective, the season premiere pulled in 8.5 million viewers a little over 2 months ago.

Perhaps the most alarming trend for the show is its struggles with a key demographic of adults aged 18-49 where it’s not even beating out shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

Now, is this decline a result of Robertson’s comments?  I do think they played some part in it.  While the show clearly panders to a more “southern” crowd which tends to be more conservative, the show itself had clearly crossed over to people who had no interest in hunting, fishing, ducks or anything that the brand Duck Commander represents.  I think it’s a lot of those people that the show lost.

I think fatigue of the show also plays a large part.  You can’t go anywhere now days and not see Duck Dynasty or Duck Commander somewhere.  Heck, I’ve seen Duck Dynasty wine.

But I do think Phil Robertson’s comments play a part.  As the country moves closer and closer to legalizing same-sex marriage, and Americans as a whole are far more supportive of gay rights than they were just a few years ago, his comments showcased an archaic way of thinking that’s dying off (though slowly) in this country.  And thankfully more and more Americans are becoming intolerant toward those who ignorantly express their intolerance toward others.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • lollimom48

    The internet rose up against Phil and his brood. Photos began surfacing showing the Robertson clan as yuppies before Duck Dynasty. That’s unsurvivable in “Southern” circles.
    Their audience felt duped.

    • Shogun American

      those pics were simply done because the mom requested them. They were bearded etc before the pix, got cleaned up, took the pix then went back to normal- never yuppies.

      • dljen

        Yeah, you just go on believing that…

      • Shogun American

        just because you’re too ignorant to know that those pictures were taken during one of the boys rare clean shaven moments, at the request of others, doesn’t mean everyone is that foolish. Have you even realized that there are only 2 of those staged photos, because they never dress that way.

      • Steven A Varga

        Sorry but your completely wrong on that, Phil ran a congregation for many years with a fully clean cut appearance. The hair and clothing only happened 2 years before the show, you can even do a google image search by timeline and see that yourself.

      • dan

        sorry man, but by their own mouths do they admit, the beard thing was something they only did during hunting months, then shaved them off..besides, as you read the above things–the “yuppie” look referances….people don’t realize that country/redneck and yuppie–aren’t looks so much, as a way of life, and an outlook on life…you don’t have to look like white trash to be a redneck, nor do you need to be clean shaven to be a good person…all that stuff, isn’t a look…and only people who are yuppies, would even think along those lines…LOL!….go ahead dummies, search for more answers, and show how ignorant you are by speaking..

      • Vickie Rustad

        If you look at those photos, you can clearly see that they were taken some time ago. Look at the kids, they are rather young in them and they are now teenagers!

      • Greg Gay

        Liberal is as Liberal does. Duck Dynasty is just good fun for us God loving country based folk.

      • James Worcester

        Right…and Bill Gates is really a homeless guy whose Mom fixed him up for the photos….smh

      • T Russell Morris

        LOL…from a profile called “Shotgun America” no less, which I think answers all questions as to “does he really believe that?”…proving again that Barnam and Bailey were wrong,,, because there’s A LOT MORE THAN ONE born every minute…lmao
        But my what a neat little back-track story on those pics i had never heard…lol

      • Shogun American

        I am not sure what to feel sorry for you more for. The fact that you act like an expert on subject matter you so clearly know nothing about, or the fact that you cant differentiate between the word “SHOGUN”, and “shotgun”. Do yourself a huge favor and go get some education Mr. Pyle.

      • Guest

        The show caters to Shotgun people!! You know, like your buddy Joe Biden. I am sure his “PRINCESS” Wife fired off two blasts from a double barrel shotgun, and then picked herself off the floor.

      • lollimom48

        Apparently you didn’t see the pics that thousands of others did. Your argument really has no weight if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

      • momatad

        ‘Those pictures’ were how they actually are. When the show first came out, it was stated that they beard up and ‘scruff up’ during hunting season and shave the rest of the year. A&E felt they were a better ‘sell’ if they looked like they were scruffy all year round. Yuppies with a capital ‘YUP’.

      • Greg Gay

        By now you should have a clue that the Robertson’s do not care what A&E thinks, unless you have an ulterior motive!

      • Lori Nicocia

        Seriously?? What do they have, magically superfast growing hair?

    • Shogun American

      “2” staged pictures with the family at a time when they happened to be clean shaven. It’s only fools who bought into the anti Robertson wave that believe this garbage, simply because they dislike someone voicing their opinion on a faction of the public that we do wrong on a daily basis. Do I agree with him, no. But do I think he is simply voicing an opinion that most believe but would never voice because of their lack of guts. Yes. Pseudo political correctness.

      • dljen

        Are you talking of yourself? ” But do I think he is simply voicing an opinion that most believe but would never voice because of their lack of guts.” I don’t think anyone here lacks “guts” to say anything except maybe yourself.

      • lollimom48

        More than 2, and waaaay before the reality show. Before all reality shows. But believe whatever you need to. Your assumptions about what I know or have seen are none of my business.

      • Mule

        Fact is, most people do not believe that who random strangers have sex with is an important issue at all. Indeed, I think most real conservative, God-loving people would prefer to just not talk about sex so much in the public space all together. But we’ve got this minority of people who use Christianity as an excuse to justify their continued inability to stop thinking about gay sex. They can’t do it. They think about it all night, all day, they talk about it, they just can’t get enough of it. As soon as these poor, repressed souls either die or overcome their gay blocks and just grab up a cock and roll with it, we’ll keep having this fake-ass debate while our entire country literally crumbles around us.

        I can’t wait for real adults to be in charge. Someday. That’s the hope and change we REALLY want.

      • Crapola

        Mule, you are correct. I knew a bunch of women that loved gay sex so much, they used to write fantasy tales about it. It disgusted me so much, I no longer talk to them.

      • Craig Robinson

        Christianity is not an excuse, it’s a belief.

      • Mule

        Where in the Bible does it say that you should think about gay sex all the time? That isn’t part of any belief, it is a cover story for being homo-repressed. An excuse.

    • robertmason

      Not hardly

    • dan

      no, we are just sick of them….LOL!..don’t overthink it, or overlook the obvious in searching for an answer, that attempts to make you look smart…cause we see thru that..easily.

    • Greg Gay

      If you were not such a Flaming Lib you would have a more level look at things. You are as this website is, off on your own mission and pretending you are not!

    • Richard Mcgee

      We all have pasts
      But get famous and everyone will know it

  • ChiTownGrl

    You can tell everything is staged and fake. Never liked the show.

  • Avatar

    Most of those guys were fucking Yankees before decide to become red necks to make more money out of it. They’re too fake.

    • Actually they are true southerners. My younger brother knows them and has been hunting with them before the show became popular. Yuppies yes but southern yuppies.

    • rossbro

      Their ‘Southern’ accents sure don’t sound ‘ Yankee’. They’re fake, for sure. But ‘Southern’ fake, bucko

      • Ron Carter

        What’s funny, rossbro, is that I hear a slightly different twinge between a Texan, a Louisianan, Alabamian, Floridian, Georgian and any other southern state’s voices. Southern isn’t just southern, just like English isn’t just English.

  • ltneid

    Tried watching the show a couple of times, but it was just boring. Regardless of their political views, they can’t even hold airheads attention.

    • Gman

      I guess that’s why you stopped watching.

  • PriPratice

    RHOA is popular show among people you idiots seem to disregard in your rating games.

    • bamcintyre

      Both of ’em?

      • PriPratice

        Yea “both of ’em” whoever you mean that generate billions of dollars in advertising revenue from the program. “Both of ’em” whoever you mean damn sure makes the big bucks for the show, network and the players. I know, you hate that fact. Great!

  • Doy Bowers

    Never watched “Dork Dynasty” it’s just not my bag of weed. Besides I’m from OKIEhoma if I want to see Unshaven, Unwashed, Cammo Wearing Rednecks all I have to do is go to Wal-Mart where every isle has something from the “Dynasty” on it. LOL. I will have to give those Dime Store GOOBERS credit for their Mass Marketing Campaign. They’ve managed to get their image on more worthless junk than Mickey Mouse.

    • Devil_Dinosaur


    • momatad

      I have seen ‘Duck Dynasty’ Bibles (aren’t they making themselves on par with the Almighty?) AND women’s personal products……all made in China, while they wrap themselves in the American flag and say what great Christians they are.

      • Doy Bowers

        Well of course all of their stuff is made in CHINA they’re flag waving “Patriots” don’t you know???

      • Gman

        Um…we’ve covered that topic already, Liberal. Try to keep up.

      • Doy Bowers

        Yo Boot Licking Fascist my statement was made 5 DAYS AGO!!!! You Ignorant KOOL-AID Drinking Cons whining about it started yesterday. Try to keep up Goober Stick!!!

      • merrileerj

        take your meds Doy!!!!

      • Doy Bowers



        PS: What kind of Meds you got Mamma’s Boy? Anything Good??????

      • Jami Buchanan

        Not that you care about this, but things marketed as “Duck Dynasty” are being sold by A&E. Things marketed as “Duck Commander” are those actually being sold by the Robertson family. So the Duck Dynasty Bibles and women’s personal products (?) are actually A&E trinkets, not Robertson family ones.

      • Crapola

        Well said, Jami. I was going to mention that, but guess I don’t have to now. Thanks.

      • Craig Robinson

        Jami, libs hate facts. lol They have no trouble distorting them though.

      • Gman

        Too true, Craig.

      • Craig Robinson

        At least they’re not wrapping themselves up in a prayer rug. Libs would have loved that.

      • Doy Bowers

        Nope the Manufactured Swamp GOOBERS aren’t wrapping themselves in “Prayer Rugs” They are just wrapping themselves in diapers because they are so full of SHIT just like the rest of the Putin loving Commie Reich Wingers!!!

      • Craig Robinson

        My God, your as delusional as Harry Reid. I’d have to say Obama loves Putin more than any republican. He’s allowing them to take over. There’s a channel button on your remote so you don’t have to watch DD. I’m sure you could watch Chris Matthews all day if you like. He’s about 10 brain cells short of a moron. Your smug dictator has more communist qualities than Putin. Maybe when his reign of terror ends here he’ll go infect another country. I’m sure he could print off any birth certificate from any country to allow himself to run. He’s like a bad computer virus.

      • Doy Bowers

        You really should switch to “Reynolds Wrap” that generic store brand just isn’t getting the job done. Can I please ask you one question? “POLLY WANT A CRACKER”???

      • Craig Robinson

        lol I have a bird for ya you moron

      • Doy Bowers

        Are you still bleating SHEEP??? Typical!! Take your meds, go back to sleep and Slimebaugh will tell you what to think in the morning!!!

      • Gman

        So, according to a liberal communist…i.e….you, if your product endorsements are made in China, you’re un-American? Um…take a look at the “made in” stamp on MOST of what you own…including the PC, Phone or tablet you’re posting from and get back to us…K? ’nuff said!

      • Doy Bowers

        Well of course most of our electronics are made in Commie China that’s where King George “The Decider” and the Putin worshiping COMMIE REICH WINGERS gave tax breaks to outsource America’s Manufacturing Jobs to. Get back to us when Boehner ends the JOB KILLING Corporate Welfare Policies…K??? ‘Nuff Said!!!!

      • Craig Robinson

        Your president would make Hitler proud.

      • Doy Bowers

        In La La Land with you. No Thanks Keep Bleating SHEEPLICAN!!! BAAAHHH-BAAAHHHH!! Your Limbaughdomy was a complete success. LOL

      • Doy Bowers

        Still Bleating I See!!!! BBBAAAAHHHH-BBBAAAAHHHH-BBBAAAAHHH!!!! ROTFLMAO. It must really suck to be as big a loser as you are. You obviously have no life all you can do is bleat constantly on a website. Maybe you should get a job if Mommy will let you that is Jr.??? Does Mommy know you’re playing on the ‘Puter again while she’s “Entertaining” Uncle Boo-Boo in the bedroom again??? Hmmm…. Tell the truth Polly!!!

      • Craig Robinson

        If your a taxpaying entrepreneur that makes a lot of money then the liberals want a large portion of it to go to illegal alien welfare grabbers to ensure more illegal votes for their communist party.

    • Ruth Plencner

      I don’t like your comments about a cool show it’s called DUCK DYNASTY! If you don’t like the show don’t watch it. And if you don’t want item from them don’t buy them

      • Doy Bowers

        “I don’t like your comments about a cool show(cough, cough…) it’s called DUCK DYNASTY!”

        I’M CRUSHED!!! Whatever will I tell the Grand Kids???

        If you don’t like my comments “DON’T READ THEM”!!!!

      • Craig Robinson

        We’ve established this moron is not capable or operating a remote.

      • Doy Bowers

        What we’ve established is that you bleating sheep can’t read!!! The first words of my statement was, “I Never Watched the Dork Dynasty”!!! (I can see reading comprehension is not your strong point.) But don’t let the FACTS get in the way of your bleating whatever you do!!!!

      • merrileerj

        yeahhhhh, and you are big on facts.

      • Doy Bowers

        Every Time!!! You should try it Brother the “Truth Will set You Free… OH, Oops Wait You’re One of the Bleating Sheep. NEVER MIND, MY BAD!!!!!

        This post is 6 months old and you Republitards are still BLEATING about it. GEEEZE GET A LIFE ALREADY!!!!

      • Ruth Plencner

        leave the Robertson’s alone. If you don’t like the show there are other channels you could watch. And if you can’t say anything nice about them or other people don’t say ANYTHING

    • butterflyinoh

      A&E is the ones who put Duck Dynasty stuff in the stores libby, not the Robertsons.

      • Doy Bowers

        You’s a Special Kinda Stupid, Ain’t Cha’ BOY????

        Ok now tell me Cletus are you really slow enough to swallow the idea that the Dork Dynasty Fake Goobers don’t sign off on/profit from every cheap “MADE in COMMUNIST RED CHINA” Toy, Trinket and Tackle Box with the image of their unwashed Mugs on it??? COME ON MAN!!!
        In the future can you possibly try and stay current with your bleating rants??? Seriously this post is almost a month old I deleted it 2 weeks ago and here you are whining about it 3 weeks later. GEEZE!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!! (Just so you know the posts are clearly marked so anything that hasn’t been touched in a month you might consider moving on. Besides I’ve got the Cliven Bundy Anti-America Circus and Vaudeville Clown Show to laugh at you Cons about now.) You got any Thoughts/Fascist LOVE to shower down on the “WELFARE COWBOY”???

      • butterflyinoh

        NO MORON, you’re the special kind of STUPID. And I’m no Boy, IDIOT. Talk about a lIfe, yours has to be a sad one, living in your mommys’ basement ranting like the FOOL DEMONBRAT that you are. You’re the FACIST here.not me. You’re nothing more than a citified little puke who wouldn’t know how to survive in the wild. Good luck when you’re finally down and out and have to steal from people to survive; oh wait, you probably already are on the taxpayers dime….VERMIN!!!

      • merrileerj

        right on!!! Doy is the biggest pimple face moron I’ve heard in a long time. He does know how to hit the exclamation point key though, must have made it through elementary school.

  • SouthofMasonDixon

    I watched and enjoyed but after Phil’s hub bub it was easy to be done with them – the First Amendment doesn’t protect people from all consequences of saying what they think.

  • hdusey

    They can say don’t watch us if you don’t want to see living by Biblical standards, praying and hunting…. but that’s not what is offensive. It’s picking and choosing the Bible parts you live by, Phil’s offensive comparisons between anuses and vaginas and Phil’s comments on marrying girls when they are 15 or 16 so they will do your bidding…. THAT IS WHAT IS OFFENSIVE!!!

    • Eddie Krebbs

      And why is it Biblical to (if you want to believe there is any reality in reality TV) withdraw from society and slog through the mud ? Much less to misrepresent yourself to make a boatload of money ? 😉

    • nicimalott

      Ohh shit you got offended. Somebody call the whaaambulance. Grow some balls!

      • Gman

        Name me one thing liberals DON’T get offended by?!?!?!

        Liberalism…the church of the perpetually offended brought to you by….victimhood….when your facts trump their feelings, beliefs and or arguments…turn to victimhood and cry foul.

      • Liadan

        Yes, as a liberal I am offended by racism, bigotry, sexism, rape culture, hunger, lack of medical care, lying to get a country into wars…and so far, its the conservatives that cry foul and victimhood when they can’t oppress somebody or demand their way.

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    Any basic cable channel is happy to get one million viewers let alone five, so it doesn’t seem like it’s in danger of cancellation any time soon. This doesn’t really affect me, as I only ever hear about the show from people deploring it and rooting for its demise. I find not having a television works for me.

  • Dee

    Who the heck are you?? I think you need to stop speaking for other Americans, you have no idea! You and the PC crowd can go jump!. So ignorantly Judgmental!

    • gmartini

      What exactly was “judgmental” in this article? America has moved closer to legalizing same sex marriage, that’s a fact. Most of us do not celebrate bigotry and homophobia, that’s another fact. If you choose to watch this POS of show, that’s your choice; enjoy it while it lasts.

    • carol

      judgemental/?????? phil robertson was the judgemental person.. and the crud you likes little girls… he is scum and so is his family. My father a very wise man always says one does not judge others they judge themselves by their actions.. a beardy old judgemental pervert, judged himself

  • carol

    i think fatigue as you said played a part, A an E only taped two or three new shows a season and people watched the same ones over and over until they tired of it.. I for one am from the south and i know rednecks who are far funnier, but saying that i think a good portion of the nation do not like hypocrites and cherry picking of the bible.. I know that I dont.. Going through the bible and picking out parts you do not like , such as gays, is hypocritical when you bask in wealth and Jesus said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man get into heaven.. you never see them bring that up. The bible says not to eat anything from the waters that do not have shells or fins.. Crawdads anyone????? The same book that the gays verse was in said you shall not have unkempt hair… So I for one looked at all that and it turned me off to them, they are hypocritical.. Also when Willie and his wife were invited to the state of the union address, even if they did not like the president, they should have had the respect for the event to clean up a bit.. He in a wrinkled shit hanging out, no tie, and she didnt look much better with her stringy, greasy hair. And the untimate disrespect to the Nation is using the American Flag as a sweat band.

    • Ron Carter

      Carol – now you’re picking and choosing what to use against someone else. Don’t be so quick to judge. As for the foods allowed in the Bible . . . Check Acts Chapter 10 to see about Peter;s vision about the unclean animals. By the way, people are always accused of cherry-picking the Bible for what suits them at the moment. Those people are usually accused of using a small part of the Bible out of context, but the quote describing and comparing sinners wasn’t taken out of context the way so many things are when they come from the Bible, like your quote of Leviticus Law about unclean food, which is still held by Jews and Muslims today.

    • Dr dragos

      crawdads have shells, really do you even know what your talking about, the bible is full of lessons of what to eat and not, you must remember, when it was written there was no refrigeration, and so meat that would spoil easy suck as pork was not safe to eat.
      you know the bible also say.. give strong drink to those who morn and are sorrowful of heart so they to might find joy. If you actually read it you might know, but I say to , how can one talk about the bible if you’ve never read it. Have you read it carol?

  • Mary Beerman

    When the show ends, they will shave off their nasty beards and quietly go back to being the yuppies they really are. Can’t wait.

    • Gman

      If you can’t wait for what other people do with THEIR lives, yours must suck.

  • Eddie Krebbs

    Language Police : “It’s a fake reality show ” Uh, the “fake” is redundant with “reality show.”

  • albertross

    Faux freaks fear free fall flop!

    • Ron Carter

      Nice alliteration, but I haven’t read anything about them being scared off anything like that. In fact, they say quite the opposite.

      • albertross

        You’re probably right. They won’t fear anything as their ratings decline. In fact the opposite is true, they will become more arrogant and ignorant as viewership dwindles.

      • albertross

        Ratings decline usually strikes fear in the persons involved. They’re not going to say they’re frightened.

      • albertross

        Yes I suppose they are doing bang up business all these months later.

  • Kestrel

    I watched 2 shows. Willie’s house alone should discredit that whole “just regular folks” bit. They wouldn’t even let them film the show without a script. Don’t wanna mess up portraying The Lord as their guiding light at the end of the show, right? Do they eat EVERY meal together?
    Jace’s wide-eyed deadpan was pretty funny, though. Better than the dumb uncle. Even as a southerner, I’m offended. But I’m atheist so I’m not their market anyway.

  • rossbro

    A bullshit show about bullshit on a bullshit network with bullshit ‘ actors’ full of bullshit. You gotta be a dummass to watch this shit !

    • harry

      why do you watch then ?you “know”a lot about it

    • Gman

      Yet…here YOU are commenting about it. I don’t see any of the wealthy “bullsh**” Robertson’s taking time out of their lives to comment about YOU.

  • KCMOfan

    This show and all of the “dumbing down of America” shows make me want to hurl. I think most americans just want shows back, that entertain while INFORMING us. NOT treating us like we are 5 year olds. I’m 59 and I KNOW for a fact, they will NEVER find Bigfoot or a Mermaid.

  • drdem

    Makes you wish Ducks could shoot back !

  • Liadan

    Most people focus on the homosexual comments, but he’s made many others just as stupid. His racism and his pedophiliac comments are just as bad and just as off-putting.

    • Gman

      Liberalism 101…when you disagree with what someone else says…call them stupid. Then, make statements (he’s made many others (comments) just as stupid. His racism and his pedophiliac comments are just as bad and just as off-putting.) with NO EXAMPLES to back up your rhetoric.

      • Liadan

        You haven’t heard the other things he’s said? so you are commenting with ignorance then.

        “The Human Rights Campaign and the NAACP wrote a joint letter to the president of A&E, expressing deep concern over Robertson’s remarks:

        We want to be clear why Phil Robertson’s remarks are not
        just dangerous but also inaccurate. Mr. Robertson claims that, from what he saw, African Americans were happier under Jim Crow. What he didn’t see were lynching and beatings of black men and women for attempting to
        vote or simply walking down the street. And his offensive claims about gay people fly in the face of science. In fact, it’s important to note that every single leading medical organization in the country has said that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being [lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender] — it’s not a choice, and to suggest otherwise
        is dangerous.”

  • thesquire1

    The sad fact is that these so-called ‘Reality’ shows are nearly ALL fake and appeal to people who believe they are real UNTIL they know better !
    People just need to use their minds and realise that these situations don’t just happen when a ‘Camera’ happens to be around. Cameras don’t follow them 24/7 ‘just in case’ – every single moment is directed and staged for the CAMERA !
    Its a real shame they spend good money making these since these appear on channels like the ‘History’ channel and others which give the impression they are pseudo-documentaries. People dressing up like the Ducks, Amish and other similar ‘Reality’ shows and just ‘actors’ – albeit amateur ones playing themselves.
    There is one like a survival program with a guy trying to use his abilities to hide and escape professional hunters and special forces – does anyone realise how impossible that is with a whole Camera and Sound Crew next to you ?

  • Eddie Krebbs

    Could someone explain to me the “Duck Dynasty Wine” ? If I start off with the assumption that Duck Dynasty is exactly what he claims to be (to mis-represent himself would be bearing false witness and we know a good Christian man wouldn’t do that), the clan certainly doesn’t appear to be a group of wine drinkers sitting around and critiquing the palate of their wine. Beer yes, wine no, the cheapest fortified wine on the shelf, maybe.

    And why do I keep wanting to call him Duck Dodgers as in the Daffy Duck cartoon ?

  • Tim

    As much as I hate to say it, I think the yuppie photos rattled their base more than anti-gay pro pedophilia interviews would have.

  • ginnydupuy

    This a college educated family….Even Phil (read that he played football with Terry Bradshaw at La. Tech). Uncle Si, the Vietnam veteran, is the only one who didn’t go to college, and to me, the only genuine swamper & quite the character.. Willie,, the oldest son, who is their CEO,, has a business degree. These are not your run of the mill swamp rednecks. They are successful by design, not accidental fluke. I know because I married a real swamp redneck…..and it was a bit entertaining for 10 years but divorced when that “cute eccentric” who was good looking and a talented musician behavoir turned into pulling guns on me, telling who could be my friends and what clothes I could wear.. I did not care for Phil from the get go because he reminded me of the stupid I left behind. I watched the show the first two seasons because there are some good people in that culture who do not fall under the Phil Robertson category. I’m not from the area, but being a military brat, took me to central Louisiana while my father was in Vietnam. Long enough ti finish my last year of high school and meet my ex, The Reality is not a Reality. .

  • Bocephus

    and who use to watch the Beverly Hillbillies? Fake? yes! People watched it and apparently people watch Duck Dynasty.

    • Lauren Linden

      The difference being that, to my knowledge, The Beverly Hillbillies never called itself a reality show. It never pretended it was anything but fiction. And the characters on that show were at least likeable, if a little unrefined.

  • Jesse Dorsett Jr

    That whole “controversy” was just as real as the show….pure marketing scam through an appeal to religion…..the opiate of the masses….it’s how they are trying to control us. Wake up and think for yourself. This illogical fallacious tactic is EXACTLY the platform favored by the right wing, and it should make any rational thinking person shudder and reconsider their allegiance to a party that neither acknowledges nor makes an apology for their stupidity.

  • Lucas M

    I think it’s more likely the fact that they were exposed as just being yuppies in back woods drag.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Yeah, no, it probably had nothing to do with bringing to light the fact that these “Redneck Christian Values” folks were shown to be Yuppie Charlatans that wore Dockers with bleach blonde hair on their yachts before signing contracts and growing beards and pretending to live in the sticks.

    The fact that they had a line of Duck Dynasty rifles released during the height of their negative publicity blitz wasn’t a blatantly obvious sales tactic or anything either.

  • nicimalott

    I love how liberals take a comment so grossly out of context. Phil Robertson made a direct quote from the Bible. And the writer makes him seem like some monster. He is not. He’s an old fashioned family man that this country has few of. Be gay all day long but don’t expect the Bible to change so youre feeling aren’t hurt. Man up!

    • Connie

      He said more than that. If you listen to the whole speech (which I did, sickening as it was) he said they were full of “murder and evil.” That’s not a quote from the Bible. That’s his personal opinion. If you ask me, he’s awfully obsessed with sex. And with marrying YOUNG women, young enough to be “trained” properly…….pretty disgusting.


      Comparing homosexuality to beasteality is in the big me???

  • Rudewaitress

    Papa Duck really disgusted me when he was telling men they needed to hook up with 13 year old girls…pedophilia is one of the most disgusting things on the face of the earth…especially when you preach to being,a Christian..pedophiles burn in hell!!

  • AC

    You know what’s funny? That a man isn’t allowed to have his own opinion, simply because it hurts someone’s feelings. Y’all get off of your high horses and stop whining like the flock of babies you are. You don’t need to agree with him, but you could at least have the decency to let him have a say, in the matter. As a Christian, I agree with him, on the gay statements. He wasn’t being a hater, he was stating an opinion. And I view every man with the guts to share his ideas as brave.

    • jahhluv

      Let him say men should be marrying 15 year olds? You are a clown.

  • Paul Lewis

    Never watched it . Never will. Glad their fake BS is out. Saw the pics of them playing Golf. Hilarious. The People who fell for this crap are just pathetic & sad, & just goes to show how ignorant a large portion of the population are. The same people who believe the KKK is not a hate group but a christian group.

    • Afi Keita James

      at least they stick to their christian beliefs unlike most.

  • Wicasta Lovelace

    The fact is, a large of chunk of “Duck Dynasty’s” fan base were people who watched it with the same depth of investment that people watched “The Beverly Hillbillies” (and watched “Duck Dynasty” for largely the same reason). However desperately conservatives might want to pretend that most of the country are like the fake rednecks on “Duck Dynasty”, most of the country is NOT. What happened here is one of cast started saying things that made people uncomfortable, and the show stopped being funny because of it. I’m not saying it was the sole factor in the show’s ratings drop, but it was certainly a factor. I knew gays who used to watch the show, because they thought the ignorant hillbilly shtick was hilarious. Needless to say, they don’t watch it anymore. I think a lot of Americans realized that “Duck Dynasty” was a lot less funny once they started sounding more like Westboro Baptist Church. There’ll always be an audience for this show, I think. But it’s mainstream glory days are fading.

  • Mule

    Some people just can’t stop thinking about gay sex. It consumes them. Country’s infrastructure crumbling? GAY SEX! Cold war starting all over again? GAY SEX! Schools failing on an internationally epic scale? GAY SEX! Crime? Immigration? Half-assed, janky health care reform? GAY, GAY, GAY SEX ON RAINBOW-COLORED SILK SHEETS!

    God damn, fellas. They have bars for this kind of thing. Please, leave our poor old country alone and go work out that repression. Please. So you all can stop talking about gay sex and start, you know, running our country.

  • Roger Schramm

    The fans slit thier own throats, i know several fans of the show, who said they will boycott A&E for suspending robertson. When i told them that would only cause ratings to fall and the show get cancelled, they didnt seem to care, they were determined to “punish” A&E !!! Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face !!! Morons !!

  • jan

    Ya, I suppose you have convinced yourself of this??? Wake up please. Record viewer numbers were set because it WAS a conservative program with a family that were not afraid to express their Christian family values. This is what built the popularity of the program. What you don’t get is that ratings went down just as the sales of Duck Dynasty retail items went down because the public stood behind the Robertson family and huge numbers of us quit watching A&E entirely in protest of A&E not respecting the Robertson’s right to express their religious beliefs. Maybe you should do some actual research and look into what happened to viewer numbers of ALL A&E programming. The public pulled the plug on A&E. ALSO huge numbers stopped buying the Duck Dynasty products because profits were going into the pockets of the network. We instead chose to purchase DUCK COMMANDER AND BUCK COMMANDER products which A&E get nothing, nadda from…it all goes to the Robertsons. Twist it however you wish but that’s a fact Jack.

    • jahhluv

      Yeah, they werent afraid to say you should marry children. You support that line of thinking? You are dumber than they are.

  • Buck Melton

    Forward Progressives?? Really?? Stupid!

  • Lovetoshoot

    These guys were bearded for years as the duck and buck commander hunting shows were very popular to hunters for years. The biggest problem with the ratings system is that it does not measure accurately how many people watch on the internet because of A and E’s stupid decision to keep the show late and surrounded by some of the worst shows they have. The other problem is for families who don’t even want to see the commercials for A and E’s terrible line up that they bombard the DD fans with during the show. Besides that, 5 million is still a good audience for a cable reality show!

  • HND

    Intolerance is coming more from the gay community, A&E, and the politically correct. They are intolerant toward the Christians who follow the Bible. Live and let live people. I think ratings are down because people liked me stopped watching A&E after they were intolerant towards Phil’s Christian views. We are tired of it.

    • Darkvader

      Nobody has to tolerate that bullshit. Period.

      • HND

        Wrong. Everybody needs to be more tolerant. Get over it. Never will it happen that everybody agrees with everyone. There will always be that someone that will dislike or disagree with you for some reason. Again, stop crying, and live and let live.

  • John Johnson

    What an idiot! Mr. Robertson never spouted an intolerant attitude. All he said was what the Bible said. Mr. Robertson himself, while he believes that the act of homosexuality is an abomination to God, which it says in the Bible, he is NOT intolerant towards gays. He talks to them, accepts them, and yes, he tries to get them to change their ways, but in no way is he hateful towards them. Have you ever heard the saying, “Hate the sin, but love the sinner?” Get your facts right before you slander someone. Just because you don’t agree with someone and their beliefs, don’t act like every other liberal in the world and be so ready to drag someone thru the mud.

  • tidalpool

    in the past 20 years, I have watched as the LGBT community has gone from faux fornication on the alter in St. Patrick’s cathedral in NYC to blasting a hamburger chain because the owners contributed to an organization the LGBT members did not like. recently, we have LGBT members attempting to take away the livelihood of people who do not wish to participate in their assorted ceremonies based on the religion of those same small business owners. all in all, the so called ‘inclusive’ LGBT community has at every turn attempted to force their beliefs and actions down the throats of the differing majority. The rules were set by the LGBT players, and now they are ‘offended.’ Pardon me for pointing out that the approbation they seek, the acceptance of them, in some fashion, as being part of the norm is exceedingly unlikely. As long as perverse behaviors characterize the LGBT gang, they will never be accepted. equal rights under the law, absolutely, liked, respected of ever acknowledged by the majority of Americans, only in some drug induced pipe dream.

  • Debby Ward

    because no one is giving the television station their ratings

  • I happen to like this show, they are a good family, they have been thru alot fo things that should have torn them apart, it made them stronger in their faith, in their love for each other. Just because you dont watch the show doesnt mean its freefalling, if you look on Wed. nights how many ppl are commenting on their facebook page, I think this writer is wrong.

  • robertmason

    For the detractors of DD you do realize the angst against the show is the actual Moral and family aspects that Do not appeal to modern progressives. In the Progressive world anything goes and out the door goes normal traditional values. For liberals to talk about inclusion and freedom of thought and speech, you folks don’t give conservative or religeous freedoms a thought or chance. Its hypocritical and my 17 year old daughter proudly displays a Raised Right sticker on her car.
    Duck Dynasty is wholesome for families to watch together, without sex, drugs, backstabbing or some alternative universe. Its here for a while and when Hollywood figures out that Family value, love for America, our military and the teachings of the Bible, are much favored over the mentioned trash, then they too can remake the image of themselves and this great country.

  • Kenneth Dotson

    why is it that the liberals believe what they believe and no one else can believe any thing that is not what the liberals think is right.what has happened to all the nations that have given in to gays and men on men and women on women.READ THE BIBLE AND HEAR WHAT IT SAYS.

  • Dianne Shaw

    Wow, this article is a bunch of hog swill. It will make libertards happy and they believe anything from a progressive. This person made stuff up as he went along. Truly sad that people would believe any part of this crap.

  • DrJennySueNY

    Season five wrapped with 6 million total viewers, up 28 percent from last week’s low. That’s 2.5 million viewers shy of the January season opener, but on par with its average season performance

  • Mr Scout

    Wow, that’s 5,000,000 more viewers than Chris Matthews!

  • Linda Davis-berglund

    It is a wonderful show. I watch it all the time. I can say that this last season has not been as funny as before, but I like that they are working with other family memebers and let Mia have her day in the sun. You people who sit in judgement of a great American family should take a step back and try to figure out what it is that bothers you. There are enough vile programs on TV that you can watch, so leave the Robertsons alone, please.

  • Carson Randolph

    Actually I quit watching that show and all shows on A&E because of the homosexual deviants that run it and their money based morals and how these moralality haters sell out their own perverted convictions for cash in an instant. It shows more of their character.

  • Jack Slaughter

    I am an avid fan of the show and with that said, when the Hell are we as a country going to stop bending to the bleeding heart librals that tell us we have to be tolerant of everything and everybody. It all goes back to the old saying, if you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything.

  • Craig Robinson

    What comments from Phil were disgusting? I’ m pretty sure the gay community wasn’t watching DD anyway. Same sex marriage is disgusting. The family will be b etter off without the show. They are a great God fearing family raising some great kids that will be a benefit to society.

  • dan

    cut and pasted—And thankfully more and more Americans are becoming intolerant toward those who ignorantly express their intolerance toward others. ————-what does this mean???..the writer of this article says these words..intolerant of what?–somebody expressing an opinion, that is based on a religion?–or based on gut feelings??…what writings or feelings do we have about homosexuality that are positive that trumps a bible, or anyone elses feelings?—if feeling fine with homosexuality trumps a bible–shouldn’t not being fine with it based on just not agreeing with it, based on personal preferance be considered just as valid, as feeling okay with homosexuality as well?–otherwise–you are nothing more than a hypocrite, saying either feel and agree with me, or you are wrong, based on what???–the authors opinion???..this author has a serious god-complex, and thinks his opinion is higher than anyone elses…how else can you explain his cut and pasted words above?–now matter what side of the fence you are on–do not out down th other side-or you become what you complain about–a closeminded bigot, who feels that if you don’t agree, there is something wrong with THEM……

  • DR. Dragos

    Just because one doesn’t believe in the guy life style does not mean they are against gay rights. You dont have to agree with with someone lifestyle to agree they have the same rights as anyone else. Its clear that those who dont believe in the bible or god has no respect for the christian life style, and most liberals seem to have no problem putting down all christians. Why dont you put downs muslims who kill gay people. Personally when gay marriage breaks up and they learn flip side of is divorce, they might change their minds.I have a gay brother whom I love no matter what, do I approve of his choices, no, but I would never say to him he didn’t have rights, free will is ours, and yes we all pay for what we chose,I believe its wrong, and I have the right to say so. Would you take my right from me? I believe liberals would very much like to shut me and others like me up.

  • Barney L. Cornett

    “Forward Progressives”? Sounds like a Communist Mantra to me! I don’t know how you Scum-Bags ended up on my News-Feed, but I’m sure that you won’t mind my comments since you’ve shown up uninvited to my News-Feed! Isn’t it funny how “Forward Progressives” are really Cool with Free Speech Rights??? Unless of course it’s other Peoples Free Speech Rights that happen to be different from “Forward Progressives”! Isn’t that Special?? Now get the Fuck off my News-Feed you Communist “Forward Progressives” & take your Fucking Proletariat & shove it straight up Filthy, Stinking Asses!

  • butterflyinoh

    The Liberal Idiots don’t realize YET, that people are boycotting A&E. If the Robertsons’ move to another channel, their audience will pick right back up. People are showing their disgust with Liberal A&E

    • Afi Keita James

      that’s right, A&E is trash now.

  • Tigers Fire

    I love the Robertson’s, however I am boycotting A&E for their treatment of Phil. I would dare to say that is more likely, the reason for the drop in ratings! Also why Cracker Barrel has lost business after pulling Duck Dynasty products from stores. Although they will not admit that it is due to the boycott, called for after A&E trying to up their ratings by stepping on Phil’s rights to freedom of religion and free speech!

  • ripper69

    If the show closes, God has something else planned for them. You can’t for e God to do it your way. He has the answers and they will figure out eventually and it will be better than before.

  • Ralph Johnson

    So Mr. Clifton are you saying people who believe and follow the Bible are ignorant? Sounds like you are the ignorant one.

  • Frank Panek


  • Bill Ackerson

    I stopped watching because i will not support A&E When It moves to another network ill be back.

  • Guest

    LMAO!!! “Forwars Progressives.” Don’t you mean “Liberal Wheenies?” or maybe, “Communist wannabe’s?”

  • Gman

    LMAO!!! “Forward Progressives.” Don’t you mean “Liberal Wheenies?” or maybe, “Communist wannabe’s?”

  • dixiecrystals

    I have not stopped watching it. I DVR their eposodes and watch them whenever I like.

  • Greg Gay

    Lollimom48 Do you even watch the show??? Anybody with half a brain knows they are hicks through and through like many of my friends. I live in the country, have no neighbors. I have short hair friends that are bigger rednecks than the Robertson’s.

  • John Hailey

    I agree with Phil and his use of the bible is right on. Love those that do wrong, love the sinner but do not give way to the sin

  • barbara

    If you think its a good thing for America to give up its beliefs that have been in place for hundreds of years you are so wrong same sex marriages is so wrong God made man and women and men cant have babies for a reason thats because God meant for a man and women to be together not the other way around, God has richly blessed America but if people dont come to their senses he is going to bring his wrath down on America and I love that the Robertsons stand up for what they believe and they do understand the bible and obama is one of the ones helping to bring America to her needs if he has his way we would all be muslims, not putting them down bit just saying we wouldnt have a choice if it is up to obama.

  • Paul Leuenberger

    His comments played a part but I think, in my opinion only, that the show was too fake and staged. Once the watchers figured out these guys it became a failed stupid sitcom.