Bad News From Iowa and New Hampshire Must be a Wake Up Call for Progressives

In politics there’s always a great deal of hyperbole, hype and rhetoric that’s said but not always true. In fact, one of the biggest challenges I face these days is making sure what people believe is factual rather than misinformed propaganda pushed on the Internet by people who either don’t care about the truth or are too incompetent to know what the truth actually is.

Well, right now there’s a fairly dangerous myth out there among both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters concerning the general election and what progressives must do to keep Republicans out of the White House.

For Clinton supporters, they expect to win the nomination and then unite everyone around our nation’s “first female president” thinking, combined with a strong push to keep whatever clown Republicans nominate from becoming president, this will be all that’s needed to keep the White House in the hands of Democrats.

On the Sanders side, his supporters are banking on the “political revolution” to come in and sweep their democratic socialist candidate to victory. After all, that’s Sanders’ whole “plan” to pass this massively transformative legislation on which he’s running – a political revolution.

And while there’s been a lot of hype and debate following the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary, there’s a glaring reality Democrats need to realize: Republicans kicked their butts.

Yes, despite all the hype about how all it will take is for progressives to be “energized” to vote to keep the White House, in both Iowa and New Hampshire, Republicans earned more votes than Democrats.


  • Democrat: 171,109
  • Republican: 186,874

New Hampshire:

  • Democrat: Around 250,000
  • Republican: Around: 285,000

Both numbers for Democrats are below what they were in 2008 in each state.

Though what should even be more worrisome for Democrats is that the Republican number from New Hampshire almost broke the record set by Democrats in 2008, which was a year of incredibly high voter turnout for the Democratic party. And if Republican voter turnout is similar to what Democrats had in 2008, progressives are going to have to break records to keep the presidency in “blue” hands.

While it’s only two states, it’s not a good sign when Republicans are showing up in larger numbers than Democrats to vote. Especially considering the “hype” around the Democratic race has been largely centered around getting a high voter turnout from progressives. Through the first two states, that isn’t exactly what’s happening. Turnout wasn’t bad, but so far Republicans are outpacing Democrats. If that happens in November it could very well mean that the GOP wins the White House.

This needs to be a wakeup call to the #ImWithHer and #FeelTheBern crowd that, while voter turnout isn’t bad so far – it needs to be better.

It’s great to talk about our first female president or “political revolutions” – but none of that’s going to matter if, in November, Republicans show up to vote in greater numbers.

As I’ve said countless times before, there’s far too much at stake this election to allow the Republican party – especially with the set of candidates they’re running – to take back the White House.

Here are the upcoming dates for the next round of caucuses and primaries:

February 20th: Nevada

February 27th: South Carolina

March 1st: Super Tuesday (Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia)

March 5th: Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska

March 6th: Maine

March 8th: Michigan, Mississippi

Here’s a great resource that lists primary and caucus rules by state. Familiarize yourself with the candidates and please remember to vote.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Libertarianski

    True altruism shares in everything, kinda like socialism

  • strayaway

    After the virtual tie in Iowa and Bernie’s smashing victory in NH, Hillary has 394 pledged delegates and Bernie has 44 pledged delegates. Most of Hillary’s pledged delegates are super-delegates whom no one voted for in the primaries. Since 2,382 delegates are required to secure the Democratic nomination, Bernie needs additional 1,338 delegates while Hillary only requires an additional 988 delegates to win. The system is rigged in favor of Hillary. From now on, Bernie needs 35% more delegates than Hillary does to win. Knowing that that isn’t the only handicap Bernie will have to overcome to secure victory over the establishment candidate, perhaps a lot of Democrats stayed home. Bernie supporters are being toyed with.

    • pat b

      So why should I vote for Hillery if she steals the nomination with the super delagates and not the popular vote. She is nothing more than a republican lite corporatist just as her husband and Obama turned out to be. I am tired of being told to vote for the lesser of two evils. Let the republicans burn the house down, then we will see if the sheeple wake up.

  • cruisersailor

    Why do so many Democratic voters have to be urged to vote? They should vote in every single election without urging. What’s wrong with Democratic voters?